This Magic Place -- Chapter 5

    We came in the door and I reached for the light switch. Dac pulled me to him, his arms going around me and the warmth of his lips and scratch of his beard sending shivers up and down my body as he kissed me slowly, neck, cheek, sticking his tongue in my ear and I practically fell apart.

    "I've a secret," a throaty voice in my ear.

    "What?," as my arms tightened around him and I pushed against him, feeling the heat from his body.

    His lips found my ear, whispering, a song to my soul, "David, I love you. Oh, God, I love you so much. I've loved you for years and didn't know I was searching for you until I touched you that first time and part of me knew it. But the other part of me couldn't accept it. Not then."

    "I know. It happened to me, too. And I didn't understand what was happening." I kissed him, my tongue entering his mouth, touching his, the charge between us immediate, devastating.

    We headed for the stairs, his arms around me the whole time. We stopped as I put my hands in his hair and kissed his sweet face. The bedroom was in the half light of dusk as we undressed, looking at each other and my breath caught in my throat as I viewed the naked beauty of him.

    "You're beautiful, David. Do you know that?"

    "I want to be, for you, Dac." And in a whisper, "I love you, Dac. I'm in pain I love you so much."

    "I know." His body came up against mine, his arms around me tightly, lifting, carrying me. We lay together, his hand on my face, and all the while I was gazing into the dark and shining blue of his eyes. I touched his hair, his face.

    His hand began moving over my body and I thought that I had never been touched like that before. His eyes were almost slitted in pleasure. His smile was one of passion and changed constantly as he watched my face change to the cadence of his moving hands.   

    He touched the hair, his fingers moving over me, gently, softly, and his hand suddenly wrapped around me and I gasped at the intensity.

    Then suddenly, kneeling between me, leaning forward, a kiss, his sex rampant, hot against my own. Then he was gently spreading me, preparing me and I moaned in a delirium of pleasure as he touched me intimately. Then there was a jolt of heat, pain and then it subsided as he began entering me. And intensity began and built and I heard myself moaning in an ecstasy of blinding pleasure. He began moving inside me, touching my face with soft kisses, murmuring of love, so beautiful, beautiful. It was overwhelming and suddenly, I was weeping. "Oh, Dac," I gasped between tears "You're my life, I love you so much."

    I felt him swell within me and his arms tightened about me. He cried out.

    "David, oh David," and I could feel the spasms deep within me and I followed my beloved.

    And later, "Never, ever, have I --," I put my finger to his lips, "I know. It happened to me, too, I know." We lay there for a time whispering back and forth, kissing, delighting in the touching and fondling of each other.

    Finally, "Let's take a shower and I'll wash you."

    "Oh, yes. I saw a movie once about a guy that married a Japanese girl and she would give him a bath and wash him all over. I always thought that would be so wonderful."

    "It is. Your lucky day."

    "When I met you, that was my lucky day. My life's been happy-light ever since."

    "So's mine. You want to know something else, my Bud?"


    "The sadness in your eyes is gone. I see many things but the sadness is gone."

    "I know, and you're the cause of it," and his eyes began to fill. "Only you, David."

    "No, there was one before." He looked at me, not saying anything, but he knew.

    "C'mon, let's get you all squeaky and shiny," as I headed for the shower. We got things turned on and got good and wet, Dac as usual, laughing and teasing.

    "Hey, yours is almost as big as mine. Didn't look that big the other day, looked kinda underfed, actually. I kept thinking, poor David, he ain't got nothing to impress the guys with. I felt so bad for you I even thought about buying some lard for you."

    "Probably because it's not used to being stared at. Oh, finally you admit it, you were checking me out, not just a glance; huh, huh?"

    "Well, all things considered, yeah."

    "Considered? You want to explain that?"

    "Considering what we've just been doing, I guess it's safe to admit it and so on."

    "Uh-huh and what other things are you willing to admit, considering?"

    "Not a damned thing. David, you're a snoop. And devious, too. C'mon, you said you were going to wash me, remember?"

    "I haven't forgotten. Turn around, let me get your back." And I began washing him, his neck, shoulders, trunk of his body. Then washing his bottom. I slipped a soapy finger in his crack and started scrubbing up and down and Dac gave kind of an explosive laugh. "What's the matter?," I asked.

    "No one's ever washed me there before. It's kinda embarrassing and it tickles," laughing again.

    "Well, you Mom must have washed you down there."

    "Well, yeah, but she was my Mom."

    "Oh, brother, such reasoning." I gave it a couple of extra good scrubs and then leaned down and planted a big sloppy kiss on the left cheek and started down his legs, then his feet, then stood up. "Okay, turn around and I'll get the front of you."

    "Yeah," with a dirty laugh, "that's more exciting."

    "Yeah. I get to fool around with all that nice looking equipment you got." I started with his neck again, then shoulders, arms, hands, underarms, chest. Dac was standing there with his head sort of tilted to one side and a look of sheer bliss on his face. I stuck a soapy finger in his belly button and got a surprised laugh out of him.

    "Was that a giggle?," I teased.

    "No, I don't giggle. That was a chortle or maybe a snicker."

    "Sounded like a giggle to me. I bet you even tee-hee on special occasions."

    "I do not, I laugh in a very manly fashion."

    I stuck my finger in his belly button again and he jumped, squirmed and wiggled all over the place. And then giggled. "That was a giggle," I said.

    "It was not."

    "Was, too. You want me to do it again and prove it?"

    "No! Pay some attention to Fred."


    "You had your hand wrapped around him when we were in bed. He fairly loved it. Man, what a grip. I thought you were going to leave fingerprints on him."

    I started laughing. "I never knew a guy that had a name for his dick," still laughing.

    "Why not? He has a nice personality, very friendly, very helpful and understanding once you get to know him. And he really likes you."

    "He does? Well, he slobbers. Makes you wonder about his upbringing."

    "He can't help it. He gets so damned excited when you're around. Probably thinks you're going to pay some attention to him. And you're gonna hurt his feelings if you keep talking about him like that."

    "I suppose he -- the two of you would accept a kiss as payment for this gross insult?"

    "Later but right now, you need to finish washing me." Ole one-track, no dawdling for this boy.

    I finished off his chest, tummy, including belly button with built-in giggles and started washing 'Fred' and attachments and that lovely thick mat of hair, finishing up with his legs and feet.

   "Okay, Bud, sit down and I'll give you a shampoo."

   He plunked himself on the floor and I squatted in between his legs, admiring the view, and started washing his hair and ears and neck.

   "Oh, David, that feels so good. I absolutely love it."

   "I like washing you, Bud, you know that? Okay, close your eyes and mouth if it's hanging open, and it usually is."


    "Because I'm going to wash your face and unless you want a mouthful of suds," and things closed up fast. I grabbed a handful of suds from the top of his head and gave his face a good washing and when I finished, I got the wash cloth and wiped the suds out of his eyes and wiped off his mouth. "Okay you can open up now," glancing at his face and noticing a glob of suds I had missed on the end of his nose.

    I looked down at him, I guess sort of seeing a whole person rather than a collection of arms and legs -- at least in the shower. There he was, wringing wet, naked and so beautiful he was breathtaking, sitting on the shower room floor with a mop full of shampoo and this little glob of suds on the end of his nose and he looked up at me and gently smiled. He reached up and touched my face, the dark blue of his eyes shining, and in almost a whisper, "I love you, David."

    Aw shit, I almost started bawling. "I love you too," and my heart was practically in pieces. "Oh, Dac," and leaned over quick and kissed him. He tasted like sandalwood shampoo.

    And later, as I looked over at my Bud, busy drying me off, "I don't know about you--ooof," as he stuck the end of the bath towel in my mouth.

    "Oh, sorry."

    "--but making out with you makes me hungry. Big time. I need to eat."

    "I'm hungry, too," Dac stopped drying me off, giving me his best miserable dog imitation, looking at me accusingly.

    "You'll get fed. Don't worry."

    "Oh, I thought you were going to leave me up here to languish," trying his damndest not to smile.

    "Couldn't do that. I might want your body later. Besides, I have to make abject apologies to Fred."

    "Oh, yeah. Ah, what the hell, Fred'll probably overlook it. He's been well taken care of. Boy, was he ever."

    "So was I," as I looked at Dac.

    We stood there looking at each other, both knowing what the other was thinking and wanting.

    Dac took a couple of deep breaths, "We better go to the kitchen or we're gonna be horizontal again."

    "I could comment," I said.

    "Don't." And he gave me this look. We went to the kitchen.

    "How does steak and eggs sound along with fried potatoes and English muffins and coffee? And anything else that looks good that I run across. You for instance."

    He got this prim expression on his face, "Please, I'm a dessert item, not an entree. And it sounds fantastic. I'm slobbering already. What do you want me to do?"

    "Help me peel potatoes?"

    "Sure. Where're they at?" I pointed, he got, and we sat peeling potatoes and smiling euphorically at each other. Now how does that compare to eating out and going to a movie?

    "You any good in the kitchen?" I asked as I sliced the potatoes and started them frying.

    "You bet, I took Home-Ec in high school," he looked at me and grinned.

    "Oh, egg boiling techniques?"

    "I took extra credit.  I learned how to peel 'em, too."

    "I'm impressed. Okay, slick, what do you want to drink?"

    "Milk will be fine."

    "There's beer if you prefer."

    "No, milk.

    "Or there's water."

    "No, milk."

    "Or I could make some iced tea."

    "Milk, damn it."



    "Yes, milk. All right already.  You know one of the things I love most about you, Dac?"


    "You rise to the bait so well."


    "How do you like your steak cooked?," I asked.

    "Oh, I like it even better when it's cooked."


    "Hot pink," with a grin.

    "Good, same for me."

    I couldn't keep my eyes off him. I loved him so much I was scared. His eyes sparkled and danced. He sparkled. His face was about to fall apart in a smile or laughter. I suppose mine was about the same.  A complete about-face from the troubled expressions of before.  We laughed at some of the dumbest things and the meal tasted so good.  Hell, Graham Crackers and a glass of milk would have been a gourmet fantasy.

    We sat with coffee and cigarettes, looking out the window, but mainly at each other, saying little, smiling much.

    We finally went in the library and was going to watch tv but never did get it turned on. We sat on the divan and started talking. We talked about ourselves, growing up, schooling, college, music, art, literature, everything we could think of, we poured out for the other.  We covered a tremendous amount of  personal history that first night together.

    Dac looked over at me, "You know, no one ever said they loved me. I had begun to think it wasn't going to happen. You just don't know what it means to me to know that someone loves me, to be loved, to be wanted. I'm so happy." He turned toward me, "And more importantly, it feels so wonderful to be able to tell someone that you love them. I love you, David, I love you." The excitement was shining in his eyes, "To know that the best I have to offer someone is of value to them. It's just so. . . such . . ."

    I looked at him, with a big smile on my face, "Neat beans?"

    And he laughed, "Oh, yeah, man, it's real neat beans. Oh, such neat beans."

    He settled back into the circle of my arms, "I had begun to give up. I thought I was going to be alone the rest of my life. It was ugly."

    "This is so right. Here, now, you in my arms. It's over.  For both of us. Is there magic for us, Dac?"

    He turned and looked at me again, "This is the magic place, David."

    And I looked into his eyes and the depths of his soul, and I thought to myself, is there really magic here?

    We sat there in happy silence for a few moments, then, "What say tomorrow we go by your place and get your stuff and get you moved in with me?"

    "Fine with me, but I want my piano.  I want that."

    "I didn't know you played."

    "I started to tell you when you asked me what my major was in college.  I told you engineering but before I could tell you about the music, you asked me something about engineering and I answered and then we kind of got off the subject and I forgot.  Anyway, I had a double major in college.  I was also a music major.  An instrumental major.  Piano."

    "Were you any good?" my mind wandering.

    "Very. My professor thought so.  He wanted me to stay and continue my studies.  He said if I was willing to work my ass off, I could go professional, concert pianist in a couple of years."

    That hit me like a bolt out of the blue. I turned around and looked at him. I couldn't believe what I just heard. I was still not sure if he was joking or not, "And you gave up a God-given gift like that to become a general contractor?  Were you on dope?"

    "I know.  I've kicked myself a million times for that.  But at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. I had to escape. I was so sick of school and practice all the time with no let-up.  There was no time for me, it was all taken up with school and practice.  And then working my ass off all summer long to be able to afford school next year.  For more torture.  I hated it.  I wanted out.

    "I'd worked in the construction field before so I knew I could do it and have a business of my own where I would be out in the open doing something that I was good at.  Be my own boss.  And it was good for the first two or three years.  I had time for myself.  I was making money and we had built up a good reputation and more business was coming through the door all the time. I began dating.  But something was missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on just what it was.  I thought at first it was because I had begun to admit to myself that I really wasn't all that interested in women. I knew I wasn't attracted to men and so I was really puzzled and confused.

    "Anyway, I went to an estate sale hoping to find some good used tools and saw this old beat-up piano, an upright.  And I bought it for $50 and got it home.  It was so out of tune you wouldn't even recognize it was a piano.  So I had a professional tuner come out and tune it and make some minor repairs and then I started playing some of the pieces that I had worked up when I was in school.  And I couldn't.  Well, I could but the magic wasn't there anymore.  I couldn't even come close to playing them the way they were supposed to be played, the way I had played them at one time.

    "I never had anything hurt so bad in my life as that did.  And that's what was missing. My music.  All the years growing up, from grade school clear up to college I took piano lessons because I had to and I practiced and practiced because I had to and I couldn't go out and play because I had to practice.  I hated it.  I wanted to be out doing all sorts of things.  I never once realized that I had some real talent and it never even dawned on me that I actually loved piano because I was so busy hating it and trying to get away from it and finally I did and then when I came back to it, the magic was gone.

    "And when I realized that, I sat there and started crying.  It was like someone I loved and had taken for granted had suddenly died. I sounded like a bad amateur. Then I got mad and I dug out my music books and scale books and I started working.  I figured I could at least get some of it back.  I came home after work every night and worked on piano scales and all kinds of diddly finger exercises until all hours, rebuilding the tensile strength in the muscles in my arms and hands and fingers, back to where they at one time were.

    "I started wearing gloves all the time at work to protect my hands and fingers and spent all of my time supervising.  All it would take would be a day of pounding with a hammer and my arm would be shot for a week before I could get those muscles back in shape again. I worked on weekends, on holidays. And times when we were working a job in town, I would come home for lunch and spend an hour at the piano.

    "And I got some of it back.  Not enough, not like it was, but maybe 80 percent.  And I can play those pieces that I once did.  Not as well but darned close.

    "And somewhere along the way, I began to realize the nature of what it was that I had given up.  And you're right, it was a gift from God and I handed it back to Him and said, 'No thanks.' "

    Dac looked at me and reached up and wiped the tears out of his eyes. "And you just don't hand gifts like that back to God.  Not without paying a price.  I thought I was never going to find anyone that I could love and who would love me and the only thing of value that I had, really, was my music and it was a shambles.  And I realized that without it, I didn't know what I would do. I was beside myself.  I was so miserable.

    "And then it was like I had been forgiven because it began to come back, slowly, but it was coming back.

    "And then I met you.  And that thing that happened when we touched. And I was totally confused. I wasn't attracted to men yet I was attracted to you, physically, sexually. Very sexually. It took me a while to get all that worked out. And even longer to accept it.

    "And now all that's happened between us tonight, knowing how much I love you and that you love me. I have suddenly been given two most wondrous gifts. I hope that I am forgiven because I think I would die if I lost either of them again." He put his arms around me. "I love you so much, David, so much."

    "And I love you."  And thought to myself, a journey ended; another begun.

    I was wiped out. "Let's go to bed and get some sleep," I got up and held out my hand.

    He took my hand, and got up.  "I'm exhausted.  So much has happened today."

    We went around, turning off downstairs lights, turning on the security lights outside, climbing the stairs together.  We got undressed, not saying much to each other and crawled into bed.  Dac rolled over and kissed me and said "I love you," rolled over on his side and scooted his bottom against me.  I put my arm over his side, reached up and kissed the back of his neck, "I love you, Bud."  I don't remember much after that

    I woke up to the sound of a racket coming from the direction of the window.  I raised up and looked to see what was going on.  There was some sassy Robin parked on the window ledge loudly chirping and yackking and generally raising hell.  Then I remembered.  I had been putting grain out on the ledge each morning when I got up.  Obviously it was later than usual and this one apparently wasn't long on patience.

    "Oh, do shut up, will you," I mumbled as I got up and padded over to the small box I had sitting inside the ledge and poured out some grain.  Boy, I thought, what a cheeky little bugger, didn't even fly away, just moved over a little bit, grudgingly, and dove in and started stuffing it in as soon as I pulled my hand back.

    I turned back to see if all the noise had woke up Dac.  Still sound asleep, flat on his back, face turned to one side, the merest suggestion of a smile showing.  I decided to go downstairs and at least think about breakfast. 

    I made a pot of coffee, poured a cup and sat down at the kitchen table, looking out the window toward the forest, remembering what all had happened at the secret place yesterday afternoon.

    A doe and her fawn came out of the forest and began grazing and I watched.  As I sat there, I thought of Dac and my eyes filled.  Good grief, all I'm doing lately is bawling every five minutes. But I couldn't seem to help it. I loved him so much. And again that feeling of peace and happiness pervaded my being that I had never felt before.  It was a quiet knowing, completeness.

    I got up and started breakfast.  Somewhere between bacon, eggs and waffle batter, I decided that I had better wake him and headed upstairs with a cup of coffee.

    Still asleep. I gently lifted the covers (Fred was already awake), and eased him into my mouth.  Boy, talk about waking up fast.  Dac yanked the covers back to see what was happening to his favorite organ.  I stopped what I was doing -- momentarily -- and smiled up at him, "Good morning," and gave him a kiss.

    "It wasn't a dream; was it?"

    "Nope, nope, not the mailman you've been lusting after, just me.  How do you feel?"

    "Umm, good.  Fantastic actually, like a human being. And the mailman is a mail person and fair, fat and female."

    "Well, there's no accounting for some people's taste. Well, c'mon, good looking human. Haul it downstairs.  Breakfast is almost ready and I'm hungry.  Coffee there on the beside table," as I headed out the door.

    Dac came shuffling into the kitchen, jeans, bare feet, and a cup.

    I looked into his eyes and the expanse of bare chest with the light sprinkling of black hair.

    Dac caught my look and gave me a wicked smile, "You like?"

    "You don't have to ask, you know I do."

    "Thought you might. That's why I didn't wear a shirt."

    "I'm glad you didn't."

    "Oh, that smells just like food. I'm starved."

    "It is and it's ready.  Sit down.  Help yourself to the eggs and bacon.  How many waffles do you want?"

    "Oh, I'll eat three or four, whatever you have will be just fine with me."

    "Okay.  The milk is in the fridge.  I didn't know how you liked your eggs -- yeah, yeah, before you say it, you like 'em fine and even better cooked -- so I fixed them the way I like them and hoped you would like them that way, also."

    "How'd you know I was going to say that?" with a surprised smile on his face.

    "We went through the whole thing last night with the steaks, remember?"

    "Oh, yeah.  So many things happened last night, it's all kind of a blur."

    "Yeah, I know.  We were both basket cases by the time we hit the bed."

    "I remember turning on my side and feeling a warm, very hairy crotch against my hind end and then your arm was over my side and that's the last thing I remember."

    "That's all I remember, too.  Nothing happened."

    "It didn't?," with a look on his face.

    "Oh, please.  We were both worn out.  You wouldn't have stayed awake to enjoy it, anyway."


    "Want some more waffles?" passing the plate to him. "My Dad used to call 'em non-skid pancakes."

    "Yes, thank you. He did? Why?"

    "Because it looks like they have a tread on them, I guess."

    He laughed, "Oh. How did you fix all this?  It tastes so fantastic.  Did you use some special spices?"

    "No, usual procedure.  But I know what you mean.  All the flavors seem so distinct and alive.  But I think I know why."

    He looked the question at me.

    "We got rid of a lot of emotional trash last night, a lot of things straightened out between us.  It's like we washed the slate clean.  A beginning, a new start.  Everything looks brighter, smells better, cleaner, food tastes better and so on.  It's like a meadow with grass and flowers and all kinds of plants after a rain.  Everything is so fresh, the grass so green, and the flowers are dazzling in the intensity of their colors.  Almost like a prayer."

    Dac looked at me, "What a beautiful thought.  I've never experienced that except in music."

    I refilled our coffee cups.  "I've got a change in plans that I need to talk to you about."

    He didn't say anything other than "Oh?" just sort of looked at me with an expression around his eyes that I was beginning, even this early, to read.

    "It's nothing bad, quite the opposite.  So don't get all worried."

    "How did you know what I was thinking?"

    "We talked so much last night I can almost read your expressions. Anyway, you got plans for this afternoon?"

    "No, not really. Something in mind?"

    "Yeah, let's go by your place and get your stuff and get you moved out here. Your piano, we can get as soon as I can round up a pickup."

    "Okay, sounds good. I don't have that much stuff just some clothes, bedding, kitchen stuff and bookkeeping stuff. Oh, there is one thing," he said looking at me warily.

    "What's that?"

    "I have a cat. Her name's Tiger. She's a nice cat and I really don't want to leave her. If you don't want her in the house or anything like that I can make some arrangements for her."

    "No, I love cats. I had one in Albuquerque but it got run over and I never got another one. Too much traffic in that neighborhood. She won't be any trouble in the house, will she?"

    "No, she's housebroken and all that. She's one tough cat, though and a big one at that. She's the only cat I ever saw that could stand on the floor and put both forepaws on the counter and look over the edge to see what was going on. She beat the stuffing out of two or three dogs in the neighborhood. And one of them was a German Shepherd.

    The guy that owned him came over all pissy wanting to know why the dog came ky-yiing home and what I had done to him. I showed him the cat and the cat gave him this look like, 'piss off, bozo.' The guy just laughed and shook his head, 'I'll be damned,' and walked off.   The dog probably got his ass chewed when he got home. Anyway, the dog never showed up over at the apartment again."

    "Sounds like a good cat to have around here."

    He laughed, "Yeah, she'll have you figured out in no time and manipulate the daylights out of you."

    "Probably." After a few moments of silence, I glanced over at Dac. He wasn't saying anything, just sort of staring off in the distance, thinking about something.

    "You want to share?," I asked him.

    "What? Oh, well, what are we -- am I going to tell my crew? They're going to find out about us sooner or later and I have a feeling Owen has already figured it out."

    "Do you think he's gonna have a problem with it?"

    "Owen? No, I don't. I don't think so, anyway. He's pretty laid back and easy going."

    "What about the rest of the men?"

    "Mario and Anthony will be okay with this if Mario is okay with it. Anthony will follow pretty much whatever Mario says or thinks. Or does. I've often wondered about those two, as a matter of fact. They're never apart."

    "And Malcolm?"

    Dac sighed and made a face, "And Malcolm will be a problem any way you slice it. And the hurdling block will be religion. He belongs to one of these religious groups, a church, a real sidewalk variety and everything that so-called minister says, he believes one hundred percent. There was one time when he was going on and on about being reborn, and, well, I had read this joke somewhere in a magazine, and I asked him if I got reborn again, would I get a new belly button? He was so mad at me he wouldn't talk to me for about a week afterwards, which was okay with me, actually.

    "Believe me, that bunch is nothing but hate. They're against everything that isn't part of the church, Jews, blacks, gays, womens' lib, mom's apple pie, probably.

    "And I've heard him say some pretty terrible things about gays. That kid in Wyoming that they hung from the fence and left to die, when that hit the news, he was telling the men that they ought to give the guys that did it a medal and honorary membership in the church. Owen finally got enough of it and told him to shut up or leave. I wasn't there at the time or I probably would have told him to shut the fuck up if he wanted to stay working for me. And on top of that he's lazy and stupid. So, he's not going to be cooperative at all. Owen called him a psycho-ceramic."

   "A what?"

    "Psycho-ceramic, crackpot."

    I laughed. "Well, actually three out of four isn't too bad. And there are ways to get around Malcolm. His stupidity will probably be more help than a hindrance.

    I continued, "What I was thinking about earlier this morning was that I put a brisket in the walk-in to thaw out and -- oh, there's something else that we need to talk about first. Just so we know where we're coming from."

    I reached across the table and took Dac's hands in mine, "Dac, sometimes in the heat of the moment when emotions are running high, we say things to one another that are not truly our convictions later on; and for that reason, I need to tell you what I feel.

    "Dac, I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?

    "I know, same sex marriages aren't legal in New Mexico, but I'd ask you to marry me in a New York second if it were. But it's in our hearts that it all takes place and if I ask and you agree, then we are married and the various pieces of paper are nothing more than witnessing something that's already happened. And that's why I'm asking you to marry me. And that's where I stand, my Bud. How do you feel about all this between us?"

    He didn't even hesitate. "The same as you. Do you remember that part in the bible that goes 'Whither thou goest . . . '? David, wherever you are, that's where I will be. I love you and I need to be with you. You're the other part of me and probably the better part. You're the part that I have been hunting for all these years. Except I didn't know it. That's why there was that -- what do you call it, recognition? -- when I first shook hands with you. I want to spend my life with you. I can't imagine living without you. I might as well chuck it all in, it just wouldn't be worth it any more. And I accept your proposal." And with his usual big grin, and in a chirpy voice, "Now, where's my ring?"

    I chuckled, "you may have to wait a few days for that. It's on its way, though."

    I continued, "Anyway, what I started to say a moment ago is that I put a brisket in the walk-in to thaw out and I was thinking of inviting Kevin and maybe Paul for supper some evening but with this other problem with the crew, maybe I should barbecue it and have it Tuesday for lunch and we could make the announcement at the end of the meal. If we don't tell them Monday, it's not going to make a difference will it?"

    "No, one day isn't going to change things. Besides, I've got a lot of stuff lined up for tomorrow, so they will be plenty busy."

    "Okay, let's do it that way, then. We'll let the men know tomorrow that lunch is being provided Tuesday and then on Tuesday at the end of the meal, we'll make the announcement -- or you can for both of us. Whichever way you want to do it."

    "But what do I say?," Dac asked. "I got to tell 'em something."

    "Well, something like, we hope you will understand when we tell you that David and I have become domestic partners. We have committed to each other and will be living together from now on. Then smile and wiggle your ears, I guess. I'll stand up with you, or make the announcement rather than you. However you want to do it."

    Dac thought about it for a moment, "I'll make the announcement. Why don't you remain seated and I guess wait and see if they start throwing things. It's all we can do."

    I looked at Dac, "The whole town's gonna know about this in less than an hour after they leave here. How do you think it's going to go over?"

    "You know, for some reason, I just don't think they're gong to have that much of a problem with it. Especially when they find out what Malcolm's church has to say about it. Everybody in town is against that church."


    "Well, because they're such a hate group and -- Oh, you mean why they wouldn't have a problem with it. Well, because I've lived here all my life, I'm well liked, I do good work and have a good reputation and I just don't think the townspeople will react that badly. Most of them are fairly young with a better education and a little more enlightened. Then too, when they take into consideration that you're the other person involved, I think those who would object would probably think twice. I don't think we'll have that much of a problem with it. We'll probably get some stares and a comment or two but when it's all said and done, I think the attitude will be live and let live."

    I thought about it for a bit. "Perhaps. Guess we'll find out. I hope you're right. But one thing I do know and that is that nobody is going to run us out of here. This is our home, our land and we'll fight if we have to."

    "I feel the same way, but I don't think we will."

    "Okay, enough said. Let's get your things and get that taken care of."

    We headed into town talking about Dac's apartment and getting notification to the landlord.

    "I bet the dogs in the neighborhood will be glad to see the last of Tiger," I said.

    "Yeah," Dac laughed, "They'll probably all get together and have some kind of canine get together, no cats allowed. Unless Tiger decides to go round and beat the crap out of them one last time."

    We pulled up in front of his apartment and went in. I was relieved to see that everything was neat, the kitchen cleaned up and in order.

    Tiger came sauntering in from the kitchen and when she saw Dac, let out this loud, rather baritone meeeooowww. She was ginger colored with stripes and a long tail. She had a beautiful face and green eyes. She went up to him meowing every step of the way and started rubbing up against his leg. Good lord, she was huge. Not just a fat cat or overweight, but just one big cat. You'd never call this one a pussy cat or a kitty. I could easily understand why she beat the stuffing out of the dogs in the neighborhood. With her size and weight, she probably could have just sit on them and got the job done.

    Dac squatted down and started rubbing and petting her and scratching behind her ears. She was looking up at Dac in absolute adoration and meowing almost constantly.

    "Did you miss me? Still love me?" And on and on, saying some of the silliest damn things to that cat. And she just ate it up, looking up at him and meowing and carrying on like she knew exactly what he was saying to her. Dac looked up at me and grinned.

    He turned around and began scratching her ears again, "Hey, Tiger, you want to meet my boyfriend, he loves cats?" I went over and squatted down next to Dac and Tiger gave me this look -- sort of an appraisal, I think. I wasn't sure whether she was deciding whether I would make a tasty snack later on or whether she could manage me without any trouble. The latter, I guess, as she came over and allowed herself to be petted and scratched behind the ears -- no conversation from her end, however. Perhaps we would chat later on.

    We got Dac's stuff moved to the Cruiser, with unsolicited meows from Tiger, in record time. Dac gathered her up and we locked up and left. Tiger seemed perfectly happy to ride in the Cruiser, sitting in Dac's lap and looking out the window, occasionally meowing about something or other that only Dac knew about, I guess.

    I had glanced at his piano while we were moving things to the Cruiser. Things around it, music books, scale books, music and the like were all orderly and neat, but the piano itself was a real eyesore and I couldn't think of any room that it would look decent in. Guest cottage, maybe. I still had some plans in the back of my mind, though, and would continue with them Monday in Albuquerque.

    We got home and Tiger descended from the Cruiser, acting like Queen in Residence, Just Returned and proceeded to make an outdoor tour of the premises. We unloaded Dac's stuff and then started working in the kitchen, putting lunch together.

    "We got stuff for subs, some potato salad and a variety of chips, pickles and whatnot. How does that tickle your fancy?"

    "I'd rather you just grab hold of it and that would do nicely, but subs will do."

    "Oh, I'm for that. How about an afternoon nap?," I suggested.

    "I know Fred would definitely enjoy it and I certainly would," with a big smile.

    And Tiger came walking in from her grand tour, let out a loud meow, I guess to let everyone know that the Queen had returned and proceeded to jump up on the table. I immediately grabbed her and sat her on the floor, and she jumped back up again, and I put her on the floor again. This went on several more times, each time followed by a loud NO from me and finally as she got all tensed up, ready to jump, she looked at me and I said, "Don't you even think about it, cat." She hesitated, then let out a rather loud meow and stalked off, tail swishing angrily, cold cuts apparently not to her liking or worth the effort.

    Dac had witnessed the whole proceedings with an amused smile on his face. "Well, you got further with her than I ever did. She never paid a damn bit of attention to me. I finally gave up."

    "I have a feeling that's just one of many skirmishes."

    We sat down to lunch, sans cat, and proceeded to eat. Dac looked over at me, "You said there was a change of plans or something like that?"

    "Oh, yeah, I wasn't planning on going anywhere but some things have come up and I need to go to Albuquerque on business. I'll probably be there most of the day."

   "You want me to come with you," he asked.

    "No, actually part of it is kind of a secret and I definitely can't have you along. You'll find out soon enough."

    "Will I like it?"

    "Uhmmm," shrugging shoulders and giving big enigmatic smile.

    Dac looked at me and shook his head, "David, you're impossible."

    "Uhmmm, the enigma has spoken." Always have liked revenge.

    We got things cleaned up in the kitchen and started out the door. I grabbed Dac by his belt in the back and turned him around and planted a big kiss on him and run his zipper down and put my hand inside. "Oh, Dac, you have the nicest things inside your britches. He just wake up from his nap?"

    "He's always awake when you're around."

    "Let's go entertain him."

    "You bet." We went upstairs and as Dac was getting undressed, "You better close the door. Otherwise, Tiger will be in here observing. Probably offering advice, too."

    I closed the door. "That's all I need."

    Dac walked toward the bed. "Wait," I said. "Just stand there a minute." He had a kind of puzzled look on his face but remained standing. I walked over and knelt in front of him and put my face in his thick hair. Oh, he smelled so good, rich, musky, sweaty-hot. I stuck my tongue in the lavishness and tasted the steamy sweatiness.

    "Oh, God, David. You don't know what you're doing to me. I can't believe how you affect me."

    "I know how you affect me. I want to get my hands all over your body, come here."

    He approached the bed, his sex straining out in front of him, swaying hugely as he walked, the foreskin pulled halfway back, the head glistening with moisture, a drop sparkling in the gaping slit. He leaned forward, his lips touching mine, wet and hot. I pushed him onto his back and moved down, smelling and tasting the rich pelt of his hair then engulfing him in my mouth, tasting the rich musk of him.

    He moaned, "Oh, David," as his hands fisted in the covers. I reluctantly pulled off, moving up his body, my tongue exploring and touching him everywhere. He writhed beneath me and suddenly he was on top of me, kissing me on my shoulders, neck, chest, stomach. He held my face in his hands as he kissed me, then my face, my forehead. I felt his hand moving down on my body, searching, and his finger entering me.

    "I want to be inside you."


    He took the tube I handed him. A moment, then heated pressure against me as he began to enter, swelling, stretching, filling me. I was suddenly engulfed with waves of rapture as I felt his body entering mine deeper and deeper. The intensity such that I could hardly keep from screaming aloud. And finally, I felt the rasp of his hair against me. Slowly his body began moving inside me, slow then faster and stronger as he plunged deeper into the core of my being. I was delirious with the explosion of feelings that were cascading, one over the other, throughout me.

    The intensity was fire and it was consuming me, red hot, white hot and my seed suddenly spurted from me and I cried his name aloud. And in the throws of my release I felt the spasms of his body deep within me as he filled me with his seed.

    We were wet with sweat, weak and gasping for breath. He was looking into my eyes and kissing me, my hands moving across his back, in his hair, murmuring to him. He put his head in the crook of my neck and we told each other of our love.

    Gradually we became quiet. We slept.

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