Those Golden Eyes

Chapter 22B

Lloyd punched the end button on the hand set and laid it down. He pushed back in the Barcalounger and stared at the ceiling. He was so relieved to know that Max was safe at Dave's. He had called Mary and told her and then he called Jean. She asked him when he'd last eaten. He couldn't remember. Mary told him not to move she'd be over to feed him as she could get there. And then after he had called the police he laid back to relaxed for a moment. He was so exhausted that he fell asleep again.

About fifteen minutes later Jean, his mother-in-law, woke him up knocking on the door. She had made one of his favorite light meals, Fettuccine in pink tomato sauce with a stewed chicken breast and broccoli florets. As he savored the dish, Jean sat across from him at the kitchen table.

"So did you find out why Max ran away?"

"Yes, he told me, Jean."

"He was afraid of how you'd react when you found out?"

Lloyd flushed.

"Found Out? You already know?"He nearly choked on a chunk of unchewed chicken.

"I'm just conjecturing, Lloyd. He ran to Dave, didn't he?"

"You are perceptive. Yeah, he was afraid that I would be angry with him, that I would hate him." Lloyd laid his fork down, folded his fingers together and rested his chin on them with his elbows on the table. "You know I've suspected that was his problem for a couple of years now. Not that he was afraid of my anger, but that he is gay. I've watched him struggle to live up to his brothers standard, being miserable because he can't. It really hurts to watch him try so hard to be another David. I couldn't admit to myself that might have been his problem. If he had told me two weeks ago I would have handled it very badly. Now, thanks to you and your loving daughter, I still have my son and we're both going to be okay."

"Lloyd, you know that being gay has nothing to do with Max not being able to match David's athletic accomplishments. It could as easily have been David that was gay. Physical size has nothing to do with being gay."

"Is that what you got out of what I said? I didn't mean it that way, honestly. No, what I meant was that I have watched him, his whole life, try to be like David and never succeeding and then to have to deal with being gay. It breaks my heart that he got a double whammy, while his brother got to be straight and an excellent athlete."

" I'm glad that you clarified that. And I'm glad I could finally help, Lloyd."

"I wish it had happened years ago." Lloyd sighed.

"Well, we will all just have to make up for the lost time, won't we?"

Lloyd picked up his fork and took a bite of the chicken breast.

"How do you cook this? It's so tender, yet not falling apart? And it's so flavorful, too." Lloyd change the subject.

Jean let herself be distracted, besides she loved to talk about cooking.

"It's so simple Lloyd, you cook it in a strong chicken broth with a lot of onion. But the secret to having it so tender is not to boil it. You put the breast in cool broth and put it on to heat. When it comes to a simmer, turn the heat down and let it cook for three minutes. Turn the heat off, cover the pan and let the breasts cool in the broth. It's that simple."

Lloyd smiled at her while being slightly embarrassed by his duplicity.

"I'm going to have to try that now that I'm doing the cooking."

"Well, you and Max are just going to have to come to dinner more often while Mary's away. Oh, she told you about Gary's first round of therapy, didn't she?"

Lloyd grinned.

"Thanks to Dave she calls me like three or four times a day."

"What did Dave do?" Jean asked.

"You mean they didn't tell you? He gave her a cell phone with unlimited time on it, and told her to use it as much as she wants to."

"I'd like to know what's going on with him. Since that Joe Paolini came into his life. He seems to be spending money like he's rich or something. You've met him. What is he like?"

"Jean, the man is awesome. I've never seen two people more in love with each other than the two of them. I don't see why you don't go down to visit. They've got two guest rooms. There is more than enough room for you."

"Well, they invite me every time I talk to Dave. I don't know, I'm just not comfortable with him having a new partner. I was so comfortable with Bill. I miss him, you know. He was like a son to me."

Lloyd chuckled.

"Jean, you don't have a problem similar to mine do you?

She raised and eyebrow at him and didn't answer.


Jean had left him stretched out in his lounger with his eyes closed. About one-thirty in the morning he awoke. He thought about getting into bed and sleeping until daylight, but after a moment's consideration he decided to take a shower and head on down to Dave's.

By two-thirty Lloyd was on the road and three hours later he was pulling up to the Tower. He stepped up to the desk where the guard looked like he'd like to just stretch out and go to sleep. He set his bag on the counter. Doing his best to look alert, the guard stood up and smiled.

"Good Morning, Sir, may I help you?"

"Good morning. I'm Lloyd Brown. Dave Gates is my brother-in-law. I know he and Joe go jogging every morning. What time do they come down?"

"I'll bet you're Max and David's dad."

"Yes, I am."

"Those to boys are the spittin' image of you. Dave and Joe are running about five minutes late so far." the Guard said as he looked at his watch. "They are usually right on the button at five-thirty-five."

No sooner than he had gotten the words out of his mouth than the elevator opened and the two men spilled of laughing about something. Joe and Dave immediately saw Lloyd standing at the desk.

"Lloyd!" Joe called out as he walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"Why didn't you come on up, Man?" Dave asked as he took his turn with the hugging.

"I just now walked in."

"Well, go on up and make yourself at home. The coffee is on. You know where the guestrooms are. We'll be back in about forty minutes."

Lloyd stood and watched them walk outside where they started doing their stretches. His body did a little involuntary quiver. Grabbing his bag off the counter he gave the guard a glance and walked to the elevator.

The delicious aroma of freshly made coffee assailed his nose as he stepped into the foyer. Ignoring the urge to go get a cup he went instead to the guest room to check on his son. Max no longer looked so small curled in a ball up in one corner of the king size bed. He had grown so much in the last few months. The pillow that once seemed larger than him was now regular size.

Lloyd stripped down to his underwear, went to the far side of the bed and crawled in behind him. He pulled Max snugly against his chest. Max whimpered in his sleep and snuggled into the warmth. Lloyd wrapped an arm over the man-size boy, and kissed him on the crown of his head. He hadn't snuggled with Max for years, and now his little boy wasn't little any more, he was almost grown. He knew that in other circumstances that Max would be indignant, but he felt that now he definitely needed to feel a physical closeness to his father. And by damned Lloyd was man enough to see that that was what his son got.

"I love you Max." He whispered as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Jean sat her kitchen table sipping a cup of chamomile tea, thinking about what Lloyd had asked her earlier. As she thought about it she realized it had been a long time since she had been down to see her son; not since Bill's funeral.

She had had many years to accustom herself to Dave's homosexuality. When she had met Bill she had immediately adopted him. As she thought about it, she realized that she had never thought about Bill and her son being a sexually active couple. In her mind Dave and Bill were just two very close friends.

The first time she had heard Joe's voice over the phone, she had classified him a male animal; a predator after her son. The was no little boy quality about his voice as there had been when she had first met Bill.

She had come to love Bill as her own son almost immediately . He'd always been so loving toward her. He seemed to care more about her than her own son, Dave. He never talked about his childhood, but the way he had adopted her as his mom, said much about what he had missed and that had endeared him to her even more.

As she thought about it she realized she missed him very much. It had been a hard blow, when Dave had called to tell her that Bill was gone. And now there was a new man in her son's life. Well, it was time to meet this man that her daughter and son-in-law thought so much of. Plus she wanted to get to the bottom of where Dave got all this money he was so freely spending.

She finished her tea, rinsed out her cup and put it in the drain rack, turned off the kitchen light and headed to bed. She'd call Dave in the morning and inform him that she was coming down.


Joe examined the level in the coffee pot.

"Lloyd must have been exhausted. He didn't touch the coffee."

"Well, let's just let him sleep until he wakes up."

After pouring two glasses of orange juice, he followed Joe, who carried two cups of coffee into their bedroom.

"I've got to go down to the site first thing this morning. Would you like to go with me and see how the building is coming along.?" Joe said as he pulled his wet sweats off. Dave having done the same turned to take the damp clothes to put them in the washer. He took one look at his man stretching with just his jock strap on, and dropped the clothes.

Joe's eyes were squinched closed, as he stretched his hands above his head, arching his back, and thrusting his pelvis forward. Dave couldn't resist the invitation. He grabbed a tight, hard ass cheek in each hand and ground his body against Joe's.

Joe collapsed onto Dave as he relaxed the stretch. His mouth sought out Dave's. His hand glided down his muscled back and under the wide elastic band of the jock strap, he peeled it down releasing Dave's turgid cock which sprung up between Joe's legs. As he stepped out of the straps, Dave pulled Joe's off, too. He broke the kiss and his lips kissed their way down Joe's hairy chest. Dave stopped to nibble each of his perky nipples and then tongue his navel.

Dave kneeled, and buried his face in Joe's thick thatch of pubic hair. Joe heard his harsh intake of breath through his nose. He knew that Dave could get so excited just smelling him that he could climax without touching himself. He raised him back up by his arm pits. Grabbing his buns, he lifted him higher. Dave instinctively wrapped his legs around Joe's waist. Joe's cock was tickling his rear end. Dave wiggled to tease him.

"Oh man, Dave I need you so bad. Watching your cute little ass while you're running is such a turn on."

He walked through the bathroom into the gym.

"I love you so much, Joe. I need you, too."

" I'm going to make love to you, Dave. I'm going to love you so deeply you will feel it in your throat."

"Dammit, you talk to much. Let's have a little action here."

Joe chuckled as he bent over the bench, laying Dave on his back.


Dave's eyes were squeezed closed as he focused on the sensations Joe was causing.

"Dave look at me. Look into my eyes. Can you see the love I feel for you?" Joe said as he slowly thrust.

"If I look into your eyes, I will lose all control."

"Do it. Open you eyes and look at me."

Dave opened his eyes and stared into the golden depths. He was floating through a forest of quaking aspen in the fall. Golden lights sparked all around him.

"Oh gods, I've lost it. I'm going to cum." He moaned. Joe sped up, taking shorter strokes. Dave pulled him down into a toe curling kiss. Suddenly it was upon him. He let go of Joe. His arms falling to the sides of the bench as he totally focused on what Joe was doing to him. His body went into spasm as he coated his chest and belly. Joe came with him, filling him with his love. He collapsed onto Dave's chest, gluing himself to the man he loved so much.

Dave kissed his neck.

"That was so good. I love you, Joe, my golden eyed Lover."

"Damn, it's such a turn on watching you lose control just by looking into my eyes. I love you, Dave."

Dave smiled at Joe and answered the question that Joe had asked before he had attacked him.

"I'd love to go with you this morning, but we've got company."


Max woke with a start. He lay there with his eyes closed trying to figure out where he was. There was a hairy arm draped over his chest. He lightly rubbed his fingers up and down it, wondering who it belonged to. Whoever it was he was snoring lightly against the back of Max's neck. He knew it couldn't be David; his arms weren't so hairy, and neither Joe, nor Dave would think of crawling into bed with him. He wandered if his brother David had stayed over to visit after he had crashed. He opened his eyes and looked at the hand. He knew that hand with the gold wedding band and the scar across the back of it. It was his dad's hand.

Max was so filled with emotion that he couldn't contain the sobs that were suddenly wracking his body. Lloyd woke up to the sobbing. He pulled his son closer to him." It's okay Max. I'm here. I love you, Son. Everything is all right."

Max slowly stopped crying. He turned onto his back. His dad had his hand on his chest. It felt so good, so protective. He looked at his Dad, who was propped up on his elbow, his other hand supporting his head.

"You're not supposed to be here until this afternoon."

"I couldn't stay away knowing you were hurting, Max. I left soon after your Grandmom came over with some dinner for me."

"Did you tell her about me?"

"She didn't need to be told. She told me before I had a chance. She loves you so much, Max."

"I love her, too. But I love you and Mom best, Dad."

"We love you, Max. We love you very much."

Max's stomach chose that moment to let them know he was hungry. Max giggled.

"What do you say to getting up and seeing what your Uncle Dave has to feed us?"


Joe poured himself another cup of coffee. He had on a white dress shirt and a blue and red striped tie. Dave leaned against the counter studying him.

"You shouldn't wear those kind of clothes around me."

"They cover up too much?"

"No. You are just too sexy in them. I just want to rip them off and have my way with you."

Joe set his cup down and moved to Dave. He took his face in both hands and kissed him. Dave started to embrace him, but Joe pulled away.

"You'll get me all wrinkled."

Dave tried to look hurt, and ended up grinning.

"So what time will you get home?"

"Why? You think your going to get to rip my clothes of me?"

"I was thinking that something along that line would be fun."

"Are you ever not horny?"

"Not when I'm around you."

"You two should write dialogue for one of those corny afternoon soap operas." Lloyd said, coming into the kitchen. Max giggled as he followed his dad. The two men turned to face them with their arms around each others waist.

"Did you recoup from you drive?" Joe asked. Dave broke away and poured Lloyd a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, I feel great." Taking the cup and sitting at the table.

"May I have a cup too, Uncle Dave?" Max asked.

"It'll stunt your growth."

"Nothing will stunt Max's growth. He is growing like a weed."Lloyd laughed.

"When I first met you, Max, you were what? Five four?" Joe asked.

"Five three. And I thought I would never be any taller."

Dave watched Max as he took his cup and moved to sit down by his dad. There was no awkwardness to his movement as one would expect with sudden growth. Max moved like a cat, graceful and sensuous. His years of trying to be like his brother had definitely been responsible for this. Max had always worked out and run a lot and even though he had never excelled at sports he had hard muscular body. And his love of water showed in his sinewy muscles.

The intercom chimed. Joe stepped over to it.


"Your nephew David is on the way up, Mr. Paolini."

"Thanks, Sam." Joe always made a point of knowing who was on the desk at any given time. He poured a glass of orange juice and walked out to greet his other nephew.

"Hi, Uncle Joe, Sam, the guard on the desk, told me that Dad is here already. Where is he?"

At that moment, before Joe could respond and give the juice to David, Lloyd came out of the kitchen and enfold his oldest son in a hug.

"Hey, how is my college boy?"

"Great, Dad." He answered hugging his dad. "But I'm nineteen now doesn't that qualify me as a man?"

Lloyd stepped back and looked at him.

"Well, you are man-size, but you look like my little boy still. I guess you always will be." He said shrugging.

"So how is Max this morning?"

Joe stood there with the glass of orange juice in his hand feeling like an outsider suddenly. Dave had watched the whole thing and saw the expression on Joe's face. He walked over to Joe and wrapped his arm around his waist. The two of them watched the exchange between Lloyd and his two sons.

"That's just one of the price's we pay." Dave said under his breath.

Joe looked down out him.

"It's not too late, Babe."

"Of course it is. If we adopted a baby now we'd be in our sixties by the time he's David's age."

"What about an older child. There's lots of older orphans available for adoption."

"That's something to think about. I'd better get these guys something to eat."

"I've got to go, Babe." He kissed Dave and stuck his head into the kitchen. He set the glass of orange juice down in front of David. "Hey, Guys, I'll see you this afternoon. Gotta get to work."

He gave Dave another quick kiss and stepped into the elevator.

Dave sighed and stared at the closed door for a moment before turning to the kitchen.

"Alright, we have patty sausage, french toast and eggs."


Lloyd and Dave left the two boys to clean up the kitchen, took freshly filled cups of coffee and headed outside to sit in the warm morning sun.

"What time are you heading back?"

"I'm in no hurry, Dave. If you can put up with me I'd like to stay until Sunday evening. I really miss having David around."

"Lloyd, you know this is your home. You stay as long as you like. Anytime. Got it?"

"Thanks, Dave. It sure is great to have you back in my life."

Dave just smiled at him. Neither said anything for a moment.

"Hey I've got an idea. How would you and the boys like to go tour the Way Mansion with us this afternoon."

"The Way mansion? What's that?"

"It's this humongous place I inherited from Bill. We're thinking of turning it into a Museum. I haven't been through the whole place yet. Joe and I were planning on going back this afternoon. We're meeting my lawyer there to discuss what has to be done."

The phone rang. Dave jumped up to answer it.

"Mom! Is something wrong? You never call mornings."

"No, Son, nothing is wrong. Lloyd just got me to thinking yesterday and I've decided that I have put off for too long coming down to meet my new son-in-law."

"That's wonderful, when are you planning on coming?"

"I thought I'd just head down there today. Lloyd tells me you have two guest rooms."

"Yes, yes we do. And you know there is always room for you anyway."

"So I will leave here in about an hour. So I'll see you in about four, I don't drive as fast as your sister."

"Wait a minute. I just had an idea. Let me call you back in a few minutes."

Dave hung up and went to his desk and opened it. He sat down and called information in his mother's town. When he got the information he was after he called the airport and arrange a private flight for her. And then he called her back.

"Listen, Mom this is what I want you to do. Pack your bags and be ready to leave in forty-five minutes. There will be a limousine at your front door waiting to take you to the airport. This afternoon we are all touring the mansion that Bill left me in his will and I want you to join us."

"Bill left you a mansion? What are you talking about, Dave? And where are you getting all this money to rent limos and private planes?"

I'll explain it all to you when you get here. You better hurry the limo will be there soon."


Jason sat in front of one of the two new computers that he and Pete had just set up in their new study, which had originally been their bedroom before they had moved it upstairs. Pete sat in a comfortable high-backed, winged club chair reading a text book on his lap. He looked up to see what was on the screen that had his boyfriend so engrossed. The screen was filled with text, but he was too far away to read it.

"What are you reading, Jase?" he asked.

"Just a story on Nifty." Jason mumbled not taking his eyes off the screen.

"I thought you were doing research."

"Was, but needed a break."


Pete went back to his reading. The room was quiet except for the music playing softly in the background. Suddenly the silence was broken.

"Geez, why did he have to use that term?" Jason groaned. "The story was so hot until then."

"What term?"

"Listen to this," he said and he started reading aloud.

"Phil lay right down on me, pressing his erection all the way into me, making me burn with pleasure, and sliding his tongue in my mouth. As he fucked me, and made out with me, he pumped my furry butt. "Feels so good, Ben," he whispered in his sexy baritone. "Such a sweet manpussy." "Fuck me, Phil," I pleaded. "Fuck my manpussy. Cream in my pussy, you hot fucker."

"Damn, you'd think he was sticking it to a woman except for the reference to his furry butt." Pete said.

"Just imaging this big masculine man with his hairy legs in the air with a big wet cunt with juicy gaping labias instead of a cock and balls between his legs."


"It kind of destroys the hot gay sex image of two men fucking, doesn't it?"

Pete was engrossed in thought for a few moments.

"You know," he said, "besides being a ridiculous expression its rather denigrating. No, that's too gentle a word. It's right down insulting."

"Well, it you think about it, it is really on parr with a black man calling another a nigger. It's a put down no matter how you look at it."

"I guess the guy that wrote that must be insecure about his sexuality. Like he's trying to justify sex between two men by calling his ass hole a pussy."

"Do you think there could really be guys that read this and get turned on by such a derogatory term?"

"I would imagine that if there are, those guys must be either not thinking it through thoroughly or their thinking is twisted to begin with."

"Yeah, like why would a gay man want to have a pussy or want to fuck one. I just don't get it."

Pete went back to his reading and Jason continued with the story he was reading. For a few minutes quiet reigned. And then there was another out burst from Jason.

"Damn, he's done it again, except now it's boypussy. Those word just negate the whole idea of these men really being masculine."

"Jason why do you continue reading that story if it upsets you like that?"

"It's a really good story. And other than a dangling participle or two and the use of those foul words I really like it. It has great potential for some real drama in future chapters."

"Well, why don't you e-mail the dude and tell him how you feel. Get it off your chest."

"Good idea. I'll do that right now."

Jason pulled up the Outlook Express and started typing.

"First off let me say I like your story." he wrote. " It has really good potential for some good drama as well as good sex scenes.

But I do have one bone to pick with you. And that is the use of the obscene phrases 'boy pussy' and 'man pussy'. There is nothing erotic about them.

We get enough put downs in life without getting it from our own kind. (I'm assuming that you are gay as are most of your readers.) Our assholes are just that Assholes, Pussies are between women's legs and only there. So stop denigrating us."

He signed his name and hit send. He sighed, feeling that it was rather pointless, but you never know the author of the story could respond favorably. He went back to his studies.

The next afternoon Jason pulled up his e-mail to see if he had gotten a response. Pete leaned over his shoulder to also look. Sure enough there was one.

"Thanks for the compliment on my story." they read.

"Your feeling about the language I used is yours alone. I have received many responses to my story, and not one, excepting yours, even mentioned this. It's a story. I don't feel as though I am denigrating anyone. Many gay people use these terms, and are turned on by them, so for you to slap a huge generalization on these terms: "there is nothing erotic about them," is inappropriate. Perhaps to you, and I am sure some others, there is nothing erotic about them. If you are insulted, I am sorry. Insulting people was the farthest thing from my mind while writing. And if you want to be technical, they're actually anuses. "

Pete straightened up.

"Well, that was a knee jerk response," he said.

Jason stared at the screen.

"Pete, do you think there really are gay men out there that use those terms and are turned on by them?"

Pete shrugged.

"Who knows. I suppose there are blacks out there that enjoy being called a nigger, too."

"Yeah, right. And as for his apology, it was comparable to a drunk who has run a stop sign and accidently killed someone saying, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to run over the dude."

"So are you going to write him back?"

Jason thought for a moment and then shook his head.

"No," he sighed. "He's got his mind set. There is no convincing him he is wrong. He obviously doesn't care enough about his readers to stop humiliating them. I just won't read any more of his stuff. I mean why go back and let him derogate me some more?"

"Good point."

"And I certainly won't be recommending it to our Gay Pride Club on campus."

"Hey, Jason, that gives me an idea. Why don't we put those terms before the Club and get a vote as to how many find them erotic and not derogatory."

"That is a good idea. Let's do it."

As the left the study and headed for the kitchen Pete grabbed Jason's butt cheek.

"Like Gertrude Stein said. "An anus is an anus is an asshole."

"And who was it that said "An anus by any other name is just as sweet?"

"Even manpussy?" Pete asked goosing his lover.

Jason pulled away from him and glared.

"That's disgusting even if you were joking."

"Sorry Jase, it was. Forgive me?"

"Of course I do."


So my dear readers, You get to play the members of the Club. What do you feel about the two terms? I hope you feel strongly enough one way or another to write and tell me. Jack at