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Those Golden Eyes

Chapter 54

After Jake and Charley left, Chess expressed a desire to spend some time in the bookstore. Dave volunteered to accompany him. He had some paper work that needed catching up in his office. Joe invited Les and Robert to see his office tower that was nearing completion downtown.

Chess never seemed to have the time to peruse books as he would have liked, or maybe it was that he never took the time to do it. But today was a perfect time to do that. A privately owned bookstore that catered to the University was more than he could resist any longer. One thing he soon discovered was that there weren't just new books on the shelves, but mixed in were good condition used ones, sold at discount and older used ones, some long out of print.

He wandered through the different sections sampling a book here and there. When he got to the science fiction section he settled in. He came across a shelf filled with Frank Herbert's Dune series. As his finger led his eyes across the titles he recalled how he'd enjoyed those books when they were first issued. His eyes lighted on a hardback copy of one he had missed, and he pulled it out. Chapterhouse, the last book of the series, released years after the previous one. He'd never read it. He took it to the desk paid for it and wandered into the coffee house. He bought a cup of house brew and sat at a small table on the broadside walk to read.

He immersed himself in reading, occasionally taking a sip of the now cooled coffee. He had no idea how long he'd been reading when he was interrupted. "May I sit with you? It seems every other table is occupied by youngsters."

Chess looked up into a pair of warm smiling brown eyes. He smiled back and laid down his book. " By all means do." He stood and held the chair and that sat back down.

"I am Jean." She said extending her hand. Chess took it.

"I'm Chester Hill. It's nice to meet you."

Jean smiled and looked around. "I love living here. All these young people are so invigorating to watch."

"They are full of the joy of life aren't they. Do you have a son or daughter going to school here?"

"Oh heavens no. Thank you for the compliment. I have a grandson that is a freshman here."

Chess smiled. "You look way too young to have grandchildren."

"Again, thank you. I have three grandsons. The two younger ones go to school here, too," she said, nodding toward the university complex across the street.

Chess looked confused.

"The university has a grade school and a high school, too. It is very progressive," she explained.


"And what does a distinguished man like you do for a living? You are way too young to be retired."

"I am a lawyer. I have a law firm in Kirksville. I'm down here visiting my son and his friends."

"I knew you looked familiar. You are Charley Hill's father. You look just like him."

Chess smiled. "Do you know my son?"

"I have yet to meet him. I've seen him on duty with Dave several times. That was before the kidnap attempt. But I will be eternally grateful to him for what he did. How is he doing, by the way?"

"Charley is doing much better."

"Poor boy, I would love to meet him and just give him a big warm hug."

"My other son's partner is working with him. He is a psychologist and has had extensive experience working with military with Charley's problem."

Chess studied Jean for several moments. Jean started getting uncomfortable under his stare. "I'm sorry," Chess said when he realized what he was doing. "I just figured out who you are. You looked very familiar from the moment I first looked at you. Your Dave's mother. Of course, you are."

Jean blushed. "Usually, I don't tell people around here my last name because they tend to want to know me simply because I am his mother."

Chess looked around at all the surrounding tables until he identified one particular young man. Looking no older than any of the students gathered around tables, studying or jawing at each other, this young man sat alone, alert, constantly looking around, watching the crowd. The young man nodded to him when he saw the recognition in Chess's eyes. Chess smiled and nodded back.

"What are you looking for?" Jean asked.

"I was just checking to make sure you didn't slip away without your guard."

"I know they try to be unobtrusive, but I still haven't gotten used to having a constant tail."

"It must be difficult sometimes. But please don't ever try to evade them."

"Oh, I do appreciate their presence. Especially after the two attempts on Dave and Joe."

Jean and Chess continued to converse for the next hour. They found they had much in common besides their sons.

"If Charley wasn't still rather fragile I would skip our dinner together tonight and ask you to dine with me."

"That would be lovely, but I think it best that you support Charley right now."

"I have an idea. If you wouldn't mind dining with seven men, I'd love for you to join us tonight. It's just an informal meal. Probably at Gio Gio's."

"Chess, I would love to, but don't you think the others should be consulted on this first?"

"I don't see how any of them could object, but I will discuss it with them and call you later."

"That will be good. I will be waiting. Dave knows how to reach me." She stood up. And Chess did, too. "I've enjoyed our chat. I hope it's not too forward of me, but I would like to see you again."

"The feeling is mutual, Jean. I'll call you later."

After Jean left, Chess picked up his book to continue reading, but his mind wasn't into concentrating on the words as he thought about how charming and warm Jean was.

Jean went into the bookstore to say hi to Sue, and then stopped in Dave's office to tell her son about the wonderful man she'd just spent the last hour visiting with.

Jean was long gone when Chess rose and went in to tell Dave he was going to head over to Jake and Charley's. "Your mother is a wonderful lady, by the way. You and Joe wouldn't object to her joining us for dinner tonight would you?"

"Heaven's no, Chess. We enjoy my mother's company, anytime."

"Well, I'll check with my sons and their mates before I ask her." He turned to leave.


He turned back to Dave.

"Please, don't hurt her. You are a married man, you know."

Chess looked back up at Dave. He nodded and bowed his head ."I haven't said anything to anybody yet, but Gloria and I are divorcing. After nearly forty years I will be a single man again in about three weeks."

Dave smiled his acknowledgment.

"At the moment your mother and I are only friends, Dave."

"I know. But still she is my mother. I can't help but feel protective toward her."

"You are a good son, Dave. I'll see you later."

Charley and Jake had no objections to Chess inviting Jean to join them for dinner, but Robert was entirely another matter.

"How can you do this to Mom?" he demanded jumping up and getting in his dad's face. "You may not be living together, but you are still married."

Before Chess could form a response Les laid a hand on Robert's shoulder and said, "Rob, stop and think about how you're reacting."

Robert turned on him and yelled, "This is my mother and father."

"And you are a grown man. How does what your dad do affect your life?"

Before Robert could answer Chess stepped in. "Robert, There's something I haven't told you. You mother has started divorce proceedings. I will not contest it."

That deflated Robert. He flopped back down into the chair he'd popped out of moments before.

"So what are your plans, Dad?" Charley asked.

Chess turned and smiled at his youngest son. "Well, as you know I've already sold the family home to Tom. I've been thinking of turning over the firm to Robert and Tom and maybe moving to Florida."

"Florida?" four voices said at once.

Chess grinned. "Do I hear an objection?"

"Yes, Dad, you did. I don't think any of us want you to move out of our lives," Charley said.

"I'd still come up to visit, and you boys would always be welcome to come see me."

"So we'd get to see you a couple of times a year? It's bad enough that Mom has cut herself out of our lives. I just don't understand why you want to, too."

Chess smiled. " I guess I really hadn't thought it through. I certainly would want to see you boys more often than that. Any way back to my original question."

Robert stood up and hugged Chess. "Dad, I'm sorry I popped off like that. I really would like to meet Dave's mother. I think it would be nice if you invited her to join us."

Robert immediately fell under the charms of Dave's mom when he was introduced to her that evening. Chess had made arrangements with Les to use his car to drive Jean to the restaurant. But, even though it was a little chilly that evening, Jean suggested walking. It ended up that she had not only Chess but her son and his lover and their two house guests to escort her to Gio's, where they met up with Jake and Charley. Jean hugged Charley around the neck and gave him a kiss on his cheek, thanking him over and over for his heroism. Charley ate it up. He immediately adopted Jean as his surrogate mother.

The evening was a great success, even though the conversation was mild with Jean at the table. Charley mostly was back to his old self, although, he couldn't keep from being in constant physical contact with Jake. Jake had very astutely sat on his left side so Charley could use his right hand to eat with. Most of the evening Charley had his hand on Jake's thigh or on his shoulder. Les noted this neediness and planned to talk to Charley in their next session.

When dinner was over, Chess told the younger men to go ahead, he would enjoy another glass of wine with Jean. With knowing smiles, but no comments the three couples went their merry way, leaving Chess, Jean and one young security guard in the restaurant.

Jean had quietly protested that she wanted no more wine. Chess had smiled and whispered back to her that they would wait until their sons and lovers were well ahead of them so they could have a quiet pleasant stroll back to the Tower.

The young guard was relieved to see them rise from the table a couple of minutes after the others had left. He followed far enough behind them to give them their privacy. Ever alert he intercepted a homeless person bent on accosting them for a dole. He gave the man much more than he was going to ask for, knowing he'd get reimbursed.

Chess and Jean weren't even aware of what had occurred. They chatted as they walked side by side. Jean figured that Chess being the gentleman he was would never attempt to hold her hand so she casually took his hand in hers and watched the smile appear on his face as she did so. He only let go of her hand when they got to the Tower doors.

Once inside the lobby Chess escorted Jean into the elevator. She didn't invite him up, but he did ask to have lunch with her in the morrow. Once the elevator door closed, he turned to the young guard and apologized for holding him back from the others. The young fellow grinned and said, "I appreciate your awareness, Sir, But I'm just doing what I'm paid to do."

"What is you name, Young Man?" Chess asked.

"Parrish Jones, Sir."

"Well, Parrish, I think you went above and beyond your required duties with that homeless man. I commend you for your generosity."

Parrish blushed. "I have instructions to do that, Sir."

"Oh, well, it was an appreciated action."

"Thank you, Sir." ~~~

Chess took a casual stroll back to Charley and Jake's, hands stuffed in his pockets and deep in thought. He was sixty- three years old, soon to be divorced and rudderless. He thought back to his college days. He'd known then just what he wanted out of life and had striven toward that goal. He thought about his roommate Charles, Chuck his friends had called him. In bringing up an image of him, Chess realized that he had resembled Jake in so many ways. With that realization he saw that the errant feelings he'd been having toward his new son-in-law were more a desire for the man of his long gone youth than it was a desire for Jake himself.

The relationship he'd had with Chuck, they had both enjoyed. Although they had loved each other, it had been more of a camaraderie than anything, a loving sexual relationship they'd both enjoyed. Chess thought about the night that he'd met Gloria.. 'My God,' he thought, 'she had been so beautiful and vivacious.' He'd fallen head over heels for her. And the night that he'd told Chuck about her they had fucked like bunnies and Chuck had ended up sleeping in Chess's arms that night. It was about the same time that Chuck had come home from a date and announced that he'd found the girl of his dreams. The two young men had again spent the night fucking each other and then slept curled together in Chuck's bed. Chess had been happy for his roommate and dear friend.

His thoughts turned back to Jean. He thought about what it would be like living with her. He couldn't see himself doing that. He liked Jean, enjoyed her company very much, but he couldn't see anything beyond that. He turned his thoughts toward Chuck, and recalled the last conference they had gone to, where they'd spent more than just a night in each other's arms. How long ago had that been? Damn, six years ago. How time seemed to fly by, too fast the older he got. Chuck was recently widowed. He'd had no children. He lived in Childress, a medium sized city south east of Kirksville. They had managed to see each other about every six months for the last forty years.

He recalled one time, it had been nearly twenty years ago that he'd gone down to Childress on a business trip. When he'd returned Gloria had made a comment about how refreshed he looked. And then immediately had ask how Chuck was doing. Her tone of voice had made him suspect that she knew why he'd gone down to Childress. He still wondered if she had suspected their relationship. She'd never intimated again that she might.

'Funny how tour two wives had never liked each other.' Gloria and Sarah had been nearly spiteful toward each other from the very first time they'd been introduced. Gloria never would give an explanation, and Chess had finally resigned himself to never knowing.

As he approached Jake and Charley's he decided that it was time to go see Chuck again. And with that he put his pondering out of his conscious mind. He stepped onto the porch wondering if the boys were still up.

The following days found Chess and Jean often together, lunch, a couple of times having dinner, several times just sitting at a small café table in front of the bookstore enjoying each others company. It was at dinner Friday night that their relationship was discussed and the boundaries placed.

"I won't be seeing you again for a while, "Chess said. "We're going home tomorrow morning."

"I know. I'm so glad that Charley is back to his old self again. He's such a lovable young man. I've truly enjoyed your company and getting to know you and your sons. You know, Dave thinks the world of them and you."

"Thanks, Jean. I've enjoyed it too."

There was a little lull as they sipped their after dinner coffees.

"I'm retiring when I get back home. I'm going to turn the whole business over to my sons."

"What are your plans, Chess? Are you staying in Kirksville?"

"Actually, I've been thinking of moving over here. I played around with the idea of retiring to Florida, but my boys objected and truthfully it just sounds boring."

"What would you do here?"

"Well, being a lawyer, and having more than enough money to play with, I'm toying with the idea of opening a free legal clinic for those that need legal aid and can't afford it."

"My, that does sound interesting. God knows, it's always a needed service."

Chess took a sip of coffee and leaned forward. "Which leads to you and me."

Before he could continue, Jean interrupted. They'd previously discussed their partners of the past and she knew he was in the process of getting a divorce. "Chess, I hope I haven't misled you. I truly am thankful for your friendship. You've become a dear friend. But I'm not looking for more than that. I'll always be married to my husband, even though he's long gone. I hope you can accept that, and continue to be my friend."

Chess smiled. "Of course, Jean. I value our friendship, too. I just didn't know until now if you had other expectations."

"No, the only expectation I have is to continue being dear friends."

Chess mentally sighed with relief. Now he was free to pursue his desires unimpeded. ~~~


Once he was back home he set the process rolling to turn the law firm over to Tom and Robert. Escrow closed on the house. Chess put into storage enough furniture to set up a comfortable apartment. Along with the furniture, he boxed and stored the small amount of possessions he wanted to keep and all his clothes. The amicable divorce from Gloria was finalized. He deposited half the money from the sell of the house in her account. He was a free man.

Three weeks after he had returned from Charley's he loaded a suitcase into his car and left Kirksville. He'd told his sons that he was just going to travel a bit to get his head together. He would keep it touch. He headed south to Childress to see Chuck and lay out his idea to him.


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