The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 39

This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.

From Chapter 38 ...

Trevor walks out to the kitchen and again catches them kissing.

"Yo dad," he says and Kyle jumps a mile. "Sorry dad, but could I take the car and go see Morgan?" he asks.

"Ordinarily I would say yes son, but with the press knowing my car they would be hounding you," he says.

"Hey Trevor they don't know my car so grab the keys over there and help yourself."

"Thanks Josh," he says and rushes out before his dad can say anything.

"You didn't have to do that Josh," he says.

"Yeah I did Kyle. How else could I get you alone?" he says and kisses him again."

Chapter 39 ...

"Come on up to my room Trev my dads just left to go get groceries," Morgan says.

They start removing their clothes as they move up the stairs and are naked as soon as they hit Morgan's room. They cling to each other as they join in a kiss and topple onto his bed.

"God I missed you bud," Trevor says lying on top of Morgan.

"I missed you so much. I didn't know if I would ever see you this summer and September is so fucking far away."

"I know bud, and now we won't see each other at school with me graduated," he says.

"Please don't remind of that Trev, are you still going to Georgetown?"

"I don't know now with my `rents splitting up. I want to stay with my dad. He isn't sure if he is going to stay in office or resign yet, and if he resigns heaven knows where he will live."

"Well didn't you say he was hot and heavy with this guy Josh?" he asks.

"Yeah they are but that doesn't mean they will stay together."

"Well lets not talk about it now Trev. I've been wanting you so much, now let's make love," he says handing him the lube.

Trevor sits up and gets them ready, then slips his cock into his boy's ass and they both let out a sigh as he bottoms.

"God how I have missed that in me," Morgan says as he pulls him down for a kiss.

Trevor slides his cock back until it's almost completely out, and then shoves it back in hard and deep.

"Yeah babe fuck your boy," Morgan says meeting his thrusts. They soon find a rhythm and let their passion carry them away as they kiss in a kiss of love.

They fuck hard and fast and are soon at their edge and they slow to prolong the ride.

"No babe go," Morgan says pushing up faster. "You got me so close to the edge."

Trevor lifts up and starts pounding away with great thrusts and Morgan is shouting out in ecstasy.

"Yeah fuck me I'm cumming," he yells as he shoots his load high in the air and it hits upon his chest.

"Ahhhhh fuck I'm cumming too bud," Trevor howls as he shoots his hot cum deep into his young lover's ass. "Yeah ride my cock bud I've got more to give you," and he can't stop as the door flies open.

"What the fuck is this going on?" Mitch yells as the boys continue to fuck. "I would recommend you getting off my boy's ass buddy," he says, but Trevor is too far into his orgasm to stop.

"Dad just leave please," Morgan shouts but Mitch grabs Trevor and yanks him off his son and his cock is still shooting his seed.

"Ah fuck you got it on me," Mitch yells and shoves him to the floor as Joshua come running into the room.

"Mitchell what the fuck are you doing ... oh my God Morgan what have you been doing?" he asks in shock.

"Fucking that's what your boy has been doing," Mitch says.

"Boys get dressed and come downstairs please," Joshua says pulling Mitch from the room.

"Mitchell I want you to remain calm when they come down ok?"

"But our son was getting fucked by that man," he says. "Josh, he's only sixteen and too young to be going with a man."

"Let's wait and hear their side of this ok babe?" he says.

"Dad I'm sorry for you having to see that," Morgan says standing before Mitchell. "But Trevor is my boyfriend from school and we love each other."

"How old are you Trevor?" Joshua asks calmly.

"I just turned eighteen last month," he says.

"Eighteen!  Do you know that Morgan is just sixteen?" Mitchell yells at him.

"Yes sir but he'll be seventeen next month," he says.

"You're Jeanne and Kyle's boy aren't you?" Joshua asks.

"Yes sir I am," he admits quietly. "I'm sorry sir for what you saw, but not for loving your son," he says and Mitchell comes at him.

"Listen you little punk," he says knocking him to the floor. "I could have your ass arrested for rape of a minor," he says almost choking him.

"Not in Texas sir, a sixteen year old can consent to sex," he says with Mitchell still on him then Mitchell swings and hits him hard in the face.

"Mitchell Jefferson you stop that right now," Joshua says as Morgan knocks his father off Trevor.

Mitchell lies on the floor and looks up at Morgan and the tears start to come to his eyes.

"I'm sorry dad, but you hurt my man," he says to his dad.

"Well take your man and get the fuck out of my house," he says getting up and leaving the room.

"Fine dad, I will, you one sided asshole," he shouts and Joshua slaps his face for his disrespect.

"You will never ever talk like that to us again do you hear me?" he says looking disappointedly at him.

"Fine dad after today you won't have to look at me anymore," he says and runs upstairs.  "Trev come with me please to get my clothes."

Joshua sits down and cries at the way things have gone and he knows that he is losing his son.

"Morgan please wait son," he says as the two boys come down carrying his clothes in their arms.

"I'm sorry it had to be this way dad, but you both decided it for me. The things in my room are yours now; they are the things that you bought so I will not be taking them. I bought these clothes myself so I am taking them," and they walk out of the house.

He sits down and cries as he sees his son drive away and Mitchell comes back into the room.

"He's gone Mitchell, I hope you're happy now," he says.

"Good let him go with his bad ass punk. I will not have any son of mine hitting me in my own house," he says.

"It wouldn't have gotten that far if you wouldn't have lost your temper and hit Trevor."

"He was a punk and I won't take disrespect in my house."

"Well now you can have your house, because he's gone and so is our son with him," he says now crying again and Mitchell just turns and walks away.


"David may I come in," Jeremy asks before entering his hospital room.

"Jeremy!  Babe why would you even ask me such a thing?" he says holding out his arms to him.

"Because last time I was here you didn't want anything to do with me," he says. "All you wanted was your precious Bret."

"Oh that ...babe, forgive me, I don't know what ever made me think I wanted him again," he says pulling Jeremy down to sit beside him. "When I watched you fall that day I watched my life fall with you and thought that I lost you forever Jer," he says kissing Jeremy's hands. "I love you Jer and I don't want any other but you babe, please believe me."

"I love you too but you can't imagine how much you hurt me that day," he says with tears in his eyes.

"The doctor explained it to me as a combination of meds and trauma causing a mental relapse into the past. I'm back to my present and I want you only and ask your forgiveness babe."

"Of course I forgive you David, because I love you and can't wait to take you out of here."

"Did anyone die in the fire," he asks.

"Two workers on the tenth floor died but everyone else got out in time."

"I want their families taken care of and a trust set up if there are children," he says.

"Mike was single living with his elderly mom and Gerald left a wife and two children."

"Well see what the mom needs and take care of it and make sure Gerald's widow is secure as well as the kids babe."

"God it's good to have you back," Jeremy says giving him a passionate kiss.  "Oh before I forget the realtor called and said she has found a house just outside Dallas for us."

"Go look at it and if you like it, go ahead and buy it babe; furnish it also," he tells him. "I want all new things for us and I have got to get hold of Mitch and Aaron."

"For what babe?" he asks.

"I'm going to rebuild the Fairmont into the grandest hotel that Dallas has ever seen," David tells him.

"At least the antiques from the first floor were not damaged," he says to David.

"I'm not using them.  This place is going to be totally modern to reflect the coming millennium. I bought Fountain Place next door and it's coming down to make room for the Royale Crown Hotel," he says.

"Well I have more news that is not so good," Jeremy says.

"What has happened now?" he asks.

"Jeanne and Kyle are divorcing because he's gay or so she thinks."

"Kyle is gay? Right and I am the pope. Tell my sister to smarten up before I kick her ass," he says as she walks in.

"Listen brother dear, you have no right sticking your nose into my business especially when you haven't been around to know what's happened."

"Come on sis you can't possibly believe that Kyle has switched sides after nineteen years of marriage can you?"

"David it's been all over the news. Where have you been, on Mars?"

"I haven't watched TV since I have been in here," he tells her.

"Then read this," she says picking up a newspaper from the floor.  He reads the front story and can't believe what he's reading.

"God sis, I'm sorry. I would never have suspected him of being gay," David says laying down the paper. "He wouldn't even deny it David, he just told me to file and walked out."

"Jeanne I know it's none of my business but you really didn't give him a chance to explain. You just jumped down his throat accusing him and forcing him to walk out."

"Yes Jeremy, you're right, it's not any of your business so butt out," and Jeremy gets up to leave giving David a kiss.

"I love you babe and will see you later," he says and walks out.

"Jeremy wait," Jeanne says but he just keeps walking out and closes the door behind him.  "Well I guess it's my week to piss off the human race it seems."

"You were rather rude to him you know."

"Oh well.  So brother dear have you gotten over your fixation with Bret?" she asks.

"Yes I have and I am so sorry for hurting Jeremy and Darren.  Please tell me that they are still together sis."

"Yes they are, but there is still a bit of a strain on their relationship though. It seems that the kiss you gave him that day is still in his mind."

"God I wish I could take that back."

"He does still love you David, and I can see in your eyes that you still love him."

"Jeanne I'm going to love that man until the day I die," he says. "But I have a great love in Jeremy and I don't want to hurt him any more than I have sis."

"You're a good man David, for putting him ahead of you."

"Please sis, for me, just give Kyle a chance to explain what happened. Because I can see in your eyes that you also still love him."

"I do David but he said some things that really hurt me and I don't know if I can forgive him for that. Besides, Trevor went with him because he's gay too."

"Trevor is gay also, when did this happen?" he asks.

"This morning he heard us fighting and came in and told me I was wrong to not listen to him, so I slapped his face and sent him along with his father."

"Oh Jeanne what is happening to your family?" he asks.

"Oh wait dear brother, it gets better; now Emelia tells us that she is pregnant," she says.

"What? My God Jeanne, when did you lose your grip on your family?" he asks.

"I don't know, but that's when it all started between Kyle and I was over Emelia."


"Morgan my man, how are you?" Clark says as he opens the door. "What are you doing here, and who this young man is?" he asks.

"Gramps this is Trevor Jameson, my boyfriend," he says and Clark just looks at him.

"Your boyfriend eh?" he says. "So that answers my second question now the first one. Why are you here?"

"Dad threw me out Gramps, and I have no place to stay," he says. "Could I stay with you and Brian please," he asks.

"Did I just here my name?" Brian asks coming into the room. "Morgan, how are you?" he asks.

"Hey Grandpa, I came to ask if I could stay with you for a while. Oh this is my boyfriend Trevor Jameson Grandpa."

"Not Jeanne and Kyle's boy are you?"

"Yes sir, I am," he says as Brian gives him a hard look.

"So tell me son, where did you get that bruise on your eye?"

"My dad Mitch did it to him today because he didn't like him and me being together."

"Sir they came home and caught us having sex and went through the ceiling."

"That's still no reason for my boy to hit you," Clark says walking over to the phone.  He dials Mitchell's number and Joshua picks up.

"Hello," he says.

"What the fuck is my son doing to my grandson over there?" Clark asks angrily.

"Dad listen, things got really out of hand here today. He caught the boys fucking and went off on Trevor because he is eighteen and Morgan is just sixteen."

"Trevor is from a very good family son, his dad is the senator from Texas."

"I know dad, but like I said they both got their tempers hot and Morgan shoved his dad when he was hitting Trevor and that got him mad and he threw him out."

"Well do you blame the boy? What would you do if someone was beating on Mitch wouldn't you hit or shove them also?"

"Yes dad, I agree with you, but it's your son that you need to convince, not me."

"Well where is the hothead?"

"He took off a while ago looking for the boys and I guess he's still out looking."

"Well I have them both here, and I am letting them stay with me until you two can grow up and act like adults do you hear me Josh?"

"Fine dad I prefer it that way.  Thank you for taking him in."

"Just keep that hotheaded son of mine away until he cools off ok?"

"Sure I will sure try, but I can't say he'll listen," Joshua says.

"Well make the asshole or I will; now goodbye," and he hangs up.

"Your dad is out looking for you ..." and he stops as the front door flies open.  Mitchell is standing there with his fists clinched and a crazed look on his face.

"I want your ass in that truck and I want it now," he shouts.

"How dare you come into my house like that, with such an attitude flaring?" Clark says as he comes between Mitchell and the boys.

"This is none of your fucking business dad, that punk was raping my boy and I am fixing to make him pay," he says looking at Trevor.

"Dad he never raped me I consented to sex with him because I love him and we are a couple," he shouts at his dad.

"I said get into my truck now boy, or do I have to show you who is head of this house?"

"As long as you are standing in my house I am the head, and I am telling you to get out Mitch, before you regret something."

"Sir if you would rather, I will leave and promise to never see your son again," Trevor says as he steps up to Mitch.

"Listen white trash you are still going to answer for what you did to my boy," and he shakes his fist at him.  Morgan rushes towards his dad and grabs his arm but Mitchell shoves him hard and he flies across the room hitting his head on the corner of the table. He falls to the floor and is out cold as Clark and Brian rush to him. They help him up and he is groggy as he starts to regain his thoughts.

"I'm sorry son ... I didn't mean to hurt you," Mitchell says looking at the blood running down his head.

"Fuck off dad and get out of my sight," he shouts. "I don't want you as a father anymore," and he goes into the kitchen for a wet cloth for his head.

"Well you brought this on yourself Mitch, so why don't you go home and cool off."

"But that boy ..." and he just looks at Trevor who is helping Morgan clean his wound.

"That boy is a good boy, son," Brian says. "I know his family personally and I can vouch for him."

"But ... but," and he just turns and leaves.


Josh takes Kyle's hand and leads him to his bedroom.  They stop to kiss after entering the room.

"Are you sure about this Kyle?" Josh asks looking into his eyes.

"It's the only way I'll know if this is what I really want," and he kisses Josh passionately as he offers him his tongue.

They slowly undress each other and they stand looking at each other's body.

"God you have such a beautiful build Kyle and your six pack is so firm and defined."

"Well you're no slouch yourself Josh, you are built hard also."

Josh takes him to the bed and gently lays him down getting on top of him and they join in a kiss.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Kyle asks looking at him.

"Only if you want me to bud, but I promise I will be gentler this time," he tells him.

"Yeah Josh, do it bud," Kyle says pulling him down for a kiss.

Josh sits up, grabs the lube and prepares Kyle for their love making then he positions his cock to his rosebud.

"Are you ready bud?" he asks and Kyle just nods.

"Relax cowboy, and it'll be more pleasurable."

He gives his cock a firm push and it slides in giving Kyle a slight pain. He nods to continue and Josh slides it all the way in and they sigh once he bottoms.

"Oh fuck that doesn't feel as bad as it did the first time," Kyle says.

"You're more relaxed and no longer a virgin buddy."

He slowly starts to fuck him and they are soon into a good rhythm and Kyle is meeting Josh's thrusts.

"Fuck me harder and deeper man," Kyle says holding onto Josh's hips and Josh increases his rhythm. They fuck for some time until Kyle can't hold out any longer and he shouts out as his climax approaches.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming," he yells as he strokes his cock fast and he shoots his cum onto his own chest.

"Fuck ... Ahhhhh God I'm cumming cowboy," and he shoots into Kyle's hot ass.  They continue to shoot together until both are totally spent.

"Fuck I love that feeling of being filled," Kyle says holding Josh tight as they ride out the afterglow of their love.

"I take it I've made you a convert," Josh whispers into his ear and then nibbles the lobe.

"Fuck yeah bud; this is definitely better than pussy."


"Hello dad it's me, Damian," he says. "I'm still in Dallas but I need to talk to you."

"Son what's the matter?" he asks sensing the tension in his voice.

"Well this is hard but ... my girlfriend is pregnant dad and I want to get married."

"What!" he shouts and Damian holds the phone from his ear. "How the fuck did that happen? Well I know how it happened but how come it happened?"

Damian explains about the illness' effect on the pill and how far along she is.

"Are you sure it's yours son, I mean she doesn't sleep around does she?"

"No dad she doesn't sleep around," he tells him with a bit of anger to his voice.

"Well I was just asking. I don't think marriage is the right thing to do son because you just turned eighteen."

"You were eighteen when you and mom got married and she was ..." and his dad stops him.

"That is none of your business young man and besides times were different then."

"You aren't even going to ask who this girl is, are you dad? All you are concerned about is your social standing," he says bitterly.

"I'm sorry son who is she?" he says more to humor him than out of concern.

"Emelia Jameson ... Senator Kyle Jameson's daughter," he says as the phone goes silent. "Dad you still there?" he asks.

"Yes son I'm here and I heard you. I also heard her father today on national television talk about his current scandal."

"You know dad, you never cease to amaze me. I call you for advice and all you are concerned with is how this will make you look. Well thanks for nothing dad," and he hangs up.

"It didn't go well did it babe?" Emelia asks.

"All he cares about is his fucking social standing," Damian tells her.

"Its fine babe we'll make it somehow," she says.

"Let's elope Em, how about it just you and I?" he asks taking her in his arms. "We can go to a JP and get married."

"You're serious aren't you?" she asks.

"Yes I am babe and let's do it tomorrow," he says.

"Ok my dearest; nothing would make me prouder than to be your wife."


"David the house won't be ready until next week," Jeremy tells him. "It's perfect babe and enough land for your horses."

"Well we can stay at one of my hotels until its ready," he says.

"Well with graduations and the convention going on everything is booked solid. So I accepted Bret and Darren's offer to stay with them until our house is ready."

"You did what?  No I will not stay there Jer," David says as he finishes getting dressed.

"Why not do that babe?  It will be only for a week or so," he says.

"I have too many memories of that place and not all of them pleasant," he says. "There has to be a hotel or motel somewhere," he says.

"Well there isn't and we have no choice so lets go," he tells him as they leave his hospital room.

David is quiet as they ride out to Bret's place, and Jeremy is sure it's because of his feelings for Bret.

"David, Jeremy welcome," Darren says as they walk up to the door. "I'm so glad you accepted our invitation to stay with us."

"We appreciate you hospitality Darren and really we had no other choice," Jeremy says.

"Bret dear, they're here," he calls out and Bret comes in and his and David's eyes meet.

"Welcome home David," Bret says still looking intensely at him. "You also Jeremy, welcome to Strathmore Estates."

"I told you to change the name Bret," David says to him.

"I liked it so I left it that way," he says smiling at him.

"Where is sis?" David asks looking around the place.

"She's upstairs and will be down shortly. Let's go sit and have some drinks," Bret suggests leading them into the sitting room.  "Darren would you do the honors?" he asks.

"Well brother you are home again," Jeanne says giving him a hug.  "How are you Jeremy?" and she gives him one also.

"Listen all of you I am not home but just visiting got it? This is no longer my place," he says.

"Mom, Damian and I are going out with some friends for the evening," Emelia says. "If it gets late we're going to be staying over, and I will call you."

"I'd rather you would come home, but please call if you aren't going to," she says.

Later that evening ...

"I have you two in the room across from ours David. I'm sure you know the way," he says.

"I remember," he says starting up the stairs.

"Darren what time do you have to go to the hospital in the morning?" Jeremy asks.

"I'm leaving here around eight why?" he asks.

"Could you make sure I'm up? I have to meet the realtor at nine-thirty at the house," he says.

"Sure Jeremy no problem eight early enough?" he asks.

"Yes, that gives me time for a shower and a coffee. Did you want to go with me?" Jeremy asks David.

"Do I have to?  What are you doing anyways?" he asks.

"Actually not much, just going over what I want to stay and what I don't want. So why don't you sleep in and I will see you when I get home babe?"

"Thanks love," David says and gives a glance toward Bret.

The next morning Darren wakes up Jeremy and he showers and grabs a cup of coffee before leaving. David is still sleeping as his door slowly opens and he wakes to see Bret standing there.

"I was hoping you would come in," he says holding up the covers as an invitation to him and he quickly climbs in beside him.

"Are we sure we want to be doing this?" Bret asks.

"I have never been surer in my life," he says taking him into his arms and kissing him.

"Oh God David, how I have yearned for this day," he says snuggling in his arms. "I should have never let you go," he says as David puts a finger to his lips.  He climbs on top of him and kisses him passionately as their tongues fight for dominance.

"Fuck me David, like you use to," he says and David spreads Bret's legs and lines up his cock to his hole.

He gazes into Bret's eyes as he slowly pushes his cock in and is soon bottoming in his ass.

"Oh fuck I have forgotten how good your ass was," David says as he slowly starts to fuck him and Bret is meeting his every thrust.

"Fuck me hard and deep babe, like you really want me," he says as tears roll down his face.

David picks up his speed and aggressively fucks him now, and slams his cock deep inside.  They are rolling to their rhythm and are soon to the edge as Bret cries out first.

"Oh fuck me faster babe I'm cumming," and he shoots his cum out onto his chest as David also reaches his climax.

"Ahhhhh fuck I'm cumming too," and he shoots deep into Bret's ass and they ride out their climax together.

"I do still love you Bret," David says and kisses him deeply.

"I love you also David and I have never stopped."

The door flies open and there in shock stands ...

To be continued ...

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