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by Jeff Allen


Neither of us said much during the slow ride back to the house. Despite the lack of conversation my mind was racing. What had just happened back there on the bluff? Why had he stopped kissing me? And had I really wanted him to stop? What would I have done if he hadn't stopped? What about Luis? How did I really feel about him? Mac or Luis? Luis or Mac? Which one?

Back at the house, we unsaddled the horses, gave them fresh water and feed, and started grooming them. Luis came out to the barn with two cold beers. He handed one to both of us and then perched on top of a bail of hay and watched while we groomed the horses. When we finished the grooming we turned the horses loose in the corral outside the barn.

As we walked toward the house Luis said, "Señor Campbell, I made enchiladas for dinner, and I made too many. Will you eat dinner with us?"

Mac hesitated and looked back from Luis to me.

I was surprised at Luis' invitation, but I spoke up, "Please stay, Mac. Unless you had other plans for dinner..."

Mac looked back and forth between Luis and me one more time before a smile slowly spread across his face. "I don't have any other plans, and I love enchiladas."
"Bueno!" Luis placed his hands in the middle of our backs and pushed us toward the house. The little guy had surprising strength. "You go to the pool, no. I will bring more beer and some tapas."

I led Mac through the kitchen to the courtyard.He gave a soft whistle when he saw the pool.  "Man, this is nice!"
"Yeah, and the water's great. Come on. Last one in's a rotten fag." I started stripping off my clothes.

He got the message and quickly began to strip. He was fast, but I had a head start. I made it into the water just ahead of him.

He came up near the other side of the pool. As he wiped the water out of his eyes, I feasted mine on his upper body. I knew he was well muscled from the way he filled out his shirts, but the body across the pool from me was even more magnificent than I had imagined. He had large squarish pecs covered by a luxuriant mat of sandy red blond hair. The tips of his nipples projected through his thick chest hair and were just slightly darker in color. Given his light complexion I was surprised to see the obvious tan lines at his neck and arms. On most guys tan lines like that would look sort of dorky. On him they were sexy as hell. The thick mat of hair continued down from his chest to his belly before disappearing into the water of the pool. He had so much hair, I couldn't tell if there was really a six pack of abdominal muscles underneath, but his stomach was flat without a hint of any softness.

Mac and I played around in the pool for a few minutes splashing each other before Luis appeared. He set a tray of tapas and three new cans of beer on the poolside table and began stripping off his clothes.

Mac stopped splashing me and watched Luis strip.

"He really is a beautiful man." He grinned at me and winked. "Go for it, Paul."

I answered by splashing more water in his face.
We started wrestling around in the water. Luis joined in, but quickly took in a mouthful of water and retreated to the side of the pool leaving the rough housing to us.

When we were both tired, I pulled myself out and sat on the edge of the pool. Mac took a long look at my dick and balls before pulling himself up to sit beside me, and I got my first good look at his package. The man was hung! The red blond hair of his belly extended down and surrounded a thick cut cock that though flaccid looked to be a good six inches long. The helmet shaped head of his dick was wider and slightly more pigmented than the shaft. His balls were egg sized and covered with hair, just like the rest of him. I felt my dick stir in an involuntary response to the hot man sitting next to me.
Luis pulled himself out of the pool next to me. I felt his hand brush against the side of my thigh as he sat down with his feet dangling in the water. He looked over at my noticeably thicker penis and then over at Mac whose own member was beginning to lengthen.

"Sorry, guys. The thing has a mind of its own." Mac chuckled and stood up.
He went over to the table, grabbed the beers, and returned. His dick had lengthened to about nine inches by the time he came back with the beer. It stood out from his body at a forty-five degree angle. Luis and I watched as he sat down next to us.
"Like I said, guys. It has a mind of its own. I haven't seen another man naked since I moved to Santa Teresa."

Luis flashed a beautiful white-toothed smile. "Señor Mac. I think we all understand each other, no?"

Mac blushed. "Paul and I talked while we were riding. I'm not going to mess up what you and Paul might have going."

Like a cat, Luis gracefully stood up. "I think you are a good man. I think you will be a good friend to Paul and to me." He reached out his hands to both of us. "Come let us eat the tapas to build the appetite before dinner."

We both grabbed a hand, and Luis pulled us both up. I was reminded for the second time that afternoon how strong the little guy was.

We sat naked in the pool chairs and chatted while we drank the beer and ate Luis' delicious tapas.

The phone rang in the house. I pulled myself up out of the chair and walked into the kitchen to get the phone.


"Mr. Nichols?"


"Mr. Nichols, this is Sheriff Hardee. I wondered if you'd remembered anything that might help our investigation."

From the quality of the connection I knew Hardee was talking to me on his cell phone.

"No, Sheriff. Nothing's come to mind."

"Did you hear any other noises that night?"

"No. As I told the detectives I went right back to sleep."

"What about noticing any stranger wandering around on your land that morning when you were out riding?"

My guard came up instantly. Why was he asking about someone being on my land? "No, I didn't see anyone that morning until I discovered the bodies. Why do you ask?"

"Well, we have reason to believe there was an eleventh man out there that night. We didn't find any signs of someone being wounded and walking away, so it's possible that the eleventh man escaped somehow. It's also possible we were looking at tracks from one of the killers. You're sure you didn't see any one?"

"Positive, Sheriff. I didn't see any one before I found the bodies."

"Okay, thanks, Mr. Nichols. You still have my cell phone number?"


"Good. You be sure to call if you think of anything."

"I will, Sheriff, and thanks for calling."

I hung up the phone and started back out toward the pool. The phone rang again.


"Paul, this is James. What the hell have you gotten yourself into up there?"

I instantly recognized the gravely voice of James Padgett, my office manager and technician. "Hi, James. We've had a little excitement up here. Have you read in the papers about some possible illegals being found murdered up here in Santa Teresa County?"

"Yeah, it made the papers down here yesterday. Wait a minute! Holy shit! Was that on your land. Well, that explains why INS was in here this afternoon asking all kinds of questions."

"Wait a minute. INS came into the office today?"

"Yeah, some sour pussed agent by the name of Napier came in and was asking all sorts of questions. He kept asking if you had any connections down in Mexico. What's going on, Paul?"

"Well, I'm the one who discovered the bodies. They were killed on my land. Agent Napier came out and asked me some questions. I didn't like his attitude and told him so."

"That might not have been a smart thing to do."

"Yeah, I let my mouth get ahead of my brain."

"Jeez, Paul, that's not like you." I could hear sarcasm and a hint of laughter behind his voice.

"Back off, geek. I'm not the only one who speaks his mind."

"Yeah, I caught it from you."

"Listen, James, I'm going to stay out here tonight, but then I'll be in tomorrow. I'll fill you in on the whole story when I get there. How's the Central Bank Project going?"

"Can't wait to hear your story. The Central Bank thing is coming along on target. We should be ready for installation next week, just like it says in the contract. How are you doing on the imaging problem?"

"Well, I've been a little distracted."

"I guess so. Talk to you tomorrow."

I hung up the phone again and turned around to go out to the pool just as Luis and Mac came into the kitchen. Both of them had dressed. I was still naked as a jay bird.

Luis snagged two more beers out of the refrigerator and handed them to Mac and me.

"You and Mac go drink the beer out on the porch. I get the dinner ready."

"Let me get some clothes on first."

Mac grinned. "No need to do that on my account. I kinda like the scenery."

"Well, I don't want to be the only source of scenery, so as long as you two have gotten dressed I'll just pull on some pants." I punched his arm playfully as I headed back to the pool area to fetch some clothes. Boy, did that man have solid arms!

Mac winked at Luis. They both grinned as I exited the kitchen.

After reestablishing some sense of modesty by pulling on my jeans and shirt, I joined Mac on the porch.

Mac raised his beer to me as I sat down in one of the chairs.

"Luis is really a nice kid. I know he's only a couple of years younger than me, but I think of him as a kid."

"I know what you mean. I don't think he's had a lot of experience in the world."

"Well, he sure thinks a lot of you. You're a lucky man, Paul."

"I'm just beginning to realize how lucky I am."

I looked out toward the barn. "How's the investigation going?"

"From what I hear, it's not going any where fast. We just don't have anything to work on. The ground was too dry to leave tire tracks or anything like that. There aren't a lot of clues at all. The detectives are really frustrated."

I decided to fish for some more information. "That was the Sheriff on the phone a little earlier. He said something about an eleventh man."

"Really? I haven't heard anything about that. Another victim or the shooter?"

"He didn't say. Just asked if I'd seen any one wandering around that day."

"Say, are you sure it was the Sheriff that called you?"


"Hmmm. That's strange."


"Well, I know I'm sort of new on the force, but it's common knowledge that Sheriff Hardee doesn't take much of a role in an active investigation. He doesn't have a real background in law enforcement so he generally leaves all the investigative work to his officers. He just makes sure he gets his picture in the paper whenever there's an arrest. Gotta make things look good for the next election."

"Now that is strange. I got the idea he took a real active role. He was out here the other day before you and Napier showed up."

"Odd. Well, he may be looking for some votes. Still, I don't know where this 'eleventh man' idea has come from. I'll ask tomorrow."

Oh crap! We didn't need to raise any more suspicions about there being another man involved with the shootings. I tried to cover. "Ah...that's okay, Mac. Maybe I misunderstood what the Sheriff was saying."

I was saved from further backpedalling when Luis called out that dinner was ready.

Luis' enchiladas and salad were outstanding. If he stayed around and kept cooking like that I was going to have to get a heck of a lot more exercise to avoid gaining weight. Mac approved of the dinner too. He ate as much as Luis and I combined.

After we'd helped Luis clean up the kitchen and do the dishes Mac said it was getting late. I offered one of the spare beds, but he said he had to get up early in the morning to report for duty. Luis and I helped him load his horse back on the trailer.

It was a little awkward when it was time to say 'good bye.' It didn't seem like a handshake was quite enough, but I wasn't sure about anything else given my feelings for Mac and with Luis standing there. It was Luis who broke the ice by pulling Mac into a hug and giving him a quick kiss. I followed suit and got the bear hug of a lifetime. After promising to get together again soon, Mac climbed into his truck and headed out the driveway.

As Mac's truck disappeared down the road, Luis took my hand and led me into the house. I followed behind like a little child. He took us into the bedroom. We slowly disrobed each other before spending a sensual half an hour or so together in the shower.

In bed we made love slowly, gently. I worked my way down his lithe body to the hidden place behind his balls. When my tongue touched his pucker, he drew his legs up.

"Paul, I want you inside. I never say that to any one before."

"Luis, I want you too. I'll be gentle, but it will hurt a little at first."

"I know, but you will not hurt me more than needed. I know that."

I reached into the nightstand for the lube and condoms. He took the condom from my hand and put it back on the nightstand.

"You are my first. Do we need to use that?"

I shook my head. I had been tested every six months following the breakup with Richard. I was always negative, and I hadn't had any other sexual partners in that time.

Luis smiled and pulled me down to him. I buried my nose in the soft skin at the side of his neck and inhaled his wonderful scent. I was lost in the feeling of his body melting into mine. I took my time relaxing his sphincter. First one finger. Then two. Finally three. He was writhing in pleasure from the finger action by the time I eased the head of my rock hard cock to his hole and pushed forward taking his virginity. He arched his back to meet my thrusts. Our mouths were locked in a deep kiss. At last he moaned deeply as his ass muscles tightened around my cock and I felt his prick pulse against my abdomen and spill its milky juices. I gave one final thrust into his body and shuddered with my own climax.

As we drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others arms I was truly happy for the first time in over two years.

(To be continued)