The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 35


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.


From Chapter 34 ...

"Son dinner is ..." and Darren stops short as he walks in and sees them kissing each other.

"Ah sorry dad, we're coming," Jacob says as they follow him out of the room.  Darren holds him back and whispers to him.

"Everything all right son?" and he looks into his sons eyes.

"Yeah dad things are great," he says giving him a hug.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt that's all."

"Thanks dad and dad, I love you," he says kissing him.

"I love you too son."

Chapter 35 ...

"God I thought we were gonners," Marshall says holding Jacob in his arms later that night.

"My dad was cool with it Marshall, he just didn't want me to get hurt is all."

"I wouldn't do that to you Jake," he says as he kisses him long and hard. "What do you want to do about us and what we are feeling here?"

"Can we just sleep on it tonight and see how we feel in the morning Marshall?"

"As long as I can hold you all night we can," he says looking into his eyes. "I am definitely having strong feelings for you Jake and want to see where this will go."

"I feel the same, but I just don't want to rush into it and have it be some kind of fling and then you leave."

"Like you said, let's just sleep together and see how we feel in the morning Jake," and they cuddle up in the spooning position with Marshall holding Jacob tightly to him.


"Dad can I talk to you about something," Ryan asks David.

"You know you can always talk to me son.  What's on your mind?" he asks.

"Well's about working with you in the hotel this summer, I really don't want to and I have a chance to work on a ranch in Amarillo this summer."

"A ranch!  Son ... why would you want to work on a ranch when you have a great business just waiting to be given to you?" he asks a bit angry with him.

"Because I love ranching, dad, and I really hate the hotel business. I love to be outside riding and working with my hands. I am not a suit kind of guy dad."

"Well you are going to work with me and that's the end of this discussion Ryan."

"Dad I'm eighteen years old and can make my own decisions now and I am not going to go into the hotel business," he shouts.  "Heather's dad has offered me a job on his ranch and I accepted it."

"Well you can just unaccept it," David yells as he paces the floor. "My son is not going to be some dirt farmer do you hear me?" he asks angrily looking at him.

"Did your dad tell you what you were going to be growing up dad?" he asks. "No. he let you develop into the man that you are today and that is what I plan to do also."

"What is all this yelling about?" Jeremy asks coming into the room.

"You talk to your son then, he doesn't find the hotel business good enough for him," David shouts and storms out of the room.

"Ryan come and sit with me and tell me what this is all about son."

"I told dad that I didn't want to go into the hotel business with him and that I had an offer to work on Heather's dad's ranch this summer.  He is so stubborn and refuses to listen or even consider what I would like to do with my life."

"He just loves you and wants the best for you son," Jeremy tells him. "Is ranching something that you have your heart set on son?"

"Yeah dad it is, I have always wanted to be a cattle rancher and work outdoors and not inside wearing some stuffy suit."

"Well let me talk to him son, I will try to get him to see how you feel about this ok?" he asks giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks dad I appreciate that. I'm going to take that job even if I have to leave this family forever," he says standing up in defiance to David's wishes.

"Well lets not go that far just yet Ryan. I'll talk to him and make him see how you feel."

"Thanks dad and I love you so much," he says giving him a kiss and hug. "I wish he was more like you and not so stubborn in his thinking."

"Well the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree you know. You are your father's son and just as stubborn as he is, now go on to bed and have a good night's sleep son.  I'll talk to him and things will be better in the morning."

"Ok dad good night, and I love you," and he gives him a kiss good night.

"I love you too son."

David and Jeremy lie in bed just basking in the afterglow of their love making with David holding Jeremy close to him.

"I love you so much Jer," David says and gives him a passionate kiss.

"I love you more babe," he says and returns his kiss. "Can we talk about what went on between you and Ryan tonight babe?"

"I really don't want to because the matter is closed, he is going to work with me this summer and that's it," he says stubbornly.

"Can I offer you an alternative to this scenario?"

"You can offer but it doesn't mean I will accept it," he says sitting up against the headboard with Jeremy resting on his lap.

"Would it be so bad if you let him try ranching? Maybe this way he would see how hard it is and hate it," Jeremy says turning to look up at him.

"You may have a point there Jer; he just might hate working outside like that. Ranching can be a really rough and unforgiving way of life. Yeah, I guess I could be swayed to let him," he says as Jeremy plays with his cock getting it to rise again. "Are you trying to use undue influence there to get me to change my mind?" he asks as Jeremy strokes his now erect cock.

"Now would I ever do that to you babe?" Jeremy says as he swallows David's cock deep down into his throat.

"Ahhhhh fuck yeah lover you would," he says as he places his hands on Jeremy's head. "Don't stop doing that babe you got me close again," he says as Jeremy sucks his cock with all his might.  "Oh fuck I'm cumming," he shouts out and shoots his seed down into his throat.

"Mmmmmm," Jeremy moans as he swallows David's offering.


"So Brad how are things going for you at school," Grant asks.

"They're cool dad; I haven't found anyone if that's what you mean."

"No one has caught your eye son, no special person?"

"Not yet but I have been dating a few of the girls there and I really haven't found one that sends me over the deep end," he tells them.

"You are just nineteen son, give it some time and you will find that right someone," Jason says.

"I'm really not interested in a relationship yet; I want to concentrate on my studies before I start to look for that special someone."

"That's probably the wisest of things to do right now," Jason says. "You will have plenty of time for finding a love life once you graduate."

"Yeah I guess so," he says wondering to himself if he will ever find that special someone. "Well I'm tired and going to go up to bed, so I will see you in the morning," he tells them and gives them a kiss and hug good night.

"Good night son," they both say as he leaves the room.

"He seemed a bit sad about not having someone in his life didn't he," Grant asks.

"I thought so but maybe it was just that he was tired babe."

"I wonder if he is going to be gay or straight," Grant says to Jason. "I have never gotten any vibes either way from him."

"Neither have I but as long as he's happy I really don't care which way he goes," Jason says.

"You're right Jay his happiness is the most important thing to the both of us. How about going up and fooling around bud?" he asks giving Jason a passionate kiss.

"Sounds good to me babe," and Grant gets up, takes his lover's hand and leads him upstairs.


Jacob wakes up and can feel Marshall's morning wood pressing against his ass as he holds him to him.  He wiggles in closer to feel it more and Marshall wakes.

"Good morning Jake," he says and kisses the back of his head. "Your ass has me all hot and bothered," he says rubbing his cock against Jacob's ass.

Jacob turns to face him and gives him a kiss and says to him.

"Well, what do you suppose we should do about it?"

"I know what I would like to do, but you are still a virgin there and I wouldn't want to hurt you."

"Well I have to give up my virginity someday and I think I would like to give it to you Marshall," and he kisses him long and hard.

"Are you sure bud?  This could hurt a lot the first time, but I promise to be gentle."

"Yeah I'm sure babe," he says pulling Marshall on top of him. "I have some lube in the drawer here," he says pointing to the nightstand beside the bed.

Marshall gets the lube and prepares Jacob for taking his cock.

"Are you ready for this?" he asks as he puts his cock to Jacob's rosebud.

"Yeah bud, just go easy please," he says a bit nervous.

Marshall gently but firmly pushes against his muscle and Jacob pushes back and the head pops in.

"Ahhhhh fuck stop," he yells out as the pain shoots through him. "Give me a minute to get used to this."

Marshall waits until he feels Jacob relax his muscles, and then slowly continues to push in until he bottoms.

"Oh fuck Jake your ass feels so hot," Marshall says as he bends down to kiss his man.

"It still hurts some but not like it did Marshall."

He lifts up with his arms and slowly starts to fuck Jacob with short strokes until Jacob starts to meet his thrusts.  They find their rhythm and are soon fucking more aggressively and the pain has now turned to pleasure.

"Fuck me faster and deeper Marshall," he moans out as he is taken to new delights and Marshall quickens his thrusts.

"Yeah man, that's it, I'm cumming," Jacob yells out and shoots his hot cum onto his chest as Marshall pounds away on his ass.

"Oh fuck yeah bud, I'm cumming," he shouts and shoots his seed deep into Jacob's ass filling him with his hot seed. Rope after rope he shoots as Jacob continues to shoot also until they are finally spent.

"What's all the yelling about?" Bret asks as he opens the bedroom door and sees the two boys still fucking.

"Dad, get out," Jacob yells out and Bret closes the door and runs to his own bedroom.

"They're fucking Dar," he says as he closes his door. "I just caught them in the throes of sex."

"That'll teach you to just walk in without knocking," he says laughing. "Now get over here and let's not let them be the only ones having fun."

"Darren our baby is fucking, did you hear me?" he asks still in shock with what he saw.

"Bret our baby is eighteen now and knows what he wants," he says as he nuzzles Bret's neck and he soon starts to forget about the boys.

"Yeah you're right, and I know what you want stud," and he surrenders to Darren's advances.


"Hello Mr. Strathmore this is Damian calling."

"Hello Damian are you at the airport?"

"Yes sir and I have my luggage also," he says.

"Well I will be there shortly, so wait outside the terminal. What are you wearing so that I know what you look like?"

"I have on jeans and a blue pullover shirt sir. I have long blonde hair with blue eyes sir."

"Ok I guess I can find you Damian and please call me David."

"Yes sir David," and he hangs up.

"I'm off to pick up Damian at the airport," he says kissing Jeremy goodbye.

"Dad can I talk to you please," Sean asks as soon as David has left.

"Sure son what's the matter you look so worried?" he says looking at him.

"Well it is kind of serious dad and I need you to soften up dad before I hit him with it."

"Oh God, not you too," he says.

"Not me too what dad?" he asks.

"Let me guess. You want out of working at the foundry this summer right?" he asks.

"Yeah but how did you know that did Ry say something to you?"

"No son but he had me smooth your dad over so he could go ranching this summer and now you want me to do the same for you for some other reason."

"Well you are going to be meeting him tomorrow and I just wanted to get this out of the way before he got here," he says. "I have my boyfriend coming to stay for a bit and he wants me to stay with him in Ireland this summer," he blurts out.

"Ireland?  Is he Irish son?"

"Yeah dad his name is Shamus O'Rourke and he lives in Dublin. We have been lovers most of the school year and now he has invited me to spend the summer with him at his home."

"I see and you are both quite serious about each other are you?"

"Yeah dad we have pledged our hearts to each other for life."

"Are you both sure that this is what you want son? You are both so young and have so much life ahead of you."

"I love him dad and he loves me. We have both discussed this and this is what we really want."

"What would you be doing over there; you have to earn your keep you know?"

"His dads own a pub and we would be working in it with them," he tells him.

"So he has gay dads also."

"Yeah and they are cool like you two are dad."

"Well let me think about this one and I will talk to him. You know he isn't going to be too receptive about you going half way around the world to live for the summer."

"I know but I really want to do this dad.  Please, I really need you in my corner on this one."

"Let me see what I can do ok son?"

"Thanks dad and I love you so much," and he kisses him on the lips hard.  "Ah, sorry dad, I forgot there who you were for a moment."

"That's fine son but remember next time please."


"Damn what a hottie," David says to himself as he pulls up to the curb in front of Damian. "No wonder my niece has the hots for this kid."

"Ah... David?" Damian asks looking through the open window.

"Yes Damian and welcome to Dallas," he says as Damian places his luggage in the back seat and then gets in the front.  "So you are my niece's boyfriend," he says.

"Yes sir I am and I love her very much sir."

"Just remember its David and not sir ok son?" he says giving a quick glance at the handsome boy.  "You do realize that you will be staying at a gay household don't you?"

"Yes David and I am quite comfortable with that," he tells him. "My uncle is gay and has a lover also and he is my favorite uncle," he tells him.

"I just wanted you to be aware of where you were staying that's all."

"Thank you David."


"I'm going out riding dad," Brad says to Jason.

"Aren't you going to have some breakfast first son?"

"Nah I'm not hungry yet and I feel like riding," he says and leaves and goes out to the barn.

Miguel saddles his horse and he takes off for his ride. He is riding for almost an hour when he comes to a small pond. He gets down from his horse and lets him drink from the cool water and he notices another horse a few yards away. He grabs the reins and heads over towards the horse and he stops when he sees a young man in the water.

"Hey what are you doing on this land?" Brad yells out to the lad. "Don't you know that this is private property?"

"Ah sorry dude I guess I got turned around while I was riding and the water looked so inviting. The names Timothy McBride and you are ...?" he asks swimming back towards shore.

"Bradley Radcliff Davis and this is my dad's land," he tells him as he gets out of the water naked.  He looks at the muscles that this man is sporting, and the size of his cock that is dripping water from it. "You always skinny-dip on private property?" he asks.

"Sorry dude I didn't realize it was private. I'm staying with my grandpa and was just out riding when I came across this pond.  You ought to try it Brad, it feels so invigorating in the cool of the morning," he tells him standing there in all his glory.  "Like I said the name's Timothy McBride," and he holds out his hand to Bradley.

"Sorry man Bradley Radcliff Davis," and he shakes hands with him and glances again at the naked man.

"Hope you don't mind me being naked but I didn't bring a towel to dry off with. Well, for that matter I didn't expect to be swimming either."

"The water's that nice huh?" Bradley asks now noticing how handsome this Timothy is.

"Yeah fantastic want to swim a bit?" he asks.

"I guess seeing how I have nothing better to do," and he starts to undress.  Timothy watches him as he removes his clothes and Bradley notices that Tim is getting hard. He turns to remove his briefs and runs quickly and dives into the cool water.

"Whoa it's fucking cold!" he yells as soon as he surfaces and Tim comes running and dives in.

"Only until you get use to it," he says as he surfaces next to Bradley.

"So are you living here now or just visiting for the summer?" Bradley asks as they stand next to each other.

"I'm living for a while with my gramps. He had a stroke and I was available to come stay with him. What about you do you live here also?"

"I'm home for the summer from college," he tells him. "I go to Texas A&M," he says looking him in the eyes. `God what green eyes he has,' he thinks to himself as he turns away from looking.  "They look just like emeralds sitting in his eyes."

"It's my eyes isn't it," he says and Bradley turns back. "Most people find them freaky they're so green."

"No they aren't freaky at all Tim, they look like two beautiful emeralds sitting there," he says and he can feel his face flushing.

"Really Brad, you don't find them freaky but beautiful?" he asks placing his hand on Bradley's shoulder.

"Yeah they are gorgeous Tim ... sorry guy I didn't mean to sound so much like I was coming on," he says and swims back towards shore with Tim swimming behind him.

They get out of the water and Bradley lies down on the grass, and Tim comes up and lies beside him.

"It's ok guy, I know you weren't coming on to me," he says.

"The thing is Tim I was ... I find you so handsome and ...well I gotta get out of here," he says starting to get up.

"You were really ... you find me handsome?" Tim asks putting his arm around Brad to keep him there.  "No one has ever told me I was handsome before," and he leans forward and gives him a soft kiss.  "Oh shit man, I'm sorry," he says as he gets up and walks toward his horse.

"Wait Tim, please," Bradley calls out and quickly goes after him.  "You can kiss me all you want to," he says and pulls Tim into him and they kiss softly and long as their tongues meet.

They fall to the grass and kiss, letting their newfound feelings lead them.

"I've never been with a man before," Tim says to Bradley.

"Neither have I Tim, you'll be my first also," Brad says as he climbs on top of Tim and they grind their cocks together.

Bradley slowly moves down to Tim's white hard nipples and gently nibbles on each one.

"Ah fuck dude, that's erotic," he says holding Brad to his nipple.  "Oh yeah suck `em," he yells out as Brad moves to the other nipple and drives him insane with his mouth. Brad gives them the attention that soon has Tim crooning for stopping and he moves down to his rock hard cock.

Brad slowly licks up and down the outside of Tim's shaft and then runs his tongue around the corona. He takes the head into his hot wet mouth and sucks hard on it driving Tim to a place he's never been.

"Fuck stop dude, you have me so close," Tim cries out and Brad pulls off his cock and starts to lick his balls.  Tim spreads his legs wide and exposes his pink rosebud and Bradley moves to it running his tongue around the rim. He shoves his tongue deep into his hole and Tim yells out in ecstasy as Bradley fucks his hole with his tongue. He pushes a finger in and works it around as he moves back to his sweet balls.

"Fuck me Brad," he moans as he moves his head side to side. "I want to feel you inside me," he says.

"Are you sure bud?" he asks pulling his fingers from his hole.

"Yeah dude, I'm sure," he says.

Brad spits in his hands and lubes up Tim's rosebud and spits more and rubs his own cock.  He lines it up to Tim's rosebud and gives a firm push and the head quickly pops inside.

"Fuck wait," Tim yells out as the pain hits him hard and Bradley waits for him to relax.  "Ok go, but slowly," he says after a while and Bradley slowly pushes in until his balls are resting on Tim's ass.

"Oh fuck Tim you have one hot ass dude," he says.

"Well you feel pretty good in me too, now fuck me cowboy," he says and Bradley lifts up and starts to find his rhythm.

They soon are synchronized and fucking to the beat of their hearts.  Bradley leans in and gives Tim a hard kiss.  He lifts up and Tim grabs his own cock and starts to beat it to the rhythm they are fucking when he yells out his climax is there.

"Fuck me hard and fast cowboy I'm cumming," and he shoots his seed out onto his chest and his ass tightens around Bradley's cock sending him over the edge.

"I'm cumming too," he shouts and shoots his seed deep into Tim's anxious ass as his rhythm takes over his senses.

They are fucking hard and fast as they each shoot their seed and they moan and yell out in ecstasy until they have spent all they have.

"Fuck that was wild," Tim says as Bradley pulls his now soft cock from his ass and collapses on the grass beside him.

"I think I am in love with you Tim," Brad says pulling him to him and kissing him with all the passion of the moment.

"I know I am with you cowboy," he says as the break their kiss.

"Do you think two guys can fall in love like this or is it just the sex we had?" Tim asks.

"Although the sex was great its you that I want Tim," and he kisses him again. "I wanted you the moment I looked into your eyes."

"I wanted you when you turned to hide your hard-on from me earlier Brad. Let's go swim and get cleaned up, then I want you to come meet my gramps."

"Then I want you to come meet my dads," he says to Tim.

"Your what ... I thought you said dads, plural."

"Yeah my dads, I have two dads and they are gay," he tells him.

"That's way cool Brad."


"Auntie Jeanne when did you get here," Beth asks coming into the kitchen and giving her a hug and kiss.

"Very late last night, we had nothing but problems with our flights here."

"Where are Trev and Emmy?"

"Out in the barn with their dad and Darren," Jeanne tells her as Emelia comes in.

"Ewwww that barn reeks," she says. "Beth!  It's so nice to see you. Come on I gotta talk to you," she says grabbing her hand and yanking her away.

"Girl talk," Bret says laughing as the two disappear upstairs.

"Whoa who's that hunk?" Emelia asks passing the slightly open door and seeing Marshall naked.

"That's Jake's new boyfriend and my beau's brother Marshall."

"God what a waste for us girls," Beth says taking a second peek.

"So what's the big hurry?" she says as Emelia opens her bedroom door.

"Holy shit Beth," she says seeing Trenton naked on Beth's bed.

"Trenton I have my cousin Emmy here," she says and he scrambles for the bathroom.

"God Beth, the boys in that family are sure hung," she laughs.

"Please don't mention you saw that Em, dad would blow a gasket if he knew."

"Ah sorry girls," Trenton says coming out of the bathroom now dressed in sweats. "Hope I didn't scare you," he says looking at Emelia.

"Ah... no you didn't, but God what a piece of meat on you stud," she says and he beams with pride.

"Please don't feed his ego anymore than it is Em," she says as he nibbles on her neck. "Down tiger and go get some breakfast," she tells him. "We girls have some catching up to do."

"Ok babe see you down there later," and he kisses her before leaving.

"So tell me Em what's going on?" Beth asks.

"First you got to promise not to tell my mom and dad, but I'm pregnant," and she starts to cry.

"Oh shit Em, how far are you?"

"From what the clinic told me about eight weeks."

"Who's the father?" she asks.

"Damian Fitzgerald a guy that I've been dating since Christmas and Beth I haven't told him yet either."

"Oh Em, is he a good guy or someone that will run out on you?"

"He's absolutely fabulous Beth and we have talked about getting married in the future."

"It looks as if the future my come a little quicker than you expected."

"One minute Beth, this is him," she says answering her cell phone. "Hey babe, are you here?" she asks.

"Yeah love I'm at your Uncle David's place and man is he cool," he tells her.  "I can't wait to see you baby."

"I'll be over in about an hour or two."

"Ok baby, I love you munchkin."

"I love you too Dame."

"So when are you going to tell him about the baby?" Beth asks. "And why weren't you on something?" she asks.

"I was Beth but when I got sick the antibiotics weakened the pill and that's when I got pregnant. Beth I'm so scared to tell my parents," she says and starts to cry.

"Well I'm here for you Em and I'll do everything I can to help you through this time."

"Thanks Beth, I knew I could count on you."

"Now dry your eyes and let's go eat so we can go get your man."


"The party is all set for tonight babe," Jeremy whispers to David. "The caterers will be here about seven to set up and serve by eight."

"Bret said that everyone has responded and will be attending so that should be about thirty of us."

"I had planned on at least forty so we are good to go."

"What's good to go?" asks Ryan as he comes into the room.

"Ah you are son, if you want to do that ranching job this summer," David says a bit disappointed.

"Really dad?  God I love you and thanks," he says giving him a hug.  "I owe you big time dad," he says as he rushes off to his room.

"What just happened?" David asks Jeremy.

"Well if I my guess is right he is off to call Heather and tell her his news. Now on to the next piece of news," he says and David gives him a curious look.

"Do I even want to hear this?" he asks.  "Let me guess it must concern Sean," he surmises.

"Yes babe it does. He has been invited to spend the summer in Ireland working," he tells him.

"Ireland!  What the fuck is he going to do in Ireland?"

"Well his boyfriend's family has invited him to stay for the summer with them and work at the family pub."

"Boyfriend!  And when did he get a boyfriend and one from Ireland to boot?"

"They go to school together and they are in love David."

"He's too young to be in love, I never fell in love until I was ... well he's too young."

"He's not too young and you know it. David have you forgotten what it's like to be young and in love?" Jeremy asks him.

"No I haven't forgotten but God Jer, that's half way around the world."

"David they are grown up now, and we knew someday they would be leaving us for their own lives."

"I'm not ready for this babe," he says. "But I guess it would be a great opportunity for him. If you think it's all right then I guess he could go."

"Dad thanks so much," Sean screams running into the room.

"You little shit; you were standing out there listening weren't you?" David asks as he is attacked by Sean.

"Yeah dad, I was, but you are so totally cool," and he kisses him passionately on the lips. "Oops sorry dad that's twice today I forgot."

"I should hope you forgot son," he says trying to catch his breath. "No wonder your boyfriend wants you to come home with him."

"At least I didn't slip you the tongue," he muses and hugs him tight.

"That was my surprise," Jeremy says to David.

"I want both of you to stay right here for a minute," Sean says and vanishes into the elevator. 

A few moments later he returns with this red haired boy and they both look at each other then him.

"This is Shamus O'Rourke," he says holding his hand.

"Tis a pleasure mates," Shamus says offering his hand to the both of them.

"So you are the boy that has captured my son's heart?" David says shaking the boy's hand.

"Yes that be me mate," he says. "But he took captive my heart first," and he gives Sean a kiss.

"So your parents are ok with you having a boyfriend over for the summer?"

"My parents are gay also mate, I have two dads like Sean does."

"Well as long as they are ok with it I guess I am also. I would like to speak with them before you two take off though."

"That's no problem they wanted to talk to you also."

"Well maybe tomorrow ..." and he is cut off by a loud explosion and the lights go out.

"What the fuck was that now?" David asks as he takes out his cell and calls the desk. He goes white with fear as he drops his cell shut. "The building is on fire," he says looking at the others.  Ryan and Damian come running out and asks what is going on.  "That explosion was on the tenth floor and has the entire floor engulfed in flames."

"David, how are we going to get out?" Jeremy asks. "We can't babe we're trapped until the fire department gets here," and he looks and sees smoke coming from the elevator and it fills the room quickly.

"Jeremy get the boys up to the roof," David says. "Take the emergency exit in the utility room."

"I will be up shortly babe now go before this place gets too filled with smoke," he shouts coughing from the smoke.

"David please come with us babe," Jeremy yells as the room fills with thick black smoke. "David where are you?" he screams as Ryan pulls him from the room.

"Dad come on he will come right behind us," he says looking back hoping and he can hear his dad coughing harder.  "Dad come on now," he yells and Damian goes running into the smoke to find him as another explosion rocks the building and parts of the ceiling fall.

"David Noooo," Jeremy screams out.

To be continued ...

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