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by Jeff Allen


Luis and I woke up early the next morning and had another round of slow love making before breakfast. I'd never been much of a 'morning person' as far as sex was concerned, but Luis was so beautiful and sexy that I wanted him right then...even before having coffee.

After a shower and some breakfast, I fed the horses while Luis packed a bag to take to San Diego. I really didn't have to pack anything because I kept clothes and toiletries at the rancho as well as back at the condo in the city.

Before we left I called Alton to take care of the horses. He said he would.

I drove. Even though Luis had done well with the Tahoe the day before, I wasn't confident enough with his driving skills to turn him loose in San Diego traffic. We had to go back through Santa Teresa to get to the interstate. We stopped at the McDonalds to pick up a cup of coffee for the road.

As I pulled out of the parking lot onto the street Luis almost spilled his coffee.

"Sorry, Luis." I glanced over at him. He was as white as a sheet.

"Luis, are you okay? Did you get scalded by the coffee?"

"No, no. One of the coyotes, he is here."

"What? Where?"

"He was there in the parking lot, Paul. I saw him coming out of the restaurant."

"Are you sure it was one of the coyotes?"

"Oh, sí! I would recognize that man anywhere. I see him in my dreams. Paul, he saw me looking at him. I think he recognized me. He watched us as we left the parking lot. What do we do?"

"Right now we continue on to San Diego. Some how we've got to find a way to let the cops know that one of the murderers is here in town without getting you deported back to Mexico."

"Paul, I am frightened."

"I know, babe. So am I. I figured whoever killed those men would get away from here as quickly as possible."

For the first half hour or so of the trip into San Diego, Luis kept looking behind us to see if we were being followed. He was finally convinced that no one was following, but he was still spooked about seeing one of the killers out on the streets of Santa Teresa.

We talked constantly about what we could do to warn the police, but we weren't able to come up with any way to do it without having to explain just how Luis knew who the man was. And that would lead to the INS putting him on the next bus headed south. I just couldn't let that happen to him.

I realized I had mixed reasons for wanting to help Luis. Sure I felt sorry for him. All he had been trying to do was to find some place where he had a chance of earning a decent living. I had a lot of sympathy for that, but I also liked having him around. He filled a deep need inside me that I hadn't realized was there. I knew that I didn't want to lose him.

We pulled into the parking lot of the building where my company, Nichols Computer Security Systems, was housed about 9:30. James Padgett's old Camry was parked in its usual spot.

My company occupies most of the ground floor of the building. That meant we had a back entrance to the office as well as the more formal entrance through the front of the building. I took Luis in through the back door. I had ten employees. Most were involved with servicing the customers so it was unusual to have more than three or four of us in the office at the same time. The usual office staff consisted of Jenny Wu the receptionist/secretary, James the technician/office manager, and me the owner/CEO and chief development engineer.

Jenny spied us as we came through the back door.

"Well, look who's come back from the country. I understand you had some excitement over the weekend."

Her eyes widened when she spotted Luis behind me.

"Say, who's this?" Jenny's about thirty-five, married with two kids, and still a knock out. She has the biggest breasts I've ever seen on an Asian woman and she knows exactly how to use them. The straight male clients who come into the office melt when she greets them.

"Jenny Wu, meet Luis Ebanez."

She offered her hand. "Hello. Are you a new client of ours or a new friend of Paul's?"

Luis blushed as he took her hand. "I...I am a friend of Señor Nichols."

"Paul, you always have such handsome friends."

Poor Luis blushed again.
"Now, Jenny, be nice. Luis doesn't know that you're just a big tease. Give him some time to get to know you. Is James around some place? I saw his car out in the lot?"

"I'm right here." James rounded the corner of the hallway leading from the reception area back to the offices. James is forty-six, homely as sin, and a complete geek. He wears his salt and pepper hair pulled back in a pony tail. I don't think he owns any pants except jeans, and he always wears short sleeve collared shirts with at least five pens and pencils sticking out of the breast pocket. He always has a pair of reading glasses on a chain around his neck and a pair of glasses for distance and driving which he wears perched on the top of his head. His wife Beth Ann is a CPA with her own small company. Beth Ann is one of the most put-together people I've ever met. Guess it proves the old adage that opposites attract. James and Beth Ann have three children, the oldest of whom was the one getting driving lessons from James.

James stopped right in front of me and in his blunt fashion said, "Paul, you and I need to have a talk.

"Okay, let's go back to my office."

I got James and Luis settled around the conference table in my office. I introduced the two of them, James shook hands with Luis, but also fixed him with one of his laser hot looks. Luis blushed.

I took a deep breath and launched into the story. I told James everything...well, not the parts where Luis and I slept together...he could figure that out for himself.

When I finished, James looked from me to Luis and back before breaking into a grin, "Well, boss, you have got yourself in one heck of a mess. Any ideas on how you're going to get out of this?"

"I don't have a clue. I think Luis is safer here in San Diego than in Santa Teresa since we now know that at least one of the killers is still there in Santa Teresa."

"You know I'll help you any way I can."

"I know that, James. You've always been there when I needed you."

"Yeah, well, I need to keep your ass out of trouble and maybe out of jail. I haven't been as astute in my investments as you have, and since I've still got three kids to put through college I need the job." He turned to Luis. "Luis, sounds like you've had it tough, but you stick with Paul, and he'll figure a way out of this."

Luis colored then met James' withering gaze. "I know Paul will help me. I trust him."

James leaned closer. "I know you can trust Paul. I just want to be sure Paul can trust you."


"It is okay, Paul. James is your friend, and he is protecting you. He does not know me yet."

James leaned back in his chair and smiled for the first time since we'd entered my office. "Kid, you've got spunk. I think you'll do just fine. Come on with me. I'll get Jenny to find something to keep you busy while Paul and I try to keep this business afloat."

As James led Luis out of the office I breathed a big sigh of relief. James made quick judgements about people. If he didn't like you after a couple of minutes, he was never going to warm up to you. Obviously Luis had passed James' test.

A couple minutes later, James returned with stacks of files and computer print outs. We spent the rest of the day hunched over the table working on our projects and arguing about the best solution to each new problem. Luis brought in some sandwiches from the deli down the street at some point. I know James and I ate because the sandwiches were gone at the end of the day, but I honestly don't remember when we ate them.

I vaguely remember Jenny coming in sometime in the afternoon and putting a bunch of paperwork under my nose. I signed my name wherever she told me as we went through the stack. My attention was still on the problems James and I were trying to solve. I didn't pay much attention to what she was having me sign.

Later in the day Jenny came back in to announce that it was after five o'clock and she was going home. She said Luis was straightening up the office. James and I returned to work.

The next thing I knew Luis was standing in the door. "Señor James, your wife just called and said to tell you that you had ten minutes to get home before she fed your dinner to the dog."

James looked down at his watch. "Shit! It's seven thirty. I've gotta go. I told Beth Ann I'd be home early tonight."

He rose to go. "Luis, did Jenny take care of the paperwork for you?"

"Oh, sí, Señor James. It is all done. Gracias."

"What paperwork?"

James smiled from ear to ear. "You didn't pay much attention to all that stuff Jenny had you sign today, did you?"

"No. It looked like the normal payroll and tax forms. What about it?"

He grinned. "Well, Paul, you hired yourself a personal assistant today."

"I did what?"

"For some time now Jenny and I have figured that you needed someone to keep track of you. Sort of take care of things for you so you could focus more on the projects and also make certain that you took some time off for yourself."

"I don't need someone to take care of me."

"Paul, before you went up to Santa Teresa last weekend, when was the last time you took a day off and didn't do any work?"

"I don't know. Maybe a couple of weeks."

"Try six months, Paul. Even when you'd go up to Santa Teresa, you'd be on the phone at least five or six times a day. If it was a weekend, you'd leave voice mail messages and then call everyone first thing on Monday to make sure we'd gotten the messages. We all knew something was up on Monday morning when none of us had any messages from you."

"Come on, I'm not that bad."

He grinned again. "Yeah, you really are. Jenny and I have been trying to figure out how to get you to cut back a little for quite a while now. Then you came in with Luis this morning, and we both saw how to do it."

"I don't understand. Who's this personal assistant?"

"Today you signed the paperwork to add one Luis Ebanez to the company payroll as Personal Assistant to the President."

I stared open-mouthed at my office manager.

James clapped Luis on the back as he turned and headed out the door. I heard him chuckling as he went down the hallway.

Luis came over and stood beside me. "Paul, James and Jenny they tell me that you need this. I am happy to do this for you because I like you in my heart, but I will find another job if you do not want me."

I recovered my senses enough to take Luis' hand. "Luis, I want you to stay with me, but not because it's a job."

"Paul, this will be a job that I want to do. I promise you I will leave if ever I do not want to take care of you. Now come with me. It is time to take you to your home, no?"

"I think Jenny and James just got me."

", I think they got you good."


We stopped at a grocery store on the way to my condo. Luis grabbed things for dinner and breakfast.

I helped him prepare the dinner. He protested, but I pulled rank by reminding him that I was now his boss. He laughed, kissed me, and turned back to preparing the pork chops.

After dinner Luis and I took a shower. I was hard as a rock the entire time, but he kept laughing and telling me to wait. We dried off, he had me lie down on the bed, and proceeded to give me a professional quality massage. He worked my neck and shoulders. My back and legs. I let my mind go. All I knew was the feel of his hands firmly working each muscle group. He turned me over and started on my front side. I was relaxed but rock hard at the same time. He straddled my waist, leaned forward and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his back as we kissed. I felt him position himself above my erection. Slowly he engulfed me in his soft love canal. We lay joined together for a long time before he began to move his body up and down on my hard pole. Our climaxes happened within milleseconds of each other. I began pumping my load into his bowels. His erect cock erupted spilling his semen on my chest and stomach.

I was exhausted. We were asleep within minutes.


I awoke before Luis the next morning. The early morning sun cast a warm glow on the perfect golden skin of his naked back and buttocks. I couldn't resist the temptation to touch him. I ran my hand down his back and the curve of his ass.

He stirred and smiled. He was beautiful.

We took a long time in the shower that morning. I tasted his cream. He milked another load from me with his soapy hand.


The phone rang just as we were ready to leave the condo for the office.

I picked it up. "Hello?"

"Paul," I recognized Alton Stout's distinctive twang, "you'd better come back to Santa Teresa."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"There was a fire in the barn. I got here in time to get the horses out. They're fine, but the barn's gone."

"What about you? Are you okay?"

"Yup. I'm fine. Just got a few singed spots. Nothin' that won't heal. You need to get out here right away. There's something else."

"What's that?"

"They found a body in the barn."

(To be continued)