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by Jeff Allen


I held Luis in my arms even after he fell asleep. The night was warm but not uncomfortable. In the darkness, I could just make out Mac's form as he stood at the corral. He hadn't moved in almost two hours.

Mac was going to start the process that would send Luis back to Mexico. He had no choice, and it was tearing him apart. I could see it even in the dark from twenty yards away.

I must have finally dozed off. I hadn't seen Mac come back into the trailer. He was now sitting on the floor in front of us with his back against one of the legs of the table.

"What time is it?" I mumbled.

He answered softly, "Almost midnight."

"How long have you been sitting there?"

"I dunno. An hour maybe. I think I've got things worked out, at least I know what I have to do." He stood up and extended his hand. "Come on let's go to bed, and we'll talk about it in the morning. I've got to be in the office by seven."

Luis woke up as I shifted. He saw Mac's outstretched hand in the darkness and reached out and took it. Mac pulled him up into a tight embrace. I stood and joined in the group hug.

Somehow, without really breaking the embrace, Mac steered us down the narrow hallway of the trailer to his bedroom. We undressed silently and slid our naked bodies into Mac's queen sized bed which occupied almost all the space in the trailer's small bedroom. Mac was in the middle with Luis and me on either side.

He gathered us both to his chest and kissed the tops of our heads. "Go to sleep, lovers. It'll all work out. I promise."

Luis moved his leg over the top of Mac's so that he was touching me. I lay my head against the soft hair of Mac's muscular chest. The last thing I remember hearing that night was Luis's soft sigh as he drifted back into sleep.


The sounds of Luis moving around in the kitchen woke me up just before dawn. I opened one eye. Mac was on his side facing me. The sheet was thrown back providing me with a view of his magnificent body all the way down to mid thigh. His penis was semi hard. I thought of taking him in my mouth, but before I could act on the thought he rolled over on his back and stretched before opening his eyes.

He propped himself up on one elbow and grinned at me. "Good morning, Paul. I could get used to waking up with you."

"I intend to let you have that opportunity."

"That's just what I wanted to hear." He leaned over for a quick kiss. "I'd love to stay and play, but I have to pee and then I have to go into the office. I hear Luis out in the kitchen. I sure hope he's put on the coffee."

He slid out of bed and headed out the door turning right into the bathroom. I heard the sound of the water being turned on in the shower to adjust the temperature followed a minute or so later by the sound of the toilet flushing and then a change in the shower sounds as Mac climbed in to the small stall.

My bladder sent an urgent signal to my brain so I rolled out of the bed, grabbed my underwear off the floor and headed in to use the now vacant toilet. The bathroom was steamy from the shower.

I did my business and automatically reached out for the lever to flush. I had a sudden flash of insight about the size of a trailer's water system. "Is it okay to flush the john while you're in the shower?"

"NO! You'll take all the cold water away from the shower. Just leave it, and I'll flush when I get out."

"Okay. Glad I asked."

"So am I. The hot water might have scalded some really important part of my body. Say, if Luis has the coffee ready, bring me a cup."


I retreated to the kitchen. Luis not only had the coffee ready, he was scrambling some eggs and frying bacon. I poured two mugs of coffee, took on into the bathroom for Mac, and then sat at the table savoring the dark brew from my mug.

A couple of minutes later, Mac emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and smelling of soap and aftershave. He gave both Luis and me quick pecks on the cheek before sitting at the table with me.

As Luis served the bacon and eggs, Mac spoke up. "I'm going to resign from the force today."

Luis and I both froze with forks halfway up to our mouths.

"What do you mean resign?"

Mac took hold of my hand, but he faced Luis. "You're here illegally. When I joined the sheriff's department, I took an oath to uphold the law so to keep that oath, I'd have to tell Sheriff Hardee and Napier about you. If I do that, you'll be sent back to Mexico. You and Paul are the most important things in the world to me. I couldn't stand the thought of losing either of you, and I couldn't live with myself if I was the cause of you having to leave. Since I can't keep you and remain in law enforcement. I had to make a choice, and I chose you."

Luis had tears in his eyes. "You would do this for me? What will you do for a job?"

"I don't know right now, and I don't care. I just know that I've found something with you and Paul that I've been searching for all my life. I couldn't live with myself if I was the reason you had to leave."

Luis slipped around the table and into Mac's lap. I embraced both of them. The feeling was so right.

It was Mac that broke the mood. "Guys, I love you, and this is really nice, but if we stay like this for much longer we'll end up back in bed, and the eggs will get cold."

We laughed and moved away from the hug. All of us were sporting erections. Luis's and mine were partly protected in our underwear, but Mac's hard member was peeking up out of the towel.

"I think I'd better go get some pants on." He rose from the chair and headed back into the bedroom.

I started on the eggs and bacon on my plate. Luis reached over to the other side of the table and picked up a pad of paper and a pencil. I could see a sketch already on the paper.

"What have you been working on?"

"I knew Mac would talk to the Sheriff and to Señor Napier today to tell them the truth. I did a drawing of the policeman who was with the two coyotes before they killed everyone."

"We should have thought about that before. Can I see the sketch?"

"Oh, !"

Luis turned the drawing around so I could look at it. I felt my stomach drop to the floor.

"Holy shit! Luis, do you know who this looks like?"

", it is the man who was there that night."

"Mac! Mac! Come here!"

Mac emerged from the bedroom bare chested and still zipping up his uniform trousers.

"Luis drew the man who was with the killers. Does this look like anyone you know in the Sheriff's Department?"

He looked at the drawing in my hand. I saw a small muscle twitch near his eye just before his face lost all expression. When he spoke, his voice was calm but the sense of urgency was communicated clearly. "Both of you get dressed right now. We have to leave. It's not safe here. Move."

He quickly turned and went back into the bedroom. I followed leaving Luis sitting at the table with a puzzled expression on his beautiful face.

"Mac, what do you mean it's not safe here?"

"I screwed up! I told him you were staying out here with me. He was like a wild man yesterday after we got the news of the bombing. He kept asking everyone if they had heard any word about where you and Luis were. He claimed he wanted to talk with you guys...and I believed him. So after you called last night and told me you were out here, I told him that you guys were staying here and that you were safe. I thought you would be.

"I screwed up big time, and we have to get out of here right away. I'll take you and Luis out of here in the patrol car, and we'll head to the Highway Patrol post in El Centro. The ChiP's can keep you guys safe. Now get dressed. Hurry!"

I didn't argue. Our danger was clear. And I understood how the bomber (I assumed it was Pete Allman) had known Luis and I would be in San Diego.

Back in the kitchen area, Luis was finished getting dressed since our bags were still sitting in the main room of the trailer. By the time I managed to pull on shoes, socks, jeans, and shirt, Mac emerged from the bedroom in full Sheriff's Department uniform. Normally his uniform shirt was smoothly tucked into his dark brown trousers, but this time the shirt bloused around at the belt and didn't fit quite right around the chest and shoulders. It almost looked like he'd missed one of the buttons in his hurry to get dressed. I decided to mention it to him once we were safely away from the trailer.

He unholstered his pistol. "I'll go out first. When I give you guys the signal, I want you to get into the patrol car as fast as possible. Is that clear?"

Luis and I nodded our heads. Luis's lips were clamped tightly shut. His eyes were wide. I'm sure I wore pretty much the same expression.

Mac moved carefully across the yard toward the patrol car. His head moved from side to side as he made his way to the car. When he got to the car, he opened the driver's door, pulled the keys from his pocket and threw them on the seat while he continued to scan the area for signs of trouble.

Satisfied that there was no threat, Mac beckoned us to come out of the shelter of the trailer and make our way to the patrol car. Luis and I started out the door.

We were about half way to the car when the horses in the corral suddenly spooked. Mac whirled around toward the corral and shot off two rounds.

With his pistol at the ready, Mac advanced toward a prostrate figure at the corner of the shelter in the corral while Luis and I pulled ourselves up from the ground and sprinted the rest of the distance to the patrol car.

Mac came up to the unmoving form. He kicked the rifle away from the man's hands and nudged him with his toe. When the man didn't respond, Mac bent down to check for a pulse with one hand as he kept his pistol ready against the back of the man's head with the other.

He stood up and called over his shoulder to us, "It's Allman. He's dead. Stay where you are. There may still be one more bad guy out here. I'm coming back to the car."

He started toward us.

I saw a movement at the corner of the trailer. "Mac! Look out!"

The warning was too late. As Mac turned the assassin fired. Mac's body was propelled backward. He landed on his back and didn't move.

Luis started toward Mac. I grabbed his arm and dragged him down behind the patrol car. We were trapped! Mac's Crown Victoria was the only shelter we had. We'd be picked off just like Mac had been if we tried to go back to the trailer or make a run for the trees out by the road. Our only hope was to get in the car, start it, and keep it between us and the gunman as we tried to get away.

I reached up to open the driver's side door.

A bullet skidded across the hood of the crown vic causing me to duck back down for cover. The sound from the shot seemed closer than before. I went prone in the dirt and looked underneath the car back toward the trailer. The gunman had emerged from behind the side of the trailer. All I could see were his boots moving closer and closer to the car. There was no escape now. We were trapped!

They say that time slows down when you think you're going to die. It's true. I knew I was breathing rapidly, but I was conscious of each breath. I knew our executioner was approaching at a normal pace, but each step of his seemed to take forever.

I saw the boots move around the front of the car, and then he was standing in front of us with his pistol held at the ready. We had only moments left to live.

(to be continued)