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by Jeff Allen

I led Luis to the side of my king-sized bed. I pulled him into me and kissed him again. This time he responded immediately by opening his mouth and allowing my tongue to explore. He wrapped his arms around my neck.

I pulled at the loose knot of the towel around his waist dropping the towel to the floor. I ran my hands down the sides of his face to his neck and then down to his nipples. I rolled the nipples gently between my thumbs and forefingers and was rewarded by an intake of breath and the hardening of the dark red-brown areolas. He leaned his head back taking in the new sensations, and I gently kissed his exposed neck. I tongued my way down to his nipples and took first one and then the other hard nub into my mouth. He was moaning.

I sat on the bed and pulled him to me so that his cock was in my face as he stood beside the bed. His cock was a beautiful sight nestled in its thick, black patch of pubic hair. I'm circumcised, and I'd never been with an uncircumcised guy before. I was fascinated. As his penis had become more erect his foreskin pulled back exposing about half of the head of his penis. The head was a little darker than the rest of his skin but much lighter in color than his nipples. His almost hairless balls hung below. Like the rest of him, they were not large, but they suited Luis perfectly.

I reached out and touched his cock feeling it twitch in response. I moved his foreskin back and forth over the head for a while before I leaned in and ran my tongue around the tip where the fold of his foreskin still covered part of the head. He thrust his hips forward and moaned again. I placed my mouth over his pole which was now expanded to about six inches and standing fully upright, and I used my tongue to move his foreskin past the last portion of the head. I began to move up and down allowing his foreskin to come part way up over the head each time and then down with the return stroke.

He put his hands on my shoulders and began murmuring in Spanish. I was too busy sucking on his dick to worry about the translation. Soon he bucked his hips forward, and I felt the shaft of his cock enlarge in my mouth. I knew he was going to cum so I deep-throated him burying my nose in his public hair. He unloaded down my throat.

I maneuvered his body so that he was lying on the bed. When his penis began to soften, I released my hold and moved up on the bed gathering him in my arms and into a kiss.

"Paul, no one has ever done that to me before."


"No, Padre Robert only had me help him. I did not know how good a mouth would feel."

We cuddled in the bed for another half hour or so before deciding that we were hungry. Reluctantly, we slipped out of bed and got dressed.

Luis took charge in the kitchen again. I followed his instructions setting the table and preparing a salad while he did the main course. I found a good red wine to go with the meal and opened it. We finished the entire bottle during the course of the evening with the last glass being shared out on the porch while we watched the sunset.

When the evening started to cool down, we moved back into the house. We had been touching in some way all evening either by holding hands or sitting next to one another so that out bodies were pressed together. Back in the house we moved to the bedroom without a word being spoken.

I lifted Luis' shirt over his slim shoulders and began kissing and caressing his chest. He lifted my head up, and we shared a deep kiss. For someone who had never been kissed before he was learning fast.

He started opening the buttons on my shirt and playing with my nipples and chest hair. He placed his mouth over my right nipple and then worked his way down from there following the hair pattern until his tongue was running along the belt line of my pants. He undid the belt and zipper, pulled my throbbing prick free, and engulfed it in one swallow. All I could do was moan.

I placed my hands under his shoulders and lifted him back to his feet in order to kiss him again. When our lips parted we both began to strip off what remained of our clothing. When we were both naked, he lay down on the bed. I lay on top of him and began kissing and licking my way down his body from his forehead to his toes. I marveled at how smooth his skin was. He had no hair on his torso except for a very few wisps of short silky back hairs from his navel to his pubic hair. His prick stood up against his stomach and pulsed with every beat of his heart. His legs had a dusting of short hairs, all silky soft like the hair on his head and crotch. When I reached his toes I reversed course and moved up the inner side of his legs and thighs to the secret space just below his ball sac. As I moved my tongue under his scrotum, he moaned and spread his thighs apart giving me free access to him. I moved my tongue over the pucker of his anus and he cried out something in Spanish. I moved my tongue over his hole again and then gently stuck the tip just inside the opening.

He grabbed my head with both hands and pressed his ass into my tongue. "Paul, that feels so good. No one has ever done that."

I continued to open his love tunnel with my tongue. I felt him relax, and I moved an index finger up to the opening and began rotating the finger in his hole as I lubricated it with my saliva.

"I want to suck you also," he moaned.

I moved around on top of him to a sixty-nine position. I felt his warm mouth around my cock and his fingers gently moving near my asshole. I increased the activity of my tongue and finger on his ass. When my finger moved across his prostate, he jumped, moaned, and then deep throated my dick. I felt my climax building as he milked my prong with his throat muscles. As my dick started spewing cum down his throat, I increased the pressure on his prostate and was rewarded with another moan followed by his balls drawing tight in their sac and then feeling his warm semen flowing out between his belly and my chest.

I pulled my finger out and moved around to draw him into an embrace. I tasted the remains of my load in his mouth when we kissed, and I felt his cum spreading across my chest and on to him as we lay pressed together.


I woke once during the middle of the night. Luis' back was pressed against my chest and belly. I reached out and pulled him even closer. He stirred momentarily, but then we both fell back into unconsciousness.


When I woke in the morning, Luis was not in the bed. I sat up remembering the events of the previous afternoon and night. Luis came into the bedroom. He was already dressed and carried a steaming mug of coffee.

He smiled as he handed me the rich coffee. "Buenas dias, mi amigo. Breakfast will be ready when you finish with the shower. The hair on your chest is all sticky."

I accepted the coffee as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. "The stickiness is your fault. You must have cum gallons."

"I may be small, but I am mighty." He kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Now, shower! It is late and Deputy Campbell may be here soon." He turned and walked out of the room.

Shit! I'd forgotten all about Mac coming over today. I looked at the bedside clock. Nine o'clock! I hardly ever sleep past six or seven.

I hurried through my morning routine. As he'd promised, Luis had breakfast waiting on the table when I came into the kitchen.

"Luis, I..I can call Mac and tell him not to come over."

He looked at me and smiled. "No. It is okay. You like this Mac, no?"

When I didn't reply immediately, he continued, "It's is okay. I think the deputy is 'hot' also. You will have fun today. I think maybe Mac he likes you too."

"How can you tell that?"

"Because he watches you when you are not looking. He watches you like I watch you. I think he would like to take you into bed."

"Does that bother you?"

"A little, but I think he you say"

"Does it make you nervous that he's a sheriff's deputy."

"Yes, a little, but now I have the papers from Tia Juanita that say I am Luis Ebanez so I will not worry so much. I think this Mac Campbell is a good man, no?"

"Yes. I think Mac's a good person. I'm more concerned about Napier."

"Yes, I do not trust Señor Napier." He came over and placed his arms around me and laid his face against my chest. "I trust you, Paul. You have been so kind to me."

I pulled away from him slightly. "Luis, I don't want you to make love to me because you think you have to repay me."

He stood up and moved away from me. I could see some fire in those coal-black eyes. "I did not get into bed with you because I feel that I am paying for something. I get in bed with you because of who you are."

"Luis, I'm sorry. I just want to be certain that I'm not taking advantage of you."

He moved back and embraced me again. "I think most people would think I was taking advantage of you and of your kindness. You make me feel different inside than I have ever felt before. I know you have feelings for me in your heart because you are so very tender, but I know you are attracted to the Deputy Campbell also."

Our discussion was cut short by the sound of a vehicle coming up the drive toward the house. I went out on the porch as Mac drove up in his F150 with a horse trailer behind it.

I went outside to greet Mac and help him unload his horse who's name was Sam. He was a beautiful chestnut colored Quarter Horse that followed Mac around like a big dog.

We saddled our mounts. Both horses seemed anxious to be on the move. Just as we were ready to go, Luis came out of the house with two canteens and a sack.

He handed the sack and one of the canteens to me. The other canteen went to Mac.

"I put ice and water in the canteens. It is hot today, and you need the water, no? There are burritos in the bag for when you get hungry."

Mac smiled. "Thanks, Luis. These will be great."

We rode off leaving Luis standing by the porch. I felt guilty about leaving Luis, but the sight of Mac Campbell riding in front of me made me forget my guilt. He rode like he was born on a horse. I also liked watching his shapely ass move against the saddle.

I took him to the bluff that had been my original destination three days ago when I'd discovered the bodies. Had it only been three days? So much had happened. It seemed much longer than that.

At the bluff we dismounted letting the horses pick at some of the low grass while we looked at the view.

We sat in the grass and shared the burritos Luis had packed.

"Paul, this is a fantastic view. Thanks for bringing me out here."

"I like to come out here whenever I'm in Santa Teresa. I never get tired of the view."

"I'll bet the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular from here."

I was lost in the view and my own thoughts otherwise I wouldn't have answered as I did. "You know in all the years I've had the ranch I've never seen a sunset or sunrise from here. Richard never wanted to get up that early and never wanted to stay out on horseback after dark."

"Who's Richard?"

Oh shit! What had I just said? How could I get out of 'outing' myself?

"Er...ah...Richard was a 'friend' of mine who used to come out to the rancho with me."

He looked at me, and I felt sweat break out on my upper lip. The silence grew between us. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I decided to just get it over.

"Richard was my lover." As I said it, I wondered how he'd react to the news that I was gay. Would he get angry? He was so much bigger than me. If he decided to beat the crap out of me, there wouldn't be any thing I could do to stop him.

He turned and looked back out across the plateau.

"Was?" His voice was so soft I almost missed it.

"Yes. Past tense."

"What happened?"

"He cheated. I caught him. I asked him to leave."


"Two years ago."

He turned and faced me. His clear blue eyes betrayed his unease.

"What about Luis?"

I was the one who looked away. "I...I don't know. We've slept together, but I don't know where it's going, if any where."

"Luis seems like a really nice person. He's sure cute enough, and I'd say he thinks a lot of you judging from the way he looks when you're around."

"Mac, this conversation is not going in the direction I expected when I slipped up and told you about Richard."

He smiled again. "I'm glad you slipped up. In this county I can't just up and announce that I'm gay to everyone I meet and still expect to keep my job. Knowing you're gay makes me feel better. I won't have to watch what I say around you."

I know my mouth must have been hanging open.

He laughed and continued, "I love it in Santa Teresa County, and I love my job, but it's kind of lonely here for a gay guy. I've managed to keep everything under control until I met you, but I felt these strange vibes from you. My 'gaydar' has never been all that hot so I couldn't be sure. I really hoped you were gay, but there was no way I could tell you first, and I couldn't figure out how to get you to tell me.

"Paul," he turned serious. "I have to tell you that I'm very attracted to you, but if you and Luis have something going I'll back off and settle for just being friends."

"I don't know what Luis and I have going right now. Like I said, we've slept together, and I think he's a great person. I like him a lot."

"But you don't love him."

"I've only known him for a ..." I caught myself just before saying 'a few days' which would have really raised some questions in Mac's mind. "I've only known him for a short time. I've never met anyone quite like him before, but it's too early to start talking about love."

"Then it's okay for me to do this." He leaned forward, placed his large hand behind my neck, and drew me into a kiss.

Man! What a kiss! It went on forever. I think I forgot to breath because I started to get dizzy and pulled away. When I opened my eyes, he was looking at me with moist eyes.

"It's time we start back. If we stay here I might lose control."

He got up and walked over toward the horses adjusting his dick in his jeans as he went. I stood up, made my own adjustments to find a more comfortable position for my suddenly and painfully hard prick, and followed him to the horses.

(To be continued)