Those Golden Eyes

Chapter 16

Pete squirmed in his hospital bed. The doctor had removed the drainage tube from his head this morning. Now he was restless to get out of the bed and get on with his life. He'd finished the homework assignments that Jason had brought. He needed to pee and he hadn't been out of the bed for a week. He hated to have to call for help. His arm was itching about four inches up past his wrist, inside the cast. And he felt like he had a flee bite on his left shoulder blade it itched so bad. He could move his right one, but that didn't help one damned bit. With the full left arm cast immobilizing his whole left side he wanted to scream in frustration. He finally gave in and pushed the button.

He insisted on getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, and then insisted that the nurse had to leave the room while he relieved himself. She in turn insisted that he sit on the bowl rather than stand. After she closed the door leaving him alone, he was glad that he was sitting for he was very light headed. He managed to get back to the bed by himself and was just climbing back onto it when Dave popped in to see how he was doing.

"Do you need help there, Cute Butt?"

Pete turned crimson, but he grinned at Dave as he tried to hold the back of his gown closed.

"Fuck you, Man."

He was on his knees in the middle of the bed. His one usable arm holding the back of his gown. He couldn't figure out how to get turned around and over onto his back. Like the proverbial monkey gripping the bright coin in his fist inside of the milk bottle he was not about to give Dave another view of his back side.

"Would you please turn around so I can let go of this damned gown and get into this bed?"

"Grouchy this morning are we? I've seen a few buns in my life. You've got nothing new. Although yours are awfully cute." Dave said as he turned his back to Pete. He was in a good mood this morning. The doctor had removed the stitches from his cheek and though there would be a scar it wouldn't be terrible noticeable once the redness went away.

"Dave." Pete whined. He let go of the gown and managed to get laid back down. "Okay." He was breathing hard from the effort. "You can turn around now."

"So when will they release you, Pete?" Dave asked walking up to the bed.

Pete looked a little down as he answered.

"I could leave now if I had someplace to stay besides the dorm. Plus I'd have to have someone near by to make sure I don't hurt myself trying to do things."

"I see. So what time does Jason come around to see you today?"

"He should be here any time now."

"Oh. Good. Pete, I'll stop back by later if I can. Relax. You'll be back in the grind in a few days."

Dave waited outside Pete's room for Jason. He spoke with him for a couple of minutes and then Jason went in to see Pete. A few minutes later he emerged from the room and gave Dave a rueful look.

"He's not happy that I'm not staying my usual time."

"So what did you tell him?"

"Just that I have a special project I have to work on."

"Good, your didn't lie to him." Dave responded as they left the hospital together.

An hour later, the two of them walked back into Pete's room together. They couldn't keep from looking like they were up to something and Pete instantly was suspicious.

"What have you two been up to?"

Jason looked at Dave and then back at Pete.

"I can't lie to you, Pete. Dave took me over to his house."

Pete's smile fell as looked from Jason to Dave and back to Jason. He was scared.

Dave glanced at Jason.

"You want to tell him of shall I?"

"You better tell him, Dave."

"Tell me what? Are you playing around with my boyfriend, Dave?" He was on the verge of tears

"I'm old enough to be his father. Do you think I'd do a thing like that?" Dave scolded.

"Well, no, but you're both acting awfully weird."

"Tell him, Dave, before we get in trouble here."

"Alright, Pete, Jason and I a...., well we thought it would be fun if....."

"Pete, Dave is going to let you stay in his house while you recuperate. He even hired a nurse to look after you during the day while I'm in school. I'll stay with you at night. And we'll have the whole house to ourselves."

Pete's expression went from suspicious to incredulous. Dave was grinning like a Cheshire.

"You mean I can get out of here? Oh, Dave you're the best. How can I ever thank you enough."

"Pete, I hate to remind you, but you're in here because of me. If I'd had my wits about me when I stepped into the street you wouldn't be in here to begin with. Anything I can do to make your life better I will."

Pete discovered that having his arm in a cast that stuck out in front of him was a big handicap. Jason was pulling them up around his hips while Pete was using his one hand to tuck his goodies in, Jason accidentally goosed him and got struck in the head when Pete jumped. He was sure that he had decapitated Jason. And then when Jason started zipping him up he got hard and that made it impossible an impossible task.

Dave had foreseen that a regular shirt wasn't going to work as long as he was in the cast so he'd bought several large football jerseys. They still had to cut it up the side to get past the support that held his arm up. But at least it covered the fact that his pants weren't zipped.

"Maybe I'd better just wear elastic band sweats until I can use both hands again."

"You'll get the hang of it. Jason will just have to keep his distance until you do." Dave said.

"Yeah, Tim, I'm just thankful that you didn't break both your arms. I love you, but I don't know if I'm ready to wipe your butt for you."

"Jason." Pete scolded and turned to Dave. " Dave are you teaching my boyfriend how to embarrass me?"

"Gee, Pete. It seems he doesn't need any lessons. He's pretty good at all by himself. I would never have thought to try to zip you up myself." Jason fell backward onto the bed laughing.

"Oh God. My face is never going to be anything but red with you two taking care of me."

When they got into the car Pete attempted to fasten his seat belt, in twisting his body around he manage to conk Dave on the shoulder. It was a good thing that Jason was already buckled up for he would surely have rolled off the seat he was laughing so hard.

"Dave? Can that nurse take care me at night, too?" Pete asked glaring over the seat at Jason. "Otherwise, I won't ever get any sleep with Jason laughing at me all the time."

"Sure, but what happens if he find you funny, too?"


"I thought you'd be more comfortable with a man.

"I'm sorry Pete. I promise I'll try not to laugh again. Besides I know you'd really have me take care of you rather some old man."

They managed to get Pete into the house without another incident. There was a recliner in the livingroom that he immediately headed for. He lay back with a sigh.

"I'm bushed."

There was a knock on the door. Jason was closest so he opened it. His mouth fell open when the big muscle bound man dressed in whites smiled at him.

"Hi, I'm Jim Provost. Is Mr. Gates here?"

"Y-Y-Y-yeah. Come in."

Dave walked over and greeted the male nurse.

"Hi I'm Dave Gates, come over and meet your patient. Pete, this is Jim, the fellow that will be here to help you until you start back to school. Jim this is Pete Peterson."

Pete's eyes nearly fell out of his head as he took in the sight of Jim's muscles.

"Hi, Pete, I'm going to take care of you for the next few days." Jim said, his perfect white teeth sparkling as he spoke.

"Cool." Was the only word that Pete could get his mouth to form as he stared with a foolish grin plastered across his face.

Jason stood transfixed by the door. He watched Pete's reaction to the big man and felt totally inadequate. His small delicate body pulled in on itself making him feel even smaller. How could he compete with a six foot six inch giant that was perfect in every way.

Dave broke up the moment by offering to show Jim the layout of the house.

"When I moved out I left nearly everything here. So there's sheets, towels and------"

Jason was barely aware of Dave's dissertation as he disappeared down the hall with Jim following.

Pete had watched Jim's bubble butt out of sight. He turned to Jason grinning.

"Man, he's something, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he is something. I've got to get to class."

He ducked out the door before Pete could object that he didn't have a class that afternoon.

Pete had difficulty making the chair move into an upright position so he could get out of it. He struggled to his feet and trotted to the door.

"Jason, Come back." He yelled at the diminutive young man who was already a half block down the street.

Jason stopped. He didn't want to leave. He really had no idea why he had fled. He turned to look back as Pete crumpled to the ground. He ran back, his heart in his throat.

Dave and Jim had heard Pete yell and both had scurried back to the livingroom to find it empty. Jim rushed o the door and saw Jason kneeling with Pete's head in his lap. They were both oblivious to Jim standing over them.

"Don't leave me. Please, don't ever leave me, Jase."

"You don't need me. You've got a big muscleman to take care of you now."

"Yeah, but I don't love him. I love you, Babe."

"Besides I've got a very jealous boyfriend and he's bigger than me." Jim said.

The two looked up at the giant.

"Come on, let's get you inside and into bed."Jim scooped Pete off the ground as if he weighed nothing, carried him back inside and laid him back into the lounger.

"And you,"He glare at Jason and then picked him up and deposited him on Pete's lap. "stay put. I can't having my patient running out the door every time you decide to leave." He grinned to take the sting out of the command. Dave stood to the side watching with a worried grin on his face.

Pete grinned at Jason shocked expression.

"I like that guy."

He lay back exhausted from the exertion. Jason swivelled his head around to see that Jim and Dave had disappeared into another part of the house. He relaxed against Pete and laid his head onto his chest.

"Yeah, he's kind of a take charge kinda guy, isn't he? I sure will be glad when you get this cast off. It doesn't make a very good pillow." He grouched.

"Jase? Why did you run off like that?" He had his good arm around Jason holding him tight. His kissed the top of Jason's head.

"Scared I guess. I can't take care of you like him. I couldn't even drag you into the house. He can take care of you a lot better than I ever could."


Jason didn't respond.

"Don't you realize that you've become more important to me than my family? I was willing to lose them when I told them I was gay, but I don't think I could survive losing you, Jase. I just don't think I could."

"But why? I'm just a scrawny little runt with nothing much to offer."

"You've listened to your dad too much. You may be diminutive in stature but you are not a scrawny runt. Your beautiful. I love looking at you, with your big Lapis lazuli eyes. I love touching your hair it's so shiny, so soft , it's blacker than a raven's wing. Your skin is nearly translucent, it glows with vitality. You're so alive. You wake people up around you and make them see the world around them. You have a beautiful voice. You're so talented , you're going to be a great architect one day and a famous artist. You see the beauty in everything. You have so much to offer. But the best thing I like about you is that you chose me to love. When you are near me my heart sings with Joy. You make me happy. I love you, Jason."

"And you're going to be a great poet and author one day, Pete. I've never heard anyone who can talk like you do."

Pete smiled as he lay there with Jason on his lap, the top of his head under his chin. They were both quiet for a moment. Jason noticed that Pete's breathing had evened out and he was quietly snoring. He relaxed into sleep, too.


"They can't be comfortable like that." Jim commented as he and Dave walked back into the livingroom.

"I know Jason's got to be exhausted with the schedule he's been keeping. He's been by Pete's side every moment that he's been able to spare from school and his studies."

"If you can carry him, I'll take Pete, and we'll just put them to bed." Jim said as he picked Jason up and deposited him into Dave's arms. Jason sighed and snuggled his head against Dave's neck.

Pete awoke and watched as Jim pick him up.

"You make me feel like a child. I can walk you know."

Jim grinned at him.

"Just shut up and enjoy it."

In the bedroom Jim laid Pete in the middle of the big queen size bed and stepped back. Dave laid Jason's sleeping form next to him. Pete maneuvered Jason's head onto his shoulder with his good arm as Jason rolled up against him, flinging an arm over Pete chest. After pulling their shoes off, Jim laid a blanket over them, tucking an edge of it under Jason's chin where it lay on the edge of Pete's body cast. Pete smiled a thanks to him and contentedly closed his eyes and was soon back to sleep.


Hours later Jason moved his head and raked the roughness of the cast against his face. Awakening he realized he was sleeping against Pete. He became aware that Pete had his arm wrapped protectively around his shoulders. He slowly raised his head and looked into Pete's grin.


"Hey, yourself you horny little bugger."

"Why are you calling me that?" Jason asked, stretching.

Pete chuckled.

"You've been humping my thigh for the last half hour."

"Oh my god, I'm sorry Pete."

"Hey don't be. I loved every second of it. As soon as Jim leaves tonight I'd love to make love to you."

"But I thought we had agreed to wait until we got a place of our own, next semester."

"We have a place of our own now."

"But what about our commitment vows?"

"Jason, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy."

"You know that I feel the same about you, Pete."

"Then as far as I'm concerned we are married. We can still have a ceremony if you want, but it won't make us any more partners than we are right now."

"I love you so much, Pete. Shall I go tell Jim to get the hell out of here and let us fuck our brains out in private?"

Jason grinned slyly up at Pete.

"Nah, He's fixing dinner for us. Let's at least wait until we've eaten."

"I'm not hungry for anything except you, my man."

At that moment Jason's stomach loudly disagreed with what he said. Pete laughed.

"You can't lie worth shit, Jase."

Jason sat up and moved off the bed.

"Alright I'm starved but I'd still rather munch on you."

He padded into the bathroom to relieve himself. Pete struggled to get over to the edge of the bed where he could roll off onto his feet, and then followed Jason.


Pete rolled back on to the bed as Jason put his shoes on.

"I'm going to go see if I can help with dinner." He said as he left the room.

"Well it's about time you woke up. Peel those potatoes in the sink. And then cut them into one inch chunks." Jim said before Jason could open his mouth as he entered the kitchen

"I don't know who the hell you think you are. Just because you're a nurse doesn't mean you get to boss me around."

"Feisty little bugger aren't you? Now if you would do as I ask we'll all have dinner a little sooner."

"You're worse than my mother. You didn't ask, you told me to peel the damned potatoes."

"So do it and stop hassling."

Jim towered over Jason with his huge hands on his so narrow hips.

"You may be five times bigger than me. And you may scare the shit out of me. But Fuck You. I am out of here. You can explain to Pete why I left."

Jason stormed out of the kitchen, picked up his books and back pack off the dining room table and left the house.

Jason had felt demeaned every time Jim looked at him. He'd be damned before he put up with it, but being told to peel potatoes as if he were a servant. Damned arrogant asshole. Just because he was so big and Jason so small was no reason to put up with that kind of treatment.

A couple of hours later he was still fuming as he lay on his bed in the dorm, staring at the ceiling. He regretted leaving without telling Pete, but he wasn't going to put up with that monster male nurse. And that was that!!

There was a quiet knock on his door. Jason's heart jumped to his throat as he wondered if Pete had come clear across campus. He jumped of the bed and flung the door open ready to scold Pete for being stupid. His eyes bulged out as he realized he was staring into a man's crotch. He did a mental check to see if he was still standing or kneeling. No, his feet were definitely on the floor. He raised his eyes to look up at the rest of the man, and connected with a kind gentle face.

"Hi, my name is Jake. May I come in a speak with you?"

Jason let go of the door knob and stepped back. He couldn't make his vocal cords work.

Jake ducked his head through the doorway and stepped over to Pete's bed and sat down. He knew that his height and size intimidated people so by sitting he didn't tower over them, except with Jason's diminutive size he still did. Jason crept back to his bed and sat down across from him.

"Jim can get kinda bossy sometimes. It comes with the job. And I guess he kinda looked on you as a kid 'cause of your size. He didn't want to leave Pete by himself so he called me and ask if I would come apologize for him. He said to tell you he will treat you with respect when you come back. And Pete needs you back there. So will you come with me and we'll go back to the house?"

Jason nodded his head, but didn't move. Jake held out his arms to him.

"Comere, let Jake give you a hug. You look like you really could use one right now."

Jason slipped off the bed feeling like he was ten years old, and stepped between the big man's legs. Jake gently enfolded him in his arms. For the first time in his life he felt what it would be like to have a father's loving embrace. His dad had never hugged him even as a child. A pat on the head or a brisk rub on his back was all the touch he had ever gotten from him. He relaxed in to Jake's chest and hugged him back.

"Yep, I could tell you need this. I think you and I are going to be great pals."


"Jason, thank you for coming back. I was totally out of line speaking to you like that. I promise I will respect you from now on. I guess that I'm just a bossy ol' nurse. Please, forgive me?" Jim met them at the door.

"That's alright. I'm used to being treated like a little kid."Jason voice was resigned.

"Well you shouldn't have to be used to it. I'm sorry that I treated you that way. I admitted to Pete what I had done and he's pissed at me, too."

"I'm not mad any more. Thanks for realizing I'm not a child."

Jake was standing behind Jason with his hands on his shoulders, watching his lover apologize. He squeezed his hands lightly.

"You're more of a man than I would be. I would've punched his lights out."

Jason grinned up at him.

"Yeah, right. Like I could do that. I'd better go see Pete. He's such a worry wart."

A couple of hours later, Jim and Jake had cleaned up the kitchen and left after delicious but simple dinner. Jason and Pete sat at the kitchen table doing their home work. There wasn't much being they were only taking a couple of classes each during the summer. Pete slipped his shoes off and was rubbing Jason's leg. He didn't have any socks on because someone had to help to put them on and the shoe he could just slip into with out help. He started get a hard on feeling the hair with his toes. Jason was doing his best to ignore the effects of being touch by Pete and not succeeding very well. He reached down and grabbed pete's foot and propped the heel between his thighs on the chair seat, and commences to massage his toes with his fingers. Jason slid his forefinger between his two biggest toes as he intently studied the book in front of him. Pete lay back and moaned.

"Oh man, I can't concentrate with you doing that."

Jason gave him a devilish grin, stuck finger in his mouth and then slid the well wetted finger back between his toes.

Pete let out a guttural groan.

"To hell with studying. I want you so badly. Let's go to bed, Jase."

Jason slammed his book closed and stood up.

"I've just been waiting for an invitation."

"You don't need no invite. Let's go."

Pete lumbered to the bed room with Jason following like a little puppy. He was so excited he was bouncing. Having been raised in a family that only went to church on Easter and Christmas he wasn't religious and his love for Pete was the only reason for going along with waiting for that special time. Having played the devil's advocate when Pete had early expressed his desire was only to make sure that he wouldn't have any regrets not waiting until they had made public vows. He'd dreamed of making love to Pete since they first met in Freshman orientation. Now it was going to finally happen.

End of chapter 16

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