by JWSmith

There was blood all over Dave. His face was covered in it. Joe took one look and lunged past the young cop and scooped Dave into his arms. He carried him out and laid him on the bed. He stood there looking helpless.

The police were all over the place. One of them called for an ambulance. Johnny rushed to Joe's side. He took one look at Dave and turned to his brother. Joe collapsed into his arms. Paul stepped around them and examined Dave. He noted there was no evidence of a bullet wound, and that the deep gash on his cheek was still oozing fresh blood.

"If you two ninnies would notice, he ain't dead. He's just out cold."

Paul ran his hand over the back of Dave's head.

"I think he knocked himself out. He has a large knot on the back of his head." Paul took his keys out and unlocked the hand cuffs. His wrists were crusted with dry blood where they had cut into his skin as he forced them over his feet. Paul moved to his legs and unlocked those, too.

At that moment Dave groaned. Joe fell to his knees laying his head on Dave's chest. Dave raised his freed hand and caressed the back of his head.

"Joe?" Dave's eyes were open. He was looking at all the police.

"Oh God, Babe, I thought I'd lost you." Joe said.

"Did they kill him?"

"No, babe, he's in custody."

"Good. It's Edith Way's driver who was the mastermind."

"We kinda figured that."

"My head is throbbing."

"You have a big bump on the back of it."

"Oh, yeah. I was doubled up under the sink when he shot through the door. I must have jumped and hit my head on the bottom of the sink."

"You really scared me."

"I love you, Joe."

He closed his eyes and sighed.


Paul and Johnny had gone back to the station to write up their reports before going home. Paul's desk butted up against Johnny's. He raised his head and watched his partner of three years. He had known Johnny all his life. He knew there was something agitating him. He shrugged to himself. Johnny would tell him what it was when he was ready to talk. He thought about Johnny's reaction to Joe kissing him. Paul had made a joke of having to arrest Dave to relieve the tension and to cover for Johnny. He wondered if Johnny realized that. Paul stood up and stretched.

"See ya tomorrow, man. Has this been a busy day or what?"

"Sure has. Hold up, I'll walk out with you."

Paul gather his things and headed out with Johnny.

"So they're keeping Dave over night?"

"Yeah, it's just a precaution."

"That was a nasty gash on his cheek."

"It took fifteen stitches to close it."

"It's going to leave a scar."

"It's a shame to mar such a handsome face."

Paul stopped and looked at his partner. Johnny noticed that he wasn't beside him and turned around.


"You say some of the damnedest things."

"You don't think Dave's one of the best looking men you've ever seen?"

"Yes, but I don't go saying it out loud."

Johnny tilted his head and cocked his eyebrows. He thought for a moment.


He turned and continued toward his car. Paul shook his head and after a moment followed.

"See ya tomorrow, Buddy." He called out as he got into his car. Johnny just waved.


Later, Johnny sat in his car across the street from the Tower. He saw Tim's replacement take over the desk. Tim disappeared through the garage door. Johnny watched for his car to come out and then followed it at a discreet distance.

When Tim parked on the street in front of an older apartment building Johnny drove on by and parked around the corner. He already knew which apartment was Tim's; he had gotten that information from Tim while interrogating him about Dave's abduction. He sat in his car thinking about the sexy young man. It excited Johnny that Tim was also very intelligent. There was something about seducing someone who had brains that really turned Johnny on. He found himself outside Tim's door rehearsing what he would say.

He'd always gone for the intelligent women. The dumb ones were too easy. Johnny didn't think about Tim being the first man he was actively going after. He didn't think at all. He was going with his animal instinct. An Alpha Male on the prowl. And Tim really turned him on.

A wall of inhibition had crumbled the day that Dave had wrapped his arms around him and kissed him like he did his brother. He'd been shocked that he was enjoying kissing him back, but he hadn't backed off. It had been Dave that did that.

Johnny had just stood there wondering at all the feelings the kiss had loosed. All his life, he'd seen guys that he thought he'd like to make it with, but he had never followed up on any. He also enjoyed women, they were easier and more acceptable. The problem was that he never met one that could hold his interest very long.

And then he met Tim. Even with all his fellow cops milling around him when Dave was kidnapped, Tim was the only one Johnny could concentrate on until Joe had shown up. Even then while dealing with his brother, Tim was in the forefront of his mind.


Tim popped the top of a can of Coke and sprawled in the single club chair in his little studio apartment. It had been a really exciting evening. Every other night he was nearly bored to death sitting behind the lobby desk greeting the tenants and pushing buttons to open elevators for them. Fortunately, he was allowed to study while on duty.

He really felt good that he had been so quick on getting the police right on to that rat that abducted Dave. He was thankful that he had a photographic memory.

He replayed the whole scene with all of the police. It was so cool. In three years he would graduate from college and would apply to the police academy. He wanted to be a detective just like that handsome Detective Paolini, Joe's brother. Tim wondered if there was a chance he might be gay like Joe. Nah, the chance of two gays in one family were slim. Boy, he is a looker, Tim thought, even more handsome than his older brother.

He had class in the morning. He thought he'd better hit the sack. He stood up and stretched. He kicked his shoes off as he unbuttoned his uniform shirt. He took it off and hung it up. He shucked his t-shirt, tossing it into the hamper. He raked his fingers though the thick patch of dark auburn hair that covered his chest and hard belly. He undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, let them drop and stepped out of them. Just as he picked them up there was a light knock on his door.

"Yes? Who's there?" He asked through the closed door.

"John Paolini."

"Just a moment." He slipped his pants back on and opened the door as he buttoned them.

"Come in, Detective."

"Hi Tim. I know it's late, but I figured you would still be up."

"Yeah, I just got home from work."

Johnny combed his fingers through his short blonde hair. He was nervous. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Tim's hairy chest.

"Exciting evening, wasn't it?"

"Yeah." Tim agreed as he watched the detectives eyes travel down his body. His blood surged. This handsome brute was looking him over, checking him out.

Johnny snapped his eyes back up to Tim's. They studied each other for a moment.

"I was really impressed with how you handled the situation. Most people would panic and forget to get the information you gave the police. The guy didn't have a chance with your description of him, the car and the license plate number. Dave Gates' really owes you man, as well as the police force."

A whole other message was being delivered as they stared into each others eyes while Johnny talked.

"I have a photographic memory. It wasn't anything special."

"I think you may be very special."

Tim didn't know whether it was the vibration of Johnny's low husky voice or the touch of his fingers on his cheek that made him quivered.

"You are receptive to this, aren't you, Tim?"

" Yes." He whispered.

"I had a feeling you would be. I also figured you would be a bear. A hairy cub with a six pack. You've got a hot body, boy." He ran the back of his fingers down Tim's abdomen. Tim quivered again. He thought for a moment that he'd pass out.

"Just how much experience have you had, Timmy?"

Tim blushed. He could feel the red flowing over his whole body.

"None." He whispered

"As good looking as you are, that's hard to believe."

"I'm saving myself for the right man."He blurted out.

Johnny chuckled.

"Do you think I'm the right man for you, young Tim?"

"If you're l-looking for a r-r-relationship like Joe and Dave have, you could be."

"What if I just want to ravish your beautiful body, Tim? Would you let me?"

"P-P-Probably. But I w-want more than just that."

Johnny looked into Tim's eyes. Tears were building in them. He suddenly felt guilty for what he was attempting. He dropped the hand with which he had been caressing Tim's body. He looked around the room. Why was he feeling like this? He'd seduced female virgins and never gave it a second thought. He shoved his hands into his pockets and stepped around Tim. Tim turned with him. Johnny sat on the arm of the club chair. He study this boy/man standing in front of him. It would be so easy to just have his way with him and leave. But there was something about Tim that he didn't think he could leave and forget. No. Tim would stick in his heart like a thorn if he did that. He locked eyes with him.

"I'm sorry Tim. I was teasing. Playing with you. You didn't deserve that."

Tim stood before him in a high state of excitement, vulnerable. Johnny held out his hands to him. Tim stepped up and took them. Johnny rose and embraced him.

"Tim. I'm going to go home. If we both still feel like carrying this further after we've cooled down, we'll see what happens. Okay?

He felt Tim nod agreement against his neck. Johnny pulled back and looked at him. He placed his hands on each side of his face kissed him.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow."

He turned and left, closing the door behind him. Tim hadn't move. His hand slowly raised to his lips. He smiled to himself.

"Yes." He thought.

Paul sat in his car for a long time, finally thinking about what was going on in his life. He admitted that he had enjoyed kissing Dave. He admitted that Tim really turned him on. But getting emotionally involved just wasn't his M.O. He looked at his watch. Shit. It was three f--ing o'clock. He went home and crawled into bed.

The next morning Paul was already at his desk when Johnny straggled in.

"Heavy date last night?"

"What are you talking about?" he mumbled.

"Man you look like you didn't get any sleep last night."

"Yeah, it was a tough night."

"Wanna tell me about it."

"What's to tell. I went home ,went to bed and tossed and turned until time to get up."

"So what's bothering you."


"Yeah, right." Paul said, waiting for Johnny to tell him.

It was obvious that Johnny wasn't going to talk ,so Paul just let him be. They were assigned to investigate a reported break-in at a downtown liquor store. Paul drove. Johnny kept looking at his watch.

"What's with the time keeper, Johnny?"


"You've looked at your watch at least ten times since you got in the car. What gives?"

"Nothing. I've just got things I need to do."

"What's her name?"

"His name."Joe corrected him without thinking.

"His name?"

"Damn, forget I said that. I didn't mean to. Would you stop with the questions already?"

Paul shrugged. He kept glancing over at Johnny. Johnny fidgeted. He looked resentful.

"It's okay with me, Johnny. You know I love your brother as much now as before he came out."

Johnny exploded.

"You think I gay? Fuck you, Paul. I'm not gay. I'm--I'm just confused."

Paul pulled over and parked.

"Look, Johnny you know I love you like a brother. It doesn't matter to me what you are. You'll still be my little bro and best friend."

Johnny stared out the window. Paul watched him.

"You don't know what I did last night. I almost seduced a kid. He's virgin for Christ sake. God that turned me on." he turned and looked Paul in the eye. "I could have done anything with him. He would have done anything I told him. Almost, Paul. I almost did it." He ended in a whisper.

"Tim McFaden?"

Johnny blinked.

"How did you know."

"I've got eyes. I saw how you looked at him. I also saw how he looked at you. You couldn't do better. That kid is a whiz. He's going to make a great cop."

"You've checked him out?"

"Of course, I did. I can't have my partner chasing just any guy, now can I?"

"So how long have you known about me?"

"Let's see. I watched you go through puberty. You hid it pretty good through high school. You always had one of the prettiest girls on your arm, but never the same one for long. When you came back from college you were still carrying on the same pattern. Always a different beautiful woman. Never serious about one. I started to suspect. I observed. I discovered that a good looking dude will always turn your head. I was just waiting for you to figure it out and act on it."

"You know why I became a cop don't you?"

"I have my suspicions, Johnny."

"I always idolized you, Paul. If you'd been gay I would have chased after you until I caught you."

Paul chuckled.

"I think you did that anyway, Bud.

Johnny grinned.

"Yeah, I guess I did."

"Well, I love you, Johnny. Just not that way."

"I know. And you know how I feel about you. You are my best friend, Paul."

"Ditto. So what are you going to do about young Tim?"

"Well, I think I'll wine and dine him and court him until he agrees to be mine."

"That should take about one meal and a short evening." Paul chuckled.

End of 6