The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 31


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.

From chapter 30 ...


They drove back to the hotel instead of going to Tyler's and the ride was cold and silent. Once the car was parked she got out and slammed the door.  She was fuming by the time she got to the elevators, and as she pushed the button she passed out.

"Jeanne what's wrong," he asks as he catches her. He lays her on the floor and she starts to come around after a few minutes.  "Are you all right babe?" he asks after she is more alert.

"I don't know what happened Kyle," she says as he helps her to stand. She is still a little wobbly as she tries to stand alone.

"I'm taking you to the hospital," he tells her and she refuses to go.

"Kyle I'm fine I just got a little upset with you and it must have got my metabolism off."

"Why would that have anything to do with making you faint?"

She looks into his eyes and smiles as she tells him. "Kyle I'm pregnant," and he just stares at her until what she just told him sinks in.

"Oh babe I'm so sorry for upsetting you," he says as he starts to tear up.  "When is the babe due?" he asks holding her tight.

"I think that I'm about two months along so in another seven months babe.  You aren't upset with us having a baby are you?"

"Oh God no darling, I want kids just as much as you do."

"Is this going to be bad for your campaign also?" she asks with a slight sarcastic tone. 

"Please babe I take back what I said before, straight or gay your family and friends are welcome in my home."

"I think there is hope for you yet pumpkin."


"Bret have you heard from Tyler," Brian asks as he calls around looking for him.

"No I haven't why Brian what's wrong," he asks.

"Nothing I guess, but he isn't home yet from the doctors and that appointment was four hours ago," he says as Tyler comes in the door. "Never mind he just got home Bret."

Tyler comes in and his eyes are puffy from crying and Brian is quick to notice that something is wrong.

"Ty what's wrong lover?" Brian asks taking him in his arms.  Tyler looks up at him, loses all self control and starts to cry hysterically and then collapses in his arms.

Chapter 31 ...


"Ty babe what's wrong," he asks as he sits him up on the floor.  "Speak to me Ty; tell me what's going on."

"The doctor told me that I've got cancer Brian," he says as he cries into Brian's chest.  "It has spread through my lungs, kidneys and liver."

"Well we'll get you the best doctors and medicine there is babe.  I will not let you die on me," he tells Tyler as he also starts to cry.

"Brian I'm closer to seventy now and I knew that one day my time would come."

"Well I don't want you to go babe, I love you too much to let go of you just yet."

"I love you also and I have had many happy years with you, but I know that this is the end babe.  The doctor says that with chemo and other drugs maybe six months at the most," he tells him.  "But I have refused to let what time I may have left be spent sick with trying to prolong the inevitable."

They sat there on the floor for hours until the room was dark just hugging and crying.  They spoke of things they regretted and things they always wanted to do but never made time for.  When they had finally cried themselves out they got up and went into the bedroom, and made passionate love for most of the night.


"Brian when the times comes babe, I want to be cremated and buried with Kevin and Troy .  I also have one other place beside me there for you when it's your time.  It's not that I loved Troy more than you but I want to spend eternity surrounded by the men that I loved and loved me, and that is why I want you there beside me also."

"I promise babe that you will be with them and I will also be there someday with you," he says as he cries hard lying on Tyler's chest as Tyler caresses his man.

"Don't mourn me Bri, I want you to live your life to the fullest like we did together babe.  I want you to find someone that will love you and make you happy as you have made me.  I don't want you to go through what time you have left in life alone and without love.  Promise me that you will look for love again babe."

"Don't babe, don't make me do this please," he says crying even harder.  "I have only loved two men in my life and now it must be that I will lose the second."

"I know how much you loved Ryan babe, and he loved you in his own way.  I'm thankful that your heart found room for me in it. But I really want you to find a man that will fill your days with love and laughter Bri, so now promise me that you will look for love again."

"I promise ..." and he cries uncontrollably in Tyler's arms.  His heart is breaking as he realizes how fragile life can be.

"I love you so much my lover that mere words could never express the depths of my feelings for you."

"Let's sleep now lover; tomorrow is another day, a gift from God for us," he says as they drift off to sleep with Brian held tight in Tyler's arms.


The next morning ...

Kyle goes down to city hall and takes out papers to run for the senate seat vacated by his uncle. He spent hours talking to people and filling out forms so he could run for office.  Then he went home to put together his election team.

 "Are you up to helping out with my election babe?" he asks.

 "Kyle I'm pregnant not some china doll," she tells him. "What would you like me to do babe?"

 "I need to find someone to head up my election platform for me who has control and knows how to run an election."

 "What about that man your uncle used for his last election," she asks. "He was facing serious opposition for his last run and he ended up winning by a landslide."

 "Robert Duncan I think his name is he might just be what I need to pull this off."

 He places a call to Bob's house and catches him just when he's leaving.

"Bob, this is Kyle Bryant, Max's nephew," he tells him.

 "My God Kyle I haven't heard from you in years kid how've you been?" he asks.

 "Good really, married with a kid on the way around Christmas," he tells him.

 "So what can I do for you Kyle?"

 "That's why I'm calling.  I'm living in Texas now and I have decided to run for the senate for my uncle's seat and was hoping that you would handle my campaign."

 There was a long silence as Bob thought about what Kyle had just asked him.

 "If I take you on kid you do as I say or I walk are we clear here?" he asks.

"Of course Bob, but what do you mean by as I say?"

 "Some things might seem a little questionable to you at the moment but everything will fall into place if you do as I say. Now are there any skeletons hiding in your closet kid?"

 "No not that I know of."

 "What about the wife, anything strange in her family?"

 "Just a couple of gay brother's that's all," he tells him and he can sense even over the phone he's not thrilled about that news.

 "There would be.  Are they politically active," he asks.

 "Well one of her brothers is David Strathmore of Strathmore Industries."

 "You don't say, David Strathmore eh?  That might be an asset instead of a liability kid.  What about the other one, is he a someone?" he asks.

 "No not really Bob, he seems to be a whiney ass type," he says as Jeanne comes in. "Bret Tremont is his name."

 "Now he could be a problem. Well let me put together a few things and I will get back to you kid."

He hangs up and turns to leave and sees Jeanne staring at him with a glare to her stare.

 "So my brother is a whiney ass type is he?" she says sarcastically.

"Well you got to admit he is a tad whiney and very feminine for a man."

 "You fucking bastard," she says and she slaps his face hard.  "Get out of my sight," she screams at him.

 "Babe please let me explain," he pleads but she walks away from him. "Ok, fine!  Be that way then, I'll get my own room," he says storming out of the room.

 He goes down to the desk and asks for a single room and he is told that the hotel is filled to capacity. He decides to take a walk to cool off before going back to his room.  

"Jeanne I think we need to talk," Kyle says as he returns to his room.  "I've decided that you are going to be my campaign manager and from now on you will call the shots as to what I stand for in the campaign.  I'm sorry for what I said about your brother Bret, but even I am entitled to my opinion and he is one that I have a hard time with."

 "I'm sorry also for hitting you babe, and you're right he is whiny and a bit feminine for a man.  But he is my brother and I love him, and I will try not to push my thoughts on you. Now as for being your manager that I will pass on, I haven't the energy to carry it through."

 "Are you all right darling?" he asks looking into her eyes.

 "I just get tired easily with this pregnancy. I forgot what it's like and if I didn't know better I would guess that I was carrying more than one baby."

 "Well you have seemed to blossom out quite a bit for just two months along," he tells her unaware of her mood swings when pregnant.

 "Now you're calling me fat," she says as she starts to cry.

 "No babe I didn't mean you were fat," he says but she just gives him a look.

 "Kyle just stop and don't say another word please."



The weeks go by and soon turn into months, and Tyler is quickly going downhill now.

"Dad I wish you had let me take you to Europe for treatments, they are decades ahead of us," David says as he sits beside Tyler's bed.

"Son I wanted to enjoy my last months I had here with those that I love," he says in a weak and frail voice. "I have had a good life and will miss you all once I am gone. I will get to see my Kevin and Troy again, not to mention Ryan and Sean. Of course there is Daniel, God I hope he has finally calmed down," he says with a slight chuckle to his voice. "I promised Bret that I would never repeat this to you son, but he never did stop loving you.  He knows he was wrong for the way he treated you and he will always live with the regret of it, but he truly does love you son."

"I know he does dad, and to tell you the truth, I never stopped loving him either," he says not knowing that Bret is standing just outside the door.  "He was the only thing that kept me going all those weeks I spent in treatment dad; I just wish we could have worked it out."

"Well just remember that he gave you some very good years son, and he truly is all alone in that house now."

 "Well maybe someday dad we might get back together, but right now I have a very good man in Jeremy," he tells him. "I should go and let you rest and I will come again tomorrow to see you.  I love you so much dad and even though you were not my dad, you have been my salvation when I really needed it," and he gives him a soft kiss on the lips and his tears fall onto Tyler's face, and he softly brushes them away.

 "David I have always loved you as my own son," he tells him as he struggles to breathe.  "Kevin was mine and when I lost him that tragic day I found a son in you David.  I love you and will give your love to Kevin when I see him," he says and starts to cough.

 "You rest now dad and I will see you soon," he tells him then gets up and gives him another kiss.  He walks quietly from the room and runs right into Bret, and they have their arms around each other for a moment.

 "He's resting now," David says as he looks at Bret's eyes. "How long have you been standing out here?" he asks.

 "Long enough cowboy," and he kisses David hard and passionately, and David doesn't push him away.

 "I can't do this to Jeremy, Bret," he says once they break their kiss.  "We both know how cheating can destroy," he tells him and walks on.

 Later that evening Brian goes in to feed Tyler, and he is too weak to eat.

 "Honey you have to keep up your strength," Brian tells him.

 "Brian we both know that I don't have much time left.  I want you to lay here beside me and just hold me for a while," he tells him as he gasps for a breath.

 Brian lies down beside him, takes his frail body into his arms and kisses his man softly on the lips.

 "I love you so much Ty," he says as his tears start to run down his face.  "You have made my life so complete and happy."

 Tyler reaches up and with great effort softly brushes away the tears, then kisses his lover who holds him.

 "Brian you gave me love when I thought that I would never find it again.  My life with you has never been one of regret, but one filled with love and laughter every day.  I want you to find someone to love again when I'm gone," and he puts his hand on Brian's mouth to quiet him. "I don't want you mourning me when you have so much love in you; I want you to give it away to someone that will return it to you. I know just the man but he doesn't realize he has that ability to love a man in him yet."

 "Please Ty I don't want anyone but you babe.  There is no one that could hold a candle to you."

 "Yes there is one I know of and you know him also my lover, Clark would make you the perfect mate my love."

"Clark," Brian says almost laughing at the suggestion.  "He is as straight as the day is long babe.  Besides he's my best friend and I could never push him into ... well he is just not available period."

 "Listen to me Bri that man has so much love in him that he gives it to any who are in need.  I've seen how he hangs on your every word and he laughs at your jokes when no one else does.  He is too much of a gentleman to ever step in and try to take you from me.  He will quietly wait for the time that will come and mark my words Bri; he will make his move on you, and when he does my lover, please don't refuse his affections.  He has so much love for you that it radiates from him each time you two are near each other."

Tyler struggles to breathe gasping for air, and Brian holds back his tears.

 "I know the end is near love, for Kevin is waiting there for me," he says as he points to a place only he can see.  "So my dearest love give me a kiss until we meet once again," and Brian bends down and gives him a tender kiss and Tyler wraps his arms around him and holds him lightly and then he drifts off to his rest.

 "Tyler babe, come back please," Brian pleads as he now lets his tears flow, and rests his head on Tyler's chest. He cries for almost an hour until he has cried himself out, and he gives one final kiss to his lover.  "Goodbye my lover; I will always love you Ty."


One year later ...


Kyle and Jeanne have had a baby girl, Emilia Rose, and a boy Trevor Maxwell, and the quads are now two years old.  Kyle has been elected Senator and is about to move to Washington.  David's business, Strathmore Development Inc. is going strong, as is David and Jeremy's relationship.  Bret is still alone and very much in love with David, and Brian is still mourning Tyler.

"Brian I've come to take you out of this house buddy," Clark says as he comes into Brian's house.  "Enough already with the mourning; Ty would kick your ass if he saw you wasting away like this."

"I really don't feel like going anywhere buddy," Brian says.

"You're going and that's it," he tells him and gets him up and out the door. 

"So where you taking me?" he asks as he looks out of the window.

"I've got a cabin up at Ray Roberts Lake State Park. We can grab some fishing and hiking or just sit around and shoot the shit buddy."

"I guess I have been a bit of the hermit haven't I?" he says looking over at Clark.

"Brian I loved the shit out of that man of yours, and we both know he wouldn't want you to be moping around feeling sorry for him.  I've missed you buddy," he says slapping him lightly on his leg.

They drive up route 35 until they come to a dirt road on the right, and turn down it and go about another two miles.  The cabin is quaint but cozy, and it's been modernized with all the latest conveniences. 

"Here we are buddy my little piece of heaven.  The boys keep telling me to sell this place, but I just don't want to let it go."

"It's so peaceful here and there is no one around," Brian says as he turns looking around him.

"That's why I like it so much; no one to bother me. Now let's get our things inside and get some fishing done."


"I'm going to miss you babe," Jeanne says as she holds Kyle. "I hope you find a place for us soon so we can come to live there too."

"I'll miss you and Emilia and Trevor so much, but as soon as I find a place I want you to come," he tells her.

She watches him board his plane for Washington and she takes the babies and starts back to the car when she sees a fellow campaign worker who is also heading to Washington.

"Beth how nice to see you again," she says surprising Beth as she calls out to her. "Are you on this plane also?" she asks.

"Why yes I landed a job there," she says. "I wish I had more time to talk but I'm running late Jeanne. It was nice to see you," she says hustling off to board the plane.

She grabs her seat and turns to her right and says:

"Hello Kyle, God I couldn't wait for this day to come," as she leans over and kisses Kyle on the cheek.  "I ran into your wife just before boarding and she looked surprised to see me," she tells him.

"Beth please remember yourself," he tells her.  "I'm a happily married man and I would like you to remember that," he says and turns to look out the window.


They unloaded the truck and opened up the cabin before grabbing a beer and sitting for a spell.

"You know Bri I hate seeing you wasting away at home," Clark says to Brian as they sit on the deck overlooking the lake.  "Ty wouldn't want you to stop living; he would kick your ass if he knew you would be like this once he died."

"I know Clark, but I just don't know what to do with myself anymore.  He was my life and we did everything together and now ... well I just ..." and he starts to cry.

Clark gets up and kneels down in front of him and places his arms on his lap as he looks up into his eyes.

"You need to find someone to love again my friend," he tells him. "You have too much love inside you not to share it with someone," and he smiles at his friend.

"He told me that just before he died Clark, he wanted me to find someone to love and be loved by again."

"Then why don't you take his advice and look for someone that could make you happy and love you for who you are?" and he starts to get up.

"I don't need to look my friend because I have found someone that will love me as much as I love him," and he stops Clark from getting up.

"That's great buddy," he says with a hint of disappointment in his voice. "Who is this lucky fellow," he asks looking up at Brian.

"You Clark," and he brings him closer to him so that they are just inches away.

"Me ... my God Bri I don't know what to say," as he slowly gets up and turns to look out towards the lake.

"Yes my friend, you also have been without love in your life for a long time.  Ty told me that he felt that we would be good together," and he gets up and stands beside him.

"I won't deny that I have had feelings for you that I cannot explain Bri, but I have never loved a man before," he tells him still looking out at the lake.

"Clark, could you love me for me and not as a man?" he asks and he places his hand on Clark/s.

"I love you already my friend, it has nothing to do with you being a man.  I think you are the greatest man I have ever met," he says turning to look at Brian.  "But I don't know if I could become gay after being straight all these years Bri," he says as his eyes gloss over.

"Who says you have to become gay buddy, why can't we be just two men who love one another?"

"And what about the sexual part of the relationship, how would we handle that?  You are oriented towards sex with men and I have only known one woman."

"I can give up the sex if it means having you as my friend and companion for life," he says.

"I couldn't ask that of you Bri, no more than you would expect me to give up my desires for a woman even though I haven't had any desires since my Jenny died."

"Clark this is not something that you have to give me an answer on, I was just telling you how I felt about you that's all," he says and takes a long draw off his beer.

There's a long silence before either one speaks, for the sun is setting quickly in the west over the lake.

"I'm sorry Clark that I told you how I felt about you," and he turns to go into the cabin.

"Wait Bri," he says, "I appreciate you being honest with me about your feelings, I just need time to digest what has been said between us buddy."

"I just don't want it to ruin our friendship buddy.  You're my best friend and I would hate to lose that friendship over something as stupid as this."

"Your feelings aren't stupid and you haven't lost me as a friend Bri, if anything it has brought us closer."


"Grant it's me Danielle," she says to her brother.

"Danielle how nice to hear from you," he says.  "How have you been?" he asks her seeing that he hasn't seen her in years.

"I'm in Dallas brother, and I would like to come out to see you if I could?" she asks.

"Is Gary with you?" he asks bitterly, knowing how much his brother in law hated him because he was gay.

"No Grant ... he died last month from a heart attack," she says quietly to him.

"Oh God sis, I'm sorry for you," he says knowing how much in love she was with him.  "I can come and pick you up at the airport now sis."

"I have a rental car and I can drive out to your home Grant."

"Ah sis ... I have a lover now," he tells her and there is a brief silence.  "His name is Jason and he is a wonderful man sis."

"That's fine brother, I would like to meet him.  I have something to ask of you and it will concern him also then."

"I guess I will see you when you get here then," he says and they hang up.

He finds Jason and tells him about his sister coming out to see them and how she has something to ask them both.  He explains how they haven't seen each other in years because of Gary's feelings about gays.  She arrives about an hour and a half later with her two year old son Bradley.

"Grant," she says as she hugs and kisses him at the door. "God how I have missed you my dear brother," she tells him.

"It's so good to see you again Danielle," he says and looks down at his nephew who is clinging to his mother's leg.  "My God, this can't be Bradley," he says as he kneels down to give his nephew a hug.

"I forgot you haven't seen him since he was born," she says.  "He's my little man Grant and has been a Godsend since his dad died," she tells him.

"I am truly sorry sis, I know that we didn't like each other but I never would have wished him dead."

"I know Grant and thank you for opening your heart and home to us," she says as her eyes well up.

"We're family sis, and you are always welcome here," he tells her. "This is my husband Jason," he says taking Jason's arms in his as he introduces him to his sister.

"It's so nice to meet you Danielle, Grant has told me so much about you," and he gives her a soft kiss on each cheek.

"It's nice to meet you also Jason, I can see how much the two of you love each other," she says looking at them both.

"And how are you Bradley?" Jason says holding out his hand to him and he takes it into his little hand.

"Good," he says and smiles at him.

"My God you have a way with children Jason, he usually won't look, never mind speak to strangers," she tells him.

"I love children and we hope to adopt one some day," he tells her and she smiles at the news.


Bret is standing at the window in the sitting room, and he stares out into the night.  He looks at nothing in particular when something catches his attention.  Lying on the ground near the driveway, there appears a form, still against the night.  He watches it for a long moment before he realizes that it's the form of a person lying there.  He grabs his handgun and goes out to investigate what or who could be lying on the ground when he hears a faint moan.

"Who are you?" he asks from a distance holding the gun on the person on the ground.

"Help me please," he hears in a faint voice and moves closer to see what's wrong the person.  "Please help me," a man's voice now pleads and he looks at the bloody face of this stranger.

"Who are you?" Bret asks kneeling down beside him and he can see that he is very badly hurt.

"Darren O'Neill," is all he says and he goes unconscious.

Bret hurries inside and calls for an ambulance, which arrives twenty minutes later.  They examine him and determine that he was either a hit and run victim or was beaten up by someone.

"We'll take him to Parkland and you can come and give them the necessary information later," the attendant tells Bret.

Bret tells the nanny that he his going to be at the hospital and leaves minutes after the ambulance has left.  He waits to hear about the young man's condition in the waiting room when the doctor finally comes out to talk with him.

"How is he doctor?" Bret asks.

"I would surmise that he was badly beaten by someone because of the marks I found on his body.  Someone left a very good imprint of a ring with a family crest it seems on his cheek.  The police are taking photos now so that they can use that for identifying his attackers. Other than a few fractured ribs, cuts and very bad bruises, he should be fine to go home tomorrow.  You may see him as soon as the police are finished with him."

"Thank you doctor," he says and waits for the police to leave.

He finally gets to go in twenty minutes later and the young man is cleaned up and awake.

"Well Darren how are you feeling," Bret asks looking at his swollen eyes and lips.

"Thank you sir for helping me," he says in a weak voice.  "I might have died if it had not been for your help."

"How did you end up on my front door step?"

"Your lights were the only ones I could see when they dumped me on the side of the road," he told him.  "So I crawled towards them hoping to find some help."

"Where are you from Darren?"

"St. Louis Missouri but I was doing my internship here in Dallas," he tells him.

"You're a doctor?" Bret asks looking at him more intently.

"Pediatrics and I had just finished my shift when I was jumped next to my car in the parking garage."

"Do you have family that I can call for you," he asks.

"No not really sir, my parents are both dead and my brothers live all over the country.  I rent a room in a boarding house near the hospital until I can afford a better place of my own."

"Well first of all my name is Bret, not sir, and secondly you are going to come home with me to recover until you are able to take care of yourself," Bret tells him.

"Bret you have been more than kind enough, I couldn't impose on you like that," he says.

"If it were an imposition I wouldn't have offered, and I live alone with my two children and would love the company."

The doctor comes back in to check on Darren and he is pleased with his outlook.

"Doctor would he be able to come home with me tonight under my care?" Bret asks.

"As long as he gets bed rest for the next few days I see no problem with that happening."

"There Darren it's settled; now lets get you ready to go," Bret says.

"Ah ... I'm naked under these blankets," he tells them.  "Could I possibly get a set of scrubs," he asks the doctor.

"Well seeing how you are one of us I don't see why not," and he sends the nurse to get them for him.

She comes back in a few minutes and hands them to Bret.

"Why don't you get him dressed while I write up his discharge papers," the doctor says.

The doctor leaves, pulling the curtains closed behind him and Bret turns to Darren to help him sit up.  He pulls back the covers and notices how cut and muscular he is.  His pecks are well defined as are his abs, with a slight dusting of blonde hair.  Upon closer examination his eyes are an emerald green and his hair is shoulder length blonde.  He helps him put the shirt on and it causes him a good deal of pain to lift his arms.  He removes the blanket and is stunned by the size of his manhood.  It is long and fat as it lies across his balls, and his legs are developed liked the rest of his body.  He inserts each leg into the pants and tells him to hang on to him while he stands up.  He stands for a brief moment and his legs are still weak.  He grabs Bret around the neck to prevent himself from falling.  They look at each other for a long moment before either one speaks and Darren is blushing from the closeness of the two of them.

"I'm sorry Bret," he says as he looks into his eyes.

"Don't worry about it Darren, you're still weak from your ordeal and I can certainly hold you up.  Now let's get these pants up and get you home," he says pulling up the pants and he carefully tucks Darren's cock inside the pants.  His touch brings a slight response from Darren's cock and it starts to inflate some causing Darren to blush again, but the feeling soon passes.  The doctor gives him his paper work and Bret goes to get the car as a nurse wheels Darren out to him.  They talk some on the drive home about Darren and then it turns to Bret.

"Did I hear you mention that you have two children?"

"Yes I do, a boy and a girl that are two years old," he tells him.

"Are you divorced or a widower?" Darren asks.  "I thought you said that you live alone with the children, does the mother live with them also?"

"No Darren, she has not been in the picture since they were born. We were never married," he tells him.

"Oh I see, an affair that backfired," he says.

"No the children's mother is my sister," he says and Darren looks strangely at him.  "No it's not a case of incest either so get your mind out of the gutter," he tells him.  "I'm gay and my partner and I split up a while ago and he got two of the children and I got the other two."

"Quadruplets?" he asks in shock as he listens to all that Bret has told him.  "You're gay ... oh fuck," he says and looks out of the window.

To be continued...

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