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Those Golden Eyes

by JWSmith

Chapter 27
Note from JW: My new story, a spin off of this one, is running simultaneously. The name of it is "Charley."

Gary was finally released to go home. There wasn't a happier boy in the world at this moment, dressed in a surfer shirt and cargo short and trainers without sock. He felt cool even though he was confined to a wheel chair, as he waited with his mom for their flight out of John Wayne International Airport. He watched the people passing by. Few of them looked happy. He glanced over at his mother. She was reading a novel. She looked happy.

He knew she was happy for him and his successful operations, but he felt that she was more happy at this moment to be going home to see his Dad. Having over heard many conversations with him for the last couple of months, he knew she really missed him. Yeah, he thought, I really miss him, too.

He wondered if Max had told his dad yet that he was gay. Max had never told him that he was, but being a partial invalid before his operations and could do little more than sit on the side lines and observe other people, he had figured that out for himself. As he thought about it he wondered if Max had figured it out for himself. Mary had shared very little of Max's self discovery and the subsequent events with Gary, so he knew nothing about what had happened recently with Max.

There were three young girls Gary's age sitting across the aisle. He was aware that he was the topic of conversation between them. The one he thought was the prettiest caught his gaze. He blushed when she smiled at him. She turned to her two friends, said something to them and then stood up and approached him.

"Hi, my name is Samina. But my friends all call me Sami."

Gary blushed and cleared his throat. He was aware that his mother was watching over the top of her book.

"I'm- I'm Gary. It's nice to meet you."

"We were wondering why your sitting in that wheel chair. You don't look like your sick. And your legs look strong and healthy."

"I just had three operations on my spine and the doctors don't want me over tiring myself until the muscles can completely heal and get strong."

"Oh. Where are you going."

"University City."

"Really? So are we. Come over and meet my friends. I can push you over there if you'd like."

"No. I mean yes, I'd like to meet your friends, but I can push myself or even walk over there."

Mary sat a couple of seats over from Gary's wheelchair, with the carry-ons stacked in the chair between them. She was close enough to have over heard the conversation, yet far enough away to give Gary a feeling of privacy. She watched over the top of her book as he rolled his chair along beside the pretty young lady. She was pleased that he was coming out of the protective shell he'd built around himself the last few years. She figure the surgery had helped more than just his physical body. Now with the promise of being able to lead a regular boy's life, he was blossoming into the young man she hoped he would be. She would be forever thankful to Dave for making it all possible so quickly.

While she watched the interaction between the three girls and her handsome son, Mary thought about the changes in all of their lives. She was going back to a new home in the Tower, just one floor below her beloved brother and his charming Italian lover. Gary would have access to the pool to continue his physical recovery and strengthening of his back muscles. Max would be near his uncles and their masculine influence. That was another thing that she would always be thankful to Dave for; his guidance of Max while he learned to live with being gay.

She mulled over the changes that had been wrought in her husband, Lloyd. She could hardly wait to be back in his loving arms. And this new business venture with Joe, he'd be his own man fulfilling his desires to his full capacity. She wondered what it would be like living in a high-rise. She'd enjoy gardening and having here own back yard. She'd miss that, but the sacrifice was small.

To see Gary leading a normal life as he stepped into his teen years was worth any sacrifice she could make. Her heart was full to bursting just watching him interact with these girls. He'd always shied away from attention. Now he was being like any teenage boy learning to enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. Her heart ached for Max and the tribulations he'd go through in his life. She'd just have to be as supportive as possible.

An adult couple walked up to the girls talking to Max. Mary watched the pretty auburn haired girl introduce Max to them. Max stood up and shook hands with them. Mary's heart swelled with pride in her youngest son. She saw they were turning to approach her. She lay her book down and stood up smiling.

Gary wheeled over to her side and spun his chair around.

"Mom, This is Sami and these are her parents Mr. and Mrs. Parrish."

Mary held out her hand.

"Hello, I'm Mary Brown."

The woman who looked like an older version of her daughter smiled, taking Mary's hand.

"Hi, I'm Sue and this is my husband Sam."

Mary shook hand with him.

"I understand from your son that you're moving to University City. Let us be the first to welcome you."

Mary smiled.

"Thank you. Yes, Gary needs to be near the athletic injuries center at the university hospital there for the next year or so to get the kind of therapy he needs to strengthen his back."

The grownups continued talking and the four teenagers moved away to continue there own conversations.

Mary soon learned that the Parrishs were on vacation and had taken their daughter and her two friends to Disneyland. Eventually the conversation got around to asking Mary where they were going to be living.

"My husband just informed me that we now own half of the 30th floor of the Tower Condominium."

"Oh, that's that marvelous building on the edge of the University Campus. I read somewhere that the architect won several major awards for that building." Mr. Parrish said.

"Yes, the architect is Joe Paolini. He's my brother-in-law."

If I remember correctly the article said that he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. I think that People magazine even did a blurb and a picture of him a year or so ago.

"Yes, well..." Mary was at a loss of what to say.

'So how did your sister land him?" Mrs. Parrish asked.

"Oh, I don't have a sister. My brother landed him. Or rather he landed my brother."

"Are you saying Paolini's a f....is gay?" Sam asked.

Mary ignored the near slip.

"Yes. And my brother is too. Maybe you've heard of him. Dave Gates?"

"Oh my god, not the Dave Gates who inherited the entire Way Fortune." Sue exclaimed.

Yes, that's him."

"He just bequeathed the Way Mansion and it's entire contents to the city. The fortune in paintings must be in the billions." Sam said.

Mary laughed.

"You two know more about him than I do."

"He's your brother. How could you not know?"

"I've been cooped up in the Orange County Children's Hospital with my youngest son for the last two months."

The Parrishs turned and looked at Gary who had the attention of the three girls.

"Is he okay now?" Sue asked.

"He's going to be. He had a slight spinal problem which the doctors have fixed. He should be fine now."

"He certainly is a handsome young man."

"Thank you, he looks like his dad."

"Well, he didn't get all his good looks from him," Sam said.

Before Mary could reply their flight was called and Gary being in a wheel chair had to be boarded first. They all promised to talk later and a flight attendant whisked Gary on to the plane.

They were seated in their first class accommodations so everyone else had to pass by them one their way toward the back. As the Parrishs passed Mary noticed that the girls looked envious of Gary sitting in his wide comfortable seat. As soon as the passengers were loaded and things were calming a bit Mary ask and attendant if there were going to be more occupants in first class.

"No, Ma'am. There's only the four of you." She indicated the couple sitting on the opposite side of the plane.

"There is a family with three young girls back there. I was wondering if you could upgrade them so they might join my son and me. You could put it on my credit card."

"Oh, we don't need to do that. We often upgrade folks without charging if we see a good reason. What are their names. Mary told her, and she went back to bring them forward.

The five were just settling into their seats when the attendant approached.

"Mr. Parrish?"

Sam turned and looked up at her.


"Mrs. Brown has requested that you and your family be moved up to sit with her."

"You're kidding."

"No, sir, if you will gather you things and follow me I'll get you settled in."

They couldn't help but notice the envious looks they were getting as they moved out into the aisle and headed up front.

When the Parrishs came through the curtain Sam and Sue immediately protested.

"Mary you shouldn't have done this. We were okay where we were."

"Well, you'll be more comfortable up here. And we can visit more easily this way. Besides, it's compliments of the airline, not me."

"Well, thank you for doing this anyway."

Gary was seated by a window and hadn't paid any attention to what his mother was up to as he watched all the goings on outside as the plane prepared to taxi.

"Is this seat taken?" he heard a young girl ask. He turned to say that his mother was sitting there and then realized that his mother was sitting across the aisle with Sami's parents and Sami was smiling down at him.

"No. No, please sit here."

"Thanks, it's so cool of you mom to get them to let us move up here. Wow, these seats are so wide."

"Yeah, nice, huh?"

Sami's two girlfriends slipped into the seats behind them. They would have rather had Sami's seat next to Gary, but Sami had laid claim to him and they both knew that if it weren't for Sami and her parents neither of them would have been there. They giggled as Gary turned his attention to their best friend.


Lloyd and Jean were waiting just inside the baggage claim area when Mary and her entourage whisked in. Mary flew into her husbands welcoming arms. Jean turned her attention onto her youngest grandson, giving him a big hug as he stood up.

"My! Look at you, standing straight. I swear you've grown two inches."

Gary pecked his grandmother's cheek and grinned. Lloyd stepped up to his son and looked him up and down.

"How are you feeling, Son?"

"I'm great, Dad."

"Well give your ol' man a hug." Lloyd enfolded his youngest son in a careful hug.

"I'm not fragile, Dad." Gary murmured in his dad's ear. Lloyd tighten his grip around the boy.

"I've missed you, Gary. Welcome back."

Mary introduced Lloyd to Sam and Sue and then the three girls.Lloyd shook hands with them all and then looked sternly at the girls. "So which one of you is trying to steal my son's affections?"

All three blushed but Sami blushed the deepest.

"Dad. You're embarrassing them."

"Aw, I'm just joking with you young ladies."

Sami stepped forward. "I'm the one. I think your son is a dream, Sir."

Now it was Gary's turn to blush.

"Lloyd, would you stop already." Mary said as she pulled him away.

He turned his attention to learning more about Sam and Sue. Before they left the airport they had exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.

When Mary entered the condo she was amazed. Jean and Lloyd had unpacked and arranged all the furniture.

"This is wonderful. It's....it's the easiest move I've ever made."

Lloyd playfully slapped her on her butt. "Yeah? Convince your mother and I about how easy it was."

"I'm sorry that I couldn't be here to help."

"Hey, you had a much more important job." Lloyd wrapped her in a close embrace. "I missed you so much. I'm glad you are back in my arms."

At that moment Dave entered through the still opened door. "So, Sis, what do you think?"

"Oh, Dave, this is wonderful."

"Where is my youngest nephew?"

"He is checking out his new bedroom. Where is Max?".

"Oh, Joe dragged him down to the new site where they are just breaking ground for a new high rise. Max is taking a big interest in architecture it seems. They should be back here soon."

Gary came out of the his bedroom.

"This is so cool I get my own room. Hey, Uncle Dave."

"Gary, your looking good. You left here a boy and look at you now. You 've grown into a young man. You're taller than me now. Give me a hug."

Gary didn't hesitate to hug his gay uncle

"Mom!" Mary whirled toward the door to see David, her oldest. He dropped his books on a table and hugged her. Mary was in tears. David had matured in the weeks that she'd been away. He needed a haircut. As she was mothering him, Max ran in with Joe on his heels. Mary turned her attention to him. She'd been so worried about Max, but it looked like he was doing well in the care and guidance of his two uncles. She hugged her brother-in-law and thanked him for everything.

Joe blushed. "Stop with the thanks. You're all family. I could do no less. And speaking of family.... Mom is doing a big dinner tonight to welcome you back. The whole family will be there to welcome you back."

"Oh my, my brother finds himself a partner and we get a big family. What more could we ask for."


When the Reville's arrived at The Paolini Family home. Max was on the front porch waiting for Joseph.

The family piled out of the big black car and Joseph ran up the steps and grabbed Max in a quick hug. His parents shook their heads as they watch the affection between the two.

"What can I say? It just seems to run in my family." Miki said to her tall handsome dark skinned husband.

"Well, it's taking some getting used to, but he is my son. I love him and am very proud of him."

"I love you, Rence."

He smiled his love back at her.

"Do you suppose he is going to eventually tell us?" he asked.

"Give him time. I know he will."

Angie stepped out on to the porch with Mary in tow, as the Revilles started up the steps. She hugged her daughter and son-in-law and then the three grand children.

"Rency, Miki, I would like you to meet another member of our family. This is Mary. She is Dave's sister and Lloyd's wife. Mary has been out in California with her youngest son while he had a back operation."

There were greetings all around with Lina dragging her grandmother off to find her Poppy. The three adults stood watching. Rency nodded his head toward Max and Joseph who were sitting on the porch swing.

"The ties that bind grow tighter," he said. Joseph had his arm around Max's shoulders and Max was leaning against him."

Mary looked at the two boys and then back up at Rency and then Miki. "Are you two okay with this?" she asked.

"The only thing I'm worried about is that Joseph is only eleven. This may just be a stage he is going through. I don't know how that would affect your son." Rency said.

"I'm sure it would devastate Max. But all we can do is wait and be ready to give support to both boys if it does go that way."

Rence and Miki nodded agreement. Rence grinned at Mary. "Mary you are a smart pretty version of you handsome brother. "

"Dave is handsome, isn't he?" Mary said, choosing to ignore the compliment, but agreed with the one to her brother.

"And you've got some good-looking boys, too."

"Thank you, Rence. Your three young ones are beautiful."

"Thank you, and I of course agree with you, being they get their looks from their beautiful mother." He squeezed Miki who crossed her eyes at her more than handsome husband. "We're going to have to dig out some high tide boots in a minute." she warned.

"Well, it's nice meeting you Mary. I'm sure we'll being seeing lots of you. I guess I'll go find the men folks and make sure that your husband remembers he's playing golf with me this Saturday."

Before either woman could say anything Dave walked up and buzzed his sister on the cheek and then did the same to his sister-in-law. He was gone again without a word. Miki was grinning as she watched him gather Max and Joseph leading them into the back yard.

"Joe's a lucky fellow to have found him."

"Well, I think Dave was the lucky one. If Joe hadn't come along and swept him off his feet, he'd still be moping over Bill."

"Did you know Bill very well, Mary?" Miki asked.

"Hardly at all, Lloyd was being very homophobic during those years. Funny how one can live with another person for so many years and not know something like that about them."

"Well, he certainly isn't now."

They had strolled through the house to the big picture window that looked out over the yard.

"See what I mean?" Miki pointed at Lloyd who was sitting on the picnic table between Johnny and Tim, with an arm around their necks.

As they watched, Johnny said something to Lloyd who grinned evilly and then turned and smooched Tim on his cheek. Tim blushed and punch Lloyd in the ribs. Miki and Mary had stepped through the door just in time to hear Tim yell.

"You keep kissing me I'm going to tell your wife."

"You think Mary would care any more than Johnny here?" Lloyd taunted.

"Let's just find out." He turned and saw Mary approaching. "Mary you've got to make your husband keep his lips off me."

Mary smiled sweetly as she wrapped her arms around Tim's neck.

"I don't think I can, Tim. Your just so kissable." She stood on tiptoes and gave him a kiss on his other cheek.

"Johnny save me from these two. They are as bad as Dave." Tim, loving the attention, hadn't even tried to pull out of Mary's grasp. Mary kissed him again.

"See what I mean? I just can't stop myself." Mary said, as she let go of him and turned to her husband. Lloyd let go of Johnny and held his arms out. Mary walked into his embrace. As he hugged her she whispered, "You've really become the man I always thought you were. I love you, Lloyd. It's so good to be back in your arms."

"It was you, my Love, that brought me around. You know I love you." Mary kissed him and turned in his arms to lean back into his embrace. Tim had gone back to Johnny and was leaning against him.

As they sat watching the goings on around the back yard, Mary saw Lexy crawl up in Gary's lap out on the concrete drive way. At first she didn't think any thing of it, and then Gary started pushing on one wheel while pulling on the other, making the wheel chair spin in place. Lexy was screaming in delight at this dizzying ride.

Suddenly the chair was only on two wheels. Miki, seeing the chair tilting backwards, screamed, frightening Lexy who lurched and upset Gary's balance. The chair went over, throwing Lexy out of Gary's lap. He landed on the edge of the lawn unhurt but scared. He was screaming and crying for his mommy and daddy.

Everyone went running to check on the young boy while Mary and Lloyd ran to check on Gary. He wasn't moving. Lloyd knelt and felt first for his pulse. It was strong. He lifted an eyelid and saw mostly white. Gary was unconscious.

"Don't move him." Mary whispered to Lloyd and then yelled out for someone to call an ambulance. Johnny and Tim were kneeling by Lloyd. They had both had extensive first aid. Neither felt there was any thing to do accept wait for the professionals to come with a neck brace and a back board.

Mary noticed that Gary had strapped himself into the chair. She felt a little relief at that. Maybe he would be okay.

It was less than four minutes before the paramedics arrived. Johnny met them at the street and explained that Gary had just had extensive low back surgery. They gently put a neck brace on him They unstrapped the chair and then while one medic directed the three men to assist in lifting Gary, the other medic carefully moved it out from under him and out of the way, and then pushed the back board under him. They strapped him firmly to the board.

As soon as his legs were lowered and the blood flowed back toward his legs and feet, Gary moaned. He opened his eyes and looked up at his mother who was hovering over him. There was fright in his eyes bordering on hysteria.

"I can't move, Mom. I can't move."

"Relax, Gary, your strapped down to a board so you can't move until the doctor examines you. You may have injured your back. Just relax, my little man, everything is going to be okay."

Mary prayed that he would be okay. It just wasn't fair that he had suffered his whole life and now be hurt again.

Dave had insisted in following the ambulance with Lloyd. As they sat waiting outside the cubicle where Gary was laying Dave got more and more antsy. He stuck his head through the curtain and asked if a doctor had come around yet. Mary just shook her head.

Dave went to the nurses desk.

"Is there a doctor in here?"

A ball-busting belligerent black nurse walked up to him.

"I told you all, when you came in, the doctor will be with you shortly. Go have a seat and wait."

"Nurse...." Dave made a point of looking at her name tag, "Frigeesha, if there isn't a doctor looking at my nephew in two minutes you won't have your job in fifteen. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I don't know who you are, little man, but you can't scare me with threats. Now go sit down and wait."

"That was no threat." Dave's face had become a mask, his voice held no emotion, the tone was deathly. "It was a promise. And I always keep my promises."

Nurse Frigeesha had to strain to hear him. The hair stood up on the back of her neck as she backed away apologizing, she grabbed up the phone and started demanding a doctor. Dave's smiled grimly, turned on his heels and went to the reception desk and requested to see the hospital administrator.

Within ten minutes there were three doctors in emergency. Five minutes later Gary was in MRI. Forty-five minutes after Dave had spoken with the administrator, a specialist was telling Mary and Lloyd that they could find no harm done to Gary's back. They thought that he should stay over night for observation for concussion, but Gary was so adamant in refusing to stay that they let him go home with the admonishment that he should try to stay awake for at least eight hours.

Dave smiled to himself. Generally the power that the Way Fortune had bestowed on him made him uncomfortable. But in a situation like this, where his family was concerned, he was thankful for it.

Mary wanted to go right home and put Gary to bed, but allowed the three men to talk her in to going back to the Paolini's being that she and Gary were the guest of honor.

Gary found a comfortable lounge chair in the back yard and sat. Everyone had to come by to check on him. He had learned patience during his long stay at CHOC. He was glad to finally be left alone. He was just dozing off when he felt a couple of yanks on his shirt sleeve.

"Are you okay, Gary?" Lexy asked.

Gary smiled at the little boy.

"Yeah I'm okay. How about you?"

"I'm okay too. But it scared me when you went over backwards."

"Did you get hurt?"

"Naw, I landed in the grass. Can you move over and let me sit with you?"

Gary grinned at the derisive sound in Lexy's voice. He moved over and the little boy climbed up and laid back beside him with his head in the pit of his arm. Gary wondered what to do with his arm and then put up behind his head.

"Lucky you, I hit my head on the concrete and knocked myself out."

"Did it scare you to have to go to the hospital?"

"No, I spent nearly two months in the hospital in California."

"I think it would scare me."

"So did you like the ride?"

"Oh yeah. Well.... until you tipped over."

"Sorry about that. Someone screamed and it startled me."

"That was my mom."

"Oh. Is she mad at me?"

"No...... Did you like my grandma's lasagna?"

"I didn't have any."

"Why not?"

"I guess I got back here too late."

"Are you hungry?"


"I'll get you something to eat."

Lexy scrambled out of the lounger and scurried into the kitchen to his grandmother. He pulled on her skirt and motioned for her to bend down and then he whispered in here ear. Angie straightened up.

"Oh, dear God! We forgot to feed Gary." The Paolini women had made a big scene about feeding Dave, Lloyd and Mary, who were just finishing up their meal. The mayhem and melee of the Paolini clan's get-together, although fairly controlled, had over whelmed Mary to the point she hadn't even had a chance to have a thought of her youngest in the last fifteen minutes.

Before Gary knew what was happening a bed table was set over him and piled with food and drink. The whole household descended on him again. Lexy had scooted back onto the lounger next to Gary and helped himself to whatever he wanted. Gary patted him on the head and stuffed his own mouth enjoying all the attention.

In the mean timehis oldest brother, David, was sitting off in a dark corner behind the cutting garden brooding.


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