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Those Golden Eyes

Chapter 55

Note: I apologize before possible offense to any and all Lesbians who read this chapter. I use a term that is in common use in our culture.I truthfully don't know if the term is offensive. I mean no disrespect. Just trying to keep the conversation real. JWS

Chess pulled into the circular drive way just after one o'clock in the afternoon. Chuck was standing on the portico to welcome him. Chess studied his friend as he approached. He seemed to have shrunken in on himself. He'd lost his tan along with much of his vitality. He looked older than his sixty-four years. The sight of him pulled on Chess's emotions. He swore to himself that he would bring back Chuck's joie d'vivre, and renew his vitality.


The only time that Chess had been to Chuck's home was the day of the funeral for his wife. He'd been just one of many people there to offer support and condolences to Chuck. Chess had wandered through the house on his own in attempt to get a feel for what Chuck's life those many years past had been like.

The house was s bit pretentious with it's pseudo southern plantation facade. It was situated on a small natural lake next to the country club. It was a two story, three bedroom, three and a half bath home, with a den and office. The only room that showed any of Chuck's personality was the office. It was obviously his hideaway, done in warm masculine woods and leather.

One wall was filled with books from floor to ceiling. A movable ladder with wheels on the bottom of the legs was attached to a rail at the top that ran the length of the room. The outside wall was an oversized bay window with shutters rather than curtains. The window faced north so the shutters were only decorative unless one really needed the privacy. A single high-backed, leather covered, comfortable club chair sat in the bay beside a sturdy table large enough for a lamp and a few books. The wall opposite the books had small flat screen tv surrounded by several beautiful paintings. A long low console had several fine sculptures on it. Chess scanned the paintings and sculptures looking for a clue of Chuck's private taste. The collection was eclectic, everything from Classical, and Cubist to Modern Freeform.

Framed photographs filled any small empty spaces between the books. On Chuck's desk were two photos, an eight by twelve of Sarah, his deceased wife in a plain silver frame and a small five by eight of Chuck and Chess back in their days as college roommates, with their arms around each other's shoulders, grinning at each other rather than at the camera. Chess picked up the photo remembering those light hearted carefree days. Seeing the adoration in both his own and Chuck's faces, he wondered what it would have been like if Chuck and he could have admitted their love for each other and made a life together. And then he thought about the life he'd chosen and knew he'd made the right choice. Although, he still loved Gloria, that love had long ago morphed into just a close friendship.

As he stood with the photo in his hand staring out the window as he pondered their lives, he heard the door behind him open, and then close with a distinct click of a lock being engaged. He turned to smile at his lover of all these years. He set the photo on the desk and held out his arms to Chuck, who walked into them and embraced him. Chuck laid his face into the crook of Chess's neck and released a pent up sigh.

"I'm alone now, Chess." He murmured.

"You've got me. You'll always have me."

Chuck sighed again and pulled back to look at Chess. "I wish that were really true."

"It is true Chuck. We may not be together physically, but you've got my heart, my Love. You know that."

"I guess that will have to be enough, won't it."

"I'll try to get down here more often for you, Babe."

"I like it when you call me that."

Chess felt his heart contract. At that moment he resented everything that kept him from staying with Chuck.


Chess had truly intended to make it down more often, but life has a way of interfering with the best of intentions. He'd only gotten away twice to see him since Sarah's death. Both times had been before Gloria left. And each time Chuck had looked a little more forlorn, a little more withdrawn from life.

He jumped out of the car and embraced the man he'd loved all these years. Both of them had tears in their eyes.

"It took you long enough, you bastard. Gloria's been gone for over two months."

"Things had to be done, Chuck. The house and the firm. And my boys may be grown, but they still sometimes need their dad."

"I know all that, Babe, I'm just jibing you. How is Charley doing now?"

"Oh, he's doing fine. He's been back to work for over a week now."

"Damn, it must have been hard on him."

"What made it hard was that the fellow was only nineteen."

Chuck shook his head and grimaced. "Damn." He then turned and grabbed up on of Chess's bags. "Well, come on in and let's get you settled."


The first thing Chess noticed when he entered the house was that it didn't look anymore lived in than the previous time he'd been down. He thought that he'd at least see a new paper folded next to a comfortable club chair, maybe a book out of place, or maybe a pair of reading glasses laying somewhere. But every throw pillow was perfectly fluffed and perfectly placed. Not a thing was out of place. It was a perfect show place.

Chuck led him down the hall to the bedrooms. Before he entered one he stopped and turn to Chess. "I assume you want to sleep with me?"

Chess grinned and said, "You know me, Chuck, I'm the same consummate old horn dog I've always been, but I'll sleep where you want me to."

Chuck considered for a moment. "Then you won't object to sleeping my bed?"

Chess wondered why Chuck was being so hesitant. Although he didn't know the answer, he knew that Chuck was needing some human touch if nothing else. He dropped his bags and wrapped Chuck in a hug. Chuck's arms came up an hugged him back, hard. "I've been dreaming of snuggling up to you and holding you while you sleep. That's what I want, Chuck, more than anything in the world. And more than that, to wake up in the morning and find you in my arms."

Chess lighten his hold on Chuck, but Chuck continued to hold on to Chess. "I've missed you, Chess. Except for the few precious times we've gotten together, I've missed you everyday for the last thirty-six years." He suddenly let go of Chess, grabbed up one of his bags and turned into the Master suite. "Come on, lets get you settled in. God, it's so good to see you. How long are you staying?"

"I don't know." Chess answered looking at the empty clothes bars in the walk-in closet. Chuck's clothes filled only one small section. He hadn't spread out at all. As his gaze took in the rest of the bedroom he saw that only the bedside chest on the left hand side had anything out of place, an opened book with a pair of reading glasses laying on it. "I am in no hurry. I have no demands on my time. I just don't want to wear out my welcome."

"That will never happen, Chess."

The look of desperation on Chuck's face pulled Chess to him. He again enfolded the man in his arms. "Never say never." He whispered as he kissed him on the side of his neck. Chuck relaxed against him. He didn't reply. Chess could feel the wetness on his shoulders from Chuck's tears. "I've missed you, too, Chucky. I've missed you so much."

Eventually, Chuck pulled away and knuckled his eyes. "God, look at me. I've turned into such a booby in my old age."

"Hey, I'm older than you and have a long way to go before Old Age. So cut out that kind of talk." Chess scolded.

Chuck grinned and nodded. "Let's go to the kitchen and get a refreshment. It might still be warm enough to sit out on the back deck and watch the kids sailing."

The setting was beautiful. The trees were in their full autumnal glory. The lawn still vibrantly green ran down nearly to the water's edge. A small dock of greying wood stuck it's finger into the lake. Several small skiffs with colorful sails skimmed over the smooth blue surface of the lake. The nearest house was a hundred meters away on either side. As Chess took in the pastoral setting he thought to himself. 'This is how you consol yourself when you have no children, surround yourself in luxury.' He was glad he had his three sons.

As they settled into a couple of lawn chairs Chuck said, "I've put this place up for sale. It's beautiful here, but it's just too big. It was too big even when Sarah was still here."

"You miss her?"

"Yeah, I do. She was a good companion."

Chess nodded. Those few word said so much. It basically summed up both of their relationships with their wives. They sat and watched the boats while sipping their sweetened iced tea, lost in their own thoughts. Chess was the one to finally break the revery. "You know, I have never figured out why Gloria and Sarah had such a dislike for each other. They hardly knew each other."

Chuck looked at him. "You really don't know?"

"You do?"

"God, all these years I thought that you knew. I was sure that Gloria had eventually told you."

"No, Gloria never even intimated that there was some incident that caused their dislike for each other."

Chuck shook his head, staring out over the lake, lost in thought, remembering the tumultuous times he'd had courting Sarah. After a couple minutes of silence Chess asked,"You are going to tell me, aren't you?"

Chuck startled out of his revery. "Oh, of course I am, I was just remembering our good ol' college days." He cleared his throat. "It's so appropriate that Gloria finally forgave Amanda and went back to her."

"Amanda? Gloria's sister? What did she have to do with all of this? And what do you mean 'went back to her'?"

Chuck avoided answering by asking another question. "When was the last time you saw Amanda, Chess?"

"Well, let' see. I guess Tom was a baby." He could see that the only way he would ever get an answer out of Chuck was go along with him. But it was frustrating.

"Right. And how did Gloria react to seeing her?"

"Chuck, what's with these questions?"

"Just go along with me. Answer the question."

Chess nodded, gave up and went with the flow. He thought a few moments. "Well, let's see. Tom was about four months old when Anna came to see her young nephew. She was already at the house when I got home from the office that evening. Both women were quiet, subdued, like they'd had an argument and weren't quite over it. I remember Gloria planning on Amanda staying for several days, but she announced at breakfast the next morning that she had to get back to California. Something about pressing business. I looked at Gloria expecting to see disappointment, she'd been so excited that Amanda was coming to visit. She looked relieved, almost eager for her to go. It struck me as odd, but I thought no more about it." he paused and then remembered more. "And then that night she was more passionate in bed than I remember her ever being before or since. She rode me until I was sore and unable to get it up again. What was strange was that she wouldn't let me get on top. She was insatiable that night. I felt like a well used human dildo when she got through with me. She never did answer when I asked her what had gotten into her. I've always wondered. The next time she was so submissive and sweet. I think that was the night that Robert was conceived. She was never dominant like that again."

Chuck nodded, but didn't reply. Chess looked at him, his frustration building from not getting any answers. "What?" He asked

"Chess, hang onto your socks. What I'm going to tell you will knock them right off your feet."

Chess closed his eyes and waited. Chuck leaned forward and studied the grass in front of his feet. And then he turned his head and looked up at Chess. "Amanda, is what many refer to as a bull dyke. She is a dominant lesbian." He paused for that pronouncement to sink in. Chess looked at him wide-eyed. And then Chuck said, "She and Gloria had been lovers for a couple of years when you met her."

"They were sisters, for Christ's sake."

Chuck wryly smiled, and nodded.

"Your telling me the mother of my sons is a lesbian?"

Chuck shrugged. "I guess women can be bisexual as well as men."

Chess sat back looking like he'd been punched in the stomach. He stared unseeing at the landscape, the lake, and then the golfers off in the distance. Chuck waited for him to recover. Eventually, Chess sighed and leaned forward. "That explains so much." he said, recalling again how he'd felt so used the night after Anna had been to visit. "But, it still doesn't tell me why Sarah and Gloria had such an antipathy for each other."

"Well, when Gloria told Amanda about you, she cut Gloria out of her life. Made her move back into the dorm. You were aware that Gloria had been living with her off campus, weren't you?"

Chess nodded. "She told me she was moving back to be closer to me, so we could see each other more readily."

"Well, Amanda immediately took up with Sarah."

"But you were seeing Sarah at that point."

Chuck nodded. "Yes, Sarah was a busy girl, carrying on an affair with Amanda and seeing me at the same time. I thought that she was seeing another guy. When I accosted her about it, she admitted that she was seeing Amanda. She promised that she would break it off with her if I would forgive her. The timing was against our wives though, because that very afternoon Gloria stopped into see Anna and caught the two of them in bed. Sarah told me that Amanda had been insistent on one more romp before saying quits. And that she thought that Amanda knew that Gloria was stopping by. Remember the time Gloria had the black eye right after you met her? She'd told you that she'd walked into the bathroom door when she wasn't quite awake."

Chess nodded. "That was the same night that we double dated and introduced our girlfriends to each other."

"Yes, but what we didn't know then was that they had met the previous night.....at Amanda's."

"So Sarah was the one that gave Gloria the back eye?"

"No, it was Amanda, the bull dyke that laid her out. Gloria attacked Sarah, pulling her off the bed and wrestling her to the floor, but before she could hit Sarah, Anna decked her. Sarah realized that she had been used by Amanda to get at Gloria and attacked her, but Gloria came to Amanda's assistance and they forced Sarah half naked out the front door and threw her clothes out after her. Amanda kicked Gloria out right after Sarah left. Sarah was sitting in her car fuming when the two sisters came out of the house yelling at each other. Gloria got into her car and left. If you recall Amanda moved to California soon after our double date."

"I'll never understand women. So when and how did you learn all of this?"

"When it happened. Sarah told me about it then."

"You Bastard. You've know all these years and never said a word about it?"

"Chess, you and Gloria were so much in love with each other. It was over. Done with. I could see no reason why you should know this, if you didn't already."

Chess laid back in his chair and closed his eyes. Chuck watched him wondering what his reaction was going to be. Chess finally sat up and stared out at the lake. "I guess it has turned out best that I didn't know. Thanks for telling me now. So many things I never understood about Gloria are clear now. I hope she has found happiness with Anna. God knows she hadn't been happy since Charley graduated from high school. I thought it was empty nest syndrome." He got up and wandered down to the lake and onto the little pier.

Chuck sat and watched his old friend, wondering if he'd just done him a disservice by telling him. Chess stood with his hands behind his back on the end of the pier for nearly half an hour before he turned and glanced back at Chuck who hadn't moved from his lawn chair. Chess turned and walked back up the lawn. Chuck stood to meet him, not knowing what would happen. Would he punch him in the face, or just walk on by him and leave?

Chess walked up to him and enfolded him in his arms again. Chuck froze for a moment and then reciprocated. "One thing I want to know, Chuck," Chess said. "Why did you marry Sarah? Did you really love her?"

In was several moments before Chuck answered. "I loved her. Not as much or the same way I love you, but I loved her. And in her own way, she loved me." He was quiet for a few seconds. "We had a good life together. I just regret that we couldn't have children."

Chess pulled back and studied his friend."I have never said this aloud to you, Chuck. I love you." He pulled him back into a tight hug. "I love you so much."

Chuck held him firmly. "I have always known that, Chess. I knew you wanted a family. That's why I have never told you how I feel. I love you, Chess. I would like to spend the rest of what is left of our lives with you."

"Yes, Chuck. That was my main reason for coming down here. To ask you to do that."

"We have so much to discuss. Plans to make," Chuck murmured in Chess ear and then pulled back and grinned at him. But right now I'm starving. How about a grilled rib eye and a bake potato."


Chess pulled his shirt off and stopped to admire his lover's torso as Chuck did the same. Chuck was one of those lucky men that just naturally had a good body. He noticed that already, after only an afternoon together that Chuck was looking better. His shoulders no longer sagged. He looked happy, maybe even a bit younger. 'I'll get a bit more meat on his bones and he'll look great again. As Chuck pulled off his Jockey shorts Chess salivated. He was eager to feel the smooth velvety skin that covered Chuck's long hard shaft as it slid over his tongue and lips again. His rectum pulsed remembering what if felt like to be penetrated by that shaft.

Chuck had been intent on undressing and not looking at Chess. But as he stepped out of his jockey's he looked up and saw Chess studying him. He grinned and his whole body turned red. "I've never seen you blush before, Chuck. You're not getting shy on me are you?" Chess said.

Chuck turned and threw the covers back on the bed and laid down, pulling the sheet up to his chest. "I'm getting old and skinny. It's embarrassing for you to see me. You're still in great shape."

"I am your elder, Chuck, and I told you to cut that old bullshit. I am not old and your aren't either. As for skinny, you are a little under weight, but a few weeks of eating well will fix that. And I'd love it if you would join a gym with me. I need a workout partner."Chess lifted the sheet and slid in next to Chuck and wrapping his arms around him he snuggled close. "One thing you must believe is that no matter what, I love you, Chuck and find you very desirable. Now I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me again."

Chess didn't need to look at him to see the change his words made. Chuck's actions said it all as he became the masterful lover that Chess knew him to be.


The house had been on the market for about a month when Chess moved in with Chuck. A week later a young twenty-something, upwardly bound couple put in an offer of $999,000 Chuck's asking price of $1,250,000. Chuck was infuriated, insulted. "Who do these young punks think they are? Hell no I won't even entertain their offer."

Chess shook his head in sympathy. "That's just the way so many young people are today. They've been raised with very little moral values like we were. They never stop to think of what the effect of their actions are on others. It's all me, my and mine. That's all that matters to them. I guess these two are thinking you need the money, and may be desperate. So they are trying to take advantage of the situation. "

"Do I look hungry?" Chuck asked still in a fury.

Chess had to laugh. "Well, you are a little skinny."

It took a moment for Chuck to grasp the humor and then he laughed, too.


Chess didn't want Charley to think that he was checking up on him if he was still in a defensive frame of mind. So he had called Dave later that same day to see how his son was doing. In visiting with Dave with who he had become fairly close friends, he mentioned the absurd offer that the yuppy couple had made on Chuck's house. Dave unobtrusively extracted the name of Chuck's real estate agent from him and after Chess hung up, he called Clyde and had him contact the agent with a bid only two thousand less than the asking price. He had every intention of buying the house if they didn't come back with another bid, which they did immediately when the agent informed them of the new bid. They upped their bid to the full asking price. When the Agent called Dave back to see if he wanted to anti-up, Dave declined and the house went into escrow. Chuck never learned of the service Dave had done for him.

Being the young couple were pre- approved for the loan and the house was being sold fully furnished except for the art collection and books in the Den, the escrow was only fifteen days long, just enough time for Chuck to pack his personal belongings and get out.

Chuck's response was: "My God, I haven't even really thought of where I want to live. I guess I can rent an apartment until I find something." he told Chess. Chess had wondered how he was going to broach the subject of the two of them moving to Uni City and opening a legal clinic for the poor. The perfect time had come. Chess felt that this was really meant to be. He took Chuck to a great steakhouse they'd eaten at before and laid the proposition on the table.

Chuck sat and listen to the entire proposal before responding. "Are you saying what I think you are, Chess?"

"And what exactly are you thinking?"

Chuck studied him for a moment before answering. He knew he wasn't wrong, but still he wanted to be sure he'd heard right. "Are you saying that you want us to live together as a couple? And does that mean for the rest of our lives?"

Chess in turn studied Chuck still unsure of what his response would be. Hoping for the best he put his last cards on the table. "I love you, Chuck. Yes, I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you, if you'll have me."

Chuck looked away. He stared out the window into the darkness. Chess was certain he was going to say no. He chewed on his lower lip waiting for the fall of the guillotine. It never came. Chuck started talking as he continued to look out the window. "I know that back in our college days, before we met the women we married, I told you that I love you. Of course I always made it sound like the love of a buddy, but I never meant it that way. The reason I settled here is so I could be near enough to see you once in a while without intruding on your life. Sarah always wanted to move to Chicago. I could have gone to work for one of the most prestigious law firms up there. Her dad was a partner. It was a given fact that I would eventually be made a partner if I moved up there.

"I couldn't do it. I knew that if I made that choice I'd never see you again. I've done very well here. I am the head of my own firm. I have more money than I need and no children to inherit it. My two partners would both be willing to buy me out. So there's nothing really holding me here." He turned and looked Chess in the eyes. "So if you want to live in UniCity, then that is where I want to live, too, because I have no intention of letting you get away from me again."

"God Chuck I never realized you'd sacrificed so much for me. I promise I'll try my best to make it up to you."

"There really was no sacrifice.. I never wanted to live in Chicago anyway. And I certainly didn't want to be under my father-in-law's thumb."

"So are you familiar with Uni City?"

"Sarah and I used to go up occasionally to take in an opera or a night at the symphony. I like what I saw of it."

"So let's get you packed and things put into storage, and then go look for a house in UniCity."


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