The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 38


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From Chapter 37 ...

"What's the matter cowboy?" Josh asks leaning on his side looking at Kyle.

"I'm straight and have never done this before," he says still in tears.

"Well you fucked like a pro cowboy, and I would say that your straight days are over."

Kyle rolls on his side and Josh pulls him into a spooning position. Soon they are both sound asleep.  The next morning he wakes to Josh sucking his cock and he is about to cum.

"Please stop guy, I'm about to cum," Kyle says but it's too late and he shoots his cum into Josh's mouth.  "Ahhhhh fuck don't stop," he now says as he shoots rope after rope down Josh's throat.

"Mmmmmm" is all Josh says as he takes all Kyle has to give.  "How was that straight cowboy?" he asks and Kyle turns over on his stomach. "Oh returning the favor huh?" he chuckles and climbs on top of him to quickly shove his cock into Kyle's still cum lubed ass.

"No, please don't," he says but Josh just starts to fuck away and soon he has a rhythm going.

He is slower as he fucks him this time, and soon Kyle is fucking back and they are in a rhythm that has them moving in sync.

"Your ass was made to fuck cowboy," Josh says as Kyle buries his face into the pillow.

He picks up his pace beginning to fuck him more aggressively now and is soon at the edge of his climax.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," and he shoots deep again into his ass while Kyle is pushing back with all he has.

"More! I want more!" Kyle shouts as he sends another load onto the sheets and they fuck until they are spent.

"I don't know about you being straight anymore cowboy, because you just gave me the best fuck I ever had," he says bending down and kissing his neck.

"God I can't believe I've done this," he says as he buries his face in the pillow and cries.

Chapter 38 ...

"Kyle you really were straight," Josh says noticing him crying.  "God man I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"Can we just go now?" Kyle says as he turns to look up at Josh.  "I need a shower first," he says sitting up.

"Hey I'm sorry man," and he takes him in his arms and holds him close.  Kyle starts to cry again and he wraps his arms around Josh as he cries with his face on his chest. Josh runs his fingers through Kyle's hair as he holds him tight and kisses his head gently.  Kyle regains control and looks up at him and Josh leans down and kisses him softly on the lips.

"I feel like such a fool," he says to Josh. "The worst thing is that I started to enjoy it once I got past the pain Josh. I never thought that I would ever in a million years be doing this with a man," he pulls him down and they kiss hard and long while they let their tongues fight for dominance.

They fall back onto the bed as they kiss and Josh pulls Kyle on top of him.

"Fuck me Kyle and see how it feels," he says and kisses him again.

He lines up Kyle's cock with his pucker and Kyle gently pushes in until he has bottomed and the two let out a sigh. He lifts up and looks down at Josh and begins to fuck him, and they soon find a rhythm to their lust.

"Fuck me fast and deep cowboy," Josh says as Kyle picks up his pace being more aggressive now. He pounds away until he's at his edge and he yells out in ecstasy.

"Ah fuck Josh, I'm cumming," and he shoots his seed deep into Josh's ass.

"Me too cowboy," he shouts and shoots long streams of white cum. They both are lost in their orgasms as they fuck to the rhythm of lust until they are spent. Kyle collapses down on Josh and they kiss as they ride out their sweet afterglow.

"God damn man that was so fucking hot!" Josh says as Kyle's cock now falls from his ass.

"That was so hot is right. I never came like that with my wife," he says.

"You're married?" Josh asks sitting up and taking his left hand and he sees the wedding band.

"Yeah for nineteen years," he says.

"So why were you in a gay bar last night Kyle?"

"First off, I didn't know it was a gay bar and secondly I had a fight with my wife and left her."

"God man I would have never done this had I known."

"I guess I was too drunk to know better Josh and ... I guess it wasn't all that bad."

"You sure had me fooled cowboy, I thought you were one of us the way you fucked."

"Well I'm not Josh, and I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"Well let's shower and get me home then," he says getting up and going to the bathroom.  "You want to shower with me cowboy?" he asks holding out his hand.

"Sure why not we just fucked didn't we?" Kyle says getting up and taking his hand.

They start the shower and get in once it's warm and Josh just looks into Kyle's eyes.

"Your eyes are so beautiful Kyle," he says. "They look like pools I could just dive into."

"Josh I don't know what to think anymore about my sexuality. I always believed I was totally straight but after last night and this morning you have me doubting my sexuality and beliefs."

"Maybe this side has always been there, but just dormant," Josh offers.

"Maybe ... but I will admit the sex was intense Josh. I loved getting that blow job when I woke this morning."

"Want one for the road cowboy?"

"Well ... can I try to give you one ... I mean, you seemed to really get into it and enjoy it."

With that said Josh gently pushes him down to his knees and Kyle looks at his soft cock hanging there.  He looks back up at Josh and then takes a deep breath before taking his cock into his mouth. He sucks on the head and Josh puts his hands on his head and gently gives him more. He gags some and pulls off and Josh tells him to swallow when it hits the back of his throat and his cock slides down to his wet pubes. He sucks hard until he needs air and backs off some to breath and then goes back down to finish the job.

"Cowboy you have me so close," he says.  "Kyle, I'm about to cum so you might want to back off," but Kyle just keeps on sucking. Josh shoots his seed into his throat making him gag, and then he pulls out some so Kyle can taste his cum.

"Mmmmmm," Kyle says as he tastes Josh's offering and swallows his seed down his throat until he has emptied his nut.

"Wow cowboy that was some blow job," Josh tells him, pulling him up and kissing him.

"Yeah it wasn't too bad for me either, a bit salty but not bad," he says and kisses him again.

"Do you want to meet again Kyle?" Josh asks hoping he has found a lover.

"I don't know Josh. I really have to do some thinking here," he tells him and they finish their shower and get out.

They quietly dress and Josh turns to Kyle and says.

"Here's my phone number Kyle. If you ever just want to talk or ... well just give me a call. Ok buddy?"

"Sure Josh and thanks," he says sticking the number in his wallet.

They leave the room to take Josh home and as they walk across the lobby Kyle stops to look at the newspaper on the table.  He freezes when he notices the headline.

Texas Senator Seen Entering Alexandre's Gay Bar!

Senator Kyle Jameson ® of Dallas was seen last night entering Alexandre's around ten. Our reporter entered and found him drinking heavily at the bar. An hour later he had to be helped from the establishment to his car and he was driven back to his hotel.  The man accompanying him was the bartender/owner of the establishment and he was not seen leaving the hotel last night.  Does our married Senator have some secret that he needs to explain to his constituents this report wants to know?

Kyle couldn't move as he just stood there looking at the paper.

"What wrong Kyle?" Josh asks noticing his expression and Kyle just pushes the paper to him. He reads it and then looks up in shock at him. "You're Senator Jameson, Kyle?"

"Yes, guilty," he says. "What is my family going to think?" he says as the two continue to leave. As soon as he gets outside a barrage of reporters descend upon him.

"Senator any truth to these rumors that you're gay?" a reporter asks.

"Is it true you spent the night with Joshua Banning here at the hotel?" another shoots at him and they hurry to his car with them chasing him.

"God Kyle, I'm sorry for this mess."

"It's my own fault Josh, and I should have known better than to go out drinking either to a straight bar or a gay one."

"You have been a senator for years and now what are you going to do?"

"First I'm going to take you home Josh, and then go talk to my family," he says.

"I won't say a word to the press Kyle; you have my word on that."

"I appreciate that Josh.  I will get back to you as soon as I can get this thing straightened out."

He finally drops Josh off at the bar and reporters are there waiting.  Josh runs into the bar and locks the doors behind him as Kyle drives back to see Jeanne.


"Bret you may want to hide this from your sister," Darren says showing him the newspaper.  He reads the front page and his face shows the shock as Jeanne comes into the room.  He quickly puts the paper on his lap as she sits down at the table.

"God you look like hell this morning," Bret says.

"Yeah good morning to you too," she says pouring herself a cup of coffee. "I cried most of the night and didn't fall asleep until almost four," she says taking a sip. "Is the fire in the paper this morning?" she asks.

"Ah ... we didn't get the paper sis," he says.

"What are you talking about Bret it's on your lap," she says reaching over for it.

"Sis don't ..." but she notices the headlines.

She reads the article and starts to cry as she runs from the room and Bret goes after her.

"Jeanne wait... please," he says catching her at the stairs. "There has got to be some logical explanation here," he says.

"What Bret other than my husband is a faggot?" she says and she sees the hurt of the words on his face. "I'm sorry Bret you know I didn't mean it like that."

"I know, but just the way you said it hurt sis."

Just then Kyle walks in the front door and Jeanne looks at him as he walks over to her.

"You fucker!  How could you?" and she slaps him hard across the face.

"Jeanne can we talk here please?" he asks but she just cries and goes upstairs.  "Jeanne please babe, wait," he shouts after her.

"Kyle you have gotten yourself into quite a mess," Bret says putting his hand on his shoulder. "Come on and have a cup of coffee and let's talk bro," he says taking him into the kitchen.

"I was so angry last night I just wanted to get drunk Bret. I had no idea that was a gay bar," he says.

"Well that reporter did.  What about this Joshua Banning that took you back to your hotel? He wasn't seen leaving last night," he asks.

"Oh God Bret," is all he can get out before he breaks down in tears. Bret holds him while he cries and Trevor comes into the kitchen and notices the paper.

"Shit dad you're gay?" he asks looking at his dad now differently.

"Your dad isn't gay Trevor.  Now don't believe everything you read in that paper."

"Then why is mom upstairs crying if dad isn't gay?"

"She hasn't given him a chance to explain himself yet and he doesn't need you intimidating him now."

"It's all right Bret; he has a right to know the truth also. Trevor, sit down son and let me explain what happened."

"Trevor upstairs; I want to hear this first," Jeanne says angrily and Trevor leaves the room.

"Jeanne can I explain please?" he asks looking at her.

"Yes and it better be the truth you hear?"

"It is babe ..." and she cuts him off again.

"And lets drop the babe shit because right now I just want to kill you," she says.

"Well then if you are going to have a pre-conceived idea about what happened, then have it and go file for divorce," he says and gets up and leaves.

"Good I will you fag and I hope you are happy now that you are out of the closet," and she throws a coffee cup at him.

"Fuck you bitch. If you weren't such a control freak this would have never happened," he says storming out of the door.

"Dad wait," Trevor yells after him as he is getting into his car. "I want to come with you, please dad."

"I can't son because I don't know what I'm even going to do," he tells him. "Besides, you don't want to be seen with a faggot now do you?" he says as his tears return to his eyes.

"Dad I'm gay also," he says looking at his dad with tears of his own.  "I've known for a few years now and I even have a boyfriend."

"Oh God Trevor no," he says getting out and holding his son tight to him. "Please don't say this to make me feel better."

"I'm not dad.  I'm really gay; my boyfriend is Morgan Jefferson, Joshua's and Mitchell's son."

"Oh my God what have I done to my family?" he says getting into his car.

"Please take me with you dad ... please," he begs and Kyle just looks at him with pity.  "Ok son, just go tell your mom," he says.

"I did and I even told her that I was gay and she told me to go live with my faggot dad and slapped me see?" and he shows him her hand print on his face.

"Get in son, I can't leave you here like this," he says as Trevor goes around and gets in.

"Dad I love you and it really doesn't matter that you are gay, really," he says putting his head on his father's shoulder.

"Son, I don't know if I'm gay or not. This has been blown all out of proportion," he says as they drive away. "I'll tell you what happened and you can judge for yourself. Last night son ..." and he goes on to tell him about the entire night's events as well as those of this morning's.

"Dad you were not yourself; you were drunk and got taken advantaged of by this man."

"No son, I knew what I was doing this morning and I even got into it as it progressed. Once he realized I was a straight man who had never been with a man before, he was very apologetic and even felt sorry that he had done those things with me. The thing is son, I did enjoy it after all and now I am so fucking confused."

"Do you have feelings for this Joshua Banning dad?"

"He is a nice person but I don't love him if that's what you mean. I first have to do some damage control here as far as my career is concerned," he says driving to the local television station. "I refuse to give my resignation to that scab sheet of a newspaper so I will go public on the air."

He drives over to CBS 11 / TXA 21 and goes into the lobby and asks for a reporter to give his message to.

"That would be Mark Johnson Senator," the receptionist says. "I'll go get him, if you would like to have a seat," she says motioning towards the sitting area.

"Mark I have Senator Jameson outside and he wants to go public with his story. Are you interested in interviewing him?" she asks coming into his office.

"My God yes; tell him I'll be right there," then he darts out of the room.

"He'll be right out Senator," she says as she returns to the lobby.

"Senator Jameson how may I help you?" Mark asks as he comes out and shakes hands with him. "I must say that you have definitely caught me off guard here sir."

"Well I would like to tell my side of this story and if necessary by my constituents' requests I will resign from my office."

"And who is this young man sir?  Is he the man mentioned in the article?"

"He most certainly is not, he's my son Mark," he says shocked to see such a parallel drawn.

"I'm so sorry sir and to you also young man," he says.  "We have the noon day news coming on in ten minutes, would you mind doing it live on television senator?"

"Not at all, as long as I am shown the proper respect here; I could have gone to the local newspaper instead," he tells him.

"You will definitely get the respect and I will personally do the interview sir. Now if you two would please come with me I'll get you both ready to go on the air," he says.

"My son is not going to be a part of this Mark. I do not want him on air or even mentioned or I will walk out. Are we clear on this?" he asks.

"Oh yes sir very clear," Mark replies.

He takes Kyle to the preparation room for a touch up so as to not reflect the lights and he is shown to a seat just off camera.

"Good Afternoon Dallas and Fort Worth. Mark Johnson here with a breaking news story. Senator Kyle Jameson is with us today to give us his story about what happened over the last twenty four hours," he says as the camera now expands to include Kyle.

"Good Afternoon Senator Jameson," he says.

"Good Afternoon Mark."

The interview goes on with Kyle telling the viewers exactly what happened minus the sex.

"So that is how it happened my fellow Texans and if you would prefer me to resign just call my office and give them your opinion thank you."

The cameras go to a station break and Mark unhooks the microphone from Kyle. The two men shake hands as they get up.

"Thank you Senator Jameson for allowing me to interview you," Mark says.

"My pleasure Mark and thank you for being respectful of the situation. Now I guess I'll see how well I stand with my fellow Texans. If I do choose to resign Mark, I will personally call you and I will announce it on your station."

"Thank you sir," he says and Mark, Kyle and Trevor walk out to the lobby together. The lobby is full of reporters who came while he was on the air.  

"Senator would you give us a comment?" a reporter asks.

"I have said all I plan to say; any further questions can be referred to my office."

He takes his son and they walk out to his car as the reporters follow shouting out questions.

"I have one more stop to make son, and that is at Joshua's place," he says as he dials his number on his cell.

"Josh here what's up?" he says as he answers the phone.

"Josh its Kyle," he says.

"God Kyle I just watched you on TV and I must say you handled it very well."

"Can I come over to see you for a bit?" he asks.

"Do you think that it's wise to do that at this time Kyle?"

"Well can you meet me somewhere?" he asks.

"How about Fair Park down on Parry Avenue?" Josh asks.   

"That sounds good Josh see you in an hour then."

"Sure Kyle everything alright guy?" he asks.

"Yeah I guess so but we can talk once we meet. Ok?"

"Sure buddy, see you then," and they hang up.

"Dad are you going to be gay or straight?" Trevor asks looking at his dad.

"I really don't know much of anything at the moment son, but lets say I did become gay would that bother you at all?"

"Hell no dad, I love you either way. Does my being gay bother you dad?"

"Well I'm not sure how I feel about it son. I just want you to be happy in life and if being gay makes you happy then who am I to say anything? I'll still love you if that is what you are worried about," he says looking over at his son.

"I love you too dad straight or gay, you're the man in my book," he says with pride.

An hour later they arrive at the park and see Josh standing by his car.

"Is that him dad?" Trevor asks.

"Yeah the long haired blond by the car," he says.

"Man he's hot for an older guy dad," he says.

"I'll take your word for it son," he says giving Josh a real close look as he gets out.

"Is this alright here?" Josh asks looking at Trevor as he gets out of the car.  "You're not ..." and he just looks at him.

"No please Josh, this is my son Trevor, Trevor this is Josh Banning," he says and they shake hands.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"I need a place for us to stay for a few days and I was hoping you could help me find a place. If I go looking the press will be all over the fact that my wife and I are separated."

"I take it she saw the article this morning and didn't believe you."

"She never gave me a chance to explain let alone believe me. We fought more and I told her to file for divorce."

"Shit man I'm sorry. I guess I really fucked up your life didn't I?" he says.

"It's more my fault than yours Josh, but yeah it's pretty fucked up guy."

"Well let me help make amends by letting you stay at my place. I have the room and I live outside of Dallas where most people don't know me."

"I couldn't impose on you like that Josh but I really appreciate the offer."

"Listen Kyle, every reporter is going to be watching every hotel and motel for you, so let me do this for you ok?"

"What do you think Trev; would you mind for a few days?"

"Hell no dad like I said he's hot for an older dude," he says giving Josh a wink.

"He's ..." and Josh points to Trevor.

"Yeah he is and I just found out myself this morning. So I guess you have a couple of house guests then."

"Well follow me and I'll take you to my place," he says.

They follow him back to his place and it's a lovely place out in the suburbs. He pulls into his drive and has them pull into his garage. He gets out of his car and walks into the garage and shuts the door before they get out.

"It's not much on size Kyle but it's mine," he says leading them in.  "Trev you can put your things in the room on the left down the hall and put your dad's in the room on the right."

"Sure thanks," Trevor says taking their things down.

"I really appreciate this Josh, really I do," he says patting him on the shoulder.

Josh turns to look him in the eyes, then takes him into his arms and kisses him hard and deep letting his tongue search out his mouth.

"Oh sorry dad," Trevor says walking in on them.

"Sorry son, I didn't mean for you to see that," Kyle says turning red.

"It just seems strange seeing you kissing a man after all these years watching you with mom," he says.  "I'm going in the other room and call Morgan."

"I'm sorry Kyle, I shouldn't have done that but God, your lips are irresistible."

"Did you see me fighting you off," Kyle says. "I'm still not sure where I'm going with this, but I do know you have some kind of spell on me."

"Well I don't want to force you into anything you don't want cowboy, but you have me under your charm also."

"Can we just back up and take this a little slower and see what happens?"

"We can take this anyway you want buddy. You just lead me in the direction you want to go," and gives him a passionate kiss.

"Yeah my dad went gay Morgan," Trevor says. "And he knows about us, I told him today."

"I guess I should tell my dads then, shouldn't I?" he says.

"Only if you want to Morgan, I don't want to out you until you are ready bud. They may not like the fact that I'm eighteen and you haven't turned seventeen yet."

"That shouldn't bother them as long as I'm not getting hurt. Hey would you be able to come over here?" he asks.

"Let me ask if I can take the car, the way they are kissing they might want to be alone."

Trevor walks out to the kitchen and again catches them kissing.

"Yo dad," he says and Kyle jumps a mile. "Sorry dad, but could I take the car and go see Morgan?" he asks.

"Ordinarily I would say yes son, but with the press knowing my car they would be hounding you," he says.

"Hey Trevor they don't know my car so grab the keys over there and help yourself."

"Thanks Josh," he says and rushes out before his dad can say anything.

"You didn't have to do that Josh," he says.

"Yeah I did Kyle. How else could I get you alone?" he says and kisses him again."

To be continued ...

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