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Those Golden Eyes

Chapter 46

by JWSmith

This chapter is dedicated to a horny 3 peckered billy goat.

Johnny's welcome home was exactly as he'd dreamed all week long it would be. Exiting the limo, full of anticipation, he'd walked into a seemingly empty apartment and called out Tim's name and got no answer. For a moment he was overcome with disappointment. Thinking that Tim wouldn't forget he was coming home, he headed into the darkened bedroom. He dropped his bags by the closet and turned to switch on the lights when he heard Tim whisper, "Welcome home, Lover." Johnny forgot about the light switch as he turned to the bed where Tim's voice came from. He could just make out Tim's naked form on the white sheet. Stepping to the nightstand he turned on a lamp. Tim fondled his rampant hardon as he grinned up at him. "I missed you, Johnny."

Johnny fell to his knees beside Tim seeking out his lips with his own as his hand wrapped around Tim's hard shaft. Tim's fingers were instantly at his shirt, unbuttoning it. Johnny pulled away and slipped the shirt off, undid his pants and stepped out of them and his shoes. "I need a shower," he said, as he removed his socks and underwear,

"No shower. I want you as you are. I need your scent almost as much as I need to feel you inside of me."

Johnny grinned lasciviously and lay his naked flesh on top of his young lover.


It was still dark in the cell when Robert woke up. He sensed that it was around five a.m. He knew immediately where he was, as he luxuriated in feeling the furry body wrapped around him. He felt so protected. All of his life he'd forced himself into the role of the protector. First as a teenager it had been with his little brother and then as an adult his wife and children. He'd always been uncomfortable with the role.

He felt Les's hard cock prodding his backside. He recalled what it had felt like in his mouth last night. His first blowjob, and he'd done it of his own free will. Les had told him several times that he didn't have to do it. But Robert knew differently. He knew that to be whole, to be true to himself, he had to do it. Les had enjoyed it after Robert got the hang of keeping his teeth covered. Robert had reveled in it, loved the velvet soft skin sliding over the hard shaft. And when Les came the feel, the taste, the idea that this was part of the big man he was taking into his body to become part of his own body; it had pushed Robert over the edge and he'd cum without touching himself.

As he ignored his need to pee and cuddled against Les, he thought about why he was in jail. His thinking and perception had change dramatically since Thursday afternoon. And all it had taken was this gentle hairy giant being placed in his cell. Les had forced nothing. It had all been Robert's doing, his own change. Being in jail had removed his need to be a responsible straight male, husband, and father. Here he could be his true self, and no body cared.

He felt remorseful that he'd been so screwed up that he actually attacked Jake. Jake, who had always been kind and gentle. Jake, who had burned the nasty threatening cards he'd sent to him. Jake, who'd forgiven him and had tried to be friends. He wished he could have a chance to talk to Jake, to apologize and to beg his forgiveness.

He thought about Elaine and his two children. Being arrested had been the ultimate straw for their marriage. Elaine had grasped the straw and started the process to put an end to it. Robert didn't regret her getting out of his life. But his two children he loved. He knew she'd make it as difficult as possible for him to see them. He just hoped that she wouldn't poison their young minds against him. But there was nothing he could do about it now. He sighed and put it out of his mind.

He then recalled Les's story of how he'd ended up in jail. It was hard to imagine this gentle man getting drunk and tearing up a bar. Les had told him he'd made restitution, but the judge had still sentenced him to sixty days. 'But if he hadn't,' Robert thought, 'we would never have met.' Robert still didn't know what Les's occupation was. Funny how Les seem to skirt the subject.

Robert needed to get up and relieve his bladder. As he started to slide out of the bed, Les's big hairy arm tightened around him, pulling closer. "Let me go, Big Guy, I've got to piss." Les's arm lifted and he slid off the bed. After relieving himself he stood and gazed at the man he had made love to last night. His heart swelled with emotion. For the first time in his thirty-three years he felt at ease with himself. He wasn't sure it was real love he felt for Les, but if it wasn't, it was damned close, closer than he'd ever felt for another human being.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and as he lifted his legs to turn and lie down, a big hairy arm snaked around his waist and pulled him against a muscular hirsute body. Robert snuggled in against him, and sighed with happiness. He had at least an hour to lay in Les's arm's. He snuggled up against his furry chest and didn't let any thoughts of anything else disturb the time before the morning routine started.


The crisp autumn morning woke the world to a clear sunny day that promised later to be a little windy. It was natures way of sweeping up the leaves before winter set in. Charley slipped out from under the still inert body of his sleeping lover. He wondered how such a big man could be so puppy-like in his sleep. For a moment he stood admiring Jake's muscular body, and then headed to the bathroom. Minutes later he slipped into his running gear, strapped on his under-the-arm holster, pulled a light windbreaker over it, went into the kitchen and downed eight ounces of orange juice. He headed out to meet Dave and Joe for their morning jog.

The two older men were bright and chipper when they met him in the lobby of the Tower. After doing some stretches they headed up University Boulevard, toward downtown.

While they ran Charley told his version of the attack on Jake. Dave had been astounded that Jake hadn't said that it was Charley's brother that had attacked him. When Charley told them about his mother, Dave immediately insisted that he head to Kirksville to visit her and to be there to give support to his Dad. Knowing that Jake was not up to a long ride on a motorcycle he handed Charley a credit card and told him to rent a big luxury car to take Jake in comfort. Charley refused to take the card saying that they could well afford to rent the car themselves, but Dave insisted and Charley relented; accepting it when Dave explained it was a perk to his job. When they got back to the Tower the three men did more stretches under the portico before Dave and Joe headed up to the Eyrie and Charley mounted his Harley and headed home to a shower, some coffee and Jake.

As he rode down the street he thought about having gone to the barber shop yesterday. Even though Jake had a gaping hole in his hair on each side of his head where they had stitched his scalp, he was still upset with the thought of getting it all cut off. At first Charley had cajoled him about it and then realizing it was a serious matter he was sympathetic.

He'd sat for a moment watching Jake be gloomy as he sat in the barber chair and then had gotten up and found another chair free. Each chair was in a little privacy cubical. So Jake couldn't see where he'd gone. He sat down and told the barber to give him a High and Tight. He'd sworn to himself, when he left the Police Force in Kirksville, that he'd never get another high and tight. But Jake needed the moral support. He did it for Jake.

It had been rather amusing. The barber had gotten all excited. Charley was sure the man had a roaring hardon the whole time he was trimming his hair. He found that the man's name was Ben, and that he'd been in the service during Nam. When Charley told him that he'd been a Marine and been in Desert Storm the man got even more agitated. He was sure that he'd headed into the toilet to relieve his excitement when Charley slid out of the chair.

When Charley stepped out of the barbershop Jake was standing on the side walk wondering where he'd disappeared. Charley laid a hand on his shoulder making Jake jump. "You ready to go, Babe?"

Jake hadn't seen what he'd done and it wasn't until Charley mounted his Harley that he saw the haircut just as Charley put his helmet over his head. Jake grabbed the helmet. "What the hell have you done?"

"You think you're the only one who gets to have his head shaved?" Charley asked staring into his eyes.

"Why, Babe?" Jake whispered.

"Because I love you, Jake."

Jake's eyes had gotten watery as he grinned and got on the bike behind Charley.

The telephone started ringing the moment Charley stepped into the bedroom. He tried to get to it before it woke up Jake. But Jake rolled over and had it to his ear before Charley was half way around the bed. "'lo," he mumbled into the mouthpiece. Charley sat on the edge of the bed resting his hand on Jake's naked hip. Jake listened a moment and then handed the receiver to Charley. "Tom," he said stretching.

"Hey, Tom, how is mom?" Charley pulled the sheet off Jake and ogled him.

"She's in the hospital, Charley. Now don't be upset she's going to be okay."

"I know, Tom. Jake called and talked to Dad last night around two." He cupped Jake's big hairy balls.


"Yeah, he and Dad have this mental connection or something. Jake knew Dad needed to talk, so he called him."

"That's weird, Charley."

Charley grinned at Jake and pinched his bare nipple that showed just above the Ace bandage that wrapped his ribs. Jake arched off the bed and gasped as the pain hit from the movement of his cracked rib. Charley grimaced and mouthed, "I'm sorry." He rubbed Jake's belly in apology. Into the phone he said, "Well, he may be strange, but you gotta admit, Tom, he's about the handsomest, sweetest man you've ever seen."

It took some effort but Jake rolled over, kneeled behind Charley and embraced him.

"I'm not going there, Charley." Tom said.

"Well, let me tell you, I have the best lover a guy like me could possibly want."

Jake leaned over and spoke into the mouth piece. "You better believe he does, Tom, and so do I."

Charley interrupted Tom's protests. "Listen, Tom, tell Dad we'll be there around three. "

"Surely, you're not making Jake ride in your pickup with a broken rib," Tom said.

"Nah, I'll tie him on the back of my Harley." Jake licked Charley's earlobe. Charley gasped.

"Would you two not make out while you're talking to me?" Tom asked and then said, "You wouldn't really make him ride all the way over here behind you."

"Of course not," Charley laughed. " I going to rent a big luxury car and take him in comfort."

"You had me going there for a moment, Little Brother." They talked a couple more minutes and Charley hung up. By then Jake had gone to the bathroom and was back on the bed sitting next to him. "You feel like taking a ride, Babe?"Charley asked.

Jake didn't need to ask where. "If you'll help me take a shower,"he answered.

As Charley undressed Jake sat in the middle of the bed and watched. Once he was naked he motioned for Jake to stand up and hold his arms above his head to give him access to the Ace bandage. Jake stood and he unwrapped his chest. "Do you really think I'm strange, Charley?"

Charley stopped and looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"You said to Tom that I may be strange, but...."

"No, Jake. It's something I don't understand, but I think it's kind of wonderful. I feel kind of envious that you and I don't have that kind of connection."

"Think about it Charley. We do. It's just that you have been unaware of it and need to develop an awareness of it. I'll bet you had a restless night the night I was attacked."

Charley looked at Jake in amazement. "I did. I just put it off as being away from you."

"How did you sleep the night before and the night after?"

Charley thought back to the previous nights he'd slept alone."I slept okay the night before. I knew what you'd gone through the night after and I was upset."

Jake smiled at him and went into the bathroom leaving Charley to think. A few moments later Charley followed him into the shower. The shower took a long time.


Chess was up early despite having gone to bed very late. After showering, dressing and having a cup of coffee he called his oldest son and told him about his mother and then headed for the hospital. He stopped at the nurse's desk and was informed that Gloria was sleeping still, her vital signs were all normal.

He went into her room and pulled a chair next to the bed. He sat and held her hand as she slept. He mulled over their life together. It had been good. They had produced three sons. And except for Robert's recent aberrant behavior, the boys had all led good lives. He thought about getting older. Another four years he'd be sixty-five.

The thought of living with Gloria another twenty years didn't really appeal to him, but he would do nothing to change it. It had been sixteen years now since Gloria had insisted on having her own rooms. He could count on both hands how many times she had invited him to share her bed and on one hand the times she'd accepted his advances. At one point he'd considered taking a back street lover. But it didn't appeal to his nature to do that. For one thing he was a pillar of the community. The town of Kirksville was small enough that he seriously doubted that such an affair could be kept clandestine. He could never hurt Gloria by such an act, even though she might expect him to.

He thought about her reaction to the close friendship that he'd formed with his youngest son's lover. He supposed that a suspicious mind might see it as more that what it was. He'd been shocked when Gloria had as much as accused him of being in love with Jake. She'd actually acted jealous of Jake. Chess found that rather amusing. Yes, he'd come to love Jake very much, but as another son. If anyone was going to have reason to be jealous, it would have to fall to his three sons. But they knew that Chess loved each of them with his whole heart. Jake took none of that love away from them.

His thoughts wandered to Robert. Chess wondered if Robert had figured out why he was so antagonistic to Jake. Chess had watched him at breakfast the weekend that Charley and Jake had come over to clean out their house and get it ready for sale. Robert wasn't very good at hiding his feelings. He was amazed that no one else at the table could see the lusting desire in Robert's face when he looked at Jake. Chess had long suspected that his middle son might be in denial. Maybe now that Elaine was filing for divorce he would face himself. He shuddered to think that the D.A. had slapped the charge of attempted murder on him just because of his vituperation in the courtroom. Jake himself had said that the blow from the lug wrench had been light, no force behind it. It was easy to see that Robert's vitriolic attack on Jake was because of his denied feelings.

He felt more than heard the door open. He turned to see Tom standing there smiling at him. Motioning for him to come on in, he stood to give him a hug. Each of his boys had a special place in his heart. Tom being the oldest had a rapport with Chess the other two could never hope to develop. It was his birthright.

"How is Mom?" he asked after releasing his dad from the hug. He combed her hair with his fingers.

"She's sleeping off the effects of the sleeping pills. They said that she should wake up around noon."

"Do you know why she did it, Dad?"

"I'm sure there is more than one reason. Going through the change has been hard on her. She feels guilty for Robert's attack on Jake. We've been having some difficulties, too.

"You know I told Jake, when he and Charley were here together, not to worry about Robert. I never dreamed he would carry though an attack on him. I'm sure it was Jeb McCall's influence. You remember how those two used to get into trouble when they were in school. Robert always followed Jeb's lead."

"Jeb was always a bully and Robert was always his lackey. I tried several times to get Robert to see what Jeb is, but he always defended him saying Jeb was good guy, he was just misunderstood."

"Charley and Jake will be here this afternoon."

"Jake is coming, too? I was sure that Charley would convince him to stay home and let his rib heal without any more stress on it. I should never have allowed him to try to ride that motorcycle home."

"He's his own man, Dad, responsible for his own decisions."

"Well, I should have taken him back to Uni."

"Why did something happen?"

"He started having muscle spasms in his chest and collapsed about half way there. A truck driver took him the rest of the way."

"Jesus. Is he okay now?"

Chess shrugged. "He says he is."

"What is this thing between you two? When I called Charley this morning he told me that Jake felt your need to talk so he just picked up the phone and called you at two o'clock in the morning.."

Chess walked over to the window and stared out at the morning. "At first I thought it was just a one way connection. The night after I came back from driving Charley over to Uni City, I was sitting in the den reading. It was like this feeling of urgent need came over me. I closed my eyes and I saw Jake lying in the dark hospital room staring at the ceiling. His emotions washed over me. He was feeling so ashamed for what had happened to him. He'd told Charley he couldn't see him and to stay away. I picked up the phone without even being conscious of the act, and called the hospital. There was no hesitancy on Jake's part to talk to me. For nearly two hours he talked. I think that he told me things that it will be years before he will share with Charley."

"What was he in the hospital for, Dad? I never did hear why."

His Ex drugged and raped him. He had a bad reaction to the drug and nearly died."


"Everyone thought he'd tried to kill himself." He turned and looked at his wife laying inert on the bed. Tom walked over and embraced his father. "She's going to be okay, Dad. I think she was just crying out for help."

"I know, Son. It's just that I don't know how to communicate with her anymore."

Tom didn't know how to reply to that.

"Anyway," Chess continued. "Last night, when I got back to the house, I was sitting in my den feeling low, wishing I had someone to talk to and the phone rang. I don't understand the connection, but it's there and it has helped both of us when we needed it." Chess looked at Tom and shrugged.

"Well, I wish it was me you felt you could turn to, but I'm glad you've got Jake. He is a special person."

"Tom, it was nearly two o'clock in the morning. I wasn't going to wake up anyone. And if I had, it would have been you."

"I know that, Dad. It's just.... I don't know, I guess I'm envious."

Chess hugged him. "I love you, Son."


After getting dressed, Charley called Avis and arranged for a Lincoln Town car to be delivered to their front door. Meanwhile, Jake made coffee and set the table with cereal bowls, a box of Cheerios, a jug of 1% milk, a loaf of whole multi-grain bread and the toaster.

"They'll deliver it in about an hour and a half," Charley said, sitting down and picking up the box of cereal.

"How long are we staying?"

"We'll come back Monday morning."

"Can we come back Tuesday? I would like to have a discussion with the D.A. and with Robert while I'm over there."

"I don't think that Dave would object to me being gone one more day."

"I'll call him soon as we finish eating and explain why I need to do this. I want to go talk to Elaine while we're there, too."


Jake found the seat in the Towncar very comfortable. He was delighted with the lumbar adjustment. The man that had delivered it showed them the box in the trunk for inserting six CDs and reminded them to be sure to remove them before returning the car. They each picked out three CDs. When Charley went to install them he looked at one of Jake's and looked up at him. "Morricone? Who's that?"

"He's an Italian composer. He writes music for movies. You remember "The Good the Bad and the Ugly." This is a recording of a concert where they played his music exclusively."

Charley shrugged. "You've got weird taste in music."

"Hey, don't disparage until you've heard it.


They'd been driving for twenty minutes and Jake hadn't said a word. Charley had been watching him chew on his lower lip for several minutes before he spoke. "A penny's worth?"

Jake turned and looked at the big blonde man next to him. He looked at Charley's high and tight Marine haircut. His heart swelled with emotion making him sigh. "I love you, Charley," he said.

Charley smiled and glanced at him. "You know I love you, Jake. Does that have something to do with why you were chewing your lip?"

"Mmm. I just can't look at you without being overcome with how I feel about you."

Charley nodded and his smile got a little bigger as he kept his eyes on the road. He didn't ask again what Jake was thinking about, knowing that he would tell him eventually.

It was a few miles on down the road before Jake started talking. He first cleared his throat and readjusted his body on the plush seat, stared out the window and then glanced at Charley. The seriousness of his look made Charley little nervous. He shifted around to face Charley and said, "Actually, I've been sitting here remembering how your high and tight feels against my balls."

Charley nearly swerved off the road.

Jake grinned. "I was weighing which I'd miss the most; the feel of your high and tight or the feel of running my finger through your long silky hair."

Charley was quiet for a bit. Jake was looking at him when he finally spoke. "It is a difficult choice, Jake. But I've got a solution. We could both get Mohawks."

Jake started to laugh and realized Charley wasn't grinning. "You're serious."

Charley glanced at him and shrugged. Jake stared at him mulling over the incredulous idea. Charley looked at him again and burst into laughter. "Gotcha."

Jake nodded and spread his legs and looked at him. "You had me going imagining what that would feel like."

"Damn," Charley said glancing down at Jake's bulge down his right leg.


They went directly to the hospital when they arrived in Kirksville. Charley insisted that Jake accompany him. Jake went, but firmly refused to enter Gloria's room.

Charley stepped through the door to see his dad sitting next to the bed. Chess smiled at him as Charley placed his hand on his dad's shoulders. "How's Mom doing?" he whispered. Gloria opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling Mom?"

"I'm tired. But I don't think I'll sleep for while."

"I'm glad you're okay."

She closed her eyes and then looked back at her youngest son. "Where is Jake? Didn't he come with you?"

"He's outside. I think he feels guilty."

"Guilty? For what? My stupidity?"

"Mom, he doesn't think like that."

"Would you ask him to come in?"

Chess looked worried, Gloria hadn't said a dozen words to him since she'd awakened, he had no idea where her head was at this point.

Charley nodded and went out to fetch Jake. Not seeing him he stopped at the nurses station and asked if they had seen him. One of the nurses just pointed. Charley turned to see Jake sitting beside a little boy in the waiting room down the hall. As he walked toward him he saw a woman enter and pick up the little boy. Her back was to Charley but he could see the distress in Jake's face. He stepped in to the room and heard Jake say, "I'm not a pedophile, Ma'am. I think I'd come close to killing anyone I caught molesting a child. I am gay. That means I like grown men."

Charley stepped up to his side. "Like me," he said, as he possessively put an arm around Jake's waist. "Mom, wants to talk to you, Babe."

"Forgive me, Mr Shipman, I should be thanking you for intercepting my son. I had no idea he'd left the room. I'm sorry for what I said. I..... my husband loves your book. I guess I'll have to read it now that I've met you. Would it be too much to ask of you to stop in and say hello to John. He's just right over there."

"Of course I will. What is your husband in her for?" He put his hand on Charley's shoulder.

"He had to have an appendectomy. Would you believe at his age?"

When Jake entered the room he saw immediately that the man was reading his book.

"Honey, look who I found out in the hall." The man laid his book on his chest and looked up to see Jake standing at the foot of his bed with his hand still on Charley's shoulder, although Charley had dropped his arm from around Jake's waist. "Hello, John. Your wife tells me your enjoying my book."

The man picked up the book and looked at the back cover with Jake's photo and then back at him. "Jake Shipman? Wow, I'm loving this book. My younger brother is gay and has just joined the Marines. I was thinking of sending him a copy."

"Think about it, John. If this book was discovered in your brother's possession it would bring him under suspension. I don't think he would want to be questioned by the NIS. Those people are tough, and vicious in their pursuit of gay men."

John grimaced and nodded his head. "It's a sad hypocritical world we live in. Please sign it and I will hold it for him. He can read it when he comes home on leave."

"Certainly, what is your brother's name."


A couple of minutes later Jake pushed the door open to Gloria's room. He was still gun-shy around her. Charley was right behind him. Chess wasn't in the room. When Jake stopped at the foot of her bed Charley stepped up beside him and put an arm around his shoulder. "Hello, Gloria, how are you doing?" Jake asked.

"Jake, thank you for coming. Please come sit beside me."

Jake move to the chair that earlier had been occupied by Chess. Charley moved behind him placing both hands on his shoulders. Gloria held out her hand and Jake took it. "Jake I am so sorry for what you've gone through with this family. I don't think I'll ever be able to make it up to you. Poor Chess. I don't think I've hardly spoken to him since I woke up. I've been doing a lot of thinking."

"Gloria, you don't need to....."

"Hush, Jake, I need to have my say." She squeezed his hand. "I think it rather unfair of God to put us women though the change of life. The hormonal imbalance can make us a little crazy." Charley snorted. She looked up at him and smiled. "Okay, a whole lot crazy. How you men can put up with our bitchiness is beyond my comprehension. Personally, most of us should be locked up while we're going through it.

"Still in all, I feel responsible for Robert going off on you like he did. I knew he had issues that he's always refused to face. Maybe he'll face them and accept himself now that he's where he is."

"I've got a feeling he won't have much choice." Charley muttered under his breath. Jake frowned up at him.

"No, Jake. I think Charley is right. But Robert is a grown man and has to answer for his actions."

"I just wish I hadn't come over that weekend to help with the sale," Jake said.

"No need of crying over spilt milk, my mother used to say. Just wipe it up and go on with your chores."

"You're mother was a wise woman, Gloria. You need to heed what she said. Stop feeling guilty for Robert's actions."

Chess came in with two cups of coffee. Jake stood up grinning. Chess set the coffee on a table and turned to his two sons. Charley hugged his dad and said, "Hi, Pops."

"How was your training in Chicago, Son?" Chess asked giving him a hug in return.

"I learned a lot that the police academy didn't teach me."

"I'm sure you did. You're going to have to tell me about it later." He let go of Charley and turned to his new son. "Jake, how are you feeling, Son?"

Jake wrapped his arms around his father-in-law. "I'm healing, Dad."

Chess hugged him gently and then held him back at arm's length. "You look good. I like the new hair cut." He turned to Charley. "I really thought you'd give up that Marine cut when you left the force here."

"I did, but I couldn't let Jake get skinned by himself."

They kibitzed a bit before Jake brought up the subject foremost on his mind. "Dad, you said you play golf with the D.A. Do you think you could get an appointment for me to talk to him this afternoon?"

Let me call Frank and find out. I'm quite sure he'll see you." Chess took out his cell. "I best go outside to do this." Jake accompanied him and a few minutes later had an appointment to see the man at four-thirty.

Charley walked with Jake the four blocks from the hospital to City Hall. "Do you really think that you can get him to change the charges, Babe?" Charley asked.

"I suppose that it really depends on whether Robert has had an attitude change."


Jake had a long serious discussion with the D.A., explaining how he felt about the occurrence. The man sat with his fingers templed before his face as he listen to Jake.

"So, Sir, I am hoping that you can see fit to drop the charges to the same as what the policeman got," Jake ended.

Mr. Shipman, I wanted to hear you through before telling you that we've had some startling reports on Robert. I suspected that Robert had some problems with himself.

"Three months ago an acquaintance of mine lost his partner in a stupid accident and kinda went off the deep end. He ended up tearing up a bar one night. He made restitution but got a 60 day jail sentence. I instructed for him to be placed in the cell with Robert. I'm happy to report that they bonded.

Jake's eyes got big with surprise, but he didn't interrupt.

"Robert requested to see a counselor," the D.A. continued. "He told the counselor the same thing that you noted. He was torn between hitting you or the cop. He appears to be honestly remorseful for what he did. So... I'll see the judge first thing in the morning. Robert should be out by noon."

"What about....? I'm sorry you didn't tell me his name."

"Oh, I should have suspected after reading your book that you would care about him, too." Jake ducked his head as he blushed. "Les Harper is his name. I think I'll talk the judge into letting him do community service. He's a good man and didn't deserve jail time."

"Thank you, sir. Is there any way I could see Robert this afternoon."

The D.A. looked at his watch. "Visiting hours are over, but I'll tell you what." He quickly scribbled a note and handed it to Jake. "This will get you a private interview with him."


Robert leaned against Les while they sat on his bunk with their backs against the wall. Robert had already resigned himself to being in jail for a least a year for his attack on Jake. As they sat there not talking, but enjoying the other's presence, Robert wondered if there was any possible future for the two of them. Would Les wait for him? Would he still be interested in him once he was again on the outside where he had other choices in a mate? He knew that he'd soon have to discuss the future, but right now he was just enjoying what he'd denied himself all his life.

The claxon sounded and he heard the footsteps of a single guard approaching. Robert hoped he would keep on walking, but he stopped at his cell. His heart beat harder as he heard his name called out. Les kissed him on the side of his head and let go of him. Robert looked at the guard. "You've got visitors. They must be important to get in to see you at this hour."

"Who are they? Do you Know?"

"Hey, man," the guard said, "that's something you're going to have to find out for yourself."

Robert looked at Les. Les winked and smiled. "Could be good news, Rob." Robert nodded, but couldn't see anything good coming to him. 'Except Les,' he thought to himself. He turned and followed the guard out.

The guard lead him to an interrogation room and opened the door. Robert hesitated. "Go on, Man, like your buddy said, it could be good news." Robert stepped through the door and looked into Jake's eyes.


Jake and Charley stood behind the table in the small cubicle quietly talking while they waited to see Robert. There was a mirrored window on the wall behind them. When the door opened and Robert stepped in, Jake suddenly felt like yelling, "Surprise." Instead he smiled at the frightened man dressed in a bright orange jump suit who looked like he'd bolt any second.

"Jake." he whispered as he sank to his knees. "Oh God, forgive me. I am so sorry, Jake." He didn't even notice his brother standing behind Jake.

Jake stepped around the table and lifted Robert to his feet and wrapped him in a hug. Charley stood with his mouth agape. He hadn't been privy to the conversation that Jake had with the D.A., nor had Jake said anything about it on the way to the jail. He'd kind of half expected Jake to at least give Robert a lecture, even though he was trying to get his charges reduced. He was amazed to watch Jake guide Robert into a chair and then sit next to him with a protective arm around his shoulders. He was more amazed to see Robert opened up to Jake and tell him about his epiphany. As Robert spoke about Les, Charley saw his uptight brother's eyes light up and his whole body relax. Jake had hardly said a word.

When Robert wound down and again apologized, he looked up and noticed Charley still standing on the other side of the table. He held his arms up to him. Charley stepped around the table and kneeled next to his brother and hugged him. Robert burst into tears as he apologized to him about his treatment of Jake and then he started blubbering a whole litany of apologies for all the things he'd done his whole life. Charley shushed him, telling him that it was all in the past, that he should just leave it behind and go on with his life.

When Robert had calmed down and was only rocked occasionally by a whole body shudder, Jake placed a hand on his back and rubbed. "You'll be out of here tomorrow, Robert. The D.A. is getting the charges all reduced. And some of them dropped. Your dad will be posting your bail."

Robert again burst in to tears. "God, I don't deserve this. I'm such a fuck up."

Charley held him tighter and said, "Yeah, you are. But you are being given a second chance. I'm sure you'll do better this time."

For a moment the old attitudes flared up in Robert, but he immediately squashed them. He grinned at Charley and said, "Fuck you, Little Brother."

Charley grinned back. "Nope, only Jake gets to do that."

Robert laughed and the looked doubtful. "Do you think Les will still want me when he gets out?" he asked.

Jake couldn't help but chuckle at the change that had been wrought in his brother -in-law. "Robert, you need to have a discussion with Les about that. Only he can answer that question."


Robert's demeanor was introverted and thoughtful as the guard ushered him back into the cell. He stood just inside the door and studied Les, not saying anything.

Les watched him for a few moments and then said, "Well, was it that bad?"

Robert blinked and shook his head. "The charges are being reduced. The charge of attempted murder is being dropped. I'll be getting out of here tomorrow." He continued staring at Les looking for a clue of how he felt.

Les smiled at him. "I'm happy for you, Rob. Why aren't you smiling?"

Robert walked over to the bunk and sat down next to Les, not touching him.

"For the first time in my life I've felt free to be myself, here with you. I don't want to leave you, Les. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Les pulled the smaller man up against his side. "Robert, I'm going to lay it all on the line. I hope I don't regret this." He took a big breath and let it out slowly. "When I lost Sammy I figured I would never have another chance at love. When I saw you, my heart did a flip. But I had no thought of you being gay, that there might be a chance. I fell in love with you that night, that first night holding you while you slept.

"My heart broke the next morning when you were so hostile. I could see your problem, but I didn't know how to fix it, so I closed up and let you be. You don't know how happy I was when you asked me to hold you again.

"I love you, Rob. If you'll be willing to wait until I get out of here.... it will only be seven more weeks..... I'd like to see if we could make a life together."

Robert looked up at Les. His eyes lit up. "Do you mean that, Les? You really want to see me once you get out of here?"

Les squeezed him. "I want a hell of a lot more than just seeing you, Rob."

The two men started making plans for the future. They opened up to each other, shared their pasts and hopes for the future. They talked late into the night cuddled together on the lower bunk.

In the early hours of the morning Robert felt Les's big cock pressing against his butt. He thought about how it would feel inside of him. He wanted that badly, but it would have to wait until they were both free. He crawled out of the bunk and relieved himself. He stood and gazed at the marvelous man that had helped him change into the man he wanted to be. He remembered standing beside the bed looking at his wife in the early morning light and feeling resigned to having to crawl back into the bed with her. Now he was eager to get back into the bunk with Les. He suddenly remembered that this early morning hour was probably going to be the last time for a while before they could make love to each other again. Instead of putting his back to Les's chest he crawled in facing him. Les's arm automatically pulled him in close. Their legs intertwined as their cocks kissed.

Rob ground against his lover and kissed his neck. Les groaned and pressed back against him. "G'morning, Humpy," he mumbled. Robert giggled.


Both men were in a quandary as to why they were both summoned to appear in court the next afternoon. Chess, Tom, Charley, and Jake sat in the gallery grinning as they were led into the court room and told to stand before the judge. The D.A. was standing to one side.

The judge studied the paperwork before him. He looked down at the two men and then at the D.A.. He glanced at the four men in the gallery. He studied the papers on his desk some more before looking back at the two men before him. He studied Les for a few moments. Les held his gaze.

The judge then turned his eyes on Robert. Robert was reviewing his actions the last time he'd appeared before this same judge. Tears of shame filled his eyes and overflowed. He bowed his head.

The judge nodded. "This proceeding is a bit irregular, but in reviewing your case, Robert, I feel justified in doing this. I have discussed this with the D.A. and had an interesting conversation with Mr. Shipman.

"Robert, you are a good lawyer. I've studied the cases you've handled. You show that you have integrity. I am impressed by the number of cases you've taken on gratis. It would be a shame to lose you. Since, Mr. Shipman refuses to make any charges, and at the urging of the District Attorney, I am dropping all charges against you. However, I insist that you go through six months of psychological counseling. You will be seeing an approved psychologist once a week and you will pay his fees out of your own, and if I see you back in my courtroom as other than an attorney I WILL throw the book at you."

"Thank you, sir," Robert said with tear still running unchecked down his face.

The judge turned to Les. "Lester, you've always been an upstanding member of this community. If you weren't so tight-lipped you wouldn't be standing before me now. It has just been brought to my attention that you just recently lost your life partner. My condolences. We all can do uncharacteristic things when we are grieving. I was surprised at what you did, but you have made complete restitution to the owner of the bar. I am rescinding your sentence and re-sentencing you to six months of community service. I want you to work with the Juvenile Authority, counseling troubled youth.

"Now, I want to be the first to wish the two of you the best. I hope you succeed in developing a lasting relationship. Oh, Robert, Les is not on the list of psychologist you can choose from."

Jake and Charley had to chuckle at the malicious grin on the judge's face.


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