The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 40


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and his creative input also.


From Chapter 39 ...

David picks up his speed and aggressively fucks him now, and he slams his cock deep inside.  They are rolling to their rhythm and are soon to the edge as Bret cries out first.

"Of fuck me faster babe I'm cumming," and he shoots his cum out onto his chest as David also reaches his climax.

"Ahhhhh fuck I'm cumming," and he shoots deep into Bret's ass and they ride out their climax together.

"I do still love you Bret," David says and kisses him deeply.

"I love you also David and I have never stopped."

The door flies open and there in shock stands ...

Chapter 40 ...

Jacob.  He stood there in shock watching his dad having sex with David. The guys didn't notice him as he stood there watching and he cleared his throat and they jumped.

"Jacob son what are you doing in here," Bret says to him.

"I might ask you the same thing dad. Does dad know you two are fucking while he and Jeremy are gone," he asks as the guys hurry to get up.

"Jacob its not what it looks like," David says pulling on a robe.

"Well from where I was standing it looked pretty much like you fucking my dad and you are not Darren."

"Son it just happened really we didn't intend for it to happen," Bret says as he comes over and puts his hands on his shoulders.

"Well I don't think he came into your room and took you against your will did he," he says pulling away from him. "I saw you cross the hall earlier dad and you looked before you entered."

"Son what can I say," Bret says to him. "We are still in love with each other."

"You should have thought of that before you ruined two men's lives."

"They aren't going to be ruined Jacob because this is ending here and now," David says looking at Bret. "We both have men that love us deeply Bret and to ruin their lives is not what we wanted. Jacob all I ask is that you keep what you saw to yourself son," he asks.

"I will but if I ever catch or even see a hint of this continuing I will tell them what I saw today."

"It won't ever happen again son I promise you that," David says to him. "Bret we are moving to a hotel as soon as we can."

"Wouldn't that look suspicious to everyone," he asks.

"I agree with dad because I think it would only add suspicion to the situation," Jacob says. "You are supposed to be adults so just act like it," and he walks away.

"I'm sorry he had to see that Bret but he is right we must avoid letting others see how we feel."

"And we aren't aloud to be happy babe," Bret asks.

"Darren makes you very happy and so does Jeremy make me happy. I don't want to hurt either of them because we can't keep our hormones in check."

"Fine then have it your way but I will never stop loving you David Strathmore," he says and turns and walks out.


"Jeanne we need to talk," Kyle says over the phone to her.

"Well I guess we do mister because I have filed and I want it all you prick. I am going to drag you trough the dirt so bad the you couldn't get elected dog catcher," she tells him.

"And you thought it was a picnic being married to your fucking bitching bossy ways all these years. I just regret that it took me so long to walk out on you. If you decide you want to talk you can reach me at my Uncle Stonewalls place, my mother just signed it over to me," he tells her.

"Fine now goodbye," she says and slams down the phone.

"She is still that controlling bitch Josh," he says as Josh comforts him in his arms.

"Well you know you are welcome to stay here the two of you until you decide what to do."

"I just might take you up on that Josh. How about taking a ride with me out to my uncle's place and check out how much work I have to do to it," he asks Josh.

"Sure Kyle are you thinking of doing something with the place?"

"The place belonged to my late uncle and my mother signed it over to me because it was just too much for her to stay there."

"Bad blood between them," he asks.

"He disappeared over twenty years ago and was never found or heard from."

"I do remember something in the papers about a missing senator that just vanished into thin air."

"Well that was my uncle and I now own his estate."

"Sure cowboy come on I'll go with you," he says giving him a kiss and strong hug. "Are you getting comfortable with the idea of an `us' Kyle?"

"I haven't really accepted being gay or bisexual but if I am going to be it is you that I want to be with Josh," and Josh just smiles warmly as he hugs his new love.

They drive on out to the estate and it stands against the horizon like a castle from times gone by.

"Holy shit Kyle that place is huge," Joshua says looking at looming in the distance.

"My uncle was a true Texan and liked everything on a grand scale," he says as they pull up to the front portico.

Kyle unlocks the front door and the place smells dank and musty as they enter the foyer.  The furnishings are covered with tarps and they walk through the house inspecting each room.

"Other than a good cleaning I would say this place is good to go cowboy."

"Yeah it does appear to have held up well considering the years it laid empty."

"I know a good cleaning company that can whip this place into shape in a few days."

"I'll give them a call when we get back to your place and I can contact the utilities also."

"I'll miss you cowboy now that you have your own place," Joshua says looking as though he might loose him.

"I was hoping that you might consider moving in with me Josh," he says as he takes him in his arms.

"Are you sure Kyle, I'd hate to move in and then have you get an attack of conscience and I have to move back out."

"Joshua gay, bi or straight I think the decision has been made for me," and he kisses him hard and passionate leaving no doubt as to his intentions.

"Sure cowboy I'd be honored to be your man," he says after they break their kiss.

"And there is plenty of room for Trev and his man if he decides to live with us."

"Now let's get you back so you can make those calls and I have business that I have to take care of also."

"Josh thanks bud for being there for me," Kyle says.

"That's what friends do for one another buddy and if you let me lovers are much, much more."

"I'd like to work on that last one," and he gives him a kiss.

"You keep that up cowboy and we'll never get out of here."

They head back to Joshua's home and they make their calls. Trevor calls his dad and fills him in on what has transpired the last twenty four hours.

"Son I want you to know that you and Morgan are more than welcomed to live with us out at Stonewall Estate."

"Us dad," he says. "I take it you've crossed over and are comfortable with it," he asks him.

"Yeah son I have and I want Josh to be a big part of my life now. I have asked him to move in with me and he said yes."

"I'm happy for you dad really I am but how is this going to affect your congressional career?"

"I've decided to resign my office son because I want to be here with Josh and you."

"Dad does that mean I don't have to go to Georgetown now?"

"You can go where you want son as long as you do go to college. I also need to get in touch with your sister and apologize to her for the way I handled her pregnancy."

"God dad you make me proud of you. I was always proud but the way you are handling this just makes me proud."

He hangs up with Trevor and gives Emelia a call.

"Em this is dad baby," he says as she answers her cell.

"Oh so now you want to talk to me," she says rather rudely.

"I don't blame you for hating me but I just called to say I'm sorry for the way I acted Em. I know you must hate me for the embarrassment I have put the family through. I can imagine what your mother has told you already but I would like a chance to explain my side also pet."

"Dad what are you talking about," she asks as they drive back towards Dallas.

"Where are you Em," he asks.

"Well ... Damian and I eloped and got married yesterday," she says and a long silence comes over the conversation.

"Oh God Em are you sure that this is what you both wanted," he finally asks.

"Yes dad it is and we really do love each other."

"Then I am happy for you Em really I am. So where are you both going to live," he asks.

"We aren't sure yet because mom doesn't know about it nor do I know what you were talking about either."

He explains to her everything once again and again a long silence before she speaks.

"Mom was wrong dad for not letting you explain but if you decide either way on this remember that I love you," she says to him.

"Well I have decided pet and I guess I am gay or bisexual at the least," he tells her. "If you and Damian aren't too ashamed of me you are both welcomed to stay with us until you feel comfortable to move on with you lives. I would like to see you both go to college and I am sure that something can be worked out so that you both can Em."

"Thanks dad for the invitation and let me talk this over with my husband first ok," she asks.

"Sure pet ... you know it seems strange to hear you say your husband. Just don't treat him like you mother did me all our years together Em. I would hate to see you both end up like us."

"Don't worry dad I know who wears the pants in this family and it's not me," she says smiling at Damian.

"Ok pet take care and remember what I said about having a place to stay."

"We will dad and thanks," and they both hang up.

"Josh I'm heading back out to the place to meet with the utilities and the cleaning company. Are you going to come out later or do you want me to come on back here," he asks.

"I'll meet you there cowboy and I'll bring dinner," he tells him giving him a kiss goodbye.

Kyle drives out to the estate and sets about cleaning out things he doesn't want to keep. He is in his uncle's private office clearing out books when he makes an astonishing surprise.

"What is wrong with these books that they won't come out," he says to himself. He pulls on them and the book case swings open. "What the hell is this," he asks as he pulls the case open further.

He grabs a flashlight and is about to start down the stairs when an electrical worker comes in.

"Mr. Jameson the electricity should ... is on," he says as the lights suddenly come on.

"Thank you ah ... Leon," he says reading his name badge.

The worker leaves and Kyle notices that there are now lights on in the secret stairway. He slowly descends the stairs until he comes to what appears to be a door at the bottom. He notices that the locks are still unlocked and he turns the latches to lock them.

"That's odd that someone would have left this unlocked all these years," he says aloud.

He turns to climb back up and notices a yellowish substance oozing from between the bricks and feels around what now appears to be a door. He is feeling the bricks around the doorway when he hears a click that signals that locks or a latch has been triggered. He gives the wall a push and nothing happens so he pushes harder and the wall gives way.

"This place gets more mysterious with each turn," he says as he peaks inside the dank room. "What the fuck ..." and he freezes as his flashlight hits a skeletal figure on a bed.


"Mom I'm home," Emelia calls as she and Damian enter the house. "Mom are you here," she calls again and Jeanne appears out of the kitchen.

"Where the hell have you been the last few days," she says angrily as she approaches the two lovers.

"Mom Damian and I got married," she says and Jeanne turns angrier with the news.

"You what," she screams at her and looks at Damian with anger. "I suppose this was your idea young man," she says.

"Yes it was and I happen to love your daughter," he tells her.

"Well I will get this marriage annulled," she says.

"Mother I am of legal consenting age and you have no say about who I marry, besides dad wasn't upset about it," she adds.

"Your dad is in no position to say anything," she yells. "Did he tell you how he decided to go gay after all these years of marriage?"

"Yes mother he explained everything to me and I must say that was more than you allowed him to do," and Jeanne slaps her face hard.

"How dare you judge my actions young lady," she screams as Damian comes between them.

"You will never touch my wife again do you hear me," he says to her as she swings her hand towards him. He grabs it in mid air and holds it tightly in his hand. "And you will show us both the proper respect we demand," he says as he releases her wrist.

"Get out ... get out of my sight both of you," she yells as Bret comes downstairs with Darren trailing him.

"What is going on down here," he asks looking at the trio.

"Mind you business and go upstairs," she snaps back at him.

"Listen sis this is my house and you are the guest here," he reminds her. "Again what is going on," he asks.

"We got married Uncle Bret and mother is having one of her tantrums about it," she says to him.

"Congratulations Emmy and Damian," he and Darren say together.

"Fuck you all," Jeanne screams as she runs upstairs.

"That woman is in serious need of mental help," Darren says as she pushes by him almost knocking him over.

"We are going to go out to dads to stay," Emelia says. "He told us that we were welcomed to stay with him."

"Well Emmy you are always welcomed here but considering the circumstances your dad's place might be better," he says giving her and Damian a hug. "Please give our best to your dad," he adds.

"I will and thank you Uncle Bret," and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

As they drive away Emelia calls her dad but gets his answering service instead. She leaves a message and decides to go over to the estate.


Kyle enters the room and slowly moves towards the bed where the skeleton is lying.  He notices that it appears to be tied to the head and footboards of the bed.

"Oh God uncle so this is what happened to you," he says as he finds a wallet and sees his uncle's license.  "Who could have done this horrible thing to you," he asks noticing a knife still protruding from what was once his chest.

He looks around the room and notices a black bag sitting on a table not to far from the bed. He walks over and opens it and is shocked by what he finds. He pulls out a whip and several other pieces of equipment for torturing as well as a strange leather female outfit.

"My God uncle what were you into here," Kyle asks looking at the strange articles.

He continues to look and finds the pictures at the bottom of the bag.

"What ... these are ... oh my God Jeanne what have you done," he asks aloud and then realizes what he now possesses over his wife.  "I think the tables are about to turn sweetie," he says kissing the photos.

Back upstairs he sits and places a call to Jeanne.

"Jeanne I think you and I should get together and talk soon."

"Yeah well I think you should talk through my lawyer gay boy," she snaps.

"Well I think you might not want to air this in front of a lawyer or a judge woman," he retorts back to her. "I have found some very incriminating facts concerning my uncle's disappearance."

There is a long silence before she speaks. "Ah ... how about I come over to speak to you at your place," she says in a rather calm voice now.

"I don't think so Jeanne, I'll be over in a few," and he abruptly hangs up. 

He is just about to leave when Joshua enters.

"Where you heading," Joshua asks.

"I'm glad you're here bud, come in and sit I need to talk to you."

"What's wrong sweetheart you look worried," Joshua asks. "Are we ok or is there something happening here," he just looks into Kyle's eyes.

"No bud we are fine it's the ex and I have got to show you something."

He shows him the bag containing the incriminating evidence against Jeanne and then takes him down to the secret room.

"Fuck Kyle who was that," Josh asks looking at the skeleton on the bed.

"That was my uncle and Jeanne is the one that killed him," he says looking at Josh.

"Shouldn't you go to the police babe instead of confronting her," he asks worried for his new lover.

"I am giving her a chance to explain first before going to the police. If I don't return or call you telling you that I am on my way home ..." and he pauses. "I want you to call the police and show them what I have shown you babe."

"I don't like this Kyle; if she killed him she is capable of killing him she is capable of doing the same to you babe.  Please Kyle go to the police before something happens to you," he asks holding him in his arms.

"That's why I am going to her place and not letting her come here," he tells him. "Now I want you to take this stuff and go home babe and wait for me to call you," and he gives him a kiss.

"Please Kyle don't go for our sake, call her and have her meet you somewhere public," Josh pleads.

"Fine babe for us then," and he calls Jeanne on her cell.

"Hello Kyle I thought you were coming over," she says rather pleasantly.

"I decided that we should get together somewhere public so I am going to meet you at ST Cafe & Bakery down on Skillman Street. I'll be there in about one hour so see you then," and he hangs up.

"That fucker is smarter than I gave him credit for," she says to herself as she slams the receiver down.

"I don't think she liked the change in plans bud but would you come with me and sit at another table to just watch my back," he asks Josh.

"I was just going to suggest that cowboy so let's get going and so we can get there before she does."

They drive down to the restaurant and are no sooner sitting at separate tables when Jeanne enters the establishment.

"Why the sudden change of venues Kyle, don't you trust me," she says sitting down.

"Frankly I stopped a lot of things many years ago Jeanne and that is not why I had you come today."

"So what do you want or is this going to be a guessing game," she asks smugly.

"Well let's say that what I found cleaning out my uncle's den led me to an even bigger discovery Jeanne," and he slides the pictures of the quads across the table to her.

Her face goes white as she looks in shock at the pictures knowing full well where he got them.

"Kyle what do you want in exchange for your silence," she asks knowing that the cards just fell against her.

"Jeanne why ... why did you kill him and leave him there all these years," he asks staring at her.

"Kyle ... your uncle is the rightful father of Bret's and David's children because of a rape," she says with tears in her eyes.  She went on to tell him about all that happened the night of the rape and then the night she killed him.

"Jeanne ... my God and I thought I knew you," he says.

"Kyle please babe ... what are you going to do," she asks.

"Now I'm babe and your tone is so sweet Jeanne when just this morning you wanted me to talk only to your lawyer."

"Alright let's be adults about this and just tell me what you want and you got it."

"What I want is for you to go to the police about this," he tells her.

"Well that's not going to happen so lets just cut to the quick and tell me what I can do for your silence. You want a non contested divorce fine you got it. You want everything we built up through the years you got that also just fucking tell me damn it Kyle."

"Will you keep your voice down," he says noticing others looking towards them. "I don't know what I am going to do Jeanne but I need some time to think this out. I will let you know as soon as I do so in the mean time call off you pack of wolves that have been at my jugular and tie them up."

"Fine Kyle if that is what you want for the time being I can do that. Please Kyle if any of the past twenty years mean anything to you still let me know before you just surprise me."

"Yes Jeanne I can do that and Jeanne no sneaky or dirty tricks please because I do have my back covered and you will go to the gallows."

"Sure babe no tricks I promise ... ah when can I expect to hear from you then," she asks.

"I'll call you be this time tomorrow," he tells her and she gets up and leaves.

"That went well didn't it," Josh asks sitting down at Kyle's table.

"To well for my comfort Josh," he says. "I just don't trust her any further than I can throw her."

"She wouldn't try to come around and kill you would she," he asks.

"I wouldn't put anything past her when her back is against the wall Josh. I want you to stay at your place until this is resolved ok bud," he says to him.

"No babe my place is beside you and I won't rest knowing you are in danger out there all alone."

"Please Josh I can't have you in danger because of this."

"Just go to the police babe please, before she does something we both will regret."

"I told her that I would tell her tomorrow my decision so I am going to give her that much."

"Well I still think you are making a big mistake here but I will respect your decision ... but I will not let you stay out there alone."

"Fine Josh ... you can come and stay with me."

They pick up their checks and leave after paying. The drive out to Stonewall Estate is quiet as they sit in the dark. They arrive at the estate and the place is dark but for the moonlight shining on the cloudless night.

"I am falling in love with you Kyle," Josh says standing holding Kyle to him. "And I know it's still too early for you to have the same feelings for me."

"Josh I may be struggling here with my current sexuality but one thing I do know is that I am also falling in love with you. No one has ever loved me so intensely and unconditionally as you have my friend."

"Really cowboy you are falling for me also," and he pulls him to him and they kiss intensely and long as a shot rings out and the couple fall to the ground.

"Nooooo God..."

To be continued ...

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