The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 32


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.

From chapter 31 ...


Bret hurries inside and calls for an ambulance, and they arrive twenty minutes later.  They examine him and determine that he was either a hit and run victim or was beaten up by someone.

"We'll take him to Parkland and you can come and give them the necessary information later," the attendant tells Bret.

Bret tells the nanny that he his going to be at the hospital and leaves minutes after the ambulance has left.  He waits to hear about the young man condition in the waiting room when the doctor finally comes out to talk with him.

"How is he doctor," Bret asks.

"I would surmise that he was badly beaten by someone because of the marks I found on his body.  Someone left a very good imprint of a ring with a family crest it seems on his cheek.  The police are taking photos now so that they can use that for identifying his attackers. Other than a few fractured ribs, cuts and very bad bruises, he should be fine to go home tomorrow.  You may see him as soon as the police are finished with him."

"Thank you doctor," he says and waits for the police to leave.

He finally gets to go in twenty minutes later and the young man is cleaned up and awake.

"Well Darren how are you feeling?" Bret asks looking at his swollen eyes and lips.

"Thank you sir for helping me," he says in a weak voice.  "I might have died if it had not been for your help."

"How did you end up on my front door step?"

"Your lights were the only ones I could see when they dumped me on the side of the road," he told him.  "So I crawled towards them hoping to find some help."

"Where are you from Darren?"

"St. Louis Missouri but I was doing my internship here in Dallas," he tells him.

"You're a doctor?" Bret asks looking at him more intently.

"Pediatrics and I had just finished my shift when I was jumped while standing by my car in the parking garage."

"Do you have family that I can call for you?" Bret asks.

"No not really sir, my parents are both dead and my brothers live all over the country.  I rent a room in a boarding house near the hospital until I can afford a better place of my own."

"Well first of all, the name is Bret not sir, and secondly you are going to come home with me to recover until you are able to take care of yourself," Bret tells him.

"Bret you have been more than kind enough, I couldn't impose on you like that," he says.

"If it were an imposition I wouldn't have offered; I live alone with my two children and would love the company."

The doctor comes back in to check on Darren and he is pleased with his outlook.

"Doctor would he be able to come home with me tonight under my care?" Bret asks.

"As long as he gets bed rest for the next few days I see no reason why he can't."

"There Darren it's settled, now lets get you ready to go," Bret says.

"Ah ... I'm naked under these blankets," he tells them.  "Could I possibly get a set of scrubs?" he asks the doctor.

"Well seeing how you're one of us I don't see why not," and he sends the nurse to get them.

She comes back in a few minutes and hands them to Bret.

"There now you can get him dressed while I write up his discharge papers," the doctor says.

The doctor leaves pulling the curtains closed behind him and Bret turns to Darren and helps him to sit up.  He pulls back the covers and notices how cut and muscular he is.  His pecks are well defined as are his abs, with a slight dusting of blonde hair.  Upon closer examination his eyes are an emerald green and his hair is shoulder length blonde.  He helps him put the shirt on and it causes him a good deal of pain to lift his arms.  He removes the blanket and is stunned by the size of his manhood.  It is long and fat as it lies across his balls, and his legs are developed liked the rest of his body.  He inserts each leg into the pants and tells him to hang on to him as he stands up.  He stands for a brief moment but he is still weak, and he grabs Bret around the neck to prevent himself from falling.  They look at each other for a long moment before either one speaks and Darren is blushing from the closeness of the two of them.

"I'm sorry Bret," he says as he looks into his eyes.

"Don't worry about it Darren, you're still weak from your injuries and I can certainly hold you up.  Now let's get these pants up and get you home," he says pulling up the pants. He carefully tucks Darren's cock inside the pants.  His touch brings a slight response from Darren's cock and it starts to inflate some and Darren begins to blush again but the feeling soon passes.  The doctor gives him his paper work and Bret goes to get the car as a nurse wheels Darren out to him.  They talk some on the drive home about Darren and then it turns to Bret.

"Did I hear you mention that you have two children?"

"Yes I do, a boy and a girl who are two years old," he tells him.

"Are you divorced or a widower?" Darren asks.  "I thought you said that you live alone with the children, does the mother live with them also?"

"No Darren, she has not been in the picture since they were born. We were never married," he tells him.

"Oh I see, an affair that backfired," he says.

"No the children's mother is my sister," he says and Darren looks strangely at him.  "No it's not a case of incest either so get your mind out of the gutter," he tells him.  "I'm gay and my partner and I split up a while ago and he got two of the children and I got the other two."

"Quadruplets!" he says in shock as he takes in all that Bret has told him.  "You're gay ... oh fuck," he says and looks out of the window.


Chapter 32 ...

"Is there a problem with my being gay?"

"Ah ... no Bret not at all," Darren says in a softer tone now. 

They arrive at the house and Bret helps him inside.  This time Darren's arm around Bret' shoulder is more affectionate and Bret picks up on it immediately.  Once inside they go into the sitting room. Darren has a seat while Bret goes to check on the children and tell the nanny that he is home.  He makes them both a cup of tea and they sit and talk.

"So Darren, why were you beaten tonight....and by whom?" Bret asks.

"Well I was coming out of JR's down on Cedar Spring when someone jumped me from behind and hit me over the head. When I came to I was in the back of this van being driven somewhere.  My hands were tied and I could hear two men talking in the front of the van. One was called Jimmy, that's what the other guy kept calling him.  They drove for quite a while until they finally stopped and took me out of the van, then they beat the shit out of me," now Darren is crying as he tells Bret his story.  "They kept kicking and hitting me repeatedly until another car came along and sounded its horn, then they took off leaving me there."

"That person then saved your life by sounding their horn," he says. "So I take it that you are gay Darren?"

"Yeah I am and I hope that you don't think I'm imposing on you because you are also Bret," he says.

"Neither of us knew about the other until after I made the offer Darren, so please put that thought out of your mind.  Now lets get you up to bed and let you rest like the doctor ordered," and he helps his guest upstairs to the guestroom and gets him into bed before retiring to his own room.


Brian lies in his bed and softly cries over the mess he has made of his friendship with Clark.  He feels that they will never be the same because of how he feels about him and regrets having told him. He cries hard into his pillow so he won't disturb Clark in the next room when he feels a hand on his shoulder.  He quickly turns to see Clark's face looking down at him as he sits on the side of the bed, and the moonlight through the window gives a glow to his blue eyes.

"I'm sorry I woke you buddy," he says wiping his eyes with the back of his hands as he turns over onto his back.

"No my friend, I'm the one who is sorry," he says. "I'm sorry for letting something as trivial as orientation stand between us.  I have been lying in my room thinking over everything you told me and how much courage it took for you to say those things to me.  When I heard you crying I knew it was because I had spurned your love for me Brian, and it made me look hard and deep into my heart about how I truly felt about you.  It made me realize how much I love you as a friend and ... well more Bri."

"Clark don't feel that you have to say or do anything to keep my friendship because I would never give you up as a friend.  I felt that what I said may have cost me your friendship and that just about broke my heart buddy."

"I guess what I'm saying is I could love you like you love me if you are willing to give me your love," and Clark turns as he starts to well up with tears.

Brian sits up and takes him in his arms, softly kissing his lips.  He gently offers his tongue to Clark who opens his mouth to accept it in.  Their first kiss is tender and passionate as they feel their love move to a new level.

"Are you all right with this?" Brian asks him after they break their kiss and he's still holding Clark in his arms.

"It's all so new but ... yes, I'm ok with it Bri," and he kisses him back hard and deep.

Brian pulls back the covers and Clark climbs in with him and Brian pulls him close with his arms around him.

"Good night my friend," Brian says kissing the back of Clark's head.

"Good night my love," and he turns and gives him a soft kiss after which they drift off to sleep.


After Daniele had put Bradley to bed she sat with Grant and Jason in the living room to talk.

"I guess you are wondering why I'm here after all this time Grant," she begins looking at her brother.

"Well I was very surprised to hear you were in Dallas and that you wanted to talk to me," he tells her.

Jason gets up preparing to leave as he asks, "Why don't I let you two have this time alone?"

"No, please stay Jason, this concerns you as well," she tells him so he sits back down beside Grant.

She takes a deep breath before speaking and her eyes are clouding over with tears.

"Grant there is no easy way to say this so I am just going to say it ... I have cancer.  The doctor has given me about two to three months to live," she tells him.  He gets up and goes over to her then kneels down beside her while the two of them cry together for some time.

"Sis let me get you to some better doctors," he tells her but she shakes her head no.

"Grant I have had the best and have even been to Europe for their advances in cancer treatment.  It gave me three years of quality life before it took over my body.  What I want is for you and Jason to adopt my Bradley and raise him for me," she says looking at him and Jason as she wipes her eyes.  "He knows that I'm sick and that I'm going to live with daddy soon and that's about all he understands."

"Of course we would take Bradley for you sis, but you do know that he would be raised by two gay males."

"I know Grant and I know how much you love him and me.  I just don't want grandparents getting him with their puritan views. I plan on having everything done legally before I die so they cannot contest it after I die.  Jason could you raise my son as your own?" she asks looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Daniele I love children and he would be to me as if he were of my own flesh and blood."

"Thank you Jason, I saw how he took to you and I know that the two of you will grow to be good friends.  Now I want to say this to you both, if he grows up to be gay or straight please love him for what ever way he chooses to go," she asks.  "I know you won't push him in any direction but don't discourage him either if you notice that he is heading down either path. Let him find his own self and develop as nature would have him do."

"We will sis," Grant says as Jason nods in agreement.

"Now I am tired and need my rest so I will see you both in the morning," she says getting up and giving them both a kiss good night.


"Good morning my friend," Brian says to Clark as he kisses the back of his head.  "Are you still ok with the decision you made last night?"

"All the more so," he says turning in Brian's arms to face him and he kisses him softly on the lips.  "Is waking up like this always so nice?" he asks as he snuggles in closer.

"Always if it's with you Clark," and he tightens his hold on him.

"Well what comes next in our relationship bud," he asks looking deeply into his eyes.

"Are you ready for lovemaking or would you rather wait," he asks as he kisses Clark on the forehead.

"I never gave that much thought my friend, what do I have to do?" he asks nervously.

"Just lay back and enjoy the ride my friend."

Brian gets up, slides over so his legs are between Clark's legs, then bends down to kiss his new lover.  They kiss soft and deep as their tongues make movements to the dance of love and both men are softly moaning as they go with the flow of their feelings. Brian moves down to Clark's now erect nubs and gently sucks on them as Clark lets out a sigh of delight.

"Oh God Bri what are you doing to me?" he moans as Brian continues to attack his sensitive nipples.

He releases the nipples and kisses his way down to Clark's erect cock that is now dripping with pre-cum.  He runs his tongue around the sensitive head and Clark jumps at the thrill that he feels, Brian takes the head into his mouth and runs his tongue around the corona making him howl with delight.  He swallows his cock down to his pubic hair and lingers as he takes in the scent of his new lover.  Clark places his hands softly on Brian's head as he slowly moves up the shaft and sucks hard on the head.  He moves up and down for a very long time until he senses that Clark is close to his edge.  He pulls off his cock and takes his balls into his mouth softly maneuvering them around.  He uses his tongue to lick his way back to Clark's tender rosebud; he lifts his legs onto his shoulders and licks all around the tender spot.

"Oh fuck Bri you have me so close," he cries out as Brian pushes his tongue into his asshole.

He fucks his hole with his tongue as Clark thrashes in ecstasy from the sensation that this is giving him.  He pulls out his tongue and inserts a finger and slowly moves it around. When he puts in a second, Clark lifts up his ass and pushes against his fingers trying to get more inside. Brian finds his sweet spot and gently massages it causing Clark to moan out in utter delight.

"Fuck me Bri," he says looking up at Brian. "I want to feel you inside me instead of your fingers."

"Are you sure Clark? The first time can hurt," he tells him.

"I trust you to be gentle with me my friend."

Brian goes into the bathroom and comes back with some Vaseline to begin preparing Clark for the lovemaking that is to come. He tells him to push out when he pushes in and most importantly to relax.  He lines up his cock with Clark's virgin ass and firmly but gently pushes in as Clark now pushes out, and the head slides into Clark's hole and Brian stops and waits.

"Oh fuck oh my fucking God that hurts Bri," he says as tears come to his eyes.

"Do you want me to pull it out buddy?" he asks knowing that the pain must be unbearable.

"No Bri, just give me a moment here to get it together," he says as he breathes more regularly now and starts to relax.  "Ok buddy go ahead, but go slow please," he says as he takes hold of Brian's waist.

Brian slowly pushes in until he finally bottoms and they sigh at the feeling they get.  He slowly pulls out and then pushes back in and repeats it until Clark is meeting his thrusts with pushes of his own.  They soon find a rhythm and are moving more quickly as he glides in and out of his lover's ass.

"God this feels good buddy," Clark says as he pulls Brian down for a kiss.

Brian lifts up with his arms and now picks up his rhythm and he's fucking Clark harder and deeper now.  Each time he pushes in he hits Clark's prostate and he moans out in delight as he gets closer to his climax.

"Fuck me buddy I'm cumming," Clark yells out as he jerks his cock hard.

Brian reaches down and takes it into his hands and jerks it to the rhythm that he is fucking him with.

"Yeah buddy do it here it comes," and he shoots his cum all over his chest in great spurts as Brian quickens his pace and he also is ready to shoot.

"Oh fuck Clark I'm cumming too," and he shoots his seed deep into Clark's ass.  Rope after rope of hot cum he shoots as he fills Clark's burning ass and Clark is still shooting his own seed until the two finally are spent.  Brian collapses on Clark and they kiss hard and long as they ride out the sweet afterglow of their first lovemaking.

"I love you Clark Jefferson," Brian tells him after they break their kiss.

"I never in a million years thought I would say this to a man, but I love you also Brian O'Malley," and he kisses him with all the passion he has in him.

"Whoa dad," came the shocked voice of Mitch as he and Josh stand in the doorway of the bedroom looking at the two men kissing.

"Oh my God Mitch, Josh," he says in a panic as Brian grabs a blanket to cover them up with.

"Relax dad, we'll wait out here on the deck for you two," Mitch tells them as they leave the room.

"I forgot I invited the boys up for a cookout today Bri.  I feel so embarrassed to be caught like this by them."

"They are both gay Clark so I'm sure they'll understand. You just caught them off guard because they thought you were straight, and you were until last night my love," Brian says and he kisses him softly before getting up.

They shower together and then go outside to face the boys with the news of their love.

"Good morning boys," Clark says as he comes out onto the deck followed by Brian.  "I guess I owe you an explanation about what you saw in there earlier."

"Listen dad, it's all right with us that you and Brian are lovers," Mitch says giving his dad a hug. "Just when did all this happen is what we want to know?" he asks.

"I guess it was building up for sometime now and came to a head last night son.  We, or rather I, finally came to terms with the fact that I was in love with Brian and was afraid of those feelings for a man.  I had only loved your mother and to fall for a man was not something that I was accustomed to like you boys are.  He poured out his heart to me last night and I still didn't know if I was able to love a man as I would love a woman.  But when I heard him crying alone in his room it made me look hard and deep into my heart at what I really felt towards Brian and love was the only thing I felt that I could answer.  So I love him sons, more than I do my own life," he says to them and turns to look at Brian who is in tears listening to him.  "And let me tell you boys, he knows how to make the most passionate love to a person," and he kisses Brian softly as his boys watch in awe of the happiness that he has found in Brian.

"We are happy for you dad," Mitch says hugging his dad.  "And for you also Brian that you could find it in your heart to love again after Tyler," which makes him smile a bittersweet smile as he remembers Tyler's words to him.

"Thank you boys, I love this guy so much and will make him happy for as long as I live."

"Now how about breakfast boys?" Clark asks as they head inside the cabin.


"Grant where is Brad? I looked in his room and he wasn't there," Daniele asks coming into the dining room.

"He's out in the stables with Jason sis," he says pouring her a cup of coffee.  "Jason thought he would like to see the horses so he took him out to see them a while ago," as the two of them come in from the stable.

"Momma I saw horsies," Brad says all excited as he runs to her to tell her of his outing to the stable.

"You did!  Did you like them honey?"

"Yeah I do. Jay said I can ride one later if it's good with you momma."

"Well we'll see honey, now let's have breakfast, but first you need to wash up," she tells him and Gabriella takes him to wash.

"Thank you Jason for making him happy this morning," she tells him looking gratefully at him.  "I worry about him making the transition to you two from me," she says as she tears up.

"Just to watch his face light up made me feel so happy Daniele, he didn't know where to look first."

"He'll do just fine sis, and we will keep you alive to him as he grows up," he tells her.

"He's only two, well, closer to three but still I know he would soon forget me.  He never mentions his father anymore."

"Well we will make sure that he remembers you both as he grows up sis.  Now I made a call to my lawyer and he is drawing up the papers for the legal adoption of Bradley by Jason and me.  He knows that we are pressed for time so he is pushing things through as fast as he can."

"I appreciate that Grant," she tells him.  "Please make sure that my husband's parents cannot contest the adoption once I have died."

"I did mention that concern to him also. He said that by you still being alive and choosing your child's guardian will prevent them from challenging it in court."

"Even though you both are gay Grant?" she asks.

"Yes, even though we're gay.  My lawyer knows that we are gay and he looks out for our welfare."

"That gives me peace of mind Grant."


"Good morning Darren and how are you feeling today," Bret asks sitting beside him on the bed.

"Like I got hit by a truck," he says smiling up at Bret.

"You are going to need some clothes to wear so I thought that I could go to your rooming house and get your clothes for you and bring them here."

"That would be a lot of trouble Bret, seeing how much you have done all ready."

"It's no trouble at all, you are going to be here for at least two to three weeks healing so why pay rent for a place you won't be using?" he tells him.

"And what about after I mend?  Where do I live then if I give up my room?"

"Let's cross that bridge when we come to it," Bret says getting up and moving to the door.  "Breakfast will be in an hour, so rest some more and I will bring it up to you," and he leaves the room.


"Good morning Kyle how about breakfast in the hotel dining room," Beth asks when she phones his room.

"Thanks but I had it already and I need to call home before I start my day," he tells her.

"Well maybe lunch then if you're free?" she asks.

"Sorry again, I have a meeting with the senate majority leader for a working lunch and I'm going to be going out with family for dinner tonight," he tells her knowing her next invite would be dinner.

"God you are a hard person to get to see," she tells him.

"Don't you have a job to do or are you still looking for employment?" he asks.

"No I have a job thanks," she says sarcastically. "You know very well I work for your office as a liaison."

"Then I would suggest you busy yourself doing that instead of seeking dining engagements with me Miss Miller," he tells her in a stern voice.  "As I said before I am a happily married man and I intend to stay that way, now good day," and he hangs up.  He calls Jeanne back at home and gets her still in bed forgetting the time difference.

"Hey babe how's my girl this morning?"

"Kyle love, I was just thinking of you. I'm still in bed but was just about to get up."

"I have a realtor who is looking for a house for us and I can't wait for you and the kids to move here.  Remember Beth Miller well she is one of the liaisons on my staff and she is throwing herself at me like I was the most eligible bachelor," he tells her.

"I never trusted that bitch, just be careful around her babe."

"Oh believe me honey I am very careful around her.  She just phoned me and wanted me to go to breakfast with her. When I told her that I had all ready had it she moved on to lunch.  I had to give her my schedule for the entire day to get her off my back and finally tell her that I was a happily married man."

"I'll claw her eyes out when I see her, that bitch," she says with venom in her voice.  "Just don't let yourself be alone with her Kyle; she is a conniving snake that goes after what she wants."

"I won't babe. I love you so much honey and God I wish you were here with me."

"As soon as you find us a place my ass is there love. I love you too and I got to go, the kids are crying to get up already. Just be careful and remember that I love you."

"I love you too and kiss the kids for me."


"Good morning Jer, how's my sweetheart today," David says glancing into his lover's eyes and then gives him a kiss to wake him.

"Mmmmmm," he says as he takes his lover's tongue into his mouth.  "You have a great way of waking me up lover," he says wrapping his arms around David's neck.  "What has you so happy this early in the morning my love?"

"I just acquired The Adolphus hotel chain and I feel great."

"You just bought The Magnolia Hotel chain last week babe now it's the Adolphus. You are turning into a hotel tycoon or something," he says bringing him in closer.

"I want the best for my man and children," he tells him as he kisses him and reaches beneath the covers to fondle his manhood. "I intend to build one of the biggest hotel empires that Texas has ever seen my love," and he moves down and swallows Jeremy's cock in one fast swoop down his throat.

"Ah fuck babe you got it," as he lifts up to give his lover more of his cock, he delights in the sensation that David is giving him. He moves up and down on his lover's cock while he plunges his finger deep into his ass and gently massages his sweet spot bringing him quickly to the brink.

"Oh God babe I'm going to cum," he howls and he shoots his seed deep down David's throat. Shot after shot of hot cum he gives his lover until he relinquishes all he has.

"Mmmmmm," David says as he swallows his lover's seed.

"Oh fuck you know how to start my day babe," Jeremy says as he kisses his lover.

To be continued ...

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