Tom and Mike's Bum at the Swimming Pool

by Marty.bn1

This is a work of gay erotic fiction. If you are offended by such material or if you are not allowed access to it under the laws where you live, please exit now. This work is entirely fictional. This work is copyrighted by the author and may not be copied or distributed in any form without the written permission of the author, who may be contacted at:

Mikey was in his early 30's 5ft 11, dark hair, dark eyes, hairy chested, large build but not obese, he had noticed some weight gain over the last couple of weeks and had to up the size of his Speedos to accommodate this. Seeing as this worried him slightly he had also decided to increase his swimming to twice a week which had started to show some signs of success. Mikey had been swimming for the last 7 or 8 years and had slowly built up a swimmer body. This week as he was busy he decided to try a different pool to his nearest pool at St Ives, one which was slightly more complicated than his normal pool, this pool was much quieter and today there was just 4 or 5 swimmers there.?

Mikey had a set routine in the pool which ended with along period of front crawl fast. He always used the swimming lanes for the last part. This week he was in the middle of front crawl in the lanes when he noticed a guy swimming behind him. Assuming the guy wanted to over take him, he stopped as he turned. The guy fit in his mid 40's diary hair, tanned, a little triangle beard on his chin, fit and well built laughed and said, "No I can just about keep up with you."

"Ok", Mikey said and carried on swimming.

Finally Mikey had got to his last lap and stopped to cool down before getting out. The guy that had been swimming behind him was already at the end.

"I hate to say this... ", the guy laughed.

"Go on" Mikey said thinking it was a criticism that he should have let him over take him.

"I think you may need to sort your Speedo's out, your bum's pretty much falling out of it".

Mikey went bright red... "Err sorry, I had to up my size and buy a new pair as I gained a bit of weight"...

"Lol I guess the swimming is working," the guy replied.

"Yes thank God, I am very sorry".

"Ohh don't be, seen far worse things here, my name is Tom, I swim as part of swimming team here, and you're very good, you should come along".

"I would love to, but you train on Tuesdays and I work on Tuesdays evening."

"Shame you would make a good team member". Tom was in his late 40's very lean, but athletic, 6ft 2, salt and pepper hair, blue eyes, They both turned and got out the pool and headed for the showers.

Tom entered the showers first and tuned on his water and the tap nearest him, Mikey stripped out of his Speedos and immediately faced the wall. "You young guys are far more relaxed about showering in the nude them I am"... "lol... you have already seen my bum"...

"lol that's true, but swimming in cold water shrinks everything to an embarrassing point."

"Why do you think I am facing the wall", Mikey turned around to show a shrunk set of privates...

Tom laughed and thought for a shrunken set that's not bad and said... "very honest of you" and he took his Speedos off and Mikey thought OK your balls look big. The two showered and warmed up and mikey said "Damn I have left my shower stuff at home."

"Oh borrow mine, but I only had the liquid soap in my hand, why don't rub some in your hand."

"OK", they moved over to each other, but the soap ended up on Mikey's thigh...

"here let me rub it in," and he rub the soap on Mikeys hand and then his back, he slapped Mikeys bum as he finished.

"Stiff?" tom said, mikey looked at his cock and then realised he was talking about his muscles...

"A lil bit" They left the showers, Mikey nude and Tom in his towel.

"Do you want to borrow my towel after me", Mikey agreed. He sat there naked watching Tom dry. He dried his hair and Mikey saw a shot of his long cock and low hanging balls, he stepped in to a black pair of briefs, stuffed his cock and balls inside. Mikey started to feel some movement down below. Tom flicked the towel and Mikey and dried and put on a pair of white trunks.

"Where do you live?" Tom said.

"On the east side of town."

"Ohhh near me, I live near London road."

"Ahh me too."

"Want a lift?"

"Sure!" Mikey said.

They dressed and left. On the way the two of them sat in the car, the legs touched and neither of them moved. Tom in conversation grabbed mikeys knee and Mikey didn't flinch. Tom left his hand there and Mikey pulled up his short leg and opened his legs up a bit more to which Tom, smiled and moved his hand up his leg.

"Would you like to come in...?"

"Sure". Tom slid up his legs and slid his fingers under Tom's shorts.

They drove 5 streets past Mike's house and pulled up... "My God, I only live down the road"

"So we almost neightbours?" Tom, locked the car and walked into his flat, Mikey followed.

"Tea or coffee", asked Tom.

"No thanks," Mikey started to pull down his shorts...

"Wow, slow down... I like to kiss a bit first."

"Sorry, I just want to see you in your underwear you can blame me?"

"Shall we go upstairs then?"... Tom lead the way.

He got to the bed room, dropped his shoes and socks and looked at Mikey... Mikey drop his shoes and sock, took off his top and shorts... stood there in his under wear with a massive hard on.

"Is this what you wanted?" Mikey said.

"Oh yes... Then you get my cock up you"

"Just as well; I am bottom then..." Mikey said.

Tom came to Mikey and took him in his arms. Mikey's mind was racing; but, somehow this seemed OK.

Tom felt Mikey's firm body in his arms. He could feel his cock getting harder as it rubbed against Mikey's hard dick. He kissed Mikey's ear.

Mikey loved the feeling. He had not felt affection like this. He reached under Tom's shirt and started rubbing his muscled back. Tom backed up just enough to let Mikey take his shirt off of him. The feeling of Tom's chest against his was so nice.

Mikey reached down under Tom's pants and started rubbing his solid butt. At the same time, Tom was gently kissing Mikey's neck. The feeling was wonderful.

Mikey turned his head down and met Tom's mouth. Their lips met and their tongues started touching. Tom reached inside Mikey's mouth with this tongue and was exploring. Mikey though about other things he'd like that tongue to explore.

Mikey pulled Tom's pants part way down and let his cock escape. Tom's mouth moved down to Mikey's neck again and continued down his chest. Tom moved down so he was kneeling and reached up to pull Mikey's underwear down. Mikey's hard cock certainly was larger when it wasn't cold as it was in the showers. Tom started working on the head of Mikey's cock, running his tongue under the foreskin. Mikey was in heaven. Tom reached up and started tickling Mikey's arse with this finger. Mikey moved his legs apart a little to let Tom in and let Tom know it was OK.

Mikey craved Tom's cock. He reached down and pulled Tom up so he could pull his pants down. He knelt down and it was now his turn to use Tom's cock. He first worked on the head as he heard Tom take a deep breath. Mikey took the whole cock in his mouth and sucked. At the same time, his fingers were gently playing with Tom's balls.

Tom was worried that he might cum in Mikey's mouth, and he wanted to save it. He pulled Mikey up and pulled him back to the bed. He gently turned Mikey and bent him over the bed. Mikey was expecting Tom's cock to go up his arse, and he was hoping he'd be able to relax. Instead, he felt Tom's tongue licking his arse and gently probing inside. It felt so good and let Mikey relax.

Mikey was ready to move on, and he wanted Tom's cock again. He turned and had Tom lie down on the bed. He bent over and started sucking Tom's cock, working it up and down. He then started tickling the tip of Tom's cock as he was rubbing with his hand. Tom was getting close, so he stretched out his legs to see if he could hhold off the orgasm. Mikey knew what he was doing, so he got up on the bed and straddled Tom.

Tom reached up and started stroking Mikey's cock. Mikey moved forward and Tom started sucking him. Mikey was feeling so good, but he needed Tom's cock. He found some lube, reached behind him and started lubing Tom's cock. That made Tom feel even better!

Mikey's hand felt so good on Tom's cock. Mikey moved back and slid Tom's cock up his arse. Tom was working Mikey's cock as Mikey was sliding up and down on Tom's cock.

Mikey took a deep breath and his cock exploded with cum all over Tom's belly and chest. He stopped working up and down on Tom's cock, and gently slid Tom's still-hard cock from his arse.

Mikey started rubbing Tom's cock with his hand. Slowly at first and the faster. Tom wanted some cock. He pulled Mikey over so that his cum-dripping cock was near his mouth.

Mikey straddled Tom's face putting his cock in Tom's mouth. He was rubbing Tom's cock while playing with his balls. Soon, Tom exploded with a load of cum which covered part of Mikey's face and his chest. They both collapsed on each other.

They gathered each other up and laid there cuddling each other in the sunshine for 15mins...

"Phew, that was good," said Mikey.

"I had a better workout there than swimming. That was much more fun and I never found a bloke like you and younger who has been a bottom," said Tom.

"You a very good top", ha ha... "you pick many men up from the pool?"

"No, only the ones that there bum hangs out when they swim... lol, not all. Its not really the best place to pull."

"That's true," Mike said, "I should make a move".

Tom handed his number over, "Mike, I would love to see you again," Tom said.

"I would love to see you again soon, shall we arrange a date?"

"Yes... And I will pull my trunks down for you at the pool next time..."<>

Copyright 2005 and Paul O. Peterson