The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 34

This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission.

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.

From Chapter 33 ...

 This ends the seventies for our characters.  The next chapter will see the children grown and taking on a more active role in the story.  Your old favorites are still there but the kids are now going to be developing into stronger characters of their own.

The year is 1996 and here is the progression of the characters:

David Strathmore and Jeremy Bryant are in their late thirties.  Their children are two of the quadruplets:

Ryan Tyler Bryant-Strathmore and Sean Kevin Bryant-Strathmore are 18 and freshmen at Texas A&M University at College Station in Texas.


Bret Tremont and Darren O'Neill are in there late thirties and their children are two of the quadruplets:

Jacob Monroe O'Neill-Tremont and Beth Marie O'Neill-Tremont are 18 and are freshmen at the University of Texas at Dallas.


Grant Davis and Jason Radcliff are in their mid thirties and their son from Grants' sister is:

Bradley Austin Radcliff-Davis, 19 and a sophomore at Texas A&M University at College Station in Texas.


Jeanne and Kyle Jameson are in their late thirties and their children are the twins:

Emelia Rose Jameson and Trevor Maxwell Jameson are 17 and seniors at The Woodberry Forest School in Woodberry Forest Virginia.


Joshua Bradley and Mitchell Jefferson are in their early thirties and their son is:

Morgan Ryan Bradley-Jefferson, 16 and a junior at the Woodberry Forest School also.

Jeffrey Montgomery and Matthew Jefferson are in their early thirties.

Clark Jefferson and Brian O'Malley are in their late fifties.


Chapter 34 ...

"You know David the kids turn eighteen this month and we should have some kind of party for them," Bret says as the four gather for dinner at David and Jeremy's home.

"We could have it here and I will have the restaurant cater it," David offers.

"I think it should be a surprise seeing how they will be coming home from college next week for the summer.  We can get their friends from school and surprise them," Bret says.

"Wouldn't you rather have just family and a few close friends instead Bret? Then the kids can celebrate with their friends as they wish," David says.

"That does sound like a better idea love," Darren says to Bret.  "This way the four of us can celebrate after."

"I second that idea," Jeremy says lifting his glass in agreement to Darren's idea.

"What do you think David?" Bret asks.

"I like the celebrate after part myself, as long as you agree Bret I'm fine with it."

"Good I'll get together the list and ..." and he goes silent as the room goes dark.

"What the fuck is it now?" David yells getting up to look out the window. "The rest of the city is fine," he says and picks up the phone.  "Shit this is dead also."

A few moments later the lights go back on and David calls maintenance to inquire about the problem.

"I don't give a fuck what it costs just get their asses here now," David yells into the phone.

He walks back into the room and explains about the problem.

"The problem is that this old building is in need of updating of it current electrical system.  I should have shut the place down when I bought it and completely upgraded it instead of doing it floor by floor."

"Well the lights are back on babe so let's not get upset about it," Jeremy says.

"So you get the list together Bret and Jeremy can handle the caterer at this end.  When are the kids coming home?"

"Well according to Ryan they will be here by Friday or Saturday and when are Beth and Jacob coming home Bret?"

"They will be moving back Friday I suppose or at the latest by Saturday.  I still don't see why they have to live on campus when they live so close to commute."

"Independence love," Darren says. "Have you forgotten what eighteen was like?" he asks.

"I suppose so but the house is so quiet without them."

"Well now that we are in agreement for this party lets head down to dinner shall we?" David says and they all get up to leave.

"You know Bret, David has a realtor looking for a smaller place out of the city for us," Jeremy tells Bret.  "He is getting tired of this old building and wants the open space to raise horses in."

"Well we could all move in together at Strathmore Estates you know," Bret offers.

"Oh that would be some kind of fun wouldn't it?" Jeremy says and they laugh.

"What's so amusing?" David asks as he joins the rest of them.

"I was telling Bret how we are looking for a place in the country to live and he suggested moving in with them."

David gives Bret a look that sends sparks to his heart and says, "Bret now you know that would not be a good idea," David says knowing he couldn't take living in the same house with Bret again because he still held feelings for him.

"It was just a suggestion and we do have all that room in the west wing we don't use."

"Thanks love but I want our own place to raise horses," he says still gazing at Bret and then takes Jeremy's hand.


 "Hey Sean are you going to work with dad this summer?" Ryan asks his brother as they pack up for the summer.

"I am suppose to work at the refinery this summer so I can get some hands on towards my engineering degree, why?" he asks.

"Well dad has me involved in the hotel business this summer with Beth and Jacob. I really don't want the hotel business bro."

"Have you told dad Ry?" he asks.  "He would understand if you told him that you don't like the hotel business."

"He's so hell bent on me taking over the family business and all I want to do is ranching.  I love being outside in the air with my jeans and boots.  I can't stand wearing a suit," he says holding up his suit that his dad made him take. "I brought this in September and I have not worn it once," he says to his brother.

"Just talk to him Ry, he'll listen to you."

"Talking about talking to dad have you told them about Shamus yet?"

"No I haven't ... I was waiting for the right moment."

"What are you afraid of bro? They don't care if you are gay."

"I know but he is from Ireland and he wants me to live with him this summer in Ireland."

"And you have already committed yourself to the refinery."

"Yeah Ry and with you bailing out on him, I'm concerned that he will think we are both abandoning ship on him."

"Talk to Jer he will know how to handle dad," he tells him. 

"Yeah he can break it to him before I have to give him the news, thanks bro."

"Sure Sean now let's get our asses going, I want to be home before dark."

"You just want to go see Heather Matthews for a piece of ass bro, don't you?" Sean teases.

"Noooo, I just want to say hello and let her know I'm home," he tells him. "If I get laid all the better for me," he says with a grin.

"Now who is that?" Ryan asks when there comes a knock on the door.

"Shamus come in," Sean says giving him a kiss after he closes the door.

"I wanted to see you before you left Sean," he says glancing over at Ryan.

"I'll go load these things in the car Sean," Ryan says knowing they want to be alone.

"Thanks Ry," he says giving him a smile.

"Have you talked to your dads yet babe?"

"Not yet I was waiting until I got home," he tells Shamus. "How about you come home and meet my dads?" he asks.

"I would like that but will they accept me as your lover?"

"They're gay also Shamus and I don't see why they wouldn't."

"What about Ry, will he mind bringing me with you two?"

"No he won't mind, besides he knows we are lovers. This way you can meet my other brother and sister," he tells him.

"I guess it would be all right babe," and they kiss passionately as Ryan enters the room.

"Give it a break will you two?" he says seeing them kiss.

"You're jealous that's all," Sean says looking at Ryan. "You just miss Heather," he says, "Besides no one can kiss like Shamus does," Sean says with his arms around him.

"I'll take your word for it, but I doubt some harp can kiss as good as my Heather."

Shamus gets his temper up with the name harp and goes for Ryan.  He knocks him on his bed and gives him a kiss so hard and deep that Ryan is caught off guard.

"Now tell me that she can beat that," he says getting off Ryan who is too shocked to say a word.

"God you left him speechless babe," Sean laughs as Ryan gets up.

"Don't you ever do that to me again you hear me?" Ryan shouts angrily once he regains himself.

"Just don't call me a harp again or you will get worse," Shamus retorts.

"Get along boys we have a three hour ride together," Sean says to them.

"What do you mean by we," Ryan asks.

"He's going home with me or us Ry," Sean says.

"Oh great just what I need for three hours, you two sucking face with each other.  Well I don't want any sex going on with me in the car Sean got it?" he says.

"I'll take care of you also hot stuff," Shamus laughs raising his eyebrows up and down at Ryan.

"Let's get the fuck on the road," Ryan says grabbing some boxes and leading the way out.


"Dad we're home," Beth yells as she and Jacob come through the front door.

"Beth, Jacob welcome home," Bret says giving them a hug and kiss.  "Where are your things?" he asks.

"In the truck dad, we wanted to say hello before we started to unload."

"Beth and Jacob how good to see you," Darren says as he comes in from the barn.

"Hey dad ... ewwww you smell like barn," Beth says holding her breath as she kisses him.

"Just got in some new horses and I was doing up their stalls.  I'll give you a hand with your things then go shower," he says shaking hands with Jacob.

"Come on dad, barn smells don't bother me," Jacob says.

The two go outside to get the things as Bret and Beth go into the sitting room.

"So tell me what has been going on with you since Christmas," he says as they sit on the sofa.

"I've met a guy dad and he is the handsomest guy I ever met.  His name is Trenton Moynihan and he is from New York and his father is the senator from New York."

"Oh a senator's son, and when do I get to meet the man that stole my little girl's heart?"

"He coming for a visit next Saturday and I would like to have him stay with us if it's alright."

"Of course he can babe, so what is his major?"

"Political science and he's going to go into politics like his dad," she says all excited.  "And before you ask dad, yes he knows about my type of family.  His brother is gay also."

"I just didn't want you to be embarrassed dear," Bret says.

"Embarrassed by what?" Darren asks coming in from unloading the truck.

"Beth's boyfriend is coming for a visit next week and he knows about our lifestyle that's all."

"Our little muffin has a beau," Darren asks.

"Dad please don't call me muffin in front of him," she asks as Jacob snickers in the foyer.

"No, but I will," Jacob chuckles to himself.


"Kyle we have been invited to the kids' eighteenth birthday party next week," Jeanne says to him over dinner.

"Can we all go?" Trevor asks.  "It would be great to see our cousins again."

"Of course we would all go," Emelia says. "Like they would leave you home alone ... not," she says teasing her brother.

"Like they could trust you and Damian alone at home together," he snaps back at her.

"Who is this Damian?" Kyle asks looking from Trevor to Emelia.

"It's her current beau of the month," he teases.

"He's my boyfriend dad, we have been going out together since Christmas and his dad is one of the president's cabinet," she tells her dad and sticks out her tongue at Trevor.

"And what's this going out stuff?" Kyle asks looking at Jeanne.

"It means going steady like when we were dating," she explains.

"I think it would be good to go for a long visit," he says. "I have most of the summer off with congress adjourned for the summer."

"Oh please don't say we are staying the entire summer in stuffy old Texas," Emelia pleads.

"Listen little lady Texas gave me your mother and it is far from stuffy, besides I think you might benefit from some time away from your lover boy," he says smiling at Jeanne.

Later that evening ... 

"Damian can you get away for the summer and come to Texas with me?" Emelia asks.

"Yeah doll why Texas?" he wonders.

"My parents are going home to Dallas for an extended stay and I can't go the entire summer without seeing you honey.  I can call my Uncle David and see if he can put you up."

"I would love to Em; I wouldn't want to go the summer without seeing you either."

"Let me call my uncle and I will get back to you. I love you Damian," she says.

"I love you too Em."

She hangs up and dials David's phone to ask him a favor.

"Uncle David it's me Emelia," she says to him.

"Emmy how are you honey?" he asks.

"I'm good uncle but I want to ask you something and you have to keep it a secret please."

"Well that depends on what it is love," he tells her.

"Would you be able and willing to let my boyfriend stay with you when he comes to Texas for a few days?"

"Of course he could stay with us, but does he know of our lifestyle hon?"

"Yes he does and it doesn't bother him at all. My parents haven't met him yet but I want him there with me to meet them."

"Just tell him to give us a call when he gets here and I will send a car for him love."

"Thanks Uncle David you're the greatest," she says and they say their goodbyes and hang up.

"So you are bringing your fuck buddy with you huh sis?" Trevor teases and she throws a pillow at him.

"Trev just keep this between us please," she begs.

"Sure sis, I can't wait to see dad's face when you introduce him to your man."

"Yeah and when are you going to tell them about you and Morgan bro?"

"That's none of your business sis; my private life is just that ... private."

"Well if you let the cat out so will I bro," she says and he gives her an evil look.

Later after Trevor leaves ...


"Damian it's all set with my uncle. He will send a car for you once you arrive in Dallas."

"When will you be getting there love?" he asks.

"We are leaving tomorrow so we will already be there. We are staying with my Uncle Bret and Uncle Darren."

"I'll get my ticket tomorrow and give you a call as soon as I get in Dallas. I love you Emmy."

"I love you too Damian and can't wait to hold you again."


"Morgan how are you son?" Mitch says when he picks up his son at the airport.

"Good dad and it feels good to be home."

"How did your school year go other than classes?"

"I have a boyfriend dad," he says looking at his dad to see his reaction.

"Really son a boyfriend?" he says as he puts his arm around his shoulder.  "So you are definitely gay son?"

"Yeah dad I am.  That doesn't bother you does it?"

"Not at all son as long as you understand the consequences that go along with being gay.  You know not everyone will be as accepting of your choice as we are."

"I know that dad but I tried to date girls; I just couldn't take my mind off this one boy."

"Does he feel the same towards you son?" Mitch asks.

"Yeah dad we are in love with each other."

"Are the two of you sexually involved also son?"

"Daaaad that's kind of personal," he says pulling away from his dad.

"I know son, but I just want you to be safe with each other and not be sleeping around with multiple partners."

"Dad if you must know we do it with just each other."

"So who is this boy, does he have a name?" Mitch asks.

"Trevor Jameson is his name dad."

"Not Jeanne and Kyle's son," he asks.

"Yeah, that's right dad.  Why do you know them?" Morgan asks.

"We have been friends for years son.  David Strathmore is Trevor's uncle."

"Ah dad please don't say anything to them because he hasn't told his `rents yet about us."

"Ok son but he had better soon because they are coming here for a surprise party next week."

"Trevor's going to be here in Dallas?" he asks all exited to here the news.

"Yes he is; they are staying out at Strathmore Estates with his uncles."

"Sweeet dad," is all he says as they pick up his luggage.


"Dad this is Trenton," Beth says to Bret and Darren.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Trenton," they both say.

"The pleasure is mine sirs, and thank you for letting me stay with you. I have a favor to ask if I may sir."

"Please call us Bret and Darren ok Trenton? Now what can we do for you?" Bret asks.

"My parents are on some kind of trip for the senate and my brother had to come with me, would it be a problem if he stayed with me?"

"Not at all; we have more than enough room for him. So where is this young man?" Bret asks.

"Here he is now," Trenton says as Marshall comes in with the suitcases.  "This is my older brother Marshall."

"It's a pleasure to meet you sirs," he says and gives a glance at Jacob.

"It's nice to meet you also Marshall and please call us Bret and Darren. You know Beth of course and this is her brother Jacob."

"Hey Jake nice to meet you," he says with a smile.

"Yo Marshall likewise I'm sure."

"Well we have you Trenton in the Blue Room next to Beth's but we didn't know that Marshall was coming also, so it will take us a bit to get another room ready for him."

"He can room with me dad, I do have two beds in there. That is, if he doesn't mind sharing," Jacob says looking at Marshall.

Marshall is tall at six foot four and his brown hair and green eyes captivate Jacob.

"I don't mind at all Jake," he says shaking hands with him.

"Well then how about you show our guests to their rooms while I check on dinner."

Beth leads Trenton by the hand upstairs and Marshall follows them with Jacob closing the ranks.  He watches Marshall's ass as he climbs the stairs and Marshall notices his stare.

"Well this is my room Marshall. You can use that bed there and our private bath is over through that door."

"Wow nice room Jake, mine is half this size at home."

"So you play sports or anything?" he asks.

"I'm on the school swim team and play lacrosse also."

"I'm on my school swim team. I knew looking at you that you were a swimmer."

"Well let's go down for dinner," he says as they stare at on another.

"Yeah ... dinner," he says still staring at each other.

"Are you ...?" Jacob starts to say.

"Yeah you?" is all Marshall replies and they walk towards each other stopping inches apart.  "I'm not too experienced with this kind of thing Jake; I have never been with a guy before."

"Neither have I Marshall," and they softly kiss letting their lips meet ever so lightly.

"Dad says dinner is ready," Beth yells as she bangs on the door.

"Ok we're coming," Jacob says and they stand back from each other and smile.  "I guess later Marshall," he says as he looks more intently into his eyes.

"I can't wait until later," and he grabs him and kisses him hard and deep, wrapping him in his arms.

"Mmmmmm now that is a kiss Marshall," he says as they come up for air and returns the kiss with all the passion he has in him.

"Son dinner is ..." and Darren stops short as he walks in and sees them kissing each other.

"Ah sorry dad, we're coming," Jacob says as they follow him out of the room and Darren holds him back and whispers to him.

"Everything all right son?" he asks as he looks into his sons eyes.

"Yeah dad things are great," he says giving him a hug.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt that's all."

"Thanks dad and dad, I love you," he says kissing him.

"I love you too son."

To be continued ...

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