Some of you have stated that you are getting confused with the amount of people involved it this story. Here is a list that may help refresh your mind.

Dave Gates- owner of the bookstore and the inheritor of the Way fortune.

Jean Gates- Dave and Mary's mother

Mary Brown- Dave's sister

Lloyd Brown- Mary's husband.

David 17

Max.- 14 Their sons

Gary- 10/

Joe Paolini- the fellow with the eyes that turn color when he looks at Dave

Johnny Paolini- Joe's two year younger brother.

Joe Sr.- Joe's dad

Angie-Joe's mom

Eve- 19 Joe's youngest sister

Miki- Joe's oldest Sister

Rence Reville- Miki's husband


Lina The Reville Children


Old Joe- The Paolini Patriarch Joe Sr.'s father

Gio Paolini- Joe's Italian cousin Owner of the restaurant "Gio Gio's"

Bill Way- Dave's deceased lover

Edith Way- his mother

William Way- his father

Joan-William's long time mistress

Tim McFadden -Johnny's lover

Pete Peterson- Student that saved Dave from being hit by a car.

Jason Warren- Pete's lover

Paul Hanson- Johnny's Police detective partner

Sue Morrow- Manager of the bookstore

Clyde Williams- lawyer for Edith Way and then for Dave.

Jim Provost-nurse hired to take care of Pete and then the Paolini Patriarch

Jake Shipman - Jim's fuck buddy before he met Charley

Charley Hill- Jake's soulmate and lover

Allen Chestnut- Staff psychiatrist working with Jake

Arlen Aldridge- Student friend of Pete and Jason

Teddy Edwards- Chef

Tom Duncan- Joe's project foreman

Carl Aldridge- Arlen's dad and Dave's Financial investor, New York City

Fred Lambert- Lawyer