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Those Golden Eyes

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Chapter 41

Charley sat in front of Paul Hanson's desk, looking a little exasperated and depressed. Paul was trying his best to look sympathetic, but was having a difficult time hiding his smile. He'd just told Charley that he couldn't start to work yet; Dave simply wouldn't allow it.

"Damn it, Paul. There's no reason that I can see that prevents me from it."

"Well, let's examine the situation. One, Jake is still visiting Dr. Chestnut. Two, you still haven't found your own place to live."

"Jake seems to really enjoy living where we are. The guys are a big boon to him. Besides what does any of that have to do with me going to work?"

"I have my orders, Charley. And they say not to bring you in until you and Jake are settled. So how do you like living there with three other guys?"

"It's alright. I really like Pete and Jason. They're cool kids."


Charley grimaced. "Yeah, I miss my privacy."

"Have you discussed this with Jake?"

"No, he seems happy there, so I haven't rocked the boat."

"Hmm. Talk to him. Tell him how you feel."

"Is that and order?"

"Do I need to make it one?" Paul sounded just slightly exasperated.

Charley hung his head, and shook it. "No, I'll talk to him."

"He may be putting on a face because he sees you being happy there."

Charley looked up at Paul. "I never thought of that."

Paul grinned. "There's also a third reason you can't go to work yet."

Charley raised his eyebrows in inquiry.

"You still haven't moved over here. You're still living out of your suit case."

Charley nodded and didn't say anything. He was reluctant to ask Jake to confront his mother and brothers again. Actually, he was reluctant to confront them too, too. He'd heard his mother's words, had felt the sincerity in her voice, but was still hesitant to trust her face to face with Jake. But if the situation was to be stabilized they were going to have to do it eventually.

"Okay, Paul. It's just that I feel so guilty receiving a full salary and not doing a damned thing to earn it."

"You're earning it. Just not in any conventional way."

Charley snorted and stood up. "Yeah, right."

Paul stood and stepped around the desk. He laid a friendly arm around Charley's shoulder. "Just do what you have to do."

"I'll go talk to Jake, now." Charley stood to leave.

Paul patted him on the back as they moved toward the door. "You may be surprised by what you find out. Oh, by the way, thanks for setting up the sensitivity training with Roger the other night. From what Johnny was telling me you guys really did a number on his head. He said that you think he is a closet case. I still think he plays on my side the fence. You wouldn't want to make a bet on it would you?"

Charley chuckled remembering how surprised Roger had been to be sitting down to dinner with six very masculine gay men. "No bets. I suspect at this point that you are right."


The house seemed to be empty when he entered the front door. He headed down the hall toward their bedroom. >From the room they'd set up as Jake's office, he could here the faint clatter of the keys on the Jake's keyboard. He stuck his head through the opened door and watched his lover at work. 'Damn, he is such a beautiful man. I'm so lucky he's mine,' he thought to himself.

Jake looked up and saw Charley standing in the doorway and grinned at him. "Hey, Babe," he said.

"Hey, yourself. How's the writing going."

"You showed up just in time. I just ran out of gas." Jake pushed back from his keyboard and stretched. Charley's breath caught as Jake's tee shirt rose, exposing his hard flat stomach. He swallowed hard as he took in the magnificence of Jake's body. Clothed he was stunning, naked he was breathtaking. They had started working out together at Jake's old gym. And although Jake was still a little gaunt, he was toned up again. Charley loved watching him move. He was so fluid, and panther-like. Charley grinned lasciviously, as he watched Jake rise out of his chair and move toward him. Jake knew without asking why he was grinning. Charley had told him often enough.

Their arms encircled each other. Their lips met in greeting, while they enjoyed just holding each other. "Let's get a cup of coffee and sit down and talk," Charley said.

"Jake looked concerned. "Something's wrong?"he asked.

"No, nothing is wrong. We just need to talk." He had an arm around Jake's waist as they headed into the kitchen.

Jake opened a cabinet and took out the can of Folger's. As he proceeded to fill the coffee maker Charley leaned against the counter next to him. Jake looked at him. "What?"

"I just get great pleasure in watching you."

Jake kissed him on the nose. "The pleasure is mutual, you know." He pushed the "on" button and turned to give his total attention to Charley. "Okay, what is on your mind?"

Charley wrapped his arms around Jake's torso and pulled him tight against himself. "Are you happy here?" he asked.

Jake pushed back to where he could look into Charley's eyes. "Sure, I love Jason and Pete. I even like Teddy, but I think we need to move. I think it's time we seriously look for our own place."

"Why haven't you said something?" Charley asked.

"Same reason you haven't, probably."


Gio was waiting impatiently at the international terminal for the plane bringing his old friend from Milan at the ungodly hour of four-thirty on Sunday morning. He'd been communicating with Silvano for months, finally succeeding in convincing him to come to the U.S. and take over the operation of Gio Gio's. With the two restaurants atop Joe's new office building downtown his hands were going to be full. As he considered the changes coming he was so thankful that Teddy had walked into his life. That young man was going to be the making of Dave's Place.

He stopped his thoughts about Teddy right there. He found it too mind-muddling to think of him romantically. Besides it looked like Teddy and Arlen were becoming an item. Arlen was definitely infatuated with him. He sighed. He needed another cup of coffee.

Ah, the people were coming through the immigration inspection lines. Thanks to Joe, Silvano had flown first class. Yes, there was Silvano third in line. He watched the inspector go through his luggage. Soon they would be out of this melee. It wasn't long before Silvano had his three large suitcases back on the carrier and was headed through the gate to where Gio waited.

Silvano's expressive brown eyes sparkled as he greeted and hugged his friend. It had been several years since they'd seen each other. Gio had forgotten how short Silvano was. He stood a head taller than him. The contrast between them was striking. Gio's northern Italian blonde hair and fair skin contrasted with Silvano's olive skin and dark hair, typical of where his family had originated in the southern part of Italy.

Gio had arranged the rental of a furnished apartment for Silvano in the same complex that he lived in. He took him directly there.

"This is wonderful, Gio," Silvano said, stepping into the living room. What is amazing to me is the newness of everything I have seen in this city. There seems to be no great age to anything. It is as if it has no past. My little apartment in Milano was four centuries old. The rooms were small and dark. Here everything is big. Look at this room, my old apartment would fit in half of it."

"You'll find that you will fast get accustomed to it."

"I'm sure I will. The luxury of size alone is so impressive."

Gio laughed. "This is a small place. Wait until you see mine."


Silvano was impressed even more with the modern restaurant kitchen at Gio Gio's. Gio said nothing about the kitchens in the restaurants on top of Joe's new office towers. He didn't want his friend to feel that he was getting the lesser deal. He, however, thought that Silvano would be very happy cooking for and running Gio Gio's. Silvano was excited by the prospect of working in a popular American restaurant. Back in Italy after he had finished the chef's school and returned to his small home town the only job he could find was as a regular cook. His knowledge had not been put to use as a chef.

When they entered the restaurant Gio was surprised that Teddy was working.

"What are you doing in here at this early hour?" he asked.

Teddy smiled. "Just getting ahead of the game. Making a couple of sauces that need the time to simmer."

Gio shook his head in disbelief. "Teddy, this is Silvano. I picked him up at the airport this morning. As I told you he will be taking over this joint." Teddy grinned at Gio's use of that word, remembering his reaction to it when Joe had used it. "Silvano, this is Teddy. He is my right arm man. He will be running the two new restaurants downtown."

The two men shook hands as they appraised each other. They each decided that the other was straight. Silvano felt a little relief with that decision. He'd been afraid that Gio would have a kitchen full of gay guys.

"I have to go over to Dave and Joe's for a couple of hours. Silvano why don't you stay here and get to know Teddy and familiarize yourself with your new restaurant."

Silvano agreed and Gio left. Silvano pulled up a stool at the end of the work table where he would be out of the way. He watched Teddy's efficiency as he put together the ingredients for a Bolognese. They smiled tentatively at each other once in a while until Silvano finally broke the silence. "Where did you go to school?" he asked.

Teddy grinned at him. "Cordon Bleu in Paris."

"So you know more than just cooking Italian?"

"Oh yes, I think that Italian is my favorite, but I do French ,German and a little Thai. I also took courses in how to manage a large restaurant."

"You look too young to have the experience to manage. What experience do you have?"

"Nearly none," Teddy said with a grin.

"Yet you will be managing the operation of a big new place?"

"Gio believes I have what it takes to do it, and he's giving me the chance to prove myself capable."

Silvano sat in thought for several minutes. "So how long have you been working for Gio?"

"Nearly a month." Teddy looked up from his chopping.

"And he's placing you in charge." he said, and then mumbled under his breath in Italian, "The man must be crazy or in love."

Teddy looked up and shrugged , while wondering what Silvano had said in his native language.

"How big is this place?" Silvano asked.

"Actually, it's two places in one building. The formal restaurant seats two hundred. The roof top seats about seventy."

"And you have never managed a restaurant before?" Silvano was astounded.

Teddy looked up and shook his head and continued chopping vegetables for the sauce.

Silvano slid off the stool and wandered out to the front. He counted the tables. He figured there was seating for thirty, forty if pushed. He couldn't help feeling envious of the young man in the kitchen, but at the same time he felt that this was going to be all he was capable of. He obviously didn't have the training that Teddy had.

He had barely arrived and already he was feeling home sick. He thought about his fiancee. He missed her. As soon as he got settled in he would send her the money to join him here in the United States. He knew her parents wanted them to have a big church wedding back home, but he didn't see that happening. Maybe after he got well established he could have both sets of parents come to see them married in a church here. That would make them all happy.

He went back into the kitchen. "Are there any work clothes I could change into?" he asked Teddy. "I would like to help."

Teddy looked up. "Well, mine would be way too big. But Gio's would nearly fit you, if you roll the pant legs and tighten the waist with your belt." He laid his knife down, went into the office and pulled a set of whites off the shelf and handed them to Silvano.

A few minutes later Silvano entered the kitchen ready to go to work.

"Well, why don't you explore the whole place and discover where everything is kept."

This surprised Silvano, he'd been sure that he would be put to doing some menial task. Of course, being the only one cooking in this kitchen he soon would be doing all the menials anyway. He hadn't been told nor had he realized that Teddy was in the kitchen four hours early. The staff including two cooks would be in at one to prepare for dinner starting at four p.m.

He explored the pantry, the big refrigerators, and the freezer, memorizing where all the food stuff was kept. He then took a mental inventory of all the rest of the kitchen, where all the pots and pans, the knives and other cooking utensils were kept. He familiarized himself with the big sinks for washing the cookware. He was really impressed with the big stainless steel dishwasher.

When he'd again walked through the front of the house, this time having taken note of the total layout, he returned to stand next to where Teddy was still chopping vegetables. "Let me do that," he said taking the knife from him.

Teddy stepped aside and watched him for a moment. Silvano smiled up at him. "I would have thought you would use a Cuisinart to do this," he said.

"I like the look of the hand cut little cubes. They're much prettier. It shows that one cares to do it right."

"But you could save so much time," Silvano protested.

"True, and it would taste just as good as long as your eyes are closed. But the appearance of the food is as important as the taste."

Properly chastised, he continued to cut the carrots, celery and onions into precise little cubes, Silvano said, "that is true, what you say. Where Gio and I went to school we had no modern appliances. We were never tempted to take short cuts."

Teddy went about sauteeing the ground veal and pork for the Bolognese. Silvano thought as he chopped. He wondered how Gio had so quickly decided that Teddy was qualified to run such a huge restaurant operation. He knew it would take him years to be ready for such an undertaking.

He finished the job and mixed the minced vegetables into the already cooking sauce. He stood stirring it when Gio walked in. Silvano watched him as he talked to Teddy. He couldn't see Teddy's face. But he could see Gio's. And in Gio's he could see the adoration he had for the handsome young man. He then understood how Gio had come to his decision. Although he and Gio had never spoken about it, he was aware the Gio had no interest in women. He'd long suspected that was why Gio had been so eager to come to the U.S. with his American cousin. He said a silent prayer that things would work out for his dear friend.

Gio went out again leaving the two men who worked in silence. Teddy had asked Silvano to prepare the ingredients for a cacciatore and left him to himself as he worked on preparing the chicken for it. He then prepared veal cutlets to saute that night as they were ordered.

"You are aware, are you not, that Gio is enamoured with you?" Silvano said, shattering the silence.

Ted froze with the look of an animal caught in oncoming headlights. Silvano looked up into his blood-filled face.

"You are not aware of it, are you?"

"You are wrong. Gio isn't even gay."

"Silvan smiled. "You, my young friend, are wrong. Gio has no interest in women."

Silvano assumed Teddy's reaction to be that of a straight man. 'Gio will have a heart ache from this one,' he thought.


Jason and Pete had been invited to Sunday dinner at the Lamberts. It was the first weekend since Jason had confronted Fred with the DNA evidence that he was his father. Liz had accepted Jason into the family with a big hug. He hadn't really thought about it until then, but Jason had missed his mother's hugs. He took an immediate liking to the whole family. Ricky and Patrick had formally shaken hands with him, but Jason had knelt and pulled them both into a hug. The boys hugged him back.

"Are you really our brother?" Patrick asked in an awed little boy voice.

"Yes, I sure am," Jason answered.

"How come you never lived with us than?" Ricky the older boy asked.

Jason looked up at Liz for help, she had only smiled and nodded her head for Jason to explain. "Well, I had a different mother and I lived with her."


"So you're not really our brother. You can't be if we don't have the same mommy," Patrick said.

Before Jason could answer Beth stepped in front of her brothers. "You look just like my daddy so you have to be my brother no matter what mister smartypants says. I'm Beth." Jason was still on his knees. Beth stepped up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Jason enfolded her into his arms. Tears of happiness were running down his face. He looked up at Fred and Liz and mouthed, "Thank you." They both beamed.

Pete was introduced to them, and Ricky and Patrick both took an immediate liking to him, both vying to sit next to him at the dinner table. The problem was solved by Pete sitting in the middle ,on one side of the table, with a boy on each side of him and Jason on the other side of the table with Beth. Jason was torn between feeling a little hurt and at the same time delighted that his little brothers were so taken with Pete. But as he thought about it he couldn't blame them, he was taken with Pete, too. It became obvious that Beth felt the same way, too, when she announced, "Next time it's my turn to sit by Pete."

As dinner progressed Pete realized that Jason had been seated at his dad's right side. He grinned to himself. It was just as it should be.

Later, after dinner, Pete was in the Lambert's den on the floor playing with Ricky and Patrick. Actually they were playing and he was participating by watching as they showed him how each toy car was different from the next. He was amazed by the fact that they knew the make, model and year of each little replica car. And they had a couple of dozen of them. Beth kept vying for his attention by physically taking his chin and turning his head to look at her dollies. Pete would take the time with her and then turn back to the two boys. Liz watched from the kitchen door for a few minutes and decided that Jason and Pete were going to be a boon to her family.

Pete could tell that the two boys were brothers and related to Jason because of their looks, but neither boy had their dad's black hair like Jason. Ricky had dirty blond hair like his mother and Patrick's was a dark brown. Beth, their little sister, had her mother's facial features, but her hair was black like her daddy's. Where Fred and his sons looked slightly Amerind with brown eyes, Beth and her mother, Liz, were more English looking and had blue eyes.

Jason sat in a big comfortable high-backed leather club chair facing his dad in Fred's home office while Pete was playing with the young boys. Fred had offered him a drink from his bar. Jason had accepted a scotch and water after he had told his newly discovered biological father that he had only tasted beer and wasn't too fond of it.

"This is a drink to be savored. Run your tongue around it and slowly swallow," Fred had told him. "The flavor will grow on you."

At first Jason didn't like the flavor, but after a few sips, the taste did indeed begin to grow on him. He began to like it. He swirled the golden liquid around in the big old-fashioned glass, listening to the clink of ice. His thoughts were awhirl. He'd just met his dad's family for the first time and was amazed that he looked so much like them. He really liked Liz. She had immediately made him feel accepted and loved.

As he listened to the ice clink against the glass a question formed in his mind. He felt uncomfortable with it, but he needed to know the answer if he was going to be able to form a relationship with his dad. He looked up to find Fred studying him.

"You have a question, Son?"

Jason nodded and looked back down at his drink.

"You know I'll answer it as truthfully as possible."

Jason looked back up at him. Their eyes locked and Jason could see that this man really did love him. His heart swelled with the warmth that knowledge gave him.

"This is something I don't understand. I really need to know the answer."

Fred nodded, holding Jason's look.

"All those years when I was growing up, thinking that Cliff was my father, being constantly verbally abused by him, why did you and my mom just stand by and let him do it?"

Fred's countenance darkened and he raised his eyes to the ceiling. When he looked back at Jason there were tears in his eyes. "I didn't know that was happening. Your mother forbade me to come near. I can't answer for her, but believe me, Jason, if I had known, I would have stepped in and stopped it.

"Your mother made it very clear to me that I was not to make contact with you until your eighteenth birthday. As her lawyer I was bound by her will. Legally, you are the son of Cliff Warren. Your birth certificate states that."

"Can that be changed?" Jason asked.

"I don't know. It's something I can certainly look into if you want it."

"There is nothing to keep me from changing my name now, is there?"

"No, there isn't," Fred answered, not believing that Jason would want to take his name as his own. "Is it Pete's name you wish to take?"

"Would you allow me to take your name as my own?"

"Jason, there is no way you could honor me more. I love you, Son. I'd be most happy to give you my name."

"Then that is what I want."

"Well, I'll draw up the papers for you tomorrow." He paused and then asked, "Jason, your question disturbs me. Did Cliff abuse you in front of your mother?"

Jason thought for a moment. "No, I don't remember him doing it in front of her. It seems that he was always withdrawn when she was around. He was very moody. They fought a lot before she got so ill. As she got worse his abuse got worse too. He even made me feel that Mom's death was my fault."

" I hope you don't still feel it was your fault. She died from uterine cancer, Jason."

"I know, but having him hammer it into me all the time I still feel guilty."

"God, Son, I am so sorry."

Jason studied his drink a few moments and then looked up at Fred. "This may sound terrible, but I'm glad he's finally going to die."

"It does sound terrible, Jason, but I feel the same way. For one thing it will get him out of the misery he's been in since Nam. I don't know what happened to him there, but it must have been awful. He was a pretty nice guy once, even though he never liked me, but he was never the same after he came back."

Jason sighed, wishing he could think of one good time with man who'd raised him.

"I wish it had been you that my mom had married."

"We were very good friends, but she was never in love with me."

"So I was born of friendship. At least I was planned."

"Don't kid yourself for a moment that you weren't born of love, Son. Your mother and I were more than close friends. We were like one soul in two bodies. It's just that May was infatuated with Cliff for as long as I can remember. She was possibly in love with him. I don't know. I think it was a good thing that Cliff was injured in the war and couldn't make babies. May was so petite and he was a big guy. It would probably have killed her to bear his child, for his child would probably have been big.

"There was no one May would have turned to other than me to conceive a child."

"Janine told me that the man who helped my mom conceive was gay. You're not gay. You have a wonderful wife and three beautiful children."

Fred humphed in amusement. "Four beautiful children counting you."

Jason couldn't leave it alone. "So why did Janine say that you are gay?"

"Jason, my sexual preferences are no one's business but my own. But, since you are my son and I told you I will answer your questions honestly, I will tell you. Growing up in the Seventies was so different from today. We were in the midst of the so called sexual revolution. There was a song that I remember that said something about if you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with. That kind of describes what I went through. I not only loved your mother as a friend, I was in love with her too. But it was unrequited. May only had eyes for Cliff.

"Since May and I were close friends Cliff was very jealous of our friendship. He was always giving your mother a hard time about me. I had a friend that was gay. It's funny Cliff hated him. He was the star quarterback and Cliff could never stand that he was a football player and had no qualms about being gay. I think my gay friend was still a virgin when we graduated from high school.

Anyway, I started hanging with him. Everyone thought we were lovers. We'd clown it up when we were around Cliff, acting as if we were lovers, but in truth we were only good friends. The ruse worked. Cliff stopped hassling May about being friends with me.

"We're still good friends. We don't see a lot of each other being that he has found a mate. And he seems to be totally involved with a new building he's designed and is building downtown. But we still stay in touch.

"While in college I met Liz. We dated several times and then lost track of each other for a few years. And then when we ran into each other again, we fell in love and married. Your mother was aware of this. She even met Liz once before her death. I suppose she never mentioned it to Janine and apparently Janine thinks I am gay." Fred stopped and thought for a few moments and then looked at Jason. "Does that answer your question?"

Jason nodded. They sipped on their drinks in silence for a few moments. Jason looked at his dad and grinned. Fred looked back at him returning the smile. "What are you thinking now that gives you that mischievous smile?" he asked.

"Are you aware that Pete saved Dave Gates from being hit by a speeding car?"

"Dave Gates?"

"Joe Paolini's partner."

"I know who Dave Gates is. I just didn't know that you know them."

Jason grinned. "Yeah, we know them. We've become friends with them. We even live in Dave's house."

"Good Grief. Who would have thought."


Monday morning Jake awoke to a warm wetness around his throbbing cock. His hands sought Charley's hair. He loved to run his hands through it now that he was letting it grow out. "Oh man, what a way to wake up," he mumbled.

Charley pulled off of Jake's hard member long enough to say, "Good morning, Love."


In the afterglow as they came back to earth, Jake lay on his back. Charley snuggled against his side, with his head on Jake's shoulder and his leg laying over Jake's genitals.

"The real estate lady called yesterday about a house near here that she thought we would like. Do feel like looking at it?" Jake asked

"Sure. When?"

"How about an hour from now. That should give us time to shower and dress and have some breakfast."

"Will you wash my back for me?"

Jake chuckled. "You know I'll wash your back for you. Shall I tell her two hours from now?"

"That sounds good. I want to wash yours, too."

"Go get the water ready. I'll call her."

Charley was in the shower when Jake entered the bathroom. "Come on in, Babe. The water's great." As Jake stepped in, Charley handed him the bar of soap. "You have to wash my front first," he said knowing Jake would be doing a lot more than just washing his back once he turned around.


The house was perfect. The bottom floor was basically divided into two large rooms, a kitchen/dining area in the back half and a livingroom/den with a huge fireplace in the front. Upstairs was broken up into two large bedrooms each with its own bath and two small ones sharing a bath.

The back yard was fenced for privacy so they could enjoy the swimming pool in the nude if they wanted. The houses on all three sides were all one story.

The price was right and with Charley's savings and Jake's big bonus they could make a sizable down payment. With a fifteen day escrow they could move in almost as soon as they could get Charley's possessions moved over from Kirksville.

Jake stood in the dining area looking out over the well groomed yard. "You know, Charley, this is where I'm going to be writing."

Charley wrapped an arm around Jake's shoulder. "So, is there a problem with that? You still need an office for all your books and stuff."

Jake turned and embraced his big blonde handsome lover. "How come it took so long for us to find each other?"

Charley kissed him on the neck and mumbled something. It didn't matter that Jake didn't understand it.


Joe had called to let Dave know he was taking off early.

Dave was waiting with a tall glass of Scotch and water over ice when Joe exited the elevator. Joe grinned at him, took the glass and set it on a table next to the door, then took him into his arms and buried his face in the crook of Dave's neck. Dave in turn held him tightly and kissed him on the ear, the only part he could reach.

"You love doing that don't you?" Joe said.

"Yeah, you feel so good. I'm never going to let you go."

"I mean the ear thing. You love catching me when I need to pee and kissing me on the ear. You want me to lose control, don't you."

"I made you wet your pants?"

"No. I've better control than that." Joe still hadn't moved his head.

"So what are you talking about?" Dave asked.

"My ear is connected directly to my cock."

Dave chuckled. "Every place on your body is connected to it."

Nuh uh. My nose isn't."

"Let's see. I've never tried that." Dave let go of him, took his head in both hands, and pulled his head down. He wrapped his lips around Joe's nose and tickled the tip of it with his tongue. He was looking directly into his eyes as he did it. Joe closed his eyes and his knees buckled.

Dave grabbed him and Joe wrapped his arms back around him. Dave chuckled again. "I found another place that is connected to you big gorgeous cock. Who'd a known it?"

"It's you. Your touch. I have no resistance to you."

Dave grinned at him. "Good, that's the way I like it, being that I'm the same when it comes to your touch. I love you, Joe."

Joe bent and swept Dave up into his arms. "No more than I love you," he said.

Dave grabbed him around the neck. "You know this makes me feel rather foolish, you big butch construction worker."

"You'll miss me doing it when I get too old to lift you."

"I'm sure that's many years away."

"Speaking of such things don't make any plans for our birthday. I've already got it covered," Joe said heading for the bedroom.

"Okay. Are you going to tell me what the plans are?"

"It's a surprise."

"Not even a little hint."

"Nuh uh."

"Not even a little teeny one?"


"Humph, you're no fun."

"Don't you think this is fun?" Joe asked as he bounced Dave in his arms.

"Put me down."

"Are you going to pout?"

"I don't pout. I get even."

"Oh, ho ho, I look forward to that."

Joe knelt beside the bed and lay Dave gently on it. He stretched up and kissed him. Dave rose into the kiss. After a bit he pulled back. With his lips just a millimeter from Joe's, he said, "You left your drink on the table in the foyer."

"You're all the drink I need," he said. He stood up and headed for the bathroom. Dave lay back listening to Joe relieve his bladder. He basked in the intimacy of it. Joe came back into the room and spread himself over Dave and involved them in a breath stealing kiss.

After a few minutes, he rolled off. Dave rolled with him so they were still chest to chest. "Since you left so early this morning we missed our workout."

"Didn't you do yours by yourself?" Joe asked.

"Nope, I waited for you."

"So you want to do it now?"


"Anytime I get to see you in just a jockey strap with sweat dripping down your chest I'm willing."

Dave grinned and rolled off the bed and started stripping. Joe propped himself on an elbow and watched. Dave took his time, posing and making sure that Joe got a full show. When he was down to just his socks he informed Joe it was his turn.

Dave leaned his bare butt against the dresser and watched. He chuckled as Joe bent to pull his pants off and then stood up with his cock sticking out of the slit in his boxers. Joe looked at it and then up at Dave. "He's eager to see you." He stepped in front of Dave and swung his hips back and forth so his rampant cock slapped Dave's equally hard pole.

Dave grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him up against him. He slid his hands into the waist band of Joe's boxers and slipped them down his hips. He then nudged Joe to step back and he knelt in front of him rubbing his nose through the blonde pubic hair and into the crease next to his thigh. He snuffled his scrotum and licked his way up Joe's cock, engulfing it when he got to the top.

Joe sucked in a breath and slowly let it out, enjoying his lover's ministrations.


"I quit."

The words hung in the air for several heart beats as Gio looked up into Teddy's frowning face. "You can't," he said.

"I can't work for someone who is in love with me."


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