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Subject: The Triathlete And His Photographer - Chapter SIX


Hey guys,


This is chapter six of my sixth story. I hope you enjoy reading this


I should also like to thank Charles (USA) for all his help in the

preparation of this manuscript. In particular, for his additions.


I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send me an e-mail

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I am a German from Hamburg.


I have translated my work into English but some of the prose

needs a finishing touch. So, if you can spare a few minutes, I would

appreciate your advice.


Hope you enjoy!





The Triathlete And His Photographer

Chapter SIX


.... edited by Charles (USA)



"So, what do you imagine for a consideration," Miguel asked me.

This time I put everything on one card and gave up my reserve.

If I had not tried it at least once for what I really want, I would regret

it later, maybe. I took all my courage together looked into his eyes

and tried to look at him as innocent as I could.


"Id like to give you a blow job."

"Huuh, what a great desire. Yeah, right, like that's gonna happen.

In exchange for some photographs? Now you've's still very finite.

Then I lay with my assumption earlier but not so very wrong."


"I'll take that as a `maybe,' then," I laughed, knowing he was being



"Best I can do is put it on your wish list for like when hell freezes

over. From a business standpoint alone, giving me a blow job would

be way too much return on your investment. Your photos are really

great, but they're still in the `look, but don't touch' area of the catalog.

Let's talk about the instructional videos you're going to make of me

and for me. I think that's where the real money is. Since I will be happy

to work with you a little longer and have to offer some interesting

consideration, I cant give the big prize away now. How am I supposed

to keep you in line."

Something I sassy replied, "oh, you would keep me quite happy, if you'd

let me give you a blow job every time after a job of your project is done."

Miguel laughed again.

"Sorry, but a blow job today ain't in the cards. What would be your second

biggest wish?" Miguel wanted to know.

"Because I have to think, it's hard to pack in a sequence. I would like to

photograph you naked with a hardon."

Miguel laughed again, "Okay, I'll even think about it and put it on your list.

What other wishes do you have?"

"I would like to feel and touch your naked body while standing in front of

me with an erection."

This time Miguel chuckled, "I also put this on the list. Something else?

It seem you did overcome your shyness at least. Thats good let us

speak openly."

"I would like to photograph you naked with a flaccid penis."

"Okay, well I put this also on the list and will think about it. Honestly,

I am not interested in another photo shoot. I will think seriously about

everything you have suggested. When do you had time to make the

training video - to shoot with me and get it done? When the first video

is ready and like I imagine it, then I will not let rags and will show me

generous." He grinned.

"This weekend we could take the video to attack."

"Great, that's a word. Do you have another sexual fantasy that you

want to try with me? "Miguel said, grinning at me.

"I have to disappoint you," I said, "My sexual fantasy are limited to

handsome men in skintight jeans, tight bathing suit or tiny underwear,

and otherwise always comes to take pictures."

"It surprises me now, but really. I would have thought that now there

is a whole range of sexual variations to light. "

"We can sometimes turn the tables. What did you have for sexual

fantasies, Miguel? "

Miguel smiled and said nothing. Then, after a short pause, he said,

"I'll reveal my sexual fantasies only after we've shot at least three

videos together. Not before. You'll have to wait a little!"

"Okay, I give up Miguel. I think the best way forward is for you to

make a suggestion: what do you think would be an appropriate

quid pro quo? Then I'll tell you if I agree."

"Oh, you give up so quickly? I would have thought you fight a little

more at this important price. Didn't anyone ever teach you that

Fortune favors the bold? Well, perhaps we can agree on an attenuated

variant and combination of what you've already suggested, and I have

put on your wish list. How about, for example, if you were allowed to

touch me anywhere and everywhere. However, I will keep my under-

wear on. You may not remove my underpants or reach inside them."

"Okay, that is to say, I can also feel your genitals, but only through

the fabric of your briefs?"

"Right. Oh, and because you are sometimes obsessively so, and you

look for things that you enjoy many hours at a stretch invest, we should

set a time limit, say 20 minutes. Otherwise I would be here for hours

or even probably have to spend days on end," Miguel said, and laughed

loud and intense at his own joke.

"Just so we both understand each other clearly: I can touch you any-

where I like, anyway I like, with whatever I like, for 20 solid minutes?"

"Exactly," said Miguel. Now, however, was somewhat skeptical and

raised an eyebrow. "I wont let you hurt me."

I have no idea what he fears seemed to have suddenly.

"Well, then we have a deal."

After my quick shower I had just pulled over a sweater, a pair of pants

and a baggy jeans. It benefited me now. I took off my sweater and this

time it was Miguel who looked surprised.

"What is that supposed to be now?" he asked.

"Wait and see," I said and put my jeans and my briefs off too.
Miguel looked at my naked body and was just a little unsure what to

make of it.

"Are you nuts? I never said you could take off your clothes! I dont

want to have sex with you" said Miguel bit shocked.

"Well, Miguel, if you make a deal, one must remember always the

small print. In this case you have neglected to prescribe my clothing

for this event or what parts of my body can and cannot touch yours.

Too bad, but that's business. Now stand still, I have work to do and

only the next 20 minutes to do it."


"Okay," Miguel said, "but you think of our agreement. No part of you

goes inside my briefs."

I could tell Miguel was wondering what the hell he had just gotten

himself into, especially with me now totally naked. He now felt some-

what uncomfortable. The thing had taken a somewhat unexpected

turn for him.

He got up and stood next to me head. We were only about 30 inches

apart. The first thing I began to feel his face. I felt his forehead, his

nose, his ears, his mouth and chin. I then touched his neck and

powerful shoulders.

My hands slid further to strengthen his upper arms. They had exactly

the curves that you want. A well trained front with hard biceps and

backside big triceps. Then I let my hands slide to his powerful chest

muscles. I felt especially his two nipples until they were hard. Then my

hands made their way slowly down to his slim waist and his narrow hips.

I knelt down, until I was at eye level with his crotch.

At first I felt with both hands, his strong buttocks. His strong thighs

followed. I let my hands slide down on his knees and touched his short

strong calves. Then I had my hands on the inside of the powerful legs

of the young athletes up again. I felt again his powerful thighs before

I brought my hands slowly toward the crotch.

Miguel's dick and his balls were clearly visible both in his briefs. I felt

and squeezed his genitals for a moment with my fingers. Then my

fingers wandered back to his ass cheeks and I pressed my face into

his soft genitals very slowly.

"Damn," Miguel said, "You have tricked me. I had not expected that."

This time I had to grin.

Since I knew the clock was running, I allowed myself this pleasure only

a few minutes. Then I got up and hugged Miguel. The hug was a surprise

for Miguel too.

My face pressed gently against his face. With my hands while fingering

his back, his shoulders and his upper arms.

Miguel was totally surprised by this massive body closeness and intimacy.

He had not imagined the whole. My erect penis pressed against his flaccid

penis. I rubbed my stiff cock to his crown jewels.

I slid off my face with Miguel's face down to his neck and shoulder. Then

I broke the embrace and stepped around him. Miguel was surprised and

unsure what would happen next. He said nothing. Even if all he likes,

perhaps should not, he had to admit that what I was doing everything

within our agreement moving.

I stood behind Miguel and hugged him again. My body pressed against

his. Again I pressed my face into his face with my hands again as I felt

his genitals. Then again I had a hand slide along his body upward. I touched

his flat stomach and chest. With the other hand, I still felt off his member

and his nuts. I pressed again and again very close to Miguel's body.

My erect penis pressed between his strong round ass cheeks. My touch

and movement were, as always, gently and without haste. I breathed in

the scent of young athletes. After a few minutes, I also broke the embrace

and took another step around him. When I told him again faced head-on,

I looked him straight in the eye. Miguel was uncertain.

Again, I embraced him and pressed my body close to his. My penis is

pressed firmly against his penis which now feel like I could no longer was

limp. After a few more minutes, I reached down to my face back down into

his crotch to press. With my hands, I felt again his powerful thighs his strong


This time it was Miguel's voice cracked with something when he said,

"you have it about 3 more minutes."

I got up and pressed my face against his face. I let my mouth slowly from

one side of his face to the other side walk with our two mouths and only

briefly touched slightly. It was not a kiss. But it was great.

With one hand, I grabbed one of Miguel's hands and held it while I touched

his face with my face.  Holding hands with Miguel was great. With my penis,

I felt that Miguel's penis was not erect while, but larger and stronger than

at the beginning of my touches. Then I took Miguel's other hand and led

him to take my erect member. He had now found my penis in his hand and

I moved my hips slowly.

Quietly whispered Miguel, "the time is up."

Both of our hands let go and Miguel let go my member and made a small step

backwards to move away from me. We both looked into the eyes.


He said softly, "that was surprisingly intense, that I had not expected. Would you now please dress again. "

"If I can do you a favor, I do it," I grinned.

"By the way, you're pretty fit as I could see and feel for a photographer,"

he joked.




..... to be continued ....  
copyright Moritz  Hamburg  Germany








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