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by Jeff Allen


My mind was going a mile a minute on the drive back out to the rancho. What was I doing flirting with a sheriff's deputy and inviting him out to my house when I was harboring an illegal alien in that same house? And what about that dickhead from the INS, Agent Napier? Pissing him off had not been my smartest move. I'd probably succeeded in making him suspicious. What would happen if he showed up and asked Luis to produce some identification like a driver's license? Man, my ass was in a sling...big time. And what about Luis? He sure was sexy, and I'd gotten some definite vibes from him in the pool yesterday. How safe was it for him to stay with me? What about the murderers? How safe would either one of us be if they got wind of the fact that Luis could identify them? Would we be safer in San Diego?

I had lots of questions and few answers when I arrived back at the house. Alton Stout's old pickup was in the driveway. I walked into the kitchen and saw Juanita and Luis eating lunch at the table.

"Well, we couldn't wait any longer for lunch," said Juanita.

As Juanita moved around the kitchen preparing a sandwich for me, I told her and Luis about my meeting with Mac Campbell. Juanita gave me a strange look when I finished my story.

"Luis, honey, if you're finished with lunch, why don't you take the horse food into the barn?"

"Sí, Juanita. I will do it right now." He took his plate over to the sink and went out the door.

When the door closed Juanita turned to me. "Just what are you planning to do with Luis?"

"I don't know, Juanita. I feel responsible for him. I can't just turn him over to the Sheriff or the INS. Remember, someone in the Sheriff's Department was out there before the shooting. It wouldn't be safe for him, and in the end they'd just ship him back to Mexico."

"I know. He trusts you, Paul. He feels safe with you."

"I'm not so certain how safe he is. What happens if someone asks him for a driver's license or a social security card?"

"All illegals have that problem. There's a thriving underground business in the Mexican community that produces identification documents. My sister in El Paso tells me that it only costs a couple thousand dollars for a complete set of Texas I.D.'s. Don't look at me like that, I really do have a sister in Texas."

I laughed. "And she's somehow connected with the Latino underground? Isn't it risky carrying fake documents?"

"Yes. If someone checks the records, but for everyday stuff, you can get by."

"I'm not sure 'getting by' would be good enough for Luis."

"Well, if you have a birth certificate, then you can get a social security card. Once you got both of those, you can get a driver's license. After that you're legit."

"Juanita, you amaze me. You sound like some underworld figure or maybe a spy."

She leaned closer to me. "My father and mother were illegals. They brought us all over the border fifty years ago."

I was shocked. Juanita had always been a paragon of everything proper in my mind, and now she was telling me that she and her whole family had snuck across the border from Mexico to the U.S.

She leaned still closer. "How serious are you about wanting to help Luis?"

"I'm serious. I just don't know what to do."

"Well, here's a start."

She reached into her purse which was across the table from us, fished out an envelope, and handed it to me. I opened the envelope, and a folded piece of paper fell out. I unfolded the paper which was wrapped around two other small cards. I looked at the unfolded paper first. It was a birth certificate for a Manuel Luis Ebanez born to Angelina Maria Perez Ebanez and Jesus Ricardo Ebanez in El Paso. The date on the certificate would make the child twenty-one years old. Puzzled, I looked next at the two cards. One was a Social Security card for Manuel Luis Ebanez and the other was a Texas driver's license issued to Manuel Ebanez. The photo on the driver's license was a typical driver's license photo. The man in the photo looked a little like Luis. He was heavier with longer hair, but the height listed on the driver's licence was the same as Luis' five foot six inches. I looked up at Juanita.

"Those are real documents for one of my nephews. He died of leukemia when he was eighteen. Angelina's family had to move shortly after Manuel died, and Alton and I stored some things for them during the move. Angelina didn't want any of Manuel's things back later. She claimed it would be too painful. I understood after losing Javier. I called Angelina last night and told her about Luis, and she agreed to let me give these to him."

"Juanita, you're amazing! You'd do this for Luis? You hardly know him."

"Remember, I was an illegal once. I know what it's like to wonder if the INS is going to catch you and send you back across the border." She lowered her eyes. "Besides that, he reminds me so much of my own Javier, God rest his soul."

I reached across the table and patted her hand as she wiped a tear from the corner of her eye just as Luis came in the kitchen door. He stopped short when he saw Juanita wiping the tear away.

"Señora, are you okay?"

Juanita replied in rapid fire Spanish. I caught a word now and then. It seemed that she was explaining our conversation. I watched Luis' face as he realized the importance of the gifts Juanita was presenting to him. He came over and wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

She stood up and grabbed her purse. "Alton will be expecting me soon. After nearly forty years of marriage, the man still doesn't know where anything is in the kitchen."

We had another round of hugs before she climbed into the truck and careened down the drive way. Every time I watched her leave the ranch I felt like I should call the highway patrol to warn them that there was a dangerous driver on the road.

"Señora Juanita is a wonderful woman, but she is a terrible driver."

I looked over at Luis, and we both broke into laughter.


The documents provided by Juanita gave Luis a new sense of security and freedom. I suggested that we take a trip into El Centro to celebrate, and he readily agreed. Just that morning he'd been too fearful to leave the safety of the ranch.

I stopped at a shopping mall in El Centro, and bought a couple of sets of nicer clothes for Luis. Docker pants and shirts and some nicer casual shoes. He gushed his thanks, and his eyes misted over. He was clearly delighted with the new clothes. We passed a hair salon near the entrance to the mall, and I steered Luis inside. The woman who cut Luis' hair looked like she was trying to be some sort of punk star, but she did a great job. Luis was handsome before, but the new haircut made him even more so.

Our last stop in El Centro was to pick up a couple of cokes at a fast food drive through before starting the hour long drive back to Santa Teresa.

A couple of miles outside of El Centro, I pulled the Tahoe over to the side of the road.

"Señor Paul, why have you stopped?"

"Luis, you now have a driver's license.


"Do you know how to drive?

"Oh, sí, señor. I drive the truck at the mission school many times."

"Okay. Show me. I want you to drive back to Santa Teresa."

His eyes lit up like a kid getting his first glimpse of the presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

We exchanged places in the Tahoe. I showed him how to adjust the seats and mirrors. He turned the key, placed both hands on the steering wheel, and pushed the accelerator to the floor. The big SUV shot off the shoulder and fishtailed down the road. Luckily no one else was one the road at the time.

Luis immediately backed off the accelerator, and the Tahoe settled down to a more normal speed.

"Madre mio, Señor! This is much different from the truck at the mission school!"

I nodded my head in agreement. I couldn't do anything else. My hands were grabbing the chicken bars on the dash and door, and my jaw was clenched shut in an effort to keep from screaming. I had a sudden sense of empathy for James Padgett my office manager and technician who had been complaining about the trials of teaching his daughter how to drive.

Luis quickly picked up the feel of the powerful motor in the Tahoe. Soon were we cruising down the highway in a normal fashion, and I began to ease my grip on the doorhandle and relax my jaws.

When we were got back at the rancho, it was late afternoon. I asked Luis if he wanted another swimming lesson; he agreed readily. He took his new clothes into his room, and I went into mine. I stripped down, grabbed some towels from the bathroom, and padded naked out to the pool. Luis was already sitting at the side of the pool waiting for me. He didn't show any signs of embarrassment at being naked with me as he had the other day.

I had him practice the things he'd learned the day before. He floated in the deadman position. He floated on his back with his soft prick moving from side to side in the water. He kicked against the side of the pool. He seemed much more relaxed in the water than before, and both of us were pleased with his progress.

I introduced him to the frog kick and then had him do some underwater swimming. His natural grace and coordination were evident as he learned each of the moves quickly. We were enjoying ourselves. Lots of smiles and laughter as he tried new swimming moves.

There was plenty of skin to skin contact as I used my hands to steady him in the water before each move. At one point I had a hand on his stomach and as he moved away on a kick my hand moved down his stomach and over his penis and scrotum. Even in the cool water of the pool, I felt my cock start to expand as a result of the unintentional grope.

We stayed in the pool for an hour and a half or so. During the last several minutes, I did laps as Luis practiced his newly learned skills. Finally we pulled ourselves out of the pool and headed into the house to take showers.

The shower felt great! After shampooing my hair and soaping up my body, I stood in the spray for a while letting the water run down my back. Finally I shut off the water, and stepped out of the shower. Luis was standing in the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. It startled me. I had been so lost in my own thoughts that I hadn't heard the bathroom door open.

He held out another towel to me. "I am sorry to frighten you again, Señor Paul."

I took the towel and began drying my hair. "It's all right, Luis. I was thinking and just didn't hear you come in."

He was an extremely handsome, almost beautiful young man. His freshly cut black hair was clean and shiny from the shower. His dark eyes were framed by long lashes and he had that clear red-gold cinnamon complexion of many mejicanos.

I felt a small tingle in my groin. I turned my back to Luis so that he wouldn't see the movements of my cock and balls, and I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist.

Luis took another towel off the rack and began to dry my back.

"Luis, you don't have to do that."

"You have been very kind to me, Señor Paul. I want to do something in return for you. I helped Padre Robert many times with his bath and dressing."

He knelt down behind me and began drying my legs. He ran the towel and his hands up my left thigh dangerously close to my crotch and my growing erection. He moved to the other leg and again came very close to the danger zone.

He put his hands on my legs and applied pressure indicating that he wanted me to turn around. I complied, but I knew there was no way he could miss the tenting of the towel caused by my hardening dick.

Without comment, he stood and dried my chest and stomach. He looked down at the bulge in the towel and smiled.

"I also helped Padre Robert with this problem. I have seen you watching me, and I know how you were hard when we embraced in the pool yesterday. Please, Señor Paul, may I?

I swallowed and nodded.

He knelt back down in front of me and reached out. He removed the towel exposing my hard-on. "Sí, es mas grande!"

He leaned closer and took my hard prick into his mouth. I groaned as his hot mouth enveloped me. He pulled off and used his tongue to circle the head of my dick which was now up to its full eight inches. He ran his tongue down the shaft and then back up to the head before taking me in his mouth again. He began slowly moving his mouth up and down on my shaft. He brought one hand up and gently massaged by ball sack. His other hand was on my hip helping establish the rhythmic pumping of my pelvis into his mouth. It was only a matter of a few minutes before I felt my balls begin to draw up as my orgasm approached.

"Luis, I'm going to cum!"

He increased the suction, and I shot five spurts of semen down his throat. My knees buckled, and I had to lean back against the bathroom counter to keep from falling. Luis kept his mouth around my cock the entire time.

Finally he released his hold on my softening member. He looked up at me. "That was okay?"

"Okay? Luis, that was wonderful! Where did you learn that?"

"Padre Robert taught me to help him."

I lifted Luis to his feet and kissed him. At first he didn't respond, but then he relaxed his lips allowing my tongue to enter his mouth. I could taste the remnants of my ejaculation. He leaned in to me and began kissing back.

We broke the kiss.

"Padre Robert did not teach me that. He never kissed me."

I took his hand and led him into my bedroom. "I think we need to start some new lessons..."

(To be continued)