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Those Golden Eyes

Chapter 26

by JWSmith

Jim was curled up in one corner of his big couch, doing some serious thinking. He and Jake had been the best of buddies for over three years now. And they'd been intimate, monogamous, fuck buddies for nearly two years.

He thought about all the times Jake had hinted at living together. Jim had always just blown it off. Jake had many times said that he loved him when in the throes of passion, but Jim had always stayed in control of himself enough to never speak those words back to him.

Jake was due any minute. Jim put aside the thoughts about Jake being in love with him. He was horny and he told himself that was what Jake was coming around for, to get his rocks off, not for love.


The session in bed was good. No one satisfied him like Jake could. As Jake lay there recuperating, Jim leaned over him and kissed him.

"That was really good. Thanks, Babe."

He rolled off the bed and strolled into the bathroom. When he came back out Jake was sitting on the edge of the bed already dressed, looking rather pensive.

"What's on your mind, Jake?" Jim asked slipping a t-shirt over his head. Jake studied him for a moment before answering.

"I think we should take our relationship to the next level. I love you, Jim. I want to live with you."

Jim slipped his Levi's on and sat down to put on his socks. Jake watched waiting for a reply. When Jim pick up a boot, Jake stood up. "Well? You could at least, act like you heard what I said.?"

Intent on pulling his boots on he refused to look up at Jake.

"I heard what you said. It won't work." he muttered.

"How do you know that? We could try."

Jim stood up and glared at him.

"Look, Jake, I've been in three relationships and they all fell apart with both parties getting hurt each time. I like you too much to risk hurting you."

A tear slipped down Jake cheek.

"And you think your not hurting me by freezing me out. We've been dating for three years. We get along so well."

"I don't want to get hurt by love again."

"I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you, Jim."

Jim grabbed Jake by his shirt front and stuck his face in his. Jake may have been the taller, but Jim was as muscular as Jake. At that moment, he subconsciously thought of Jake as an over grown mouse with his need and desire to be loved.

"Shut up. I've heard those word before. They don't mean what they say. They're just words to set me up for the fall. I don't want to hear them again."

Jake forced Jim's hands off his shirt and backed away from him. He couldn't believe that the hard bitter man in front of him was the same man that had been so gentle and loving a few minutes ago.

"I thought I knew you. Your showing a side I've never seen before."

Jim turned away.

"Who said that you know me."

"I believed you loved me."

"I have never said that."

"But you've always shown it. Until now."

"Yeah, well....."

Jim looked everywhere except at the man standing in front of him. Jake studied him. He'd never seen the hard shell Jim now projected. He'd always been warm and loving until Jake had opened his big mouth and suggested that they commit to each other. He sighed.

"Alright, Jim if that's the way you want it."

He turned and walked to the door. As he reached for the knob Jim said, "Where are you going?"

Jake turned and looked at him. He raised his eyebrows.

"Pardon me, but you don't have the right to ask that question any more."

"Why not? Nothing has changed."

Jake turned and looked back at him. For a few moments he didn't say a word. Finally he muttered, "Your right, Jim, nothing has changed. Just my view of it."

He quietly closed the door as he stepped out. The soft click was like a gunshot to Jim. He collapsed to the floor. He knew at that moment that he had lost something precious, something that he had convinced himself that he didn't need or want in his life. He stared in disbelief at the closed door. He had pushed Jake away. "Oh well,' the thought, "he'll be angry a couple of days and then come back. He won't leave me. He needs me."

He kept talking to himself until he had convinced himself that he was right.


Jake was desolate of feeling as he mounted his classic Indian motorcycle and slowly rode it the few blocks back to his place. He looked around the spartan three room apartment and felt claustrophobic. He packed a small duffle and his saddle bags with some clothes and the few essentials that he needed and lock the door as he went out. In minutes he was on the open highway headed away from the City. Where he was going he would know when he got there. The only important thing at the moment was the pavement flying by under his wheels and the wind in his face.

*** see footnote at end of chapter


The packing went smoothly. After Lloyd, Jean and Max had each packed what they didn't want the movers touching, they then turned over the rest of the packing to them, loaded the boxes they had personally packed into the pickup and car and then sat back to wait for the men to finish with loading both households into the moving van.

Max was torn between riding with his grandmother or his dad. Jean settled it quickly. They would stop for lunch half way and Max could switch. The first half was with his dad.

As they left the city that he'd been born and raised in, he turned and looked back. The load of boxes tied down in the back of the pickup emphasized the finality of the move as he looked over them to the downtown buildings that were diminishing toward the horizon.

Max sighed and turned to face the oncoming road. Lloyd looked over at his son. His heart filled with love for him. He wished that he could find the closeness that they had shared through the years. His crawling into bed and holding Max after he had run away was the last time Max had seemed to want that closeness. It seemed to have been ages ago, even though it had only been weeks, barely over a month. Max had turn to Dave after that morning. He figured that he should be thankful that Dave was there to help guide his son for him, but he still yearned as his father to be the guide in Max's development into manhood.

Max felt his dad's eyes on him and looked up at him. He thought that his dad's eyes looked a little teary, and reached a hand up and laid it on his arm. Max wanted more than anything to find the closeness with his dad he felt that he had lost since coming out. Not sure as to whether it was his doing or his dad's, he was determined to break through the barrier that he felt building between them.

"It's a big change, Dad, but we'll all stick together, and get through it just fine."

"I know its hard moving away from all your friends, Max. You haven't complained at all. That's really grown-up of you."

Max stared out the windshield.

"Moving isn't hard. All my friends had basically abandoned me already."

"What are you talking about?"

"I decided to come out to everybody the day I got back."

"That must have been a difficult thing to do. I admire your bravery, Son."

"Well, it wasn't as difficult as it was dumb. Fortunately, Jimmy Forester didn't turn against me like all the others."

"That's the kid you guys call 'Jimmy the Gentle Giant'?"

"Yeah, Dad, that's him."

"So how did he react."

Max sighed and relived the scene before telling his dad.

"He said he would miss me, but couldn't afford to be my buddy any more, but that he would watch my back and not let anyone get physically abusive. He cried. Dad. Made me feel kind of like I had died or something."

Max looked so sad and forlorn sitting on the other end of the bench seat. Lloyd's eyes teared up. He wiped the back of hishand across them so he could see the road. The lump in his throat kept him from saying anything to Max. He reached over and pulled Max toward him. Max undid his seat belt and slid his butt over to sit against his side. Lloyd kissed him on the forehead and held him close. Max melted into his dad's hug. Lloyd cleared his throat and coughed.

"Well, things will be different in your new school, Son. Mr. Darcy , Joseph's dad, said that the school has zero tolerance for any kind of prejudice."

"I know, Dad. Joseph was telling me that the middle school and high school are both that way."

"Speaking of Joseph, why don't you tell me about him. He's called you every night since you met him."

Max blushed and moved away from his dad's side. Lloyd figured he needed the space and let him go. Max snapped his seat belt back in place.

"I learned a new word in English class last week." He said, staring out the side window.

Lloyd thought that Max was changing the subject.

"Enigma." Max stated. Lloyd raised his eyebrows at him.

" It means a baffling or seemingly inexplicable person or thing. Joseph is an enigma to me. He is the most amazing person I've ever met."

Lloyd smiled when Max's excitement rose as he tried to explain about Joseph.

"One moment he's this little boy and the next moment this totally logical adult. He makes me feel like I am the little boy sometimes. And yet he makes me feel like I'm the most important person in his life. He's only eleven, Dad, and I'm nearly fifteen. It's an impossible situation. And he just won't see it."

Lloyd thought about what Max was saying and felt he was missing something.

"I don't quite understand what your saying, Max. What's so impossible about being friends with someone three years younger that you?"

Max looked at his dad like he was dense or something. And then it dawned on him that his dad didn't know. Max blushed and stared out the side window, wondering how to tell him that Joseph was now his boyfriend. Lloyd saw the blush and began to realize what Max was talking about.

"Oh." He said. "Joseph isn't just your friend is he? He's your boyfriend."

Max blushed more furiously as he glanced up at his dad. He couldn't believe his dad was being so casual about it.

Lloyd grinned.

"Well, Joseph has damned good taste, I'd say."


"And so do you, Max. Joseph is a beautiful boy."

Max grinned up at his dad. His embarrassment forgotten as he thought about Joseph.

Lloyd watched his son's expression. It thrilled him to see Max growing up and in the throws of first love.

"Hey, Max." Lloyd softly called him out of his daydreams. Max looked up at him.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"I love you, Son."

Max grinned and scooted back over by his dad, wrapping his arm around his chest.

"I love you too, Dad."

Lloyd ruffled the boys hair and smiled to himself. Life was good. He had Max back. Mary and his youngest son, Gary, would soon becoming home. He was eager to see Gary standing totally straight. His eldest was doing well in his first year of college. They were moving into a fabulous new home, thanks to his generous brother-in law. And thanks also to Joe, a new venture in business that was certain to be successful and very fulfilling. 'It will be so fantastic to build houses like they should be built without having to cut corners and to have an architect of Joe's caliber designing them... What more could I ask for? Yes, life is good.'


Jean was having much the same line of thought as she followed Lloyd's pickup down the interstate in her daughter's new SUV. Jean had decided to sell her car after Dave had insisted that he would buy her a new one as soon as she moved. She watched Max's head and shoulders move back and forth across the back window of the pickup and saw Lloyd put his arm around Max's shoulders. She used her imagination and knowledge to guess what the conversation was between her son-in-law and her favorite grandson.

Yes, that was the way she thought of Max. He'd always been closest to her of her three grandsons. She loved the other two boys very much, but Gary always seemed to cling to his mom and dad's affection, and David had always been so independent. But Max loved his Grandy. Yes, Max was her favorite although she would never admit it to anyone but herself.


Lunch had been rather innocuous and the conversation between his dad and grandmother rather boring. Max rode in silence beside Jean in his mom's car, day dreaming about what life was going to be like living in University City already having a boyfriend before he even started school.

Jean looked at Max who had his head wedged between the seat and the padded door jam. His eyes were closed.

"Are you sleeping?"

'Well, if I was, you just woke me up.' He thought, feeling kind of grouchy, but he answered civilly.

"No, Grandy. I'm just thinking."

"Want to share your thoughts with an old lady?"

Max grinned. Even though, he knew Jean was his mother's mother, he didn't think of her as old in the sense of being old, well, maybe older than his parents, but not old.

"Yes, Old Lady, I'll share them."

Jean gave him a look that let him know he was treading amongst land mines.

"Sorry, it was just too much to resist." He grinned at her.

Jean grinned to let him know he was forgiven.

"So what has you so troubled? Couldn't be all the upheaval you're going through with the move."

"Nah, I can deal with all that, Grandy."

He paused in thought.

"It's..... it's Joseph. I just don't know how to deal with him."

"What's the problem with him, Max?"

"He's eleven. He acts like he knows exactly what he wants and I'm fifteen and I haven't the least idea what I want."

Jean studied the road, looking like she was thoroughly involved in her driving.

"Max, I know this is going to sound condescending, but I don't mean it that way. You're so very young. Joseph is even younger. Emotions are very intense at your age. I guess the best advice I have to give you is be kind to each other. Love each other, but try not to hurt the other."

"Grandy, I understand all that. I would never do anything intentional to hurt him. But.... but.... I'm starting high school this fall. I can't have a boyfriend in the sixth grade. I'll be the joke of the whole school. I tried to explain that to him. He just won't understand."

"Well, you've got the whole summer to try to figure out what your going to do. Maybe you'll come up with the right answer by then. In the mean time enjoy getting to know each other better."

"Yeah, I guess I am worrying too soon. Maybe by the time school starts we won't even like each other. Huh?"

Max couldn't believe that he was saying that just to get his grandmother to let the subject alone. 'I may only be fifteen, but I know that Jos (pronounce it like hose) is the only one for me.'

"That's the adult way to look at it, Max. Just enjoy the summer and get to know Joseph."

Of course she was right. What else could Max do?


That night they all stayed with Dave and Joe. Joe had barbequed pork chops outside and Dave had prepared the baked potatoes and coated asparagus, carrot and zucchini spears with virgin olive oil for Joe to cook on the grill, while he made a tossed green salad. Jean had tried to bustle in on the work, but Dave insisted that she relax after the long drive. By nine o'clock she and Lloyd had retired to their respective rooms for the night with Lloyd admonishing Max not to stay up too late.

Max had been watching MTV just to get away from the adult conversation. When his dad and grandmother retired for the night he turned off the tv and went looking for Dave. He found him on one of the over stuffed out door sofas in the roof top garden, curled up against Joe with his head on his lap. Joe was stretched out with his bare feet up on the glass and wrought iron coffee table, both arms on the backs of the big soft cushions. Both men had discarded their shirts and were wearing only their shorts. Max stared at Joe's magnificence. His broad muscular shoulders, his chest covered in a mat of black hair, his long sinewy hairy legs. He'd seen his uncle Dave several times in his cut off sweat pants, so he already knew that he was a hunk, but he let his eyes drift over him, too. These two magnificent men were overwhelming together.

Dave saw him standing in the doorway, in thrall, eyes big, his mouth open in a little O. 'Joe does have an effect on people.' He thought to himself. He never considered that Max might be "O"ing over him, too.

"Come out and join us, Max. It a nice balmy evening."

"Are you sure?" Max gulped. He was instantly excited with the thought of even getting near Joe, the most magnificent man he'd ever seen. Dave grinned at him, imagining just what was going on is his nephews young mind.

"Sure." Joe answered unaware of his effect on the teenager. "You want to lay out on Dave or cuddle on this side of me?" He patted the cushion opposite the side Dave was on.

"Sit on that side. This side is all mine." Dave said.

Max was thankful for tight underwear and loose baggy shorts. He primly sat down on the edge of the sofa. Joe reached around his chest and pulled him back into the cushions and up against his side.

"Isn't that more comfortable, Max?"

Max was sure he was going to pass out any moment. The only sound he could manage to get out was a squeaky "Mmm hmm."

Dave chuckled. He could image the awe that Max was feeling just then.

"I think it's a bit too much for him, Joe."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just imagine suddenly sitting up against a big Roman god that has only been worshiped from afar. It can be right down frightening."

"Roman god? Worshiped? Me?"

Dave nodded. Solemn.

Joe looked down at Max who hadn't relaxed.

"Are you afraid of me, Max?"

Max shook his head.

"Well, there is no reason to be. I just want to snuggle you like Dave does. Relax."

He rubbed his hand up and down Max's arm. Max squinched his eyes. He was sure he was going to mess the front of his shorts.

"I know how to get you to relax." Joe lifted Dave's head off his leg and stood. He turned quickly, pushing Max down on the plush cushions of the sofa and started tickling his ribs.

"Oh! Please no, Stop!." Max begged in the throes of laughter. Suddenly, his body went ridged, his eyes turned up in their sockets and then he convulsed a couple of times. Joe snatched his fingers away from Max's ribs, wondering what was wrong with the boy as tremors continued to jerk and shake his body. Max sighed as his body went limp, and then his eyes popped open wide. He stared up at Joe. Tears welled in his eyes. He was mortified at what had happened.

"Are you okay?" Joe asked reaching toward the boy.

Dave, who had sat up to watch them play, realized what had happened. He put his arm out to keep Joe from touching Max again.

"Don't be embarrassed, Max. That kind of thing happens to all of us when we're young. It's okay" he assured the boy.

Joe looked at Dave wondering what he was talking about and then looked back at Max. Max looked at Dave and then scramble to his feet, dodging around Joe, he fled into the house. He stopped in the middle of the room not knowing where to go. And then headed for the guest toilet. He slammed the door and locked it.

Joe stood there dumbfounded.

"What just happened here? Did...did he just...?"

Dave chuckled, nodding his head.

"I warned you."

"I made him do that just by touching and tickling him?"

Dave nodded.

"But I didn't touch him in a sexual way." Joe was appalled and distressed that he had caused Max such distress. Dave stood up and hugged him.

"He'll get over it. It's just raging hormones. Let me go talk to him."

Max was so mortified. He felt like crying and laughing hysterically at the same time. That was the most intent orgasm he'd yet experience, even if it was so embarrassing. There was a light knock on the door. His head snapped around to stare at it. Suddenly there wasn't a coherent thought in his head. Like a feral animal he was looking for a way to escape this trap. Dave's gentle words from the other side of the door and the loving kindness in his voice eventually brought Max back to his sanity. He took several deep breaths trying to calm himself

"Max, you know that Joe would not intentionally embarrass you. He wasn't even aware of what was going on with you. Why don't you clean yourself up and come out so Joe can apologize. He really feels bad about it."

Dave listened for a moment.

"Max? Are you okay?"

"I'm alright. I'll be out in a minute." he replied.

Max dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. He pulled off his underwear and wiped himself off with them. He couldn't resist holding them up to his nose and taking a whiff.

'Wow, that was the wildest time yet,' he thought to himself, 'oh my god how can I go out there and face Dave and Joe. This is so embarrassing.'

He wondered for a moment what to do with his underwear and then just stuffed them in the big pouch-pocket on the side of his cargo shorts.

Dave and Joe had put on t-shirts and were sitting at the kitchen table. When he saw Max standing hesitantly in the doorway, Dave told him that if he'd like something to drink he could have anything he wanted, except the beer in the bottom of the fridge. Max chose a Sprite, popped the top and stood in the middle of the kitchen sipping it. He hadn't made eye contact with either of the men.

"Come sit with us." Dave offered.

Max walked over to the end of the table and slid into a chair. He kept his attention centered on the soft drink in front of him. Both men were in a quandary about how to make him feel okay about what had happened as they sat on each side of him.

"I'm sorry," Max muttered.

Joe instinctively put his hand on the boy's arm to comfort him. He could feel the fine hairs on Max's arm bristle under his touch.

"Max, it is nothing to apologize for. Really it's kind of a compliment to me if you think about it."

Max looked up at him, an expression of wonder in his eyes.

"You know," Joe continued, "the same thing happened to me when I was about twelve or thirteen. It was with my grandfather and it was right in front of my mom and dad. I loved my Grampa and had such a crush on him. He was the handsomest man in the world to me and I was sitting on his lap. He was rubbing his hand up and down my back when it happened.

"I wanted to run hide from embarrassment, but my grampa held me tight and whispered to me that it was okay, that it was just my body telling him how much I loved him. I don't think my mom ever caught on to what had happened, but my dad did. He took me from my grampa's arms, gave me a kiss on my forehead and with a pat on my butt, told me to go clean up, come back and have some ice cream."

Max couldn't help but giggle at the thought of Joe sitting on his grand dad's lap having an orgasm. He looked at him.

" Did that really happen, or are you making that up just to make me feel better?"

"It really happened to me. I always thought until a few minutes ago that I was the only person that had ever happened to."

"That's so cool. Thanks for telling me about it, Joe, 'cause I thought I was the only one."

"Not by a long shot, Buster. I think that the worst part of it was that Johnny was right there and saw it happen. He teased me for years about it."

Max giggled.

"Well, I'll just sit here and feel left out, while you two orgasmic dudes brag to each other." Dave said.

"Brag? It was the most embarrassing moment of my life."

"Me, too." Max blushed.

The three were quiet for a few moments, reflecting on their own thoughts. Max looked at Dave.

"So aren't you going to share your most embarrassing moment with us, Uncle Dave?"

Dave thought for a moment and then shook his head.

"Chicken." Joe said grinning knowingly at his lover.

Dave grinned.

"Yeah, I'm chicken. Want me to cackle?"

Max laughed. Both men chuckled too, relieved that Max had gotten over the incident.


It wasn't quite seven the next morning when the guard on the desk called.

Dave, Joe and Lloyd were sitting around the kitchen table enjoying their first cups of coffee, conversing and perusing the morning paper. Dave and Joe had just showered and dressed after their morning run.

"Sir, there is a young boy here by the name of Joseph, asking to go up to see Max."

"Let him come. Thanks, Dick. Oh, by the way, Joseph is Joe's nephew. Let him come up any time. Just announce him" Dave made a point of knowing all the guards and their duty rosters.

The elevator chimed and Joseph stepped out.

"Come on in the kitchen, Joseph." Dave called out.

"Good Morning" Joseph said appearing in the kitchen door. He made eye contact with each of the men as his bright smile lit up the room. Lloyd, who had seen Joseph from a distance and only talked to him on the phone, had not met his son's boyfriend. He stood up, moved around the table to him and offered his hand to the boy.

"Hi, Joseph, I'm Lloyd, Max's dad."

Joseph shook the proffered hand firmly.

"I'd know you anywhere, Sir, Max looks so much like you."

"Is that a good thing?" Lloyd asked.

"Yes, sir. Max is very handsome."

Lloyd found himself blushing.

"Well, thank you, Joseph. Max is outside in the tent. Why don't you go on out and wake him up."

Joseph grinned, nodded his head and headed out to the tent.

"How old is that Kid?" Lloyd asked.

"Eleven, I think." Dave answered. He and Joe were both chuckling.

"More like eleven going on thirty." Lloyd said, picking up his coffee cup, taking a sip as he watched the eager boy run past the kitchen window.


Joseph knelt at the tent flaps and lifted one to look in. Max was sprawled on his stomach one arm under his head, the other under his body. Joseph was sure he was holding his genitals as he slept. He crawled into the tent and sat back on his heels watching Max. He giggled when he realized that Max was humping his hand in his sleep. Joseph reach out and softly caressed his cute little pink butt. Max groaned. Joseph snatched his hand back with a sharp intake of breath.

He sat there a few moments making sure that Max hadn't awakened and then reached out to touch him again. Max pushed his butt against Joseph's hand, and murmured in his sleep. Joseph got a little braver and ran his hand up Max's back.

"Oh, Jos, that feel so good, touch me all over." Max mumbled, still asleep. Joseph leaned over and kiss Max's cheek. Max rolled over and opened his eyes. It took him a moment to focus and get his brain in gear. When he saw Joseph sitting beside him, he grabbed the sheet and pulled it over himself.

"I thought I was dreaming."

Joseph giggled, "Nice tent," he said, looking at the sheet.

"It's Dave's. He got it for us to sleep in." Max said, stretching and letting out a big yawn.

"I mean this one." Joseph put his finger on the apex of the tented sheet. Max jumped pushing his morning woody against Joseph's hand."

"That's awesome." Joseph said. "Let me see it again."


"What? You're my boyfriend. Why can't I see it?"

"It's not fair you've got all your clothes on and I'm naked."

"I know. You've got a beautiful little bubble butt." Joseph said as he stood up and started stripping his clothes off.

"What are you doing?" Max was mesmerized looking at Joseph's long slender body. There was no baby fat on it.

"I'm making things even between us."

With no modesty he shucked his underwear, and stood proudly before Max with his little cock standing straight out in front on him. Max stared up at it. He'd seen lots of boys naked in gym, but he'd never seen another hardon besides his own. His hand, of its own volution reached up.

"Yes, touch me." Joseph whispered.

Max's finger tips explored his scrotum and then reached to touch his shaft.

Joseph pulled away and lay down beside Max. They stared into each other's eyes.

"Have you ever done this before Max?"

"No, yours is the first one I've ever touched besides my own. Have you?"

"Yeah, lots. There's a lot of playing around at school."

Max suddenly wanted to be elsewhere. Feeling that he was just another boy for Joseph to play around with made him feel empty.

He grabbed his shorts and slipped them on.

"I've got to go pee."

He grabbed his shirt and shoes and ducked through the flaps. Joseph lay there fondling himself for a few minutes before he decided that Max wasn't coming back. He started dressing wondering what had been said that made Max run. The last thing that he had said was that he played around with a lot of boys at school. "I guess I shouldn't have exaggerated." He sighed and scooted out of the tent.

Max had gone into the bathroom to relieve his bladder. Once there he decided to shower and get dressed. When he walked into the kitchen the grownups were discussing the move and Mary's return with Gary. Max quietly sat down next to his Dad who put a comforting arm around his shoulders. Dave notice Max sitting quietly, staring at the table top, and looked around for Joseph. When there was a lull in the conversation he leaned over to Max and asked, "Where's Joseph?"

"Out side."

"We're going to start breakfast soon you want to invite him in?"

"He'll come in on his own."

"Did you guys have a fight?"

Max looked up at Dave and then at all the other grownups looking at him. He glared at Dave.

"Excuse me." he said, pushing his chair back and standing up.

At that moment Joseph appeared in the doorway.

"Max, can we talk?" he asked.

All the grownups looked at him and then at Max. Max turned away from the table and brushed past Joseph.

"Come on, then." He muttered.

He headed outside to the far back corner of the roof top garden.

His hand s were shoved deep in his pockets as he glared at Joseph.

"Did I say something wrong?" Joseph asked.

"Look. We can't be boyfriends. To me sex is something to be share between two people that care for each other. Not with every guy who gets a hardon. Do you even have safe sex? Do you even know what kinds of diseases you can get? Even as young as you are you can get HIV. I don't want a boyfriend who is going to die of aids. I don't want a boyfriend who is going to infect me. I don't want a boy friend at all right now. Besides, you're too young."

Max stomped off, leaving Joseph devastated. He rested his arms on top of the wall and gazed out over the city and the distant mountains through eyes glazed with tears. Max hadn't given him a chance to say anything, to explain that he'd only jacked off with three different boys, twice with two of them and only once with the other guy.

He liked the idea of having a boyfriend in high school but, he could see how Max would feel ashamed of having a boyfriend who was still in grade school. Maybe it would work when he got to be a freshman. Max would be a Senior then. No, that wouldn't be good either. A Senior getting ready to go off to college wouldn't want to date a lowly Freshman. Yeah, he was just too young.

He dropped his arms off the parapet and let his shoulders slump as he shuffled to the front of the house. He dragged through the house to the elevator and pushed the button, feeling relieved that no one had seen him. The doors opened and he stepped in just as he heard Joes's voice call out to him.


He didn't respond. The elevator doors closed behind him and he waited for it to descend, not thinking about having to push the button. A moment later the door opened, he turned, thinking his would be on the ground floor, and walked out and into his uncle's arms.

"Joseph, are you alright?

The boy collapsed against Joe and burrowed his face against his shoulder. He let out a shuddering sigh.

Max had entered the room and froze when he saw Joe and Joseph.

"Let's go in the den and you can tell me what's wrong." Joe said guiding the boy in that direction. "You know that you can tell me anything, I'll understand. I went through many of the same things you're feeling. And you know I am not judgmental."

Max was feeling terrible for coming down so hard on Joseph. He followed them and stopped in the opened door watching Joe sit and pull Joseph down beside him.

"Now tell me what happened."

"Oh, Uncle Joe, Max hates me. He thinks I'm a whore who's going to die from AIDS. And it's all my fault. I told him that I had lots of sex. I thought he'd think I was more grown up.

"So have you had sex with other boys?"

"Not really," Joseph ducked his head twice embarrassed, first for having to admit that he had not told the truth and then having to tell it. " We just jacked off watching each other. I never touched another boy until this morning when I touched Max. I just wanted for Max to feel that I was more grownup so I told him I played around a lot with other boys."

Max was momentarily mortified that Joseph was telling Joe that he'd touch him, and then it sank in what he'd just said.

Joe had spied Max stand just outside the door. He figured that what he said next had to be to both boys, but he didn't want Max to feel more uncomfortable than he might be right now.

"Joseph, if your going to be in a relationship as boyfriend with Max you've both got to be honest and up front with each other. This was just a little lie, but look what it did. Now Max believes you are promiscuous and he's probably feeling jealous thinking that he wasn't the first with you.

"You know that the difference in your ages is going to be a big obstacle to both of you. If you're going to succeed you both have to be honest with each other at all times. You are both going to have to be patient and understanding.

"You're already bigger in size than Max and as you get older you're going to be even bigger. But you'll always be younger than him and until you both are adults that is going to be a major hurdle for both of you."

Max had unconsciously moved into the room. Joe had watched him without taking his eyes off Joseph. Max shuffled over to stand next to Joseph. When Joseph noticed Max standing there looking forlorn, he turned and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. Max's arms automatically raised to embrace Joseph's waist.

"I'm sorry I lied. I just wanted to feel more grown up."

"I lied too, Jos, I jacked off my best friend while he did me. We only did once. I told you I hadn't so you would feel more on the same level as me."

Joe didn't move a muscle. He didn't want to disturb this very important moment between his two young nephews.

"I forgive you for lying to me. And I promise never to deceive you again," Joseph said.

"And I forgive you too, and promise the same. We need to always be honest with each other."

"Does that mean I'm still you boyfriend?"

Max nodded, knowing that it couldn't be any other way.

Joe patted both boys simultaneously on their rumps.

"Alright, you both be nice to each other and remember what was said here in this room."

Joseph grinned at Max.

"So you want to play now?"

"I think we should let it happen naturally. Besides, there's lots of grownups around right now. Maybe you could sleep over and we could see what happens."

"You are more grown up than me, Max. I would never have thought about that."

Joe might well have not been there, for all the notice to two boys gave him. He smiled with satisfaction as he watched them walk away hand in hand.



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