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Those Golden Eyes

by JWSmith

Chapter 33

"So where are you and Charley staying?" Jim asked. After Charley had left with the nurse

"Well, I had kind of figured that we would find a motel nearby."

"Being that Jason and Jake are such good pals, I would think that Jason and Pete would love to have you stay with them. Would you mind if I called them?"

"I think that Charley should be consulted on this."

"Hey, they are both country boys. Let's give them a chance to show their hospitality. Besides Charley doesn't need that kind of hassle right now."

Before Chess could respond Jim pulled out his cell and dialed Jason.

"Of course they are welcome." Jason responded on hearing the situation. Any friend of Jake's is a friend of mine and that goes for his lover, too." Jason replied. Jim shook his head. He wasn't sure that Jason had meant that as a barb, but it sure stung. He had liked the little guy from the moment they had met but had a hard time dealing with him as an equal because of his small size.

Jim called the intensive care ward and asked the nurse to inform Charley that he was taking his father to get settled in and that his dad would be back in a couple of hours to take him to dinner.

Chess sat back and studied Jim as he made his calls. When Jim noticed, he raised his eyebrows in question.

"You're not employed by this hospital how did you get in to read Jake's records?"

"It was easy. As a student I worked up there a good while. I knew just where I was going. So I dress in whites and simply walked into his room, check on him, read the records and left. No one the wiser."

Chess shook his head and continued to stare at him.

"I can't quite figure you out. You seem like a very honorable, likable man even if you are a take charge bulldozer. I am having difficulty imagining you drugging and raping another human being."

Jim played with his empty coffee cup. When he looked up at Chess he had tears in his eyes. "I never meant to hurt Jake. Our relationship was rough and tumble. Sometimes the sex was gentle and loving, but mostly it was just good hard sex no emotions involved."

"On your part. It sounds to me like Jake was trying for more."

"No, I think most of the time it was just sex for him, too. Once in a while he'd start getting romantic notions, but I always set him straight."

"But why the pills? You of all people should know better than to play around with drugs."

"It was stupid. I let a buddy convince me that they were harmless with no after effects. I never stopped to consider that they work differently on different people. It obviously affected Jake adversely. After the adrenalin rush from his anger past, he obviously sank into a deep depression. Jake would never just give up like that. It had to have been the drug."

"You realize that you will lose your nurse's license and probably spend some time in jail."

"I know. And I am willing to take the punishment. Jake nearly died." Jim studied his hands and then looked up at Chess. "I do love him, you know."


When Charley entered Jake's room and saw him lying there like a corpse, his heart lurched. If it hadn't been for the monitors----. Charley walked up to the bedside and took his hand. It was dry and papery feeling. His face was gaunt and aged. Tears rolled down Charley's cheek. "Oh, Jake, how could you do this?" he whispered. The nurse moved a chair next to the bed and offered it to Charley. When he sat, she patted his shoulder, adjusted the sheet over Jake's chest and left them alone.


Chess followed Jim over to Pete and Jason's where the two young men soon made him feel welcome. Before leaving Chess with Jason and Pete, Jim gave him his cell number asking that he please be kept inform of Jake's progress.


When Joe entered the Eyrie, Dave was on the phone. Joe walked over to him leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. Dave looked up at him. Joe could see the love and desre in his eyes. He mouthed, "I'll be off in a moment." and turned back to the conversation on the phone.

"I don''t understand, there is no evidence of drugs in his system why do you think it is attempted suicide." Dave listened for a moment. "What could be so traumatic that he just give up the will to live?"

Joe had started for the bed room to change his clothes but froze when he heard the word suicide.

"Well, please keep me informed of his progress. Thanks." He turned to Joe. That was Allen Chestnut.

"Who tried suicide?" Joe asked as Dave lay the phone in its cradle.

"Jake Shipman."

"I've heard that name before. Who is he?"

"The author of the book I'm reading." Dave picked up the book and showed Joe the photo of Jake on the dust cover.

"Handsome man. What would make him do that?"

"That's what they are trying to find out." Dave had turned Joe toward the bedroom and was pushing him in that direction.

"And how did you get involved?" Joe asked and he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his pants.

"Jim Provost, the nurse that we hired to be your grand dad's companion called me. He asked if I could pull some strings to get the hospital to let Jake's lover into the room with him."

"The man's gay?" Joe asked as Dave lifted the shirt off his shoulders and dropped it down his arms.

"Gay and no living relatives." Dave was helping undo his pants. He pushed him backwards onto the bed and pulled his shoes and socks off.

"So did the hospital acquiesce to your request?" Joe asked raising his butt to let Dave pull his pants and Jockeys off.

Dave chuckled as he stripped out of his own clothes. "What do you think?"

Joe scooted into the middle of the bed and was ready for Dave's pounce.

"I think you are one horny dude."

"Damn, I love your scent. Especially when you've been doing physical labor."

"I make it just for you, Babe." Joe groaned as Dave attacked the side of his neck.


Jason and Pete had gotten Chess settled into one of the bedrooms and were sitting at the kitchen table studying when Chess wandered into the room.

Jason looked up. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"No, but if you'll tell me where to find a glass I'll get myself a glass of water."

"They're in the cabinet left of the stove."

The boys watched Chess get his water. After he had taken a drink Jason asked, "Do you know what happened to Jake? Why he's in intensive care?"

"Yes, but it's not my place to tell you."

"Jim said that he was responsible for it, but wouldn't tell me what he had done. I've got a feeling that he did something out of revenge for Jake leaving."

"You are right, but I still can't tell you. It will have to be Jake or Jim."

"Jake really loves Charley. I could see it in his eyes when he told me about him. He is going to be okay isn't he?"

"You know as much as I do at the moment."


Pete had sat there listening. "It's my turn to make dinner , is there anything you'd like to request?"

"Why don't you fellows let me take you out, as a thank you for your hospitality."

"Sure, if you really want to." Pete said looking at Jason and grinning for getting out of his night to cooking.

"I do. So when you are ready let me know. I'm going to lie down until then."

They nodded and went back to their studies, and Chess went into his bedroom and lay down called his wife.

"The hospital is calling it an attempted suicide."Chess told her.

"I knew it. That man just-----"

"Gloria, I swear before God that if you don't lay off of Jake and keep you mouth closed around Charley I am going to do something dire. What is you problem anyway? Is it that your jealous? That he's taking your "Baby" away from you? Get a grip, Charley is nearly thirty."

"No he's not. He's only twenty-eight."

"Nearly thirty, Gloria."

A sniffle is all he got in reply. He changed the subject.


Charley wanted to stay by Jake's side until he woke up, but when it was explained to him that Jake was intentionally being kept under sedation until his body had properly hydrated he allowed his dad to drag him off to dinner and to get a good night's sleep.

Since Jason, Pete and Chess had walked to the hospital they opted to hit a local restaurant. When told the options Chess decided Gio Gio's sounded the best.

The rotund Chef hugged Jason and bent down to kiss him on each cheek when he walked through the door. "Where have you been, my little friend. Surely, you are not too busy to come by once in a while."

Jason cocked a eye at him. "What, once a week is not often enough?" he said and giggled.

"Once a day I could live with." Gio replied, grinning. He turned to Pete. "Ah, Pete, my man, you got the horrible cast off. I am so happy for you. I bet you love being able to hold you little one to your chest again." He kissed Pete the same as he had Jason.

Pete just grinned. And to cover his embarrassment he turned to introduce Chess and Charley, telling Gio that Charley and Jake were lovers. Gio shook hands with them and welcomed them to his restaurant.

"Ah, and how is Jake? I heard he is in the hospital." Gio said.

Charley grimaced. "They are still keeping him asleep. Tomorrow they should bring him around."

"I do hope he will be okay. I will say a little novina for him." Gio said.

He escorted them to the big round owners table and as they were sitting Dave and Joe walked in. Gio threw his hands into the air when he saw them. "Maybe the whole family will show up tonight. And I'll lose lots of money feeding you all."

Joe grinned and said," Funny you say that, Cousin, Johnny and Tim are meeting us here for dinner."

Dave had glanced around and saw Pete and Jason. "Who is are those two men?" he asked.

"Oh, do you know Jake Shipman ,our local famous author?" Both men nodded. "The younger one is his amore' and the other his father. Come I'll introduce you."

"No need, Gio, you've got a good crowd here tonight to take care of. We'll introduce ourselves and sit with them."

When Pete saw his boss and benefactor approaching, he stood and asked them to join them. After he'd made introductions, Charley held Dave's hand in both of his as they shook. "I know you are the one responsible for th hospital allowing me to be with Jake. Thank you so much."

Dave gave him one of his warm loving smiles. "Jake is an important person in all our lives, even though we have yet to meet him. It's a pleasure to be allowed to do something for you."

Joe informed them there would be two more joining them so they all moved to leave two seats together for Johnny and Tim, who showed up almost before they'd all settle down,and they were all up and shaking hands again.

Charley had a bit of an advantage knowing a little about the men he was meeting, and as circumstance would have it, he was sitting next to Johnny when everyone settled again. When there was a lull in the conversation, much of which had been aimed at him, he turn to Johnny. "I understand you are a police detective."

"Was. I just went to work for my brother and Dave, along with my old partner who is now their head of security. I opted to be Joe's personal body guard."

"Why would he need a body guard?"

"Well, he's a world famous architect and hitched to one of the wealthiest men in the world. I'd say he needs a guard, wouldn't you?"

"Of course. So who is he hitched to, as you put it?"

"Dave. He and Joe are lovers."

"You said one of the wealthiest men in the world. Dave looks like the guy next door."

Johnny chuckled. " He is. He inherited the entire Way Fortune."

"I heard about that. And that was Dave, huh?"


"Are they looking to hire more guards? I just quit the Kirksville Police Force to move here. Jake doesn't like me being a policeman after I got shot a few months ago."

"Your kidding." He raised his voice calling across the table. "Joe, Dave, your not going to believe this. Charley here is a policeman. He just quit the Kirksville police to move here. He's looking for a job."


The first thing the next morning Charley called to check on Jake's status and was informed that he would be coming out from under the sedation probably mid afternoon. He then unloaded his Harley and went to the Tower to see Paul Hanson. After filling out a ton of papers, Paul told him that as of that moment he was on the payroll and that as soon as Jake was back on his feet he would send him and Johnny to Chicago for some special training, but until then he was to stay with Jake and tend to his needs.


Chess was delighted that Charley had been employed by Dave Gates. He really like that man. He was so down to earth one would never suspect he had more that ten dollars in his pocket. Since there was nothing more that he could do for Charley, Chess decided that he should get back to his office in Kirksville and check up on his staff. He loaded his bag into the back of Charley's pickup gave his son a hug and headed home. Charley stood on the sidewalk and watched his father out of sight, sighed and went back in to talk to Jason.

Pete, who was studying to be an architect and civil engineer had a heavier class load the Jason and had left an hour earlier. He found the little fellow in the kitchen puttering around. Charley asked if it was okay to make a fresh pot of coffee and got a sermon on how he might be a guest, but he was also part of the household until he and Jake found a place of their own. When the coffee was ready he poured two cups and asked Jason to sit and join him.

They sipped their coffee in silence for a few moments. Jason found himself feeling as comfortable with the big blonde man as he was with Jake. "I just can't imagine Jake doing this," he said.

"Doing what?"

"You know trying to off himself."

Charley grinned. "You know that he's not very fond of euphemisms, don't you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Off himself. That's a euphemism for suicide or kill himself.

"That is so stark and harsh."

"Like Jake says, tell it like it is."

"Do you really think that he did?"

Charley looked at Jason and shrugged. "I've only known him for a few months, but no, I can't see him trying to kill himself."

"On the premise that he did, what are your speculations as to the reason."

"You use big words."

"I'm an English major."

Charley grinned at raising Jason's ire. "Jake promised me before he left that he wouldn't have sex with Jim again. Jim forced him. Jake was not responsible for it happening.

"What do you mean, Jim forced him? Jake could squash him like a bug."

Charley leaned forward. "What I'm going to tell you is confidential. And I'm telling you only because you and Jake are such close friends." Jason nodded. "Jim drugged him. He admitted that to me last night."

"The son of a bitch. That's evil. How could he do that to a friend? He's a nurse."

"Well, even though it makes me furious, I am beginning to understand the relationship Jake and Jim had. I believe that Jim didn't really mean to hurt him. And I think that the drug had an unexpected after effect on Jake. Whether it was physical or psychological I don't know. But knowing Jake, he was very depressed at having his word broken. Maybe the drug enhanced the depression. I guess we won't really know until Jake is awake and tells us."

"Damn Jim! He should know better than to play around with drugs."

"Jason, out of respect for Jake, don't mention anything I've said to even Pete. It's Jake's decision as to what happens with Jim. You know I was an officer of the law and if I was still, it would be my duty to have Jim arrested without Jake having saying anything to say about it. But I'm not a cop any longer and I believe that it is Jake's right to decide whether Jim should be prosecuted or not."

"I'm not sure I agree with you, but I will keep it to myself."

"Thanks. Did you know my dad is a defense lawyer."

"What does he think about all this?"

"Well, to make a bad pun, he kept his own counsel. I didn't ask him and he didn't tell me."

"What time does Jake wake up?"

"The nurse said it would around two,. I've got an appointment with Dr. Chestnut, the Psychiatrist, at eleven thirty."

"It's ten forty-seven now."

"I guess I'd best get ready and head over there."

"Me too, I've got a class at the same time."


Jim was apprehensive about telling another medical professional about the pills. In the end he lied and told Dr. Chestnut that he had simply got Jake, who didn't drink much, intoxicated and seduced him. He talked at length about his past relationship with Jake and about Jake's need in bottoming. Being that Allen was gay and liked both men, he understood what Jim was telling him.

Allen was tickled and horrified at the same time by Jake's revenge for what Jim did. He did his best to keep a straight face while he listened. One thing he couldn't understand was why Jake would have such a strong reaction to getting drunk and letting Jim take advantage of him again. He didn't question Jim on that, thinking he might find the answer when he talked to Charley.


Jim ran into Charley outside of the Doctor's office. When Charley asked him if he had admitted to using the drug on Jake. Jim hung his head in shame and admitted that he had been afraid to, the doctor would have been obligated to report him.

"Well, I can't blame you. Personally, I think it's up to Jake as to what legal action should be taken."

"Does that mean that you won't say anything to the doctor?" Jim asked.

"I don't see how that would help Jake at this point. If Jake wants to tell him, that's up to him."

"Thanks, Charley. I appreciate it."

Charley grimaced at him and entered the doctor's office without replying.


Charley found he really liked Allen Chestnut and that it was easy and pleasant talking to him. Soon he was telling him the whole story of him and Jake. When he got to the bit about his conversation with Jim and Jim's admission about the rape he left out the fact that Jim had drugged Jake. He notice the skeptical look that Allen gave him and started feeling guilty for not exposing Jim.

Charley was at sixes and sevens with his feelings. He liked Jim for his honesty and straight forwardness, yet he had a deep simmering anger that was ready to boil over given the right circumstances. He was also feeling hurt that his relationship with Jake hadn't been strong enough to keep him from attempting to die. Allen could see all of this as Charley talked, and felt it was best to let the story be for the moment. He wondered if either Jim or Charley thought him dumb enough to accept the drunken rape thing. Charley hadn't realized that he had told him that Jake would never knowingly get drunk, two glasses of wine or four beers was his limit, and he was expecting him to accept the story of Jim getting Jake drunk? Well, he'd let it be for the moment believing the truth would come out eventually.

Allen set about helping Charley understand what Jake would be going through when he woke up.


As Charley sat holding Jake's hand that afternoon while waiting for him to wake up, he thought about his duplicity and felt that maybe he was betraying Jake by not exposing what Jim had done. He promised himself that first chance he got to discuss it with Jake he would.

He looked at the man whose hand he held and his heart swelled with love. It still amazed him that Jake had just walked into his life and settled into his heart. He thought about the first time he'd laid eyes on Jake sitting at the counter in Sal's. He'd known at that moment that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jake not even knowing anything about him. And as he'd talked through the evening with Jake, he'd become more and more certain that his first feeling were right. He had no doubt in his heart that Jake loved him the same.

Allen had told him that it was important that Jake understand that he loved him unconditionally. Charley felt certain that he could do that. If only he'd wake up. He gripped Jake's hand attempting to send his love through the contact. Jake groaned.

"Jake, can you hear me? Jake, I love you come back to me." Charley talked to him in a low voice. Jake mumbled and rolled his head back and forth. The sedative was wearing off.

Jake mumbled. To Charley it sounded like he was begging him not to let go. He held Jake's hand tighter. "I've got you, Jake. I'll never let you go." Jake relaxed and smiled. "Jake, I know you're awake. Look at me." Jake's reaction made Charley regret what he had said.


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