The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 37


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.


From Chapter 36 ...

They slowly inch their way out onto the crane and are directly over the alley between the two buildings as the roof collapses sending a shuddering through the crane.  Jeremy shakes as the crane vibrates badly and he loses his grip on the crane.  He falls off the crane and plummets towards the ground.

"Oh my God someone has fallen," J. D. says as the camera turns upward to catch the drama unfolding before them.

"Dad nooooo," shouts Ryan as he watches the TV screen and sees his dad plummet towards the ground.

"Don't look son," Kyle says sheltering his face from the screen.  Ryan breaks down in tears as Sean and the others come over to see what is going on.

"Dad just fell to his death," Ryan says in tears as he takes Sean in his arm.

"Was it David or Jeremy?" Bret asks in shock from the news.

"Jeremy," is all that Kyle says.

"Oh my God nooooo Jer," David yells out and he collapses onto the roof from seeing his lover fall.

Chapter 37 ...

Jeremy falls and Jed braces himself for the jolt that will soon come from the falling Jeremy. He locks his arms and legs in the crane and the jolt soon pulls tight against him causing him to pull to the edge. Being a younger and stronger man he is able to hold on and stop Jeremy from plummeting to the ground.

"Remain as still as possible and hold onto the rope," he yells out to Jeremy who is swinging in mid air. He clings to the rope with all the strength he can muster and the wind continues to keep him swaying.

"Marty I have him secure but I don't know how long I can hold him," he yells into his radio.

"We're getting a team down to the floor that he is level with," Marty says back. "Hold on man you promised to see me tonight," he says to his lover.

"Oh believe me I am holding on man," he says.

The team of firemen head down to the floor that is level with Jeremy; they smash out a window so that they can reach him and pull him in to safety.

"Listen sir, we are going to try and reach you and bring you in," Marty says to Jeremy.

"Ok Marty," Jeremy yells white with fear.

Get me a hook so that I can reach him," he tells his men. They run off and return within a few minutes with the hook.

"Jeremy I am going to try and hook you so that we can pull you to us," he shouts out to him.

"Ok Marty just hurry I feel like I am slipping," he shouts back to Marty.

"Jed once we have Jeremy hooked can you crawl forward as we pull him towards us?"

"I don't know if I can crawl and hold his weight at the same time Marty," Jed says still clinging tight to the crane.

"Well don't do anything that will jeopardize your life Jed," he tells him.

"Believe me, I won't Marty, but hurry please his weight is starting to put a strain on me."

Marty reaches out with the hook and grabs onto the rope that is holding Jeremy and he slowly starts to pull him in towards him.

"Don't move Jeremy just let me do the work," Marty instructs him as he carefully pulls him closer.

Jed starts to inch his way forward trying to hold on as he goes, the weight continuously pulling him downward.

"Just another few feet," Marty says to Jeremy.

"Hurry Marty I'm loosing my grip here," Jed shouts into his radio as another fireman comes to his rescue.

"I got you Jed," Norm Michaels says to his buddy. "I got a lifeline on you now and will help you hold the man."

"Thanks Norm I was about to lose it," he tells him as Marty reaches out and grabs onto Jeremy.

"We got him," Marty shouts out over the radio.

"We need a medic up here.  Mr. Strathmore has had a heart attack it seems," a fireman says over the radio.

The chief sends up medics and Darren runs up with them. They arrive at the roof and a fireman is giving CPR to David.

"I'll take over," Darren says as he readies a portable defibrillator. "Clear," he yells as he zaps David's chest.

"Nothing," the medic says and Darren turns it up to the next setting.

"Clear," he yells again and zaps him again.

"We have sinus rhythm," the medic says and prepares him for transport.

"Let's get him to the hospital stat," Darren says getting up off the roof. "I'll accompany you to the hospital."

They bring him down in the elevator and Jeremy is waiting there when the doors open.

"Darren, is he alright?" Jeremy asks as Bret and the others come running up.

"Dad you didn't die," Ryan says in tears as he grabs onto Jeremy. "I saw you fall and thought you died."

"No son I'm ok because I had a rope around me to stop me from falling to the ground."

"How is David, Jeremy?" Bret asks with puffy red eyes.

"It looks like he had a heart attack when he watched me fall, but Darren thinks he'll be alright," he tells him. "They had to restart his heart and are taking him to the hospital now.  I have to go with him so I will let you know love," he says and follows the stretcher into the ambulance.

"Is he alright?" Jeanne asks as she and the boys come up to Bret.

"He's had a heart attack seeing Jeremy fall but Darren thinks he should be fine."

"God this is the most awful day I have had in years," she says. "Well, let's get the kids home and let them calm down. I think that they have had enough pain and suffering for a lifetime."

"I have to talk to you as soon as we get home," Emelia says to Damian.

"You sound so serious babe," he says.

"It is hun and you may not feel the same about me once you hear what I have to say."

"Nothing can change my love for you Em," he tells her. "What has you so upset babe?"

"I wanted to wait but ... I'm pregnant Damian," she says and he just stares in shock at her.

"Are you sure ... you were on the pill babe," he says.

"When I got sick the medicine I was on weakened the pill and I got pregnant. I guess you don't want me now do you?"

"I want you more than ever babe. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean I don't love you. It means we are going to have to get married earlier than we wanted to."

"You're asking me to marry you Damian?" she asks smiling at him.

"Yeah babe because my baby is going to have a proper name and father," he tells her.

"Are you two ready to go?" Kyle asks looking suspiciously at them.  "I think we need to talk when we get home," he tells Em giving Damian a stern look.

"Do they know babe?" he whispers into her ear.

"No not yet but they will soon enough," she tells him.

"Soon enough what?" Jeanne asks as they get into the car.

"Ah ... nothing mom," she says.

"Kyle where is Bret?" she asks looking around the area.

"I think he was going to go to the hospital," he tells her.

"David isn't his man anymore he is Jeremy's," she says shaking her head as she sees him. "Give me one minute Kyle," she says getting out of the car. "Bret," she yells before he summons a taxi.

"What sis?" he asks.

"Where are you going?" she asks.

"I was going to the hospital to be with David why?"

"Bret he isn't your lover anymore and you know it."

"But I still love him sis, I know that Darren is my love and he makes me happy, but I still love David."

"Come home with us please, let Jeremy be with him," she says and Bret starts to cry and she takes him in her arms.

"Ok sis I'll go home," he says wishing he was with David.


Jeremy and Darren are sitting in the waiting room as the doctor treating David comes out.

"Darren what are you doing here?" he asks surprised to see him.

"I treated Mr. Strathmore at the fire scene and was waiting with his partner to hear of his condition."

"Well he is going to be fine. He had a small heart attack and we are going to keep him for a couple of days and see how he does. He is awake and asking for you," the doctor says.  "I don't want you to be alarmed Bret, by what you see because he has got some tubes running to him."

"Ah doctor I'm not Bret, I'm Jeremy," he says.

"Oh now I am confused, he asked to see someone named Bret," the doctor says. "He is a bit delirious from the drugs we had to give him so maybe he's a little confused himself."

Jeremy looks at Darren and the tears start to well up in his eyes.

"Why would he ask for Bret, Darren?" he asks feeling hurt by what he was just told.

"Maybe it was as the doctor said he is just confused with the drugs."

The doctor escorts them into the cardiac unit and they see him lying there hooked up to machines. Jeremy takes in a deep breath before entering the room.

"David love how are you feeling," Jeremy asks.

"Fine I guess but where is Bret?" he asks.

"Why do you want to see Bret?" he asks using all his control not to cry.

"Because I love him and he is my soul mate," he says.

"David, you and I are lovers and have been for many years," he tells him as the tears roll down his face.  "We love each other babe and have for years."

"But I want Bret damn it," he shouts and his monitor beeps loudly as his heart rate increases. "Now go and get him for me," he says as the doctor and nurses rush in.

"You are going to have to leave gentlemen," the doctor says. "You've got him too excited and we can't have that at this point."

Darren leads Jeremy out of the room. He's crying hard now as his lover has spurned him.

"Why Darren, what is wrong with him that he doesn't want me anymore?" he asks.

"I don't know Jer; I have heard of this happening with trauma patients before, but this is well out of my field."

Darren's cell phone rings and he looks to see that it's Bret calling him.

"Hey babe," he says as he walks away from Jeremy.

"How's David doing?" he asks and Darren is silent for a bit.  "Darren please, is he alive?" Bret asks now fearing the worst by Darren's silence.

"He's going to be fine babe, but he's asking for you," he says. "He refuses to acknowledge Jeremy and only claims to love you," he tells him. "And he insists on seeing you now."

"Darren you have to be kidding, David and Jeremy have been in love for over ten years now."

"Listen Bret you and I both know you still carry a torch for David, so will you please get down here as soon as possible?" he says and closes his phone.

"Jeremy, Bret is coming down to see what David wants," he tells him.  "I don't know what he can do, but between you and me, Jer, I don't like the looks of this."

"Neither do I Darren, but I'm not going to give up my man without a fight," he says angrily.

"And neither am I Jer," he says holding Jeremy tight.

An hour later Bret arrives and he sees the two men sitting. They both get up when he approaches them and Darren just gives him a hard look.

"Listen Bret, I know that you may feel that you have died and went to heaven knowing that David only wants to see you. All I'm asking is that you show some respect for what this has done to Jeremy."

"Darren you act like I am about to steal him away from Jeremy," he says angrily.  "I'm just as surprised by all this as you both are."

"Bret, can I talk to you please?" Jeremy asks coming up to the two of them.

"Of course you can love and I am just as surprised at this as you are," he says and notices Darren's looks.

"I know you and David have a history and that you could take him away from me in a heartbeat. He is all I have Bret so please don't take my man just because you now have that opportunity."

"Jeremy I know you love him and he loves you and I am just as confused by this as you are.  I love my Darren and would never intentionally hurt him," he says then leaves to go see David.

"I've lost David haven't I Darren?" Jeremy asks.

"Let's not jump the gun here Jer, Bret will do the right thing," he says, but wonders to himself.

Bret enters the room and David is sleeping, he leans over and gently kisses him on the lips.

"Bret babe," David says as he opens his eyes. "Where have you been my love?"

"I've been downstairs with your husband, Jeremy," he tells him.  "He is down there now with my husband Darren."

"Bret you are my husband babe. Why are you talking like this?" David asks looking sadly at him.

"David, we have not been a couple for over ten years now."

"Kiss me and tell me that you don't love me anymore," David says holding his arms up to Bret.

"David please remember dear," he says as he moves closer.

David reaches out to Bret and pulls him down to his lips and they kiss a kiss that is long and passionate just as Jeremy and Darren walk in.

"See I told you; I've lost him," Jeremy says and runs out of the room.

"Bret, how could you do this to him?" he says looking hurt and disgusted at Bret.  "I'll see you at home," he says turning and walking from the room.

"Darren wait babe," Bret says as he tries to go after him but David holds onto him tight.

"Bret, don't leave me babe," he says looking into his eyes.


"Ok young lady I think its time we all had a talk," Jeanne says as she gathers Emelia, Damian and Kyle into the sitting room.

"I guess I owe you an explanation don't I?" Emelia says.

"I want to know for instance, why your boyfriend was at David's and Jeremy's place."

Emelia looks at Damian who takes her hand and then she takes in a deep breath and begins.

"Mom and dad ...I'm pregnant," she says looking at the two of them.

"You're what?" Kyle shouts and jumps up and goes for Damian.

"Dad stop," she says coming between them before he can grab Damian. "I know it's a shock and it was for us also.  We didn't mean for this to happen but when I got sick the medicine weakened my birth control pill. That was when I got pregnant the doctor says."

"How long have you been on the pill?" Jeanne asks still in shock from the news.

"Since the beginning of the school year mom," she says.

"And how did you get a prescription for it young lady?"

"Me and some friends got it from the local planned parenthood group when they came to our school in September."

"And you said a private school would be better than sending them to a public school," she says angrily to Kyle.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jameson I plan to marry Emelia," Damian says holding Emelia tight.

"Marry? ...marry? She is only seventeen," Kyle says again going towards him.

"Kyle," Jeanne yells and he stops in his tracks. "Getting angry here is not going to solve anything. Now lets sit down and talk like civilized adults."

"Mom and dad I know this hurts you and we are sorry but we didn't mean for this to happen."

"Well mean it or not it's done and there's not much we can do about it now," Jeanne says. "You just graduated from high school and you both have college ahead of you so what are you going to do with a baby?" she asks.

"I'm going to get a job and go to school nights," Damian says.

"And at that rate you should graduate by the time this baby is graduating also," Kyle says. "I would suggest giving it up for adoption," he says looking at Jeanne.

"You are not going to make me give my baby away dad. I will leave home first and never talk to you again," Emelia says bursting into tears.

Jeanne walks over to her and takes her in her arms to comfort her. "Listen Emmy, no ones going to make you give away your baby. You can come home with us and have your baby and go to school; the two of you, while I watch the baby."

"And I don't get a say in this decision?" Kyle says giving a dirty look towards Jeanne.  "I will not raise some bastard kid in my house," he says.

"Kyle Jameson how dare you talk like that about your own grandchild," Jeanne says and slaps his face.

"I've had it Jeanne, for eighteen years I have let you call the shots around here ... well now I'm putting my foot down."

"You've let me call the shots?  How dare you say such a thing, you ass; if you don't like the way things are mister, well ... there's the door," she says pointing towards the door.

"Fine then, have it your way," he says and walks out of the room.  He heads upstairs and packs a suitcase then storms back down and out the front door slamming it behind him.

"I'm so sorry mom I didn't mean for this to happen," Emelia says crying and runs upstairs herself.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Jameson, I'll go and find a place to stay," Damian says leaving behind her.

"Damian wait please," Jeanne says going to the bottom of the stairs.  "I don't want you to leave; please stay," she says.

"I feel awful about what has happened here and I feel I should leave."

"It's not your fault that her dad left really. This has been coming on for the past year," she says.  "Now go on up to your woman and comfort her son."

Jeanne goes back into the sitting room and sits down and cries. Just then Darren and Jeremy come in the front door.

"Kyle is that you?" she says running out to see. "Oh, it's just you," and she turns, crying, and goes back into the sitting room.

"What's going on?" Darren asks coming into the room and seeing her crying.

"Oh nothing much, Kyle just left me and Emelia is pregnant, but other than that just the everyday things," she says crying again.

"What do you mean Kyle has left you and Emelia is pregnant, when did this all happen?" he asks.

"I guess it's a night for the splits," Jeremy says sitting down and crying.

"What do you mean the night for splits?" Jeanne asks drying her eyes.

"David has left me for Bret and that leaves Darren and me out in the cold," he says to her.

"Darren what is he talking about?" Jeanne asks looking at him. "And where is my brother Bret?"

Darren tells her about what happened at the hospital and she is in shock at the news.

"Oh my God Darren, I can't believe this."

"Well believe it or not he is telling you the truth," says Jeremy. "Bret has stolen my David from me."


"David listen to me babe, this isn't right and you know it. We both have good men we love and what you think you are feeling towards me now will pass once you have regained your rational thinking."

"No Bret, it won't; I love you and you love me. I nearly died babe and I can't live now without you in my life," he insists holding Brett's hand.

"David, I will not let you destroy two innocent men like this.  I love Darren and I don't love you anymore like I once did," he tells him, knowing he is lying to both David and himself.

"Look me in the eyes Bret, and tell me you don't love me anymore," he says.

"This is ridiculous and you know it," Bret gets up and turns from him.

"See babe? You can't even tell me you don't love me can you?"

Bret turns back to him and says, "David it doesn't matter how I feel, I refuse to ruin those two lives," and he walks out.

A half hour later he walks into his home and finds both men still in the sitting room.

"Jeremy go to your man," he says looking at him. "I told him I don't love him and that I refuse to ruin what we all have."

"Bret, thank you for not taking him away from me," he says hugging him tight.

"It's not a matter of me taking him away Jer, something has happened and he just needs time to regain his mind.  Now Darren, what you both saw tonight was not my doing, he pulled me down into that kiss.  I love you so much babe and it's you that I want. So if you still want me ..." and he just stands there waiting.

"If I still want you ... I never stopped wanting you Bret," and Darren takes him into his arms.  "I love you babe and always have," he says giving him a kiss.

"Give me a minute please, with my sister," he says to Darren who then goes upstairs to their room.

"What you did took a lot of courage Bret," Jeanne says hugging her brother.

"It took even more to walk away from David with him calling after me to come back," he says.

"Well I know how much you still love him Bret, and I am proud of you for doing the right thing."

"Why have you been crying?" Bret asks now noticing her eyes.

"Kyle just left me and Emelia is pregnant," she says and Bret drops down into a chair.

"Sis, you're kidding I hope," he says but knows she's not.

 "No Bret, things got pretty heated here tonight and it came to a head with Kyle storming out. "I've seen this coming for a while now and just didn't know what to do."

"Is there another woman in his life?" he asks.

"I don't think so, but one never knows."

"So where did he go tonight then?"

"To a hotel I would guess, he just went upstairs, packed and out the door he went."

"God sis, I'm sorry for this mess."

"Well it's not your fault and I will survive," she says.


Kyle drives for a while until he sees a sign saying West End Hotel and pulls in. He checks in, goes to his room and drops off his bag, then out the door he goes to find a bar. He drives around until he sees Alexandre's. He walks inside, goes up to the bar and orders a shot then decides to make it a double. He shoots it down and asks for another one, does the same then orders a third.


"Drowning a breakup?" the bartender asks as he sets down the drink.


"Yeah, how did you know?" Kyle responds as the drinks now start to hit him.


"Just a guess," he says looking him over and liking what he sees.  "You new here in town?" the bartender asks.


"Yeah sort of, it's been years since I lived in Dallas," he slurs.


"So where are you staying stud?" he asks and Kyle looks up at him.


"You think I'm a stud? Shit, no one has called me that in years," he says laying his head on the bar. "God my head is spinning," he says and tries to stand but falls.


"Whoa there," the bartender says coming around and helping him up onto the stool.  "Did you drive here buddy?" he asks.


"Yeeeep," Kyle says with a grin.


"Well you aren't going to drive home that's for sure," he says grabbing the keys from the bar.  "Hey Mike, can you take over for the rest of the night? I'm going to take this cowboy home before he kills himself."


"Sure Josh no problem, things are slow anyways."


Josh helps Kyle out to his car to take him back to the hotel.  On the way, Kyle leans over and rests his head on Josh's shoulder. Josh gives him a kiss on the head as he pulls into the hotel parking lot and parks in front of his room.


"Come on cowboy let's get you up to your room," he says helping him out of the car.


They slowly meander up to Kyle's room and Josh opens the door and helps him in.


"What's your name cowboy?" he asks as Kyle flops on the bed.


"Kyle; what's yours?" he slurs back.


"Josh, now let's get you ready for bed," he says taking off his shoes and socks.


"Are you going to stay with me Josh?" Kyle asks.


"Do you want me to?" he asks back.


"Sure buddy, how else are you going to get home? I can drive you tomorrow."


Josh removes Kyle's clothes and helps him naked into bed, then strips and gets in beside him.


"So Kyle what do you like to do?" he asks pulling him in to him.


"What do you mean?  Like I like everything and everyone tonight," he says in a drunken stupor and Josh gives him a kiss that is long and deep.


Kyle wraps his arms around this man and takes his tongue into his mouth.


"Mmmmmm that tastes good," he says looking at Josh.


"So do you mind if I fuck you cowboy?" Josh asks and gives him a kiss again.


Kyle just lays there, so Josh gets up, moves between his legs and spits into his hands to prepare him for entry.


"Are you ready cowboy?" he asks and Kyle just smiles half asleep so Josh pushes his cock against his hole and slides his cock all the way in.

"Oh fuck!  What are you doing?" Kyle shouts as the pain quickly sobers him up.

"Just relax cowboy and enjoy the ride," he says and he begins to fuck him hard.

He is holding up Kyle's legs and slamming his ass with all he's got while Kyle is moaning in pain.  He soon finds a rhythm and is fucking him hard when Kyle begins to push back to his thrusts.  Josh fucks him for almost an hour before Kyle howls out his climax.

"Oh fuck!  I'm cumming!" he shouts and begins shooting his cum on his chest. Shot after shot he unloads and he's starting to regain his mind.

"I'm cumming cowboy," Josh crows out and shoots his hot white cum deep into Kyle's ass.  He is slamming his ass as he unloads, then leans down and gives Kyle a kiss. He kisses him hard, pounds his tight ass until he's finally spent. "Man, that was a fuck and a half," Josh says pulling out his cock from Kyle's ass.

Kyle turns his head away from him, disgusted by what he just did and he soon is starting to cry.

"What's the matter cowboy?" Josh asks leaning on his side looking at Kyle.

"I'm straight and have never done this before," he says still in tears.

"Well you fucked like a pro cowboy, and I would say that your straight days are over."

Kyle rolls on his side and Josh pulls him into a spooning position. Soon they are both sound asleep.  The next morning he wakes to Josh sucking his cock and he is about to cum.

"Please stop guy, I'm about to cum," Kyle says but it's too late and he shoots his cum into Josh's mouth.  "Ahhhhh fuck don't stop," he now says as he shoots rope after rope down Josh's throat.

"Mmmmmm" is all Josh says as he takes all Kyle has to give.  "How was that my straight cowboy?" he asks and Kyle turns over on his stomach. "Oh returning the favor huh?" he chuckles and climbs on top of him to quickly shoves his cock into Kyle's still cum lubed ass.

"No, please don't," he says but Josh just starts to fuck away and soon he has a rhythm going.

He is slower as he fucks him this time, and soon Kyle is fucking back and they are in a rhythm that has them moving in sync.

"Your ass was made to fuck cowboy," Josh says as Kyle buries his face into the pillow.

He picks up his pace beginning to fuck him more aggressively now and is soon at the edge of his climax.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," and he shoots deep again into his ass while Kyle is pushing back with all he has.

"More! I want more!" Kyle shouts as he sends another load onto the sheets and they fuck until they are spent.

"I don't know about you being straight anymore cowboy, because you just gave me the best fuck I ever had," he says bending down and kissing his neck.

"God I can't believe I've done this," he says as he buries his face in the pillow and cries.

To be continued ...

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