The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 41


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From Chapter 40 ...

They pick up their checks and leave after paying. The drive out to Stonewall Estate is quiet as they sit in the dark. They arrive at the estate and the place is dark but for the moonlight shining on the cloudless night.

"I am falling in love with you Kyle," Josh says standing holding Kyle to him. "And I know it's still too early for you to have the same feelings for me."

"Josh I may be struggling here with my current sexuality but one thing I do know is that I am also falling in love with you. No one has ever loved me so intensely and unconditionally as you have my friend."

"Really cowboy you are falling for me also," and he pulls him to him and they kiss intensely and long as a shot rings out and the couple falls to the ground.

"Nooooo God..."

Chapter 41 ...

"Kyle please talk to me," Josh says panicking as Jeanne walks up to them with her gun in hand.

"Get away from him you fag," she says to Josh.

"Jeanne why ... he wasn't going to tell on you," he tells her. "I wanted him to but he wouldn't out of some sense of devotion still to you."

"Oh you break my heart now get up," she says pointing the gun at him. "This is going to look like a lover's murder suicide," she says.

"Mom what is going on," Emelia yells coming out of the house with Damian. 

Jeanne turns around in surprise and Josh lunges at her knocking her to the ground and the gun goes off shooting her.

"Mom nooooo," Emelia screams out as she and Damian run towards her.

"Call 911," Josh yells out to them. "Your dad and mom have both been shot," he tells them.

Damian dials 911 and gives the information to the operator as best as he knows it.

"What is happening here and who are you," she asks.

"I'm Joshua your dad's friend and your mom just shot him before you came out. She was going to shoot me and make it look like a murder suicide," he explains.

"Josh help me," Kyle says with a weak voice.

"Hold on cowboy help is on the way. You have been shot by Jeanne and now she is shot also," he tells him.

"Is she ..." and he looses consciousness.

"Mom ... mom please answer me," Emelia cries holding her in her lap.

"She's dead," Damian says as he feels for her pulse.

"No babe she just unconsciousness," she insists as the ambulance arrives. "Is my dad ok," she asks him.

"I don't know babe let me check," he tells her as the attendants arrive. They check Jeanne for a pulse and declare her dead and move over to Kyle. He is still alive but unconscious and they attend to him. The police arrive shortly after and Josh explains about what happened and about the corpse inside. He takes a few policemen into the secret room and shows them the remains of Kyle's uncle.

"If you don't need me I must go to the hospital," Josh says hearing the ambulance leave.

"We need you to stay until the coroner arrives sir and we will need your statement."

It takes more than two hours until Josh is able to leave and go to the hospital. He arrives and he is told that only family members are allowed to see Kyle. Damian comes out as Josh is about to loose it.

"Nurse he's fine," he tells her. "This is his life partner and closest friend."

"Thanks ..." and he realizes he doesn't know his name.

"Damian Fitzgerald, Emelia's husband," he says offering his hand to him.

"Joshua Banning ... how is my Kyle," he asks.

"He's going to be fine but he lost a great deal of blood and is very weak. He has been asking for you," he tells him.

"Kyle I'm here my friend," Josh says taking his hand and leaning over him. He opens his eyes and gives a slight smile.

"Are you all right Josh?" he asks.

"Yes love I'm fine and they say you are going to be fine also."

"God I didn't want this to happen Josh.  As soon as I am able I am going to resign my office," he tells him.

"Well you just worry about recovering now and we can take care of that later," and he bends down and kisses him.

"You know if it wasn't for you he wouldn't be here and my mother would be alive," Emelia shouts at Josh. "You have a lot of nerve showing up here."

"Emelia you have no right to talk to him that way," Kyle says with a weak voice. "What happened tonight was not Joshua's fault but solely that of your mother."

"Whatever dad but he had everything to do with you becoming gay," she says giving dagger looks at Josh.

"I made my decision on my own and he had nothing to do with it now apologize young lady or leave."

"My ass I will apologize to him or you dad," she says grabbing her things and leaving. "Damian lets go now," she snaps at him.

They walk out of the room and Kyle watches and sees his wife in Emelia.

"God help that boy," Kyle says looking up at Josh. "I'm sorry for the things she said to you Josh."

"Babe please don't worry about me now rest," he says giving him another kiss.

"I want to go home Josh," he says looking at Josh.

"As soon as the doctors release you babe I will take you home. Now how about we just relax and be thankful that you are alive my cowboy," Josh asks kissing Kyle's hand.

"I don't deserve you Josh but please don't ever leave me."

"You just try to get rid of me," he says.

Downstairs Emelia and Damian are arguing about her dad and Josh.

"Emmy babe please listen to reason here, your mom is the one that went psycho tonight.  She intently came looking for your dad with the express notion to kill him."

"You have no right to say anything like that against my mother. How would you know what she was thinking about tonight?"

"Emmy she was at your dad's house with her gun. She shot him and was going to shoot Joshua also and make it look like he did it.  And besides there is the corpse of your dad's uncle downstairs in that dungeon."

"They haven't proved she did that murder and just who's side you on mister?"

"I am on your side babe and I want you to look at the facts."

"Well that may be so but I do know that that Josh made my dad gay and I will never forgive him for that.  If he hadn't seduced my dad he would still be with my mom."

"Babe you know that's not true, they were just a time bomb waiting to go off. He had already decided to leave that night.  He was not coming back to her and you and I both know it."

"Oh Damian why..." and she cries on his shoulder as he holds her to him.


"My fellow Texans, I have come before you today to resign my office as Senator from this great state. I have performed my duties of office to the best of my abilities and now because of my personal life matters I feel it right to resign effective immediately.  I thank you for your show of support during my recovery and also for the kind words you spoke to me through your cards and letters. Again I thank you for having supported me during my years in office and I wish this state well.  Thank you."

Kyle steps from the podium without taking questions for he doesn't want to add to the pain his family already feels.

"Are you alright Kyle," Josh asks putting his arm on Kyle's shoulder.

"Yeah bud I am now thanks. Can we go home Josh I am tired and I really don't want to confront anymore reporters."

"Sure babe just follow me," he tells him leading him out a back entrance.  They drive back to Jameson Estate which Kyle now calls his uncle's old place and they are met by Trevor and Morgan.

"Dad are you alright," Trevor asks looking at his dad.

"Yes son I am fine just a little tired."

"I'm taking him upstairs and putting him in for a nap," Josh says and takes him by the hand leading him to the stairs.

Upstairs Josh helps Kyle undress and gets him into bed tucking him in.

"Aren't you going to join me," Kyle asks.

"You are tired and need your rest babe."

"I was just saying that to get you upstairs babe now get your ass in here with me," he says.

Joshua undresses and climbs in with Kyle and they kiss long and hard as they hold each other tight.

"Make love to me cowboy," Josh says as he lies on his back pulling Kyle onto him.

"Josh there is something that I have wanted to say to you for some time now."

"What Kyle ... are we alright babe," he asks looking worried at him.

"Shhhh babe we are fine, all I want to say is ... I love you Joshua Banning."

"Oh Kyle I love you so much," and they kiss as the tears roll down Josh's face.

"Are you alright babe," Kyle asks wiping off the tears.

"Yes babe I am just so happy to hear you tell me that you love me. Now will you make love to me cowboy," he asks.

Kyle slowly enters Josh's ass as Josh pulls him all the way in causing them both to sigh. Kyle lifts up and starts to slowly starts to fuck his lover until they find their rhythm.   He gradually picks up his pace and they are soon in the heat of their passion as they find their lips and kiss. Kyle keeps his pace and soon has Josh to the edge as he yells out in his passion,

"Oh fuck cowboy I'm cumming," he shouts and shoots his seed out onto his chest and tightens his ass around Kyle's cock bringing him to his climax.

"I'm cumming babe," and he shoots his seed deep into his lover's ass as the rhythm takes over and keeps his hips pumping hard and deep into his man. "Oh fuck babe I can't stop shooting," and he shoots more into his ass. He keeps on pumping until he is spent and drops down onto Josh.

"I love you Kyle so much," he says as the tears form in his eyes.

"I love you also Josh more than my own life," he says and kisses Josh again. "Will you marry me and be my partner for life Joshua?"

"I would be honored to be your mate and partner Kyle," he says and they kiss to seal their love.


"Trevor now that I am legal age do you still love me and want to marry me," Morgan asks.

"I want you more than ever Morgan and Josh is letting us have his place to live in until we can buy our own."

"Your dad and Josh are really happy together aren't they Trev?"

"I haven't seen my dad this happy in years babe. My mom never treated him right and she never appreciated him. I am glad he has found someone that will love him for him."

"I was surprised he turned gay though; don't you think he was maybe hiding it," Morgan asks.

"I doubt it Morgan because he even seemed taken back by his sudden attraction to a man. I just think that Josh may have just touched a part of him that needed to be loved and only a man like Josh could do it. Now how about you give your man some loving babe," he asks taking Morgan into his arms.

"You know you don't have to ask me babe just show me," and he kisses him so tenderly.

"I love you Morgan and want to spend the rest of my life with you babe."

"I love you also Trev and I accept your proposal of marriage."

"Marriage why you sly little dog ... come here and show me how much you want me."

They kiss passionately as their hands undress each other and the stand and look as they remove their pants. Trevor takes him lover and lies him down on the bed and crawls on top of him as they kiss holding onto each other tightly.

"Make love to me Trev and take me for yourself."

He spreads his legs as Trevor prepares his lover for the love making they will share. He slowly enters his lover and Morgan cries out as he is slowly filled by his lover.

"Take me babe and make me yours," he says as Trevor bottoms out and they sigh as their eyes meet. He lifts up and starts to slow fuck him as he searches for their rhythm that will carry them to the climax they seek. He is soon riding in and out at a pace that Morgan is rising to meet him and they ride out their rhythm in bliss.

"You have me so close babe," Morgan whispers after a while of steady love making. "Oh God babe I'm cumming," he howls as he shoots his seed upon his chest and Trevor leans down to kiss his lover as he also reaches his climax.

"Hold me babe I'm cumming," and he shoots his seed deep into his lover's ass. Rope after rope he shoots unable to stop his rhythm until he is finally spent and drops down on his lover.  "I love you Morgan," and he gives him a kiss that is full of the passion that they are feeling.

"Let's just stay like this my love for I want this to last forever," and he kisses him passionately again.


"Emelia are you or rather are we going to be alright," Damian asks.

"Yes babe we are," she says. "I was wrong to accuse Joshua and dad of killing my mother when she brought on her own problems. I still can't believe she killed dad's uncle and leaving him there all those years. No wonder she was so bitter and moody all the time she was dealing with that guilt inside her."

"Well as long as we are ok and you don't ever treat me like that babe we will make it. Now our flight leaves in the morning for Washington D. C. and my dad's chauffeur will meet us at the airport. Mom is going to like you and dad ... well he's dad and let's leave it at that."

"As long as I have you beside me baby we will be fine.  Now let's go to bed and get some sleep because we have to get up early in the morning."

"I love you Emmy with my entire heart babe."

"I love you too Damian and nothing can ever separate us," and they kiss deeply and then she cuddles in his arms as they drift off to sleep.


"David I need to speak to you please," Jeremy says with a sad tone.

"Jer what is it you sound so down," David says.

"I am David and this is not easy for me to say so please don't interrupt me. I don't love you any more David for I have fallen in love with Darren and he loves me also. He is at his house telling Bret this very minute the same thing."

"Jer when did this happen," David asks in shock at the news.

"We didn't mean for it to happen it just did over the last few months. It seems that we were always together alone and then one night it just happened he kissed me and I kissed him back. We are tired of sneaking around and decided that it would be better to tell you both and go our separate ways."

"I see ... so you two have given this a lot of thought then. I don't suppose you have given any thought as to Bret and my feelings have you?"

"Oh come off it David we both know that you two will be back in each other's arms before my bags are even out of the house. So this should be good news for the both of you."

"Yes you are right Jer I do still love Bret but I am not sure if he still loves me."

"Of course he loves you Davy look at the way he looks at you. Anyone can tell that the guy is in love with you it is written all over his face."

"Well that may be babe and I hope you both will be happy together. So where are you two going to live," David asks.

"Darren has taken a position at Massachusetts General Hospital as head of pediatrics so we will be leaving the day after tomorrow."

"Wow Boston huh, it's been a long time since I lived in Boston," he says thinking back to the times of Ryan and Sean his dads. "Well make sure you dress warm because the wind off the Charles River can be brutal."

"I must say you took this better than I expected you to David."

"What else can I do, throw a tantrum or start hitting you Jer?"

"Well I hope you and Bret do get back together David because I know you two belong together. We both know it don't we David," he asks looking him in the eyes.

"Only time will tell Jer, only time will tell. Now what or rather where are you planning on staying until you leave? I know you don't want to stay with me here or do you."

"We have a hotel room near the airport Davy and we will be there until our plane leaves."

"I hope you and Darren find that happiness we had in the beginning Jeremy. Ah... was it something I did or didn't do that drove you into his arms Jer," David finally asks.

"No babe you did nothing at all. We just had too much time alone together and we just fell in love with each other out of being left alone so often. If you did anything it was leaving me alone so much with myself that's all babe. I love you but not like I love Darren and I hope you truly find happiness with Bret again," and he kisses him on the cheek.

"Thank you Jeremy and I wish the best for you and Darren also babe. Now why don't we just part before we make fools of ourselves babe ok."

"Ok Davy and you take care of yourself," he says and walks out.

David goes and watches him as he drives away and then sits and ponders his future as the phone rings.

"Yeah Hello sorry," he says answering the phone.

"I see you just got your news also David," Bret says. "Can I come over to talk about it please David," he asks.

"Sure babe come on over there is no reason to not come anymore."

"I'll be there in a few cowboy," he says his heart all aflutter.

David sits and thinks how his life has come full circle with Bret coming back into his life. He never stopped loving that man and yet out of duty and honor to Jeremy and Darren they remained apart. He smiles at the thought of being able to openly love him once again as the phone rings again.

"Hello David speaking," he answers.

"Dad its Ryan," his son says. "Heather and I are getting married," he tells him.

"That is great news son are you both sure that this is what you truly want," he asks.

"Yes dad it is and I love her more than life itself. I also love ranching dad and dad please don't be angry with me for not wanting to go into the hotel business with ya'll."

"Ryan all I ever wanted was your happiness son. If ranching and Heather make you happy then I am happy son for you."

"Thanks dad and we will be home this weekend to see ya'll both."

"Ah son there have been some changes here and Jeremy and I are no longer together son. Bret and Darren split as well and now it looks as if we will be finally back together son your two dads."

"Are you happy about all this," Ryan asks.

"Yes son I am very happy," he says as Bret walks through the door. "Son we can talk about this more when you both come home this weekend ok."

"Sure dad and thank you so much for understanding how I feel. I love ya'll so much dad," he says with his voice cracking.

"I love you also Ryan now go kiss your girl for me and tell her welcome to the Strathmore family."

"I will dad and see ya'll this weekend," and he hangs up.

David turns and stares at Bret who has tears in his eyes and he just holds out his arms as Bret runs quickly into them. Their lips meet with a kiss that says how their hearts feel and they cling tightly to each other.

"David we are together finally after all these years," Bret says as the tears fall.

"Bret you have always been in my heart and never once have I ever stopped loving you."

"I love you David and I will never let you go again so help me God," and he kisses him hard and passionately.


"Marshall what are we going to do now that we are in love babe?"

"I have college to finish and you still have four years of it doll so why don't we just take a break and see what happens."

"You are dumping me aren't you Marshall. I was nothing but a good fuck buddy for you while you were here."

"Well ... yeah Jake I didn't think you would fall in love with me. I thought we would just have some great sex and part friends."

"Just get the fuck out of here Marshall. I don't want to see you ever again do you hear me."

"Come on babe let's not end like this," he says taking Jacob in his arms.

"What did you expect a farewell fuck or blow job Marshall," he says pulling away. "Good then lets fuck then," he says stripping and getting on the bed. "Come on Marshall this is what you want isn't it... well isn't it."

"Jacob get up and get dressed don't do this to us."

"What us you don't want an us you made that real clear."

"I fell for you also Jake but God man I don't know how to handle what I am feeling for you."

"Marshall just go with those feelings that is all you have to do babe. Now get over here and make love to your man."

"I do love you Jake really I do and yes at the beginning I thought man a fuck buddy. I never counted on falling in love with you so now what baby?"

"I can go to your college and we can get a place together," he says as Marshall climbs on top of him.

"How will your dad feel about this," he asks.

"They won't mind babe because they want me to be happy that's all."

"I do have a place up there already and you can move in with me as long as we commit for life Jacob because I love you and don't want to loose you."

"I love you and yes I want to commit also lover so now will you make love to me or do I have to rape your sexy body?"

They kiss as Marshall slides his lubed cock slowly into his lover and mate and the two sigh as he bottoms and soon they find their rhythm.


"Sean will you consider staying here with me in Ireland babe," Shamus says to him. "I love you and want to spend my life with you if you will have me Sean."

"I love you too Shamus ... but God I miss my Texas and family. No babe I can't stay here as much as I love you I can't stay here. I was going to ask you to come and stay with me in Texas though."

"Yes Sean yes," he says jumping up and down with excitement. "I'll live where ever you are baby if it's Texas then make me a cowboy."

"Let's tell your folks and then call my dads babe."


"Beth why must we part babe," Trenton asks.

"Because although you are a nice guy Trent I just don't love you enough to marry you," she tells him. "Besides I want to live here and be a part of my dad's hotel empire."

"I see so my life is not good enough for you then is it Beth."

"That is not what I was saying and you know it Trent. I want to live in Texas and I don't want to be a politician's wife."

"Well I wish you well then Beth and I hope your dreams come true for you," he says kissing her softly on the cheek.

"I wish you the same Trent and I know you will make a fine senator someday. Here comes our brothers now so let's not make a scene."

"Hey guys what's up Beth," Jacob asks noticing their demeanor.

"I am not going back with them brother but I see you are," she says noticing his carry on.

"Yeah I'm applying at Marshall's school and transferring so we can be together sis. We have committed as life partners."

"I am so happy for you brother," and she kisses him and Marshall.

"Yeah bro congrats and wait until dad hears this one," he says smiling. "He is going to bust a gut now not only having a gay son but a gay son in law also."

"Am I going to be a problem for you Marshall?"

"No babe you aren't. My life and choice of partner is mine to make and control so let's get on board," he says taking his hand.

"Goodbye sis and give my love to dad and tell him I will call once we are settled."

"I will Jake and be happy brother and remember I love you."

"Love ya to sis," he says as Marshall pulls him towards the gate. "Bye sis," he shouts and disappears.

"Well Beth that went we if I should say so myself," she says aloud.


This my readers closes the Strathmore's for now. They will return in the future as their lives begin to take on different twists and turns. I hope you enjoyed this story and please let me know at .