Those Golden Eyes

The long awaited Chapter Seven


As soon as Johnny left, Tim stripped out of his clothes. Stretching out on his bed, he fondled his manhood as he fantasized about Detective Paolini. All to soon, in his state of excitement, he was spent and falling asleep only to dream about Johnny.

He had a hard time concentrating on his classes the next morning. He kept replaying the whole scene with the handsome blonde detective, wondering if there was the slightest chance that he'd ever see him again. Despite what had occurred in his apartment last night, Tim still couldn't believe that the man was gay and wanting him. When his classes were over for the day he was glad it was time for him to go to work. Maybe he could stay busy enough between his job and studies not to think about Johnny.


When Dave walked into the lobby of the Tower that evening, he caught the moony expression on Tim's face as he sat with chin in hands gazing off into space. Stopping to chat with him as he did most evenings, Dave discovered that he had few answers for all the questions Tim had about Joe's brother. Dave was left with the obvious impression that the young fellow was thoroughly smitten with the detective.


Joe was already home and had started dinner preparations, but everything was put on hold while several minutes were spent with Dave wrapped in Joe's arms with their lips locked together. Dave broke away gasping for air. Joe loved doing that to him and of course Dave had no objection for Joe was as breathless as he was.

"I think I'd better go change into something more suitable for wrestling with you." Dave said pushing away Joe's grappling arms.

He returned a few minutes later wearing a pair of Joe's boxers that hung loosely on his hips and a baggy old T-shirt. Joe's wry expression told him that Joe had been expecting something a little more sexy.

"Why are you hiding that beautiful physique from me? You know I love looking at you."

"I'm just giving your eyes a much needed rest."

"You're mean to me Dave. I have hardly seen you all day." Joe whined.

Dave ignored him, as he dug the bag of charcoal briquets out of the pantry.

"Are you aware of what's going on with your brother and Tim McFadden?" Dave asked.

"You mean that hunky young guard on the desk downstairs? What are you talking about?"

"Tim's moony-eyed over him. He couldn't stop talking about yesterday."

"Speaking of yesterday, it really upsets me you insist on walking home, Dave.

"Joe." Setting the bag down, Dave walked over to him and wrapped his arms around his waist. "I can't let what happened yesterday change my life. The perpetrators have been arrested. I won't live my life in fear of what could happen. Geez, I could get hit by a car crossing the street. Or could trip and fall, cracking my head open. I'm not going to stop crossing streets or stop walking."

"Well, I'd feel better if you just stayed home where you're safe. Maybe I'll stay home and take care of you."

"Yeah, I just see us after having been locked up together for six weeks. I wouldn't have to worry about the outside world, you'd be ready to kill me yourself."


"Right." Dave's voice was derisive. He let go of Joe, walked over and picked up the charcoal. "Anyway, I didn't finish telling you about Tim and Johnny. I couldn't sleep last night after we went to bed, so I went out on the terrace. While I was leaning on the parapet looking out over the city, I noticed Johnny's car parked on the street. I watched him follow Tim when he got of duty."

"How do you know it was Johnny?"

"His souped-up 56 Chevy isn't exactly unidentifiable."

"Isn't exactly unidentifiable?"

"Yeah, and neither is Tim's beat-up ol' Mazda."

"Not exactly unidentifiable?" Joe asked in feigned innocence.

"Yeah." Dave ignored the teasing about his word usage. "So do you think they got together and did the big nasty?"

"You're joking. Johnny and Tim? They are both straight."

"Johnny didn't kiss you. And you didn't see how moonstruck Tim is. It they didn't get together last night I bet they will tonight. I saw Johnny cruise by as I was walking up the esplanade a while ago."

With the bag in hand, Dave went out and started the grill. That done, he wandered over to the parapet and scanned the street in front of the tower. Johnny's car was park just out of sight of the front door. He ran into the house and grabbed Joe's arm.

"You've gotta come out here and see this for yourself." He said as he dragged him over to the edge of the building and pointed down at the car.

"Tell me that car isn't exactly unidentifiable."

"Yup, that car is Johnny's. Let's have some fun with him. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed.


"Hey, Bro, did you eat dinner before staking out our front door?"

"No. How do you know what I'm doing?"

" Well, your car isn't exactly unidentifiable." The middle finger on Dave's right hand shot up at Joe as he grinned at him. " Look up and wave."

"And here I thought I was being discrete." Johnny whined.

"So come on up and join us for grilled steaks. I'll even fix one for your boyfriend on the desk down stairs and let you take it down to him."

"You'd do that for me, Joe?"

Joe had been expecting a vehement denial that Tim was not his boy friend. The wonder in Johnny's voice took the momentum out of Joe's teasing mood.

"I'd do that for my little brother." Joe said. "And his boy friend."

"He's not my boyfriend." There was a bit of exasperation in Johnny's voice

Joe smirked at his success.

"Well, I'll still fix him a steak too, if you want to take it down to him.

"Cool. I'll be right up.


Tim grinned as he watched the 56 Chevy pull under th portico. His grin grew as Johnny got out and strode into the lobby. With a nod of his head toward the elevator Johnny walked right on by him. Tim was crushed that he didn't even stop to say hi. Without thinking he pressed the button to open the elevator to the roof. Johnny stepped in and turned, looking sternly at Tim.

"Don't eat until I return. Got it?"

Tim stared at him.

"Joe's fixing dinner."

Tim nodded and turned away just as Johnny grinned. Tim missed it. As he wondered why Johnny wanted him to wait while he had dinner with Dave and Joe, he felt more depressed. Opening his history book he stared at the print not registering what he saw.

With his legs crossed at the ankles, Johnny leaned his butt against the counter; his arms were folded defensively across his chest. Joe had just asked him what was going on with, the young Mr. McFaden and he was in a quandary of how to answer, so he just stared at the floor as he tried to think.

"I'm your brother Johnny, you can tell me anything and I still love you. Come on admit it. You've got the hots for Timmy. Doncha?"

"If I were to admit that I do, that will make me a fag, wouldn't it?"

"Damn I hate that word. Why do you have to label yourself? Your Twenty-seven. Can't you just be who you are and accept it? Who cares whether your gay, bi or straight? You're a real man, a good, loving, caring man. That's all that really counts."

"But still I have to account to Mom and Dad."

"Johnny get real. They realized you'd never find the right girl years ago. They only want you to be happy. If Tim's going to make you happy, go for it."

"Thanks, Joe. You've always been good at straightening out my thinking." He pull his brother into a hug. Joe could see that Johnny was still raging a battle with himself. 'Will he let himself win?' Joe wondered.

Half an hour later Tim was still staring at the same page when the elevator opened and Johnny pushed a tea cart out laden with two plates of steak, baked potato and green salad. He paid no attention to the sounds Johnny was making as he pushed the cart behind the U-shaped desk.

"You want to help me here?" He said.

Tim jerked like he'd been poked with a cattle prod.


"You dinner, sir."

Tim turned to see the teacart full of food.

"Wow! I could get used to this kinda service."

"Don't. It'll probably never happen again in your lifetime."

"Well. A guy can dream can't he?" Tim asked, feeling more than a little hurt that Johnny was putting the damper on what could be a romantic meal, even if it was at the desk in the lobby. Johnny shrugged.

"Sure, dream away."

Tim wasn't sure why Johnny was being so gruff and stand-offish and still wanting to share the meal. He kept glancing up at him yet failed to catch his eye. Neither of them had said a word for several minutes. Tim reached the breaking point.

"Alright, why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Why are you acting like you'd rather be somewhere else? Why are we eating together. Why are you being so gruff? Why are you even here?"

"Can we talk about this after you get off work?"

"We've got three and a half hours to talk about it now."

"So start talking." Johnny shrugged and said around a big bite of beef that he'd just stuffed into his mouth.

Tim laid his knife and fork across his half eaten meal, and turn toward Johnny.

"No. I want to hear why you showed up at my apartment intent on seducing me and then didn't. And I want to know why you are here now."

Johnny looked at Tim out of the side of his face.

"There's desert when you've finished that."

"Fuck desert! Stop playing around with me.

Johnny swung around to face Tim. He pointed his steak knife at him as he glared, the point an inch from Tim's nose.

"I'm not playing around, dammit. I'm dead serious and I'm scare shitless. Alright?"

Tim blinked at him and crossed his eyes trying to see how close the point was. Realizing he was pointing a sharp knife, Johnny stabbed it into his steak. He stare at it for a moment and then looked up at Tim.

"I've seduced hundreds of women. Not for one did I ever feel anything more that lust. I met you and in one afternoon my life is thrown out of kilter. For some unfathomable reason I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you and I want to run away as fast as I can and hide from the chaos in my head."

He pushed the food around on his plate as Tim watched.

"I've always envied how Joe just accepted the way he is. I've always fought it. You know, it's so hard being something I'm really not. I'm tired of the farce."

Tim's heart went out to him. Taking the fork out of his hand, he made Joe look up at him.

"I understand where you're coming from. I've been there too. Hiding my true feeling behind a pretty girl on my arm. But by the time I graduated from high school I couldn't do it any longer. I decided I would be what I am, and if someone couldn't deal with it, well, that was their problem. I came out to my parents. They didn't kick me out but they made it very apparent they didn't want me around. My best friend, Frankie Davenport, punched me in the face and said he never wanted to see me again. I took my savings and moved here to get away from them. I decided that I will be what I am to the best of my ability and if someone can't deal with it-- well, that's their problem, not mine."

Johnny was staring at his plate as Tim talked. He'd almost decided that it was foolish to wish he had the fortitude to live like that, when he noticed that Tim's head was almost in his plate as he ducked down trying to get him to look at him.

"I do have a big problem of my own though." Tim said.

Johnny sat back, raising his eyebrows in inquiry and concern. Tim straighten up. Johnny's eyes followed him.

"I fallen head over heels for this big dumb police detective who's trying to protect my virginity, when all I want is to give it to him."

Tossing his head back, Johnny laughed at the sad little pouty-boy expression on Tim's face.

"You little shit. You know that I won't take your cherry unless I can have all of you, don't you?"

With his heart lodge in his throat where he could hardly breathe, Tim took the chance he couldn't believe that he'd been given.

"Will you take all of me, Johnny? Will you take my heart and soul as well as this ol' bod?"

It was unbelievable to Johnny that another man would lay himself open like this to him. He knew it that moment that this was what he'd been looking for his whole life. All the doubt and denial was gone. He had a hard lump in his throat that made it hard to speak.

"I will, Tim."

"And will you give me your heart and soul as well as your hunky body?"

"I will." he whispered.

"Then we have a deal." Tim held out his right hand. Johnny blinked at him, and then took his hand in both of his.


Facing each other clutching each others hand, thoughts and emotions flooding over them as the tried to mentally digest what had just transpired. An eon passed in the few moments they were lost in each others eyes.

And then someone cleared his throat, breaking the trance. Both men let go of the other's hand and turned to see Joe and Dave grinning like a couple of Cheshires, their chins cupped in their hands with their elbows propped on the desk top, ."

"I told you, Dave, that steaks marinated in my special love sauce will work every time. Look, it only took about a half a steak each."

"Amazing. I really didn't think it would work, especially not on Johnny."

"Oh, by they way you two," Joe turned to Tim and Johnny, "I now pronounce you married."

From the shocked look on his face, Joe may as well have slapped Johnny.

"What did you say?"

"Joe and I witnessed your vows." Dave said.

Johnny looked at Tim.

"I guess we did, didn't we?"

Tim just nodded.

"Well, congratulations. We'll just gather up the dishes and leave you two lovebirds alone."

They whisked the cart with the half eaten meals into the elevator leaving Tim and Johnny alone. Before Tim could speak, Johnny jumped up.

"I'll leave you to your studies. I pick you up at eleven."

He rushed out the door and jumped into his car and sped away, leaving Tim to wonder if there really was any future with Johnny. He began to feel that he had pushed to fast and hard and it had scared Johnny off. He berated himself. There was no concentrating on his books, so he just stared out the door until eleven.

His replacement came in and relieved him. Tim hung around and idly chatted for fifteen minutes and then gave up and headed home. He sat in his car staring at the apartment building, the emptiness building in his chest. He'd really thought that Johnny had come to terms with himself a while ago. We'll he should have known not to involve himself with someone that didn't know which side the fence to jump off. A great sadness enveloped him.

He opened his car door and got out, leaving his books on the passenger seat. He stumbled up the walk. A car screeched to a stop behind him. A car door slammed. His name was called. He paid no attention. His arm was grabbed spinning him around. He looked into Johnny's eyes. He could see the love in them but he was still filled with doubt.

"I'm sorry I was late. I stopped into the station and got caught up in an arrest they had just made. I used my siren to run the stops getting back, but you had left. Come on, let's go to my place."

Tim let himself be led to Johnny's car. Johnny opened the door and Tim slid in. Both men were silent during the fifteen minute ride across town. Johnny lived in a new development that spread over many acres. Rolling lawns and parkways separated the numerous townhouse units. Johnny's was a two story unit that faced one of several pools.

"I don't need this much room. Hell, I'm hardly ever here, but it was a good investment and I had the money." Johnny said as he opened the door. Tim stepped in and looked around the vaulted livingroom. He felt Johnny standing beside him and turned. They stared into each others eyes.

"God, your beautiful, Tim. It's so hard to keep my hands off of you."

Tim's eyes closed as Johnny's hands cupped his cheeks. Soft firm lips grazed his. He opened to Johnny's probing tongue. Surrendering, his hands took on a life of their own as they felt, caressed and kneaded every part of Johnny's anatomy that he could reach. He may have been a virgin but when it came to foreplay he was an expert. As his arousal grew he became more and more aggressive. They were two alpha males fighting for dominance. Their rutting, more and more, took on the looks of a wrestling match.

Johnny finally broke away, breathing hard.

"Goddam, Tim, You may be more than I bargained for."

He leaned against the wall trying to even his breathing. Tim was bent forward with his hands on his knees. Johnny pushed off of the wall and wrapped Tim in a head lock. Tim pushed his face up to his and locked lips again. Johnny turned his head away.

"Come on. Lets take this to the bed."

Tim just nodded, he was still breathing hard. When they entered the bedroom Tim started unbuckling his belt.

"No, I get to do that." Johnny said, pushing Tim's hands away. Tim grabbed Johnny's belt and started undoing it as he leaned in and started kissing him again. Trying to undress each other wasn't working. Tim broke away and started unbuttoning his own shirt. Johnny yanked his Polo shirt over his head. As they both bared their hairy chests they stopped and stared.

"You are so beautiful, Tim."

"And your gorgeous, Johnny." Tim said grinning. His wry sense of humor never turned off.

"I'll give you gorgeous. Get those damned clothes off and get on the bed." Johnny had kicked of his shoes and was pulling his pants off taking his boxers and socks with them. Tim balanced on one foot as he tried to untied his brogans. He'd had to pull his pants back up to do it, and he was hopping around trying to keep his balance. Johnny pushed him over onto the bed and did it himself, all the while muttering about how some people were just so slow. Tim lay back and watch as he rubbed himself.

"Get your hands off of that, it's mine." Johnny growled as he crawled up Tim's legs and buried his face in his manhood.

(The camera at this point pans to the window and a glorious shot of the city's lights beyond.)

Centuries and eons later as they lay face to face, glued together with their emissions, Johnny caressed Tim's face and kissed him on the nose. Tim's eyes were closed, he just smiled contentedly.

"You know that was the first time since I was a teenager that I've cum without at least manual stimulation."

Tim Chuckled.

"Didn't you think that rubbing you cock up against mine in all that lubricated hair was better than any hand job?"

"You know it was. I've never cum so much with such force."

He rolled onto his back. Tim rolled with him ending up plastered against his side, his head on Johnny's shoulder.

"It was fantastic." Tim murmured."Does it get any better than this?"

"If it does it just may kill me." Johnny let out a huge sigh.

"Johnny, next time I want you to fuck me. And then I want to do it to you."

Tim felt an immediate tenseness in Johnny's body and a laxness in his arms. He raised up on an elbow and looked at him. Johnny turned his head away .

"What is it?"

Johnny rolled away and set up.

"That's queer stuff. I can't do that."

In bewilderment, Tim sat up, too.

"And what we just did. All the passionate kissing, rubbing our cocks together, sucking on each other's cocks and balls is queer stuff?"

Johnny didn't answer. Tim stared at Johnny's hunched backside for several moments.

"So what your saying is that I'm a queer for wanting to get more intimate with you? And.... and you're just an regular guy getting his rocks off with his.... buddy?"

"Something like that." Johnny mumbled as he stood and shuffled into the bathroom, closing the door.

Tim heard the lock click. It was like a knife into his heart. He stared at the door for a couple of minutes trying to digest what had just occurred. He had just been used by a fucked-in-the-head sick closet case that thought he could be straight. He slid off the bed, grabbed his shorts, wiped the cum off his torso and tossed them into the middle of the bed. He dressed and left, slamming the bedroom door and the front door as he past though them. He didn't know whether he was more disgusted with himself for falling for that s.o.b. cop., or with Johnny for duping him.

Johnny stared at himself in the bathroom mirror as he ran his fingertips though the cum on his chest and belly. His thoughts were in turmoil. He'd just walked away from the man with whom had just shared the most fantastic sex he'd ever experienced. What was it that had made it so wonderful? Not that it was with another man. It was wonderful because it had been Tim. And it wasn't just fulfilling his lust for Tim, but he couldn't make himself say it. He'd daydreamed about being inside Tim and even imagined what it would be like to let Tim inside of him. So why had he jumped and run? Why couldn't he just admit the truth to himself and be a man and face the facts.

Johnny stared into his own eyes and thought, 'You love, Tim. You are a homo, Johnny, so stop making a big deal out of it and get out there and apologize for being such a stupid jerk. And for pity's sake tell him you love him. Come on, be a man for once and stop hiding behind skirts.'

At that moment he heard the bedroom door slam. He froze. Tim was leaving. He heard the front door slam. Tim had walk out on him. He grabbed the doorknob and turned it. The door wouldn't open. He used two hands and then realized the door was locked. He'd locked Tim out. No wonder he had left.

"God, what a stupid jackass you can be, Johnny!" He screamed out loud. Dressing as fast as he could, leaving off his underwear and socks, he was out the door and into the street yelling for Tim. He was no where in sight. Johnny ran to his car and sped up the street toward the main avenue through town to the university. As soon as he turned onto the avenue he slowed searching both sides of the street for Tim. How could he have disappeared so fast?

When he got to the university he turned and went to Tim's apartment and banged on the door. He got no answer. Turning back the way he had come, he continued searching. Still he didn't find him. He returned to Tim's and banged on the door again, calling his name. The neighbor across the hall opened his door and informed Johnny that Tim hadn't been in all night.

"I've got insomnia so I read most of the night. I hate TV. I always hear when Tim gets home. He hasn't come home tonight."

"When he comes in would you call me at this number? It's important that I speak to him as soon as possible."

Johnny handed the man a card with his cell phone number circled. The man looked at it.

"Police Detective. Tim's in trouble?"

"No, he's not in trouble. I just need to talk to him. It's really important. I'll be waiting for your call."

"Sure, I'll call you."


The man watched Johnny walk back toward his car and then closed his door. Rehashing how he had fucked up, Johnny slid into his car and collapsed over the steering wheel.

Tim was angry, frustrated and confused and clearly not thinking coherently as he left Johnny's. When he reached the street he realized that his car was still in the garage at the Tower. That made him even more frustrated.

He strode off up the street cursing himself and Johnny. He should have known that he was just being used, that the jerk would do or say anything to get into his pants. He figured he was lucky that Johnny hadn't tried to screw him, because Tim would have definitely have let him as dumb and naive as he was.

Just as he turned the corner onto the avenue he heard th rumble of Johnny's souped up '56 Chevy. He stepped into a doorway of a shop where he couldn't be seen and let Johnny pass. He strode on up the street.

His thoughts tumbled around in his head until he wanted to scream out in frustration. There was no way he wanted to see Johnny again. There was no way he'd be tricked like that a second time. All of his dreams of finding the right man had come true for a moment and then the bubble had burst throwing him back into reality. He relived the past couple of hours, his cock growing hard in his trousers. With no underwear the friction was nearly unbearable. He reached in and adjusted himself where he could walk. He cursed Johnny for being so damned sexy that just the thought of him gave him a hardon.

He heard a car approaching from behind. It definitely wasn't Johnny's Chevy, so he just kept on walking. It slowed next to him. He ignored it as his heart started to race. He knew how to take care of himself. He was a big guy, few people would mess with him.

"Tim." He heard a man's voice call out.

He'd heard that voice before but couldn't put a face to it. He turned and looked into the car rolling beside him. He recognized the driver and immediately saw red. He turned and continued walking.

The car stopped. Tim heard the door slam shut and running footsteps.

"Tim. Stop."

Suddenly there was a hand on his arm. He flung it off and turned on the man.

"The son of a bitch called out the police force, Huh? You can't arrest me. I have broken no laws."

He turned and started to walk away.

"Tim. Stop."

"Look, Lieutenant Hansen, if you've got a charge make it, and I'll submit to arrest. But it will be a hot day in hell before I speak to your partner again."

Paul grinned wondering if Tim was at all aware that he'd just admitted that he'd be willing to talk to Johnny. He had a tough time not chuckling.

"First lover's quarrel, huh?"

"There was no quarrel. He so much as told me that I was a faggot and he was straight. And that was after we'd cum all over each other. So he can go straight to hell. The fucked-up hypocrite.

" T.M.I. Come on, let me give you a ride home, Tim."

"Did Johnny call you?"

"No, I was just heading home from a date and recognized you."

"Your not lying to me, are you?"

Honest, Tim. I haven't talked to Johnny since about five-thirty yesterday evening. Let me take you home. It's nearly two in the morning. Even a big guy like you shouldn't be out on the street."

Tim relented and got into the car. He stared straight ahead as Paul put the car in gear and headed up the avenue. Paul kept glancing at him, finally breaking the silence.

"Wanna talk about it?"

Staring straight in front of him, he shook his head. After a couple more minutes of silence Paul started talking.

"I've know Johnny all his life. Joe and I were best buds and he was the little brother I never had. He's had a tough time coming to terms with himself. For along time after Joe came out to his family Johnny wouldn't talk to him. It was like he doubled his efforts to be straight, dating a new girl every week. He never really got close with any of them I don't believe. He never seemed to date one more than three times. I have never known him to get serious about one of them.

The day he met you I knew that he was going to have to face up to himself. He is really head over heels in love with you, Tim. I hope you feel the same way about him, because he really needs you, Boy. He's just got to do some adjusting of his mind set and accept what he is. You're going to have to be patient with him. Be there for him, Tim, he loves you and he needs you. In the long run you won't be sorry. He is the best."

When Paul didn't continue talking Tim turned and looked at him.

"He locked the bathroom door."

Paul thought a minute before commenting.

"Well, he's running scared. The things he is feeling right now are new to him. They're scary. I don't think he was so much locking you out as he was trying to lock himself in. He'll come around. He'll unlock the door and let himself out. Just be patient with him. Remember, Tim, He may be older than you, but you're the well-adjusted adult here. You know what I mean?"

Tim nodded.

"Here's where I let you out. And there's Johnny's car. You better get him inside before he gets a stiff neck sleeping like that. And remember what I said, Tim. Be patient with him. He's worth it."

"So how'd you get to be so smart in matters like this?" Tim asked as he opened the car door. Paul shrugged.

"I guess I've been around the block a few more time than the two of you. Good luck."

"One more question. How did you know where I live?"

Paul raised his eyebrows.

"Do you think I'd let my best friend get involved like this without knowing all about you? By they way, Frankie said to tell you he's sorry he punched you in the face. It was just a knee jerk reaction. He wants you to call him."

Tim was frozen halfway out of the car. He stared at Paul.

"Go on. Johnny's going to get a crick in his neck."

There were tears in Tim's eyes as he closed the door. He ducked down and looked back in at Paul.

"Thanks. Friend."

"You most welcome. And you got that right. Friend." He grinned at Tim who grinned back.

Tim looked down into Johnny's car. Johnny's head was wedged between the door and the edge of the seat back. It pulled at Tim's heart to see the tear streaks on his handsome face. He tapped on the window. Johnny stirred but didn't awaken. He tapped again and Johnny's eyes opened. He looked up at Tim and quickly sat up wiping his face as he rolled down his window.

"Hey, Tim."

Even in the dim light Tim could see the look of adoration in Johnny's eyes. It was hard to let go of his anger, but he forced it away.

"Come on inside. My bed is a lot more comfortable than your car."

He reached through the window and tousled his hair.

As Tim fumbled with his keys, Johnny leaned against the wall still half asleep. The man across the hall opened his door and peeked out.

"Oh, hi, Tim. I was going to tell you there is a police detective looking for you but it looks like he found you.

"Yeah, Mike. Thank you."

"You're not in trouble are you?"

"No, at least not with the law."

He had the door open, gathering Johnny through it. He smiled at Mike and said good night, closing the door behind himself. He led Johnny over to the bed and started undressing him.

"I can do that." Johnny mumbled, pushing Tim's fingers away from the button. Tim pushed his hands away

"Hold still. I've got it."

He undid the button and pulled the shirt over Johnny's head.

"Whew. You smell."

Johnny grinned.

"And you don't?"

"Sit." Tim pushed him backwards onto the bed. He grabbed the bottom of his pant legs and pulled them off, along with his shoes. He was surprised that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He pulled the covers back

"Get in. It's going to be a tight fit, but we'll make do."

As Johnny crawled under the covers Tim stripped off his clothes. He sniffed his underarm and shrugged as he turned out the light and slipped in behind Johnny. He wrapped his arms around his man as he cuddled against his back , kissing the nape of his neck.

"Tim, I'm sorry...."

"Shut up and go to sleep. We'll talk tomorrow."

Even though he was exhausted, it took Tim a long time to fall asleep. He listened to Johnny sigh and rubbed his chest to quiet him. Slowly his breathing became even and he gently snored. Some time after that Tim followed him into slumber.

Waking with a hard cock wedged between his legs was a new sensation for Tim. With his normal morning woody it only made it harder. After listening to Johnny's even breathing for a few moments he decided that he was still asleep. He didn't need to pee bad enough to wake him, so he just lay there enjoying what he figured wouldn't be his to enjoy again once Johnny woke up. Tim's nose itched; he had to move Johnny's arm to get his hand up to rub it.

Johnny groaned and thrust his hips against Tim's butt, his cock hit the back of Tim's scrotum. At the same time Johnny's hand slid down his belly and wrapped around his cock. Tim went into overload and filled Johnny's hand with his load. His loud moan as he shot and the arching of his back brought Johnny into full consciousness.

As he realized what had just happened, Johnny started chuckling. He wiped his hand down Tim's chest

"You young sex pig. You can't get enough of me so you use me in my sleep."

Tim rolled off the bed and stood up. His fury from the previous evening returned in full force.

"Fuck you, John Paolini. Whose hard cock was thrusting between my legs? Who was humping who in their sleep? And who in hell had their hand wrapped around my cock? Call me what you want, but you're not even man enough to admit that you're just as queer as I am. I've got to go pee."

He stormed into the bathroom and released the flood gates. Johnny jumped off the bed and followed him. He wrapped his arms around Tim and whispered in his ear.

"I was teasing you, Babe, I didn't mean to make you angry."

Tim ignored him until he had finished and shaken off the last drops. That gave him time enough to calm down before he turned in Johnny's arms and looked him in the eyes.

"I love you, Tim. Forgive me."

"I know you love me, Johnny. But you're still going to have to say what I need to hear. You locked the bathroom door last night."

"I'm sorry, Tim, I didn't even realize that I had locked the door until I tried to get out. I'm sorry."

"I accept your apology, but it won't mean a thing until you say what you need to say out loud."

Tears ran down Johnny's face. He dropped his head to Tim's chest. He held tightly to him as Tim embraced him in return.

"Say it, Johnny. Your wouldn't be here if you didn't want to, so go ahead and say it.

There was no movement from Johnny for several moments, he'd even stopped breathing. When he finally raised his head and sucked in a huge amount of air, he looked Tim in the eyes.

"Tim, I am as much a queer as you are. I want to feel you pounding deep inside of me. I want you to fuck my ass raw. I want you to ram your cock so deep that I can taste it." He gulped and blinked. "And then I want to do the same to you."

Tim grinned.

"Damn, you're really verbose once you get started. That wasn't hard to say now was it?"

Johnny shuddered.

"You'll never know how difficult was. It would have been a lot easier just to go ahead and do it. But I love you, Tim. There's not much that I wouldn't do for you."

"That wasn't for me, Johnny. It was all for you." Tim whispered as he pulled Johnny in for a kiss.

As the two hunky males grappled with each other the camera again pans to the window and a glorious sunrise. ( I would have sworn that window faces west.)

End of Chapter Seven