The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 30


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.

From chapter 29 ...

 "Mitch did Dan give you a hard time about quitting," Joshua asks.

"That fucker tried to blackmail me into not only working for him, but he expected me to be his bitch for sex also."

"Oh God Mitch are you going to be in trouble now?"

"No because he knows I can hang his ass big time with the things I have on him.  I'm going to ask David for a job with his firm if he will take me."

"Why wouldn't he Mitch, you're a good person and have a clean record."

"Well there is that little thing with me catching him fucking around with Dan and that is what lead to all his problems."

"Let me talk to him and see if I can get you a job," Josh tells him.

"No babe I'll do it myself," he tells him. "After all I didn't actually tell on him.  But if you have his number I would like to give him a call and ask to come and talk with him. I am through being kicked around by those who think I'm nothing but dirt."

"Here's his cell number, I'll be making dinner so give him a call."

Mitch dials the cell number and David answers.

"David this is Mitch Jefferson, Matt's brother," he says.

"I know who you are Mitch, you're the one from Dan's, so what can I do for you," he asks.

"Well I quit working for Dan and I was wondering if you would have some job that I would be qualified to do," he asks.

"Do you mind if I ask you why you quit working for him?"

Mitch explained the whole story from start to end and he had to struggle to keep his composer.

"You know Mitch I have been friends with Dan for over ten years and never seen that side of him until he coerced me into having sex with him that day.  I tell you what kid, come on by the refinery on Monday with Joshua and I might have a proposition for you."

"Ah sir, if it's anything like Dan made me I'll pass," he says rather disappointed.

"No kid I'm not like that. This is a legitimate proposition for something that I'm putting together.  Have you gone to college at all?"

"I have a degree from Texas A&M in architectural design, why," he asks.

"Well I'm working on an idea for developing some parcels of land that I've acquired in the downtown Dallas area.  If you're interested I could use someone with your knowledge."

"I would be very interested David, when would you like to see me?"

"Why don't you come to my office on Monday and bring your resume with you and if you have a portfolio bring that also."

"The only designs I have are from my work I did for post grad," he says.

"That's fine Mitch, I just want to get a feel of the kind of work you do," he tells him.

"Thank you David, I'll see you on Monday."

Mitch runs out into the kitchen all excited and grabs Joshua around the waist and swings him around.

"Mitch what is it," Joshua asks as Mitch puts him down finally.

"He wants to offer me something he's putting together in the development of some land he owns in Dallas.  He told me to come in on Monday with you."

"Oh babe I'm happy for you," he says and the two of them kiss.


 "I can't wait to see my brothers again," Jeanne says to Kyle. "I guess I really missed Texas more than I thought."

"Well whatever makes you happy babe is fine with me."

"Have you given any thought as to what you are going to do for work," she asks him.

"I thought I run for the congressional seat that my uncle held until he vanished.  The seat is up for re-election this fall and I am seriously considering running.  What do you think about me being a congressman," he asks.

"Would that mean moving to Washington for us," she asks.

"Yes it would more than likely for me, but you could always stay in Texas."

"I'm your wife now Kyle, where you go I will go," she tells him. "I guess being a congressman's wife would be nice," she says thinking about the parties and fund raisers."

"You would certainly turn the heads of all the men once they got a look at you."

"You flatter me honey, but I'm not all that beautiful," she says as the plane shakes violently and goes dark.

The passengers scream in terror as the plane looses altitude and the young lovers cling to one another.

"Oh God Kyle not again," she cries as he holds her. "I'm never going to fly again if we survive this flight."

"We're going to make it darling," he says as the pilot makes his announcement. 

"Ladies and gentlemen this is the pilot speaking," he says in a frightened voice.  "We have lost power and are going to attempt and emergency landing into Dallas Love Field Airport.  Unfortunately the landing gear will not come down, so we will be landing without it on the belly of the plane. If you would please prepare for an emergency landing within the next ten minutes, God help us," he says as he signs off.

"I love you Kyle and if we don't make I want you to know how happy you have made me," she says crying in his arms.

"I love you too my love and we are going to survive this.  Now just remember the exit is two rolls up and on the left babe," he says pointing to the emergency exit.  "All you do is pull the handle and a shoot will deploy and you slide down it and run like crazy."

"This is it passengers assume the crash position," the pilot says as the plane shakes, and Jeanne looks briefly out the window and she can see the ground coming up rapidly.

"Kyle hold me," she screams as the plane hits the ground and the sound of metal scraping along the pavement is all they can hear.  The plane starts to slide to the left and off the runway into a field.  Overhead compartments pop open and items are tossed about as the plane starts to fill with smoke.  All they can hear are the screams and the cries of the passengers above the crashing sounds as the plane finally comes to a stop.

"Jeanne are you all right," Kyle yells as he chokes on the smoke that is rapidly filling the compartment.

"Yes Kyle but I hit my head and I think I'm bleeding."

"Can you get up," and he pulls her as he starts to trace his steps towards the emergency exit and her hand slips from his.  "Jeanne where are you," he screams out to her.

"Kyle help I'm caught on something and I can't get loose," she yells back to him and he fights against the smoke and people as he tries to move back towards her.

He finally locates her and frees her pant legs from the metal sticking out from a seat, and he pushes her forward as he rushes to the exit that is now open.  He shoves her down the shoot and jumps behind her and they hit the ground hard. They get up and he helps her to run far away from the plane.

"Stay here babe, I'm going to see if I can help the others," he says as he runs off towards the smoking plane.

"Kyle no," she screams out as the plane explodes into flames.


Chapter 30 ...

"She sits there in shock as she watches the horror that is unfolding before her eyes.  She cries uncontrollably as she grieves the loss of her husband, and passes out from the shock.

"Jeanne honey," Kyle says as he tries to revive his wife. She comes to and looks into his face and she grabs him with all her strength.

"I thought I lost you Kyle," she says crying hard as he holds her tight.  She cries uncontrollably as help arrives at the scene.

"Come on Jeanne we need to get out of here, the heat is getting too bad." 

He helps her up and walks her off towards the flashing lights in the distance.  People wander about in shock and Kyle directs them towards the waiting ambulances.  The plane is fully engulfed as the fire personnel fight to extinguish the flames, and emergency personnel attend to the victims.

"Are you two all right?" a paramedic asks them and they nod yes.

"Other than some bruises and smoke inhalation we're fine," Kyle tells him.

They give them oxygen for some time so that they can regain normal breathing, and he tends to a cut on Jeanne's leg.

"Did most of the passengers get out?" Jeanne asks as he treats her cut.

"I really don't know; it does look like most of them did," the paramedic tells them looking around at the crowd of passengers.

After they are treated they board a bus that has been supplied to transport the survivors to the terminal, and Jeanne is held tight in the arms of her husband.

"I told you babe we'd make it," he says looking into her eyes.

"Well don't expect me to ever fly again," she says as she kisses him.


"Ryan and Sean are ready to go," Bret says with tears in his eyes as he kisses the two boys goodbye.  "Daddy is going to miss you both," he says to the little boys, "but I'm going to come and see you both."

"I would like you to call before you come to see them Bret," he tells him as he hands Sean to Jeremy.          

"I will David and can I have a moment alone with you please?" he asks.

David puts the boys in the car and has Jeremy watch them as he goes back in to talk to Bret.

"What is it Bret?" he asks as Bret takes him tightly into his arms and kisses him.  "Bret that is enough," he snaps at him as he pushes him away. "You need to realize that we are through and have been ever since you refused my love when I got out of the hospital."

"I'm so sorry David for the way I treated you then and I have never stopped loving you," he tells him as he tries to hold him again.

"Well you had a bad way of showing it Bret," he says and turns and walks out.

"I will get you back David," he says leaning against the door in tears.


Kyle and Jeanne are checking in at the Fairmont as David and Jeremy walk in with the boys.

"Jeanne, Kyle," David says in surprise as he sees them at the desk. "God you look like hell sis," he tells her.

"And hello to you too brother," she says looking at the boys.  "David we were in the plane that crash landed this morning at the airport."

"Are you both all right?" he asks in shock having heard about it on the news.

"Other than some cuts and bruises we're fine," Kyle says.

David instructs the desk clerk to give them the suite next to his for however long they want it.

"David I can afford to pay for this myself," Kyle says to him.

"I own this hotel now Kyle," he proudly tells him.  "It's just the first of a new business venture I'm developing."

"And how is my brother Bret doing," she asks looking carefully at David for some hint of how he feels.

"He's Bret so what more can I tell you sis?" he says in a rather flippant tone.

"So where are the other two children?"

"Jeanne, can we talk about all this later?  You have a way of wanting to talk in the most inopportune places."

"Very well David, but I'm not going to let this ride; I want to know just what you did," she says as they head to the elevators.  "But first we need to go shopping for clothes and things since everything we had was lost in the crash."

"How about dinner tonight and we can talk about anything your heart desires sis?" he tells her.

"That's fine David," she says as she kisses him goodbye.


"Grant, I want to have a party to celebrate our marriage and show our friends and family our home," Jason says to Grant as they sit over lunch.

"Whatever you want Jay is fine with me," he says looking at his lover's face.  "God you're so handsome I could just eat you up," he says as he leans over to offer a kiss.

"I was thinking a nice garden party since the roses are in bloom, and now that the weather is nice we can use the pool also."

"The roses pale to your good looks lover," he says and Jason gives him a look.

"Grant please, you are going to get yourself all horned up talking that way."

"You get me horned up just being in my airspace," he tells Jason as he gets up and comes over to nuzzle his neck.  "What say we just go on up to bed for some afternoon delight?" and he nibbles his ear.

"That's not fair Grant, you know that drives me insane," as he turns to kiss his lover.

The two lovers head up to their bedroom for dessert.  Twenty minutes later Angelica is walking by their room and she giggles as she hears the sounds of their love.


Monday morning at Strathmore Industries...

"Good morning Mitch," David says as he shakes hands with the young man.

"Thank you so much for seeing me David.  I was very nervous about asking you because of what we have been through."

"Listen Mitch, that is all behind us and I am not one to hold a grudge, so let me see your resume and portfolio."

He spends several minutes reviewing his resume and looking at his drawings.  He examines a scale model of his office tower he did for a class.

"My God Mitch, why were you wasting your time with a guy like Dan?" he asks.

"At the time I couldn't get my foot in any doors so I took his job offer until I could land a job in my field."

"And I bet he held the work you did for him over your head to keep you there."

"Basically yeah, until he threatened me with the law and wanted me to be his sex slave," he tells him holding his head down.

"Don't be ashamed Mitch, he did the same to me," David tells him.  "So are you still interested in a career in your field?"

"Yes sir," he says all excited now.

"Well here is what I am about to start up.  My new business is going to be Strathmore Development Inc.  And I am putting you in as my top designer with a starting salary of seventy five thousand to start plus commission."

Mitch nearly faints as he takes in the offer David has set before him.

"Are you serious David? You wouldn't be fucking with my head now?" he asks still in disbelief.

"I'm quite serious Mitch and I have another man that will be working along side you as your underling.  His name is Aaron Bennett."

"When do I get to meet this Aaron," he asks as David's secretary announces Aaron's arrival.

"Right now Mitch, he has just arrived," and Aaron walks into David's office.

"Aaron thank you for coming in this morning, I would like you to meet my new president of Strathmore Development, Mitchell Jefferson."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mitchell," Aaron says as the two shake hands.  "I look forward to working with you on these projects."

"The pleasure's all mine Aaron," and the three of them sit down at a table as David brings out a portfolio which just happens to belong to Mitch.

"Aaron this is your first project for our new company," and he displays the model of the office tower that Mitch did in college.

Aaron spends several minutes studying the model before he gives his opinion.

"David, where did you get this? It's quite superb," he says turning it more to look closer.  "This architect knew his business and design."

"This is his work," he says to Aaron as he motions to Mitch.

"You did this Mitch?  I'm quite impressed with the design and your attention to detail."

"Thank you Aaron. That was my term project for graduation."

"I am definitely looking forward to working with you."

"Well gentlemen the only thing left is to bring on board a few others that can handle the licenses and zoning boards.  I have a couple of men that I think I might persuade to come on board.  Now how about we iron out the finer details over lunch?" he tells them and they shake hands all around.

"Could you give me a moment to let Josh know that I can't have lunch with him?" he asks.

"Marge could you have Joshua come to my office please?" he says to his secretary. "He might as well join us seeing how he was the one that had you call me in the first place."

A few minutes later Joshua arrives at David's office. He comes in and remains professional with the men seeing that there is someone he doesn't know.

"You wanted to see me David?" he says as he shoots a loving glance at Mitch.

"Yes Josh, we are going out to lunch to celebrate the new team of Strathmore Development Inc. and its new president Mitchell Jefferson and vice president Aaron Bennett and we would like you to join us."

"New president... oh God Mitch I'm so happy for you," he says as he takes his lover into his arms and kisses him, forgetting about Aaron who is standing there.  "Oops sorry David," he says as he turns red.

"This is Aaron Bennett, Joshua," he says as the two shake hands and are both red now.

"I'm sorry Aaron for that display of affection but Mitch is my husband," he says proudly.

"Don't mention it Mitch, I have a gay brother myself," he says.  "And I was hoping that we could bring him on board since he has a degree in business law."

"You never told me you had a brother that was a lawyer," David says to Aaron.  "By all means let's get him in here for an interview this week."

"He would like that David, the firm he's at is not exactly full of opportunities for him.  Its one of those family firms that seems to favor only those family members in the firm," he tells him.  "He has been looking for a chance to get out and get into something that will value his expertise."

"Here's my card Aaron, have him give me a call," David tells him as the guys head out to lunch.


The doorbell rings and Bret goes to answer it and is in shock when he opens the door.

"Jeanne," he cries out and he takes her into his arms and hugs her.  "When did you get back?" he asks her looking past her at Kyle.  "Yesterday morning on the plane that crashed," she tells him.  "This is my husband Kyle Bryant, Kyle this is my brother Bret."

"Are you both all right sis?" he asks as he shakes hands with Kyle. "It's so nice to meet ... wait, when did you get married?" he asks now that her intro sinks in.

"A few weeks ago in Greece," she says looking up into her husband's eyes.  "Isn't he a handsome one?" she asks.

"That he is sis, too bad you found him first," he says giving Kyle a wink that makes him blush.

"Hands off brother you have ... I'm sorry Bret I forgot," she says as Bret's face goes serious.

"That's all right sis you haven't been around to know about everything that's been going on with David and me."

"I do know Bret, I ran into him in Spain last month with his new beau and we had a very long talk, which I would like for us to have if you don't mind," she tells him.

"I would like that sis, but Jacob and Beth have to be at the pediatricians in an hour for their one year old check up."

"That's another thing we need to talk about also.  I would like to hear your side of what's been going on since I left."

"How about you two come back for dinner tonight and we can have that talk?" he asks her.

"That would be fine Bret," and she gives him a kiss as he fights back his tears.  "I know it must be hard for you without David in your life now."

"It's my own fault, sis.  If I hadn't been so bitter and vindictive I might still have him."

"Well we will definitely talk later brother dear," she says.  They leave and she feels sad for him and David.

"I know that Jeremy is just David's way of getting back at Bret for spurning him when he got out of the hospital," she tells Kyle.

"Just be careful babe, don't go getting into the middle of something that they should be handling themselves."

"I will be Kyle, but I need to know exactly why this happened.  So how about going to see Tyler and Brian?"

"Is everyone you know gay or is it just me that seems to see it that way?"

"You aren't going homophobic on me are you babe?" she asks.

"No ... it's just that if I'm going to run for office, I really don't think that gays are going to be helpful to my campaign."

"And so you think that having gay relatives and friends may hinder your election?" she asks.

"Well babe they aren't exactly acceptable to most Americans let alone most Texans," he tells her.

"Then you may want to reconsider our marriage also Kyle," she tells him sarcastically.  "Heaven knows I would not want to be the reason for you not getting elected to office," she says slamming on the brakes and pulling over.

"Now pumpkin, aren't you getting a little too sensitive here?" he asks.

"What if the shoe was on the other foot, `pumpkin'?" she says putting emphasis on pumpkin.

"What do you mean by that?" he snaps.

"What if I was running for office and you had the gay family, wouldn't you be upset if I felt they might hurt my campaign?"

"Not in the slightest, because I wouldn't have gay family," he says in a snobby voice.

"You fucking bigot, I wish I'd known that about you before I married you," she says as her tears start to flow.

"Babe, I'm not a bigot," he tells her. "I just don't think my constituents would accept a candidate that has gay friends and family is all I'm saying."

"Are you comfortable with my gay family and friends?"

"To a degree I am," he tells her. "When they start to get all mushy and feely then I get a tad uncomfortable."

"So it's all right if we kiss and hold hands in public, but not them is that what you're saying?" she asks as she stares him down.  "And be very careful how you answer this one PUMPKIN."

"I agree that America has a double standard when it comes to how we view heterosexuals and homosexuals, but it still comes down to what is widely accepted today, and gays are not accepted in mainstream America yet."

"As a congressman would you work to change that view?" she asks and he knows she is going to nail him.

"Would pleading the fifth here be wrong of me?" he asks and she slaps his face.

"I cannot believe that I married you and didn't see this side of you.  They say that love is blind but in my case it was also deaf, dumb and stupid," and she floors the gas and kicks up gravel as she takes off.

They drove back to the hotel instead of going to Tyler's and the ride was cold and silent. Once the car was parked she got out and slammed the door.  She was fuming by the time she got to the elevators, and as she pushed the button she passed out.

"Jeanne what's wrong," he asks as he catches her. He lays her on the floor and she starts to come around after a few minutes.  "Are you all right babe?" he asks after she is more alert.

"I don't know what happened Kyle," she says as he helps her to stand. She is still a little wobbly as she tries to stand alone.

"I'm taking you to the hospital," he tells her and she refuses to go.

"Kyle I'm fine I just got a little upset with you and it must have got my metabolism off."

"Why would that have anything to do with making you faint?"

She looks into his eyes and smiles as she tells him. "Kyle I'm pregnant," and he just stares at her until what she just told him sinks in.

"Oh babe I'm so sorry for upsetting you," he says as he starts to tear up.  "When is the babe due?" he asks holding her tight.

"I think that I'm about two months along so in another seven months babe.  You aren't upset with us having a baby are you?"

"Oh God no darling, I want kids just as much as you do."

"Is this going to be bad for your campaign also?" she asks with a slight sarcastic tone. 

"Please babe I take back what I said before, straight or gay your family and friends are welcome in my home."

"I think there is hope for you yet pumpkin."


"Bret have you heard from Tyler," Brian asks as he calls around looking for him.

"No I haven't why Brian what's wrong," he asks.

"Nothing I guess, but he isn't home yet from the doctors and that appointment was four hours ago," he says as Tyler comes in the door. "Never mind he just got home Bret."

Tyler comes in and his eyes are puffy from crying and Brian is quick to notice that something is wrong.

"Ty what's wrong lover?" Brian asks taking him in his arms.  Tyler looks up at him, loses all self control and starts to cry hysterically and then collapses in his arms.

To be continued ...

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