The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 33


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From chapter 32 ...

"Good morning Darren and how are you feeling today," Bret asks sitting beside him on the bed.

"Like I got hit by a truck," he says smiling up at Bret.

"You are going to need some clothes to wear so I thought that I could go to your rooming house and get your clothes for you and bring them here."

"That would be a lot of trouble Bret, seeing how much you have done all ready."

"It's no trouble at all, you are going to be here for at least two to three weeks healing so why pay rent for a place you won't be using?" he tells him.

"And what about after I mend?  Where do I live then if I give up my room?"

"Let's cross that bridge when we come to it," Bret says getting up and moving to the door.  "Breakfast will be in an hour, so rest some more and I will bring it up to you," and he leaves the room.


"Good morning Kyle how about breakfast in the hotel dining room," Beth asks when she phones his room.

"Thanks but I had it already and I need to call home before I start my day," he tells her.

"Well maybe lunch then if you're free?" she asks.

"Sorry again, I have a meeting with the senate majority leader for a working lunch and I'm going to be going out with family for dinner tonight," he tells her knowing her next invite would be dinner.

"God you are a hard person to get to see," she tells him.

"Don't you have a job to do or are you still looking for employment?" he asks.

"No I have a job thanks," she says sarcastically. "You know very well I work for your office as a liaison."

"Then I would suggest you busy yourself doing that instead of seeking dining engagements with me Miss Miller," he tells her in a stern voice.  "As I said before I am a happily married man and I intend to stay that way, now good day," and he hangs up.  He calls Jeanne back at home and gets her still in bed forgetting the time difference.

"Hey babe how's my girl this morning?"

"Kyle love, I was just thinking of you. I'm still in bed but was just about to get up."

"I have a realtor who is looking for a house for us and I can't wait for you and the kids to move here.  Remember Beth Miller well she is one of the liaisons on my staff and she is throwing herself at me like I was the most eligible bachelor," he tells her.

"I never trusted that bitch, just be careful around her babe."

"Oh believe me honey I am very careful around her.  She just phoned me and wanted me to go to breakfast with her. When I told her that I had all ready had it she moved on to lunch.  I had to give her my schedule for the entire day to get her off my back and finally tell her that I was a happily married man."

"I'll claw her eyes out when I see her, that bitch," she says with venom in her voice.  "Just don't let yourself be alone with her Kyle; she is a conniving snake that goes after what she wants."

"I won't babe. I love you so much honey and God I wish you were here with me."

"As soon as you find us a place my ass is there love. I love you too and I got to go, the kids are crying to get up already. Just be careful and remember that I love you."

"I love you too and kiss the kids for me."


"Good morning Jer, how's my sweetheart today," David says glancing into his lover's eyes and then gives him a kiss to wake him.

"Mmmmmm," he says as he takes his lover's tongue into his mouth.  "You have a great way of waking me up lover," he says wrapping his arms around David's neck.  "What has you so happy this early in the morning my love?"

"I just acquired The Adolphus hotel chain and I feel great."

"You just bought The Magnolia Hotel chain last week babe now it's the Adolphus. You are turning into a hotel tycoon or something," he says bringing him in closer.

"I want the best for my man and children," he tells him as he kisses him and reaches beneath the covers to fondle his manhood. "I intend to build one of the biggest hotel empires that Texas has ever seen my love," and he moves down and swallows Jeremy's cock in one fast swoop down his throat.

"Ah fuck babe you got it," as he lifts up to give his lover more of his cock, he delights in the sensation that David is giving him. He moves up and down on his lover's cock while he plunges his finger deep into his ass and gently massages his sweet spot bringing him quickly to the brink.

"Oh God babe I'm going to cum," he howls and he shoots his seed deep down David's throat. Shot after shot of hot cum he gives his lover until he relinquishes all he has.

"Mmmmmm," David says as he swallows his lover's seed.

"Oh fuck you know how to start my day babe," Jeremy says as he kisses his lover.


Chapter 33 ...


"Ok Darren sit up and have something to eat," Bret says as he carries a tray with breakfast into Darren's room. 

"A guy could get use to this," he says as he carefully pulls himself up against the headboard.

"Well don't get to use to it, because as soon as you are more ambulatory your ass is downstairs for meals," Bret messes with him.  "Now open up," and Bret offers him some eggs.

"I can feed myself Bret," he says looking at Bret.

"Ok I will leave you to eat then," and he gets up to leave.

"Won't you please sit with me Bret?" reaching out to take Bret's hand and pulling him back.  "I could use some company also," he says and smiles at him.

Bret sits beside him on the bed and notices how beautiful his eyes are in the sunlight as it comes in through the window.  His hair has a slight curl to it as it falls gently onto his shoulders framing his face with a charm that captivates Bret's senses.

"You're staring," Darren says rousing Bret from his stare.

"Oh ... was I?  I'm sorry," he says looking away from him.  Darren puts aside his breakfast tray and looks Bret in the eyes.

"You know your eyes sparkle in the sunlight," he tells Bret and Bret blushes at the forwardness of the remark.

"I ..." and he is cut off as Darren kisses him tenderly on the lips as he holds him in his arms.

"I wanted to do that last night to thank you but thought twice about it," he tells Bret.  "Now I just did it because I wanted to," and he kisses him more passionately and Bret wraps his arms around him also.

"It's been so long since someone has kissed me Darren," he tells him as tears well up in his eyes.

"You should be kissed everyday and shown how much you are loved," Darren tells him holding him close.  "I know we just met but there is something in your eyes that captivates me Bret."

"It's the nurse-patient syndrome," Bret tells him.  "I came to your aid and now you feel some link to me to thank me."

"No Bret, it's more than that... I feel an attraction to you like I have never felt before towards another man."

"Well lets take this one day at a time and see where it leads Darren, ok?" and with that said he gets up and leaves.

"God how can I resist a man like Darren?" Bret asks himself as he leans against the wall outside the bedroom.  He opens the door and rushes back into the room and falls into the arms of Darren. 

"Well what's this Bret?" he asks as soon as they break their kiss.

"I don't want to wait Darren," he tells him. "I have waited much too long already," and he kisses him again.  "I know you are not up to doing anything but I want to just lie in bed with you and cuddle you," he tells him as he starts to undress.

"I would like that Bret," he says lifting the covers and allowing Bret to climb in beside him.  They spend the morning just kissing and talking, getting to know one another better.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

"I love you Clark with all my heart," Brian says to him after the boys have left.  "Making love to you this morning seemed so right for our friendship."

"I must say it did hurt a lot at first, but you made it turn into such sweet pleasure," Clark says as he holds Brian tight in his arms.  "I could feel you shoot each time you went off in me and it increased my own climax."

"Well come with me and see how it feels to be on the giving end this time babe."

"Are you sure Bri?  I'm quite a bit larger than you in the cock department," he tells him.

"I have never been more sure of anything buddy," he says as he slowly undresses his new lover.  They undress and get into bed and Brian pulls Clark on top of him in a warm embrace.  They kiss passionately as they let their love sweep them away into its power.  Clark positions his cock to Brian's tender hole and gently pushes in until he is bottoming.

"Oh fuck Bri that is so hot and tight," he says as Brian just sighs from the delight.  "Am I hurting you bud?" he asks sensitive to his friend's feelings.

"Oh God no Clark, just fuck me like you want babe," he says as he passionately kisses his new lover.

They soon find a rhythm to their lovemaking as the two of them are carried away in their love.  Clark is fucking Brian more aggressively now and he's bringing him close to his climax as he rubs his sweet spot.

"Fuck me harder and deeper babe I'm cumming," Brian yells out as he shoots his first volley onto his chest.  Clark increases his pace as Brian's ass tightens around his cock sending him over the edge.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming bud," he moans in ecstasy as he shoots deep inside Brian's ass.  "Oh fuck I can't stop," he yells as his rhythm takes on a life of its own and he shoots rope after rope filling Brian with his cum until both men are finally, totally empty.  Clark falls down onto Brian and they kiss hard and long as they ride out the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking.

"I love you Bri," Clark says as he rolls off his lover.

"I love you buddy so much," Brian says pulling Clark in tight to him as they kiss.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  *** 

  Several weeks have passed and Darren is again himself. His wounds have healed and he is ready to resume his internship at Parkland Hospital.

"I want to take you out to dinner tonight Darren," Bret says as they lie in bed after their lovemaking. "I want to celebrate our love at The French Room at the Adolphus Hotel downtown."

"That's a very elegant restaurant Bret," Darren says.

"I know and I want to show you off to the best of Dallas," he tells his new lover.  "You do own a tux don't you?" he asks.

"Yeah I do, two for that matter," he tells him.

"Well one will do love and our reservations are at seven."

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

  "So babe, where would you like to dine tonight?" David asks Jeremy.

"How about the French Room love, I love the elegance and charm of that restaurant.  Oh but can we get reservations at this late notice?"

"Jer I own the place," he tells him holding him tight. "I'll call and get reservations for seven babe."

Later that evening ...

"Good evening Mr. Strathmore," Charles says in greeting to them as they arrive at the restaurant.  "Your table is ready sir," and he leads them to a quiet spot in the restaurant.

"Good evening sirs have you a reservation," Charles asks as Bret and Darren arrive a few minutes later.

"Yes the name is Bret Tremont," he tells him.

"Ah yes sir, it will be a moment sir," he says as he walks away to see about their table.  Bret looks around the room and sees David and Jeremy sitting at a table. "Come with me Darren I want you to meet my ex-lover," he tells him.

"Good evening David, Jeremy," Bret says catching David off guard.

David stands up and greets Bret with a hug and says, "Bret what a surprise!" he looks at Darren with a smile.

"May I introduce Dr. Darren O'Neill," he says and Darren extends his hand to David who shakes it warmly.

"Darren this is my husband Jeremy," and Jeremy rises and shakes hands with Darren and Bret.

"Hello Bret and it's a pleasure to meet you Darren."

"Are you dining here tonight Bret?" David asks and Bret looks back to see if Charles has returned yet.

"Well if they get our table ready we will be," he tells them.

"Please join us Bret?" David asks with a genuine smile to Bret.  "Please allow this as a way to begin a new friendship for us four."

"I would like that David if Jeremy is alright with it."

"I would be most pleased if you would join us Bret."

David motions for Charles to come over and he tells him that Bret and Darren would be joining them for dinner.

"So Bret, tell us about the two of you," David says looking at the two of them with a twinge of jealousy stirring within him.

Bret tells them how they met and of their love for each other as the two lovers look at each other occasionally.  Jeremy reaches beneath the table and takes David's hand into his and David looks into his lover's eyes and all jealousy disappears.

"I'm so happy for you both," David says and he calls his waiter over and orders the best champagne in the house to celebrate.

"Here's to you Bret and Darren, may you have many happy years together," David says as he holds up his glass to their friends Bret and Darren.

"Thank you David," Bret says. "It means a lot to me having your acceptance and friendship again."

"Let's put the past to rest my friend and move on with our new friendships," he tells him. "And as a wedding gift I'm giving you the deed to Strathmore Estates," he tells him.

"David are you sure?  It was your grandparents' home," Bret says showing his concern for David's feelings.

"Yes I'm sure Bret ...the place only holds memories of my past and well ...I would rather you have it."

"Thank you David," he says and he hugs him with tears in his eyes.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

A few months pass ...

"Sis are you in pain?" Grant asks as he sits by her bedside.

"No Grant, but I want to see Bradley," she tells him.

Grant goes out into the hall and summons Jason and Bradley into the room.

"Mommy are you going to see daddy now?" Bradley asks with tears in his eyes.

"Yes my love, mommy is going to be with daddy soon. I want you to remember that I will always be watching you son and that I love you so much," she tells him as she struggles to breathe.

"Mommy will you give daddy a hug and kiss for me," he asks as he lays his head on her chest.

"As soon as I see him I will give him your hug and kiss son. I will tell him how much you miss and love him also.  Now I want you to be the best big boy you can for Uncle Grant and Uncle Jason ok," and she takes in a deep breath.

"I will mommy I promise. I love you mommy," and he starts to cry hard.

"Don't cry Bradley, mommy is going to be ok real soon," she tells him. "You give me a kiss now and go with Uncle Jason for a while ok."

"Ok mommy," he gives her a kiss then climbs down to the floor and takes Jason's hand. "I love you mommy."

"I love you too Bradley," she tells him as her own eyes fill with tears.  "Take good care of my son Grant, I know he will grow to be a fine young man someday," she tells her brother.

"You can rest assured I will raise him as my own sis.  I love you Daniele and I wish we could have been closer through the years ..." and he is cut off by her.

"Grant please don't love, I love you and have had many regrets over us through the years.  I can now leave with a happy heart knowing that you and my son will be very happy together," she begins to struggle to breathe.

She closes her eyes and soon slips into a coma and she dies an hour later with Grant by her side.

"Goodbye my dear sister, I love you so much," he tells her as he bends to kiss her goodbye.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

"Jeanne I have finally found us a house," Kyle says.

"Oh Kyle, that's great love.  Where is it?" she asks.

"In Alexandria Virginia love and what a house it is.  It has five bedrooms with a formal living room and dining room. The master suite has its own bath and sitting room with two more full baths and a half bath.  The kitchen is large enough for dining in and a study and library are also on the first floor.  The yard is fenced in with tons of space for the kids to play."

"It sounds wonderful and expensive babe."

"I got a good deal on it Jeanne and I want you with me."

"Well let me see about airlines and I will get back to you Kyle. How has Miss hot pants been?"

"She has been quite standoffish ever since I told her that I was her boss and could fire her if she didn't lay off the come-ons."

"Well once I get there I'll put her in her place babe."

"Now let's not go to overboard here my dear."

"Don't worry love; I just want her to know that it's hands off my man.  Now let me go and line up an airline for me and the kids.  I love you Kyle," she tells him.

"Not as much as I love you babe, I'll talk to you soon."

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

"Well Bri what are we going to do about this problem of two houses?"

"How about we give Mitch and Joshua your place seeing how they are renting and Matt and Jeff have a home they just bought.  We can pay off their mortgage so that both couples are mortgage free," he tells Clark.

"You would do that for my boys Bri?" Clark asks with tears now in his eyes.

"Clark they are my boys now also, remember you are my husband love."

"Brian you make me so happy buddy," and he kisses him hard and passionately.

Later that evening they have Mitch and his brother Matt over for dinner with their lovers.

"Boys we have something that we want to tell you and we don't want you to interrupt us until we finish," Clark says.

"God you sound so serious dad," Matt says.

"What we have to say is a good thing boys," he tells them. "Now Mitch and Josh we are giving you my house for your own so that you don't have to rent anymore. Mitch and Jeff we are paying off your mortgage so that you also will have no worries."

The boys look at them in shock as the news sets in.

"But dad your house was for your retirement," Matt says.

"Brian and I are going to live in his house and he has added my name to the deed so that I am protected if something happens to him.  Brian and I have talked about this and we have made up our minds."

"Thank you dad and Brian," Mitch and Joshua say to them and they kiss and hug them both.

"Yeah thank you dad and Brian, you are both too generous. Are you sure that you will be alright for the future?" Matt asks.

"Boys Tyler left me well off and I had my own money as well," Brian tells them.  "You are as much my sons now as you are Clarks."

"We love you dad and dad," the boys all say to Clark and Brian and they give them a kiss and hug.

"Now let's have a good old fashion Texas cookout, boys," Brian says as he leads them outside to the side of beef he has roasting.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

Later that month ...

"Oh God I missed you babe," Kyle says to Jeanne as he meets her at the airport.  "And how is my little Emelia and Trevor doing," he asks as he bends down to kiss his children.

"I have missed you so much Kyle, that I was starting to cry myself to sleep at night."

"Well we are together now so let's get the luggage and go to the house.  The furniture arrived yesterday and they did a pretty good job of placing it around the house for us."

"I can fine tune the place once I have a feel of it babe ...oh that one and that one there are mine," she says pointing to some luggage. "The green one coming is mine also as well as the car seats over there."

They finally get the luggage and it looks like a small parade as they leave with two carts full of things.

"I didn't know if the movers would be here or not so I packed most of the clothes I thought I might need for the kids and myself just in case they didn't make it here ahead of us. Bret and David both hated to see us leave, but wished us the best and said to give you their love."

They loaded the limo with the help of the driver and were soon on their way home.

***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***  ***

This ends the seventies for our characters.  The next chapter will see the children grown and taking on a more active role in the story.  Your old favorites are still there but the kids are now going to be developing into stronger characters of their own.

To be continued ...

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