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There's a Prince in the Kitchen


Chapter 6


NOT good. Not good. Not good.


I was in the dark alleyway. No way could I stay here. But my body refused to move. Someone shoved me from behind and I fell to the hard ground, the wind knocked out of me. A kick to my stomach came before I could take a breath. I nearly blacked out. I wish I had.


My vision blacked out, and I felt myself being pushed down and dragged. The sniggers and the vulgar words were being thrown down at me like sharp stones. They were gonna get me good, teach me a lesson. Faggots like me didn't belong on Gods beautiful blue world. My body shuddered and I tried to scream as hard as I could when I felt them tear my jeans off. I got kicked in my head for the trouble and blood gushed out of my mouth. Another kick speared into my abdomen.


My eyes were wet and I was gasping as I felt their brutal, hard hands roam my body. The tears stung my eyes and moistened the blindfold tied painfully tight around my head. My shirt was ripped off next and the cold wind knifed through me.


I heard a belt buckle loosen, and my mind screamed in terror. "Stop!" I pleaded with them, but they laughed, these faceless monsters, and I whimpered as I realized what was going to happen to me. So I shut up. I would not give them the satisfaction of screaming out.


One of their clammy hands touched my ass, and I struggled not wrench myself away, I knew I was just going to get beaten more. This had to be over quickly. This nightmare had to end now.


Why couldn't I wake up?


And then I felt it, sliding between my buttocks. And then the stabbing-


No no no no! Please no!


I struggled harder, screamed louder and my head exploded in pain, yet I remained aware.


No no no no! Please no!


Their slick, clammy hands stroked my body. I felt like retching. Not like this, I prayed.


I would not scream. I would not scream. I would not scream.


I screamed.


And wrenched myself out of the bed, still screaming, thrashing. I heard a voice, distinct, male.


"Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" I chanted, my back against the wall.


"Lucio! Oh God, Lucio! Wake up!"


I continued my mantra, rocking back and forth.


"Papa." I heard a shaking female voice. "Papa what's wrong with Lucho?" Anya, I remembered. She couldn't pronounce my name properly.


I heard the patter of feet. "Anya no, don't get closer." I felt small hands on my face, and I finally opened my eyes. Anya's face hovered before mine, her expression sorrowful.


"Lucho, it's me Anya. Are you awake?"


Tears spilled from my eyes. I was so tired. I nodded at Anya, my throat was otherwise occupied.


"Can I hug you?" she asked. "Papa gives me hugs when I have bad dreams."


I noticed Julian in the background, face stricken, wringing his hands, not knowing what to do. Was he disgusted?


Anya embraced me after I nodded once again. Wrapping my arms around her dainty body, I cried into her shoulders. After a few moments I felt Julian's arms come around us.


"I am so sorry," he whispered.


I believed he was. Not sorry for me, but sorry for what had happened to me. I accepted it as support from him. Julian was beginning to really heal me, by being with me, by loving me.


I loved him in that moment.


I LEFT the two of them early the next morning. We'd all crawled into Julian's huge bed, Anya on my left and Julian on my right, both holding me, cocooning me from the nightmares it seemed. It was the most peaceful night I ever had.


It wasn't far to walk to Lucio's. The sun was only beginning its ascent when I reached the restaurant. The back door was open, which meant Sarah had already arrived. I found her in the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hand. We didn't greet each other as I sat down next to her at the counter. She handed me her coffee and I took a sip and grimaced at the dark, bitter taste. I liked mine a little sweet.


"So," she said after I handed the cup back to her.


"So," I answered.


You stayed the night, she didn't say, but it was implied.


"Yeah," I answered the unvoiced comment.


She was amused; I could see it in her eyes.


"I love him," I continued.


Sarah smiled and took my hand. "You sound so surprised."


"I guess I am."


"A good surprise, or bad one?"


"Good," I answered. "Definitely good."


The morning passed gloriously quickly. Everyone seemed chipper and good humored. A petite young lady arrived and announced that she was Lynn Summers, Julian's P.A. She handed me the contract. I thanked her and offered her a cup of coffee, to which she declined. Grinning, she said Julian kept her on a tight leash.


Julian didn't seek me out, or call, only sent me a text message wishing me a good day. I appreciated it, needing the time to decide where my feelings were taking me. Being with Julian was something I wanted very much, but was it the right thing for me?


The photographer arrived in the early afternoon, and I cleared an area for me to work. His name was Graham, a quiet fellow, intense, his eyes never remaining still, always looking for the perfect angle. He photographed me as I worked, and I hoped I didn't look terrible, but he assured me that it was good, and that I had a regal naturalness about me that was endearing. I thought of Anya calling me a prince.


Graham left two hours later. Dean arrived and I spent some time with him, teaching him some recipes, and tips and tricks of the kitchen. He was definitely receptive, and I wondered if he perhaps had a chef hidden within him. Only time would tell.


AFTER we closed, I decided to walk to Julian's place. I knew what I wanted. Spending time with Dean made me realize that you needed to cherish the good things, as I was trying to get him to do. I didn't know much of his past, but I hope I was having a good start.


The night was cool and clear, and I walked quickly. The lights in the house were on when I arrived. Walking up to the door, I pressed the doorbell. A moment later the door opened to reveal the object of my desire. Julian stood there, in pajama bottoms and a happy smile. His hair was still damp from a recent shower.


"Good evening," I greeted shyly.


"Good evening," he replied, opening the door wider to let me in.


Turning, he led me to the living room. I stared at his back, broad and muscled. How would it feel to lean my head against it?


Deep in thought, I didn't realize Julian was talking to me until I felt him touch my cheek.


"Hey, are you okay?" His eyes held concern.


"I am," I nodded.


"I was hoping you would come," Julian confessed.


I smiled at him. He was mesmerizing. On impulse, I kissed him. He responded immediately, and took me into his arms, maneuvering us to the large sofa. Julian sat down and pulled me on top of him.


"Anya," I murmured.


"Not here," Julian responded against my neck, making wonderful sensations spark through me.


My skin tingled, my breath hitched, heat pooled. Julian pulled my jumper and t-shirt off, exposing me to him for the first time. His lips journeyed downward, slowly, until they clamped over my nipple. Gasping, I ran my fingers through his silky soft hair.


I pushed him onto his back so that I could explore him. He lay down willingly and my hands roamed and my lips kissed. I had him gasping. Lower and lower I went, until my chin brushed against his concealed manhood. I saw it pulsing slightly. This was the kind of effect I had on him, I realized. It made me feel powerful.


Slipping my fingertips under the elastic waistband, I freed him.


"Lucio," he whimpered.


Julian was large, heavy, throbbing. A flash of desire made me shudder hard. I licked the tip and he gasped. Looking up into his heavy-lidded, passionately dark eyes, I grinned.


"Oh boy." he breathed.


I took him into my mouth, slowly, firmly. Julian moaned. I receded, and swirled my tongue around the head.


"Oh God!" Julian exclaimed.


Gently, he pulled me off and turned us around so that he was on top. "You don't know what you do to me, Lucio," he murmured.


In moments both of us were naked, his body plastered hotly to mine. "Let me show you what this is supposed to be like," Julian promised.


I gave him my assent. Julian showed me, touched me, kissed me, and even bit me, all mind blowing sensations mixing through me. His mouth engulfing me was almost too much to bear. When Julian entered me, the transition was so smooth, he kept distracting me with other things, that I barely felt anything at all. He stroked me while he thrusted and kissed me, taking us both higher, until I gasped his name, and he grunted mine, and we shared the climax, holding each other tightly.


The high remained for a few moments, and then receded. Leaving Julian and I in a warm glow.


Kissing me one last time, looking at me seriously. "I'm hungry," he deadpanned.


I laughed. He was a large man, and we had just exerted a lot of energy.


"It just so happens I'm a cook.


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