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Those Golden Eyes

by JWSmith

I've got to say before any of you go on reading, that I never thought I'd get the responses I have to Charley. It really set me back on my heels. Thank you all. And I hope the following chapters of TGE and Charley hold up to your expectations. JWS

Pete was ecstatic. His cast was coming off today. He'd be able to hug Jason with both arms. He'd be able to button his own pants. He'd be able to wear jeans to school rather than sweats that he could manage with one hand. He'd be able to wrap both arms around Jason. He'd be allowed to take a shower again. He could wear a regular shirt again. He'd be able to hold Jason against his chest and squeeze him with both arms. Pete was ecstatic.

He ended up having to go to the doctors office on his own. Jason had a important exam and there was no way he could get out of it. That was no big deal the office was in the medical complex right on campus. Waiting by himself was no big deal, although it would have been nice to have someone with him.

As he trudged down the long hall, not paying attention to the people around, a hand gripped his shoulder. He turned to see who it was and knocked Dave in the chest with the elbow of the cast.

"Oopf." Dave grunted. "I heard you were getting your cast off this morning and wanted to be here to help you celebrate."

"Sorry, after eight weeks I am still not used to this damned thing."

"Well, it will be off within the hour. I'm sure everyone will be as happy as you to see it gone." Dave said, rubbing his chest. "Where is Jason?"

"He has a big exam this morning. Couldn't be here." Pete looked discouraged.

"Well, I'm here for you. Just think about how good it's going to be to hold Jason against your chest again."

Pete grinned and turned dark red. Dave just grinned back. The moment was interrupted by the nurse calling Pete's name.

Fifteen minutes later Pete pushed open the door and enter the waiting room. He looked depressed. His arm was in a sling bound to his body.

"Hey, why the sour face? You've gotten rid of that damned cast." Dave asked.

"I can't even lift my arm. I have to have therapy everyday for the next month. Man, I was dreaming of being able to hold Jason with both arms again."

"That's going to happen, Pete, just not today. Hey, he can lay his head on your chest again."

Pete smiled and nodded, but still looked downin the dumps.

"How long has it been since he nibbled your nipples?"

"Dave! You love to embarrass me." Pete had turned a deep red again as he looked up.

"Are you still depressed?" Dave grinned.


"Well, let's find Jason and go celebrate."

They ran into Jason on the front steps of the hospital. First thing Jason did was embrace Pete, laying his head against his chest. Pete held him with his good arm. Jason slid his hand up Pete's torso until it came in contact with his nipple through the thin cotton shirt. He pinched it lightly. Pete grinned and blushed as Dave acted like he didn't see what was going on. Jason looked up at them and caught a knowing look as it passed between them.

"It's been over two months since I could do that. You just go ahead and leer, Dave."

Pete blushed and Jason and Dave grinned.


David leaned against the wall next to the classroom door that Eve would soon be exiting, hugging his books to his chest as he daydreamed with a goofy grin. He felt a finger poke him in the belly as a warm lilting contralto voice said, "Must be someone special you're thinking about. Who is she?"

David opened one eye and looked at Eve. "Oh you caught me. I was dreaming about this beautiful blonde lady. She has the most beautiful big brown eyes you ever saw. And she's got the sweetest smile when she looks at me. You should be very jealous of her 'cause she's won my heart."

Eve grinned , playing along with him. "So what is this tart's name that's playing around with my man?"

"Ah, the lady is no tart, but she does play the most wonderful music on my heart strings."

Eve stood next to David and leaned back against the wall making sure her shoulder and hip was touching him. "So if I'm going to be jealous of this woman I want to know her name. Tell me."

"You probably wouldn't know her if I did tell you her name."

Eve sighed, "Well, I guess I'll just have to sic my big brothers on you."

David looked horrified. "Oh please, don't do that. I'll tell you, I'll tell you."

Eve looked at him as he eyed her out of the side of his face and whispered, "I'm in love with her. And I think she may love me."

"She may. Who is she?"

"Her name is Eve Paolini."

Eve pushed off the wall and rolled against David and kissed him on the cheek. "I know that wench. I know she's in love with you."

David grinned. "You really think so?"

"I know so, you big goof. Come on, we're going to be late for our next class," she said, grabbing his harm and pulling him away from the wall.

"Your class. I'm free next period. Want to ditch it and go someplace private?"

"I can't do that. Daddy would shoot me even if I am old enough to vote."

"Well, I guess I'll just have to go catch up on my studies."

"Oh, poor you. Are we still on for a movie tomorrow night?"

"Are your parents Italian?"


"There's your answer." He kissed her on the lips and broke away before she could respond. "Call me when you get home." He called out to her as he walked away.

Eve put here fist on her hip. "The boy is supposed to call the girl. That's what my mother taught me." she yelled back.

"Well, tell your mother that this is the twenty-first century." David yelled back and disappeared around the corner.

Eve stood in the middle of the hall smiling until someone bumped her and brought her back to the reality of the moment. She could hardly wait to get home to call David.

As the professor droned on about some ancient event in history she thought about how her feeling for David were growing. A couple of weeks ago she'd almost told him that he was too young for her. And now she was dreaming of a future with him. She shook her head in disbelief and tried to pay attention to what the professor was saying.


Since Jake had left on tour, Charley had been thinking seriously about quitting the police force and finding something else to do. He thought about going back to college. University City would be a good place to go. And so what if he was pushing toward thirty. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. He decided he'd discuss it with Jake when he called.

He fixed himself something to eat when he got home and ate it sitting at the kitchen table while he stared glumly out into the black night. He gotten used to being alone again, but he didn't like it. It was such a joy to get home when Jake was waiting for him. Meals were more appetizing and fun when Jake was there to share them. After cleaning the dishes he'd used he sat down to some soft music and a new novel. He wished there were more by Jake, he'd really enjoyed the way Jake wrote.

Charley had talked to Jake the morning he left Atlanta, but Jake hadn't called last night as he'd expected. He was sure he'd arrived back in UniCity. Charley chalked it up to exhaustion from his trip and waited. By nine Jake still hadn't call so Charley called him. The phone went directly to recording. He went to bed depressed and worried. He called again the next morning and got the same mindless recorded message. He dressed and headed to Sal's before work at the same time that Jake was speeding across UniCity to the feed store on the outskirts.

As he entered the café Sal saw the somber look on his face. "Still no word, Charley?" she asked as she poured him a cup of coffee.

"No, nothing." He slumped on to a stool at the counter.

Later in the day he called again. The phone rang four times and abruptly stopped in the middle of the fifth ring. "Jake? Hello, Jake?" he'd yelled into the dead phone. He hung up and called again getting a computerized recording. He wondered why he'd not gotten the recording the first time.


Jim was frantic to untie himself before the paralysis set in from the little pill that Jake had forced down his throat. His balls had gone numb already from the lack of blood circulation cut off by the little hard-rubber ring that Jake had put around them. As he scrambled to get the knot undone on his left ankle, Jim heard the front door slam and Jake's chopper roar. He thanked God that Jake at least knew how to tie a square knot. With a jerk on one strap the knot rolled open and he pulled it apart, leaped off the bed, ran into the bathroom. Yanking open the top drawer he searched frantically for a scalpel, one of those little surgical knives they used in surgery.

Finding one, he ripped it out of the sterile paper and plastic package it was sealed in. He sat down on the toilet lid and lifted his cock and peered at his taut testicles. The rubber band while about a quarter inch wide was so small in circumference that he had to pull the scrotum skin tight to see it. His hand was shaking so bad he thought he would probably castrate himself before he cut the rubber. Steeling his nerves he poked the point of the tiny blade at the black band that was cutting the flow of blood into his balls. His nerveless hands were quivering. The point missed and he yelped as it pierced the skin of his scrotum. Blood welled up and ran down the curve of his testicle. Jim grabbed a piece of toilet paper and dabbed off the blood, and then held it against the cut to stem the flow. Lifting the wad of paper he checked to see if it had stopped bleeding. When no blood welled up he guided the point with his left forefinger and thumb. The point pierced the band and it snapped apart.

Jim screamed at the pain caused by the blood rushing into his scrotum and testicles. He dropped the scalpel, slid off of the toilet onto his knees, and curled into a ball on the cold tile floor, coddling his precious jewels with both hands. He whimpered as the pain dissipated.

As he lay there for several minutes recuperating from the fright of nearly losing his manhood, he realized that the paralysis wasn't happening. 'Had Jake faked giving me the pill? He must have. Damn him, he was playing with me,' he thought, 'that was some damned serious game'. He scrambled to his feet and looked at himself in the mirror. His ball sac was a little red, but didn't look damaged. With a big sigh of relief he massaged it as he walked over to the bed. Yellow urine stained the middle of the bed where he'd peed on himself. He smirked knowing that the rubber sheet over the mattress had saved it once again. The straps dangling from the ends of the headboard drew his attention and he shuddered swearing to himself that never again would someone up tie him up. He didn't stop to think he'd been out cold when he'd been tied to the bed.

He thought about the horror that Jake had just put him though and swore he'd get revenge. And then he remembered what he'd done to Jake to make him so angry. His anger began to melted and he felt contrite. Why had he thought that Jake would enjoy what he'd done? Actually, he admitted to himself, he'd done it more as punishment for his disappearance with no explanation. He wondered who Charley was.

His phone rang. He turned to the dresser to retrieve it. It was old man Paolini demanding to know why he was late. 'Oh, hell!' he thought, realizing he should have been there forty- five minutes ago. "I'm sorry, Joe, I was tied up. I'll be there as soon as I can. Give me forty-five minutes. I'll be there."

"Well, hurry up. You know I hate eating alone," the petulant old man groused as Jim noticed a spot of white powder on the floor next to the bed. He pushed it with his toe. 'The pill?' he wondered and knelt to touched a finger to the powder. "I'm on my way." he said and disconnected from the old man

Back in the bathroom he examined himself before getting into the shower. Other than a little abrasion on his wrists and smelling like piss he was okay. Feeling his tender testicles, he wondered how Jake was doing, and if he'd gotten over his anger. He knew he'd have to go apologize. Whether Jake would accept it or not, he didn't know

After quickly showering, Jim mounted on his Harley and sped across town to the Paolini house.It wasn't like the old man was incapacitated or had a disability. Jim had been hired really just to be a companion for the elderly patriarch of the Paolini family after he'd finished his stint of taking care of Pete.

Old Joe had long ago insisted on living in the guest house at the back of the estate. Hadn't wanted to go on living in the manse after his wife had died, so he'd given it to his only son and his family.

Jim grinned to himself recalling the old fellow telling him how he'd spied on his youngest grand daughter sitting in the gazebo with that young whippersnapper nephew of Dave Gates. "I had my cane ready to use on that boy if he started getting fresh with young Eve. But it was Eve that kissed him first so I let them be. They didn't do more than kiss and talk a lot." Jim had thought the elderly man had sounded a bit disappointed, but marked it up to his own imagination.

Old Joe was sitting on a garden bench looking petulant when Jim rode his Harley up and parked by the side of the garage. Angie stuck her head out the back door and asked if he was all right. He assured her he was and apologized for being so late. "I got tied up and it took a lot longer than I thought to get lose. I guess I lost track of the time," he told her. 'If they only knew that it was the truth,' he thought and shuddered. He smiled at Angie and headed into the garden to attend the old fellow.

Old Joe grinned as he grabbed the back of Jim's hand and examined the red abraded skin on his wrist. "You're a kinky bastard, son. But you don't lie."


Tim and Johnny sat in his mother's kitchen. They sat on one side of the table while Angie and her two daughters sat on the other. They glared across the table at each other like they were having a battle royal.

"We've let you do the flower thing, make up the guest list, plan all the food, even pick out our tuxes. But as far as the actually ceremony that is ours." Johnny said.

"I still insist that I am not walking down the aisle like a bride." Tim turned on Johnny.

"Well, I'm the older one here. It's sure not going to be me. And besides, it was you that started this."

"Are you saying you don't want to have a commitment?"

"Tim, I love you, of course I want it." Johnny cupped the back of Tim's neck and pulled him into a hug.

Tim pushed away. "So I have to be the bride and walk down the aisle to you? My parents will die of embarrassment on the spot."

"Stop it. Stop. Both of you stop." Eve yelled jumping into the middle of it. "I have a compromise. Why don't you both walk down the aisle together. Or better yet, walk down the outside aisles and meet in the front. And then when it's over walk up the center aisle together."

Her older sister and her mother looked hopefully at the to men as they considered it.

"I like the idea." Tim said.

"Me too." Johnny agreed.

"Eve you're a genius." Miki said, hugging her sister. "Okay now what music."

"Definitely not the wedding march."Tim said.

"Absolutely out."Johnny agreed.

"One of my favorite pieces of music is Beethoven's "A theme for Elise." Tim said. "One cool thing about it is that it can be extended indefinitely to fit the time it takes to walk that far. It's quiet, contemplative, and peaceful."

"Oh, that is perfect." Miki agreed. Her mother and sister nodded approval."

"I'm not familiar with it, but if you like it, Babe, let's go for it." Johnny said.

"And for the recessional?" Angie asked.

"What's that?" Tim asked.

"The music to walk out by."Eve said.

"I know what would be perfect." Johnny said.

His sisters and mother groaned at the delight in his voice accompanied by a malicious grin. Tim looked at him wondering what they knew that he didn't.

"So tell me," he said.

"Wagner's Ride of the Valkuries."

The women groaned again.

"No, wait." Tim yelled. "I like that. Just picture it." Tim pushed his chair back and stood. With words and hand and body gestures he built the picture. "We've just exchanged vows and rings. The music starts off quiet you can barely hear it. We kiss. The music builds. We turn to the audience, and the music crescendos. And we march out triumphantly. It will leave everyone breathless and laughing at the unexpectedness of it."

"Let's do it." Miki and Eve said simultaneously, clapping their hands. Johnny grabbed Tim and kissed him.

"You kids are crazy. But it sounds like fun. It's unanimous." Angie conceded.


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