Trey Comes Calling

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 2 - The Awakening

I took a leisurely shower and decided to wear casual clothes with just a sweater since it was unseasonably warm. I drove to the offices of Berksway Hathashire and found a parking space and fed the meter for two hours. I figured I'd probably spend 30 minutes talking with Ward Buffer but decided to play it safe.

I walked into the office and recognized Howie Walton immediately even though I had never met him formally. He and his former wife used to attend the same church I did, and I did know who their two oldest children were even though I was lucky enough to never have had them in my classroom.

He looked up and realized that he should know who I was but didn't know why, "Good morning, I'm Howard Walton. How can I help you?"

I shook his hand, "I'm Ed Parker, and I have a 10:30 appointment to meet with Mr. Buffer."

Howie went into Ward's office and returned, "Mr. Buffer will be right with you; he is just concluding an appointment."

I didn't even have time to sit down before Ward came out of his office with handsome gentleman. They approached me and Ward pointed to me, "Jack, this was one of the people who helped me get the company off the ground, Ed Parker. He has stuck with me all these years. I haven't seen him since his wife had her accident. Ed, this is Jack Evans; he is one of the vice presidents at the Peter Hewitt offices. Why don't the two of you meet me at Gorat's Steakhouse for lunch at 11:30. I'm meeting Jim Corbin from Front Line there. We have some business we need to take care of and that was the only time we could get together."

I shook Mr. Evans' hand and it was like a bolt of energy went directly to my penis. It started to do things it hadn't done in a long time. He looked at me and answered, "Ward, that sounds like it might be fun. Maybe I won't have to cook for myself tonight. See you at 11:30."

Ward showed me into his office, "Ed, it's so good to see you. You and Jack should get together because you have so much in common. Now, how can I help you?"

I must admit, Ward doesn't beat around the bushes. I proceeded to tell him what happened last night and what Trey had told me his stepfather had said.

Ward stood, "Ed, stop right there."

He went to the door and called out, "Tell Mr. Walton that I want to see him in my office, and I mean now!"

I heard the voice say, "Mr. Walton is busy interviewing some new person to be his secretary, sir."

"Look Sally, I said now. Never mind I'll go get him myself."

Ward left and came back looking very piqued. "Mr. Walton will be with us as soon as he can make himself presentable."

Mr. Walton finally came in, still looking a little disheveled, "How can I help you Mr. Buffer?"

Ward looked at Mr. Walton, "Howie, sit your ass down and keep your mouth shut. I want you to hear what Mr. Parker has to say. After what I just witnessed, you are on a very short leash and are about to be sent to the pound. Ed, please repeat what you told me previously."

I repeated the story about what happened last night and I could see Mr. Walton getting tenser and tenser and finally he couldn't contain himself and shouted out, "Trey is a God damn liar. My children would never make things up."

Ward looked at me, "Ed, I would like to meet with Trey; please, can you bring him here after he gets out of school?"

I shook my head, "When he left the house this morning, he said he wouldn't be home until about five."

You could almost see Ward's mind working, "Ed, why don't I swing by your house at about 5:30 and we can go out to dinner?"

"Ward, I have a better idea. Why don't you swing by the house about 5:30 and I can fix dinner, since my son won't get home until about 6:00? You can talk to Trey while I'm cooking dinner."

Ward looked at me, "That sounds good to me. Anytime someone offers me a free meal I'll take it. How is Jordy doing anyway?"

I was surprised that he remembered Jordon's name, "He's great, as long as he takes his medicines."

Ward looked at his watch, "We need to go if we're going to be on time for our luncheon date, Ed."

As we were leaving Ward's office, he turned to Mr. Walton, "Howie, you need to learn to keep your dick under control. So is that young man going to be your new secretary?"

I watched as Mr. Walton almost collapsed in his chair.

Ward turned to me, "Ed, I'll meet you at Gorat's. I have a meeting at the Mayor's office at one o'clock."

I went to my car and my mind was thinking about what happened when I shook Mr. Evans' hand and my pants started to bulge again. I thought to myself, 'You're an old man, Parker. This should not be happening. Maybe I should skip the luncheon and just go home. But no, that would upset Ward.'

The other two gentlemen pulled into the parking lot at Gorat's about the same time I did. We walked into the restaurant and Mr. Corbin was waiting. We were immediately ushered to a booth and Jack slid in first and motioned for me to sit beside him. We were approached by an older lady who had probably worked there for years.

Ward looked up, "Ruthie, you're looking younger every day."

Ruthie shot back, "Well then, why do I feel as if I'm falling apart. What can I get you today, gentlemen? Mr. Buffer is probably having his boring cup of minestrone soup, a small tossed salad with blue cheese dressing and a BLT."

We all ordered the same thing and Ward introduced me to Jim Corbin. Ward nodded to Jack and me and said, "Jim and I need to talk some business. We're not ignoring you, but these are some things that we need to take care of."

Mr. Corbin pulled out some papers and handed them to Ward and they were talking quietly.

Jack and I were chatting and suddenly I felt his hand on my upper thigh. He leaned over to me and whispered, "Did you feel the jolt of energy I felt when I shook your hand this morning?"

I leaned over, "Would you please stop that, I'm beginning to feel like a teenager and I'm an old man."

Jack whispered, "I'm not exactly a spring chicken." He took my right hand and put it on his crotch. "See what you caused. I haven't had the kind of bulge in my pants for several years."

Jack pulled out his wallet and handed me a card and said loud enough for Ward and Jim Corbett to hear, "Ed, call me when you have time and we can talk about that project. If you gentlemen will excuse me, I have a one o'clock appointment."

He put down a twenty dollar bill, "That should take care of Ed and me. I'll see you guys later."

As soon as Jack left, the three of us stood to leave and we each dropped some money on the table so Ruthie was well taken care of. As we were walking out, Ward yelled at me, "Ed, I don't eat red meat, so hotdogs will be fine. I'll see you about 5:30."

I made my way to Peter Hewitt offices and was met by a stunning young lady. "Good afternoon sir, how may I help you?"

I looked at the young woman, "Hi, I'm Ed Parker, I believe I was scheduled to meet with a Mr. Richards."

The young woman didn't waste any words, "Mr. Richards had an emergency at home and needed to take care of it. Mr. Evans is planning to talk to you. He is our Vice President in charge of human resources. I'm sorry I wasn't here to answer the phone this morning. If you will follow me, I'll take you to Mr. Evans' office; he is expecting you."

She opened the door right next to the CEO's office, "Mr. Evans, your visitor is here."

A quiet voice called back, "Please show Mr. Parker in."

I walked in and the receptionist shut the door and I was astounded by the size of the office. I thought Ward's office was big, but this one was even bigger. I looked around and didn't see anyone. All of a sudden, I felt two arms around me and the hands landed on my pelvic area and I felt the zipper of my fly being manipulated and the next thing I knew one hand was manhandling my penis and testicles.

I tried to turn around, but the voice behind me whispered, "No one, and I mean no one sees the kissing bandit. Now why did you want to visit with Mr. Richards?"

I was finally able to turn around, "Jack, please stop. I'm an old man and my heart can't stand this type of excitement anymore."

Jack pushed me against the wall, "Look Ed, you're only as old as you think you are. Have you ever had a heart attack or stroke?"

I had to admit that I hadn't.

Jack started again, "I've had two heart surgeries so I intend to make use of what little time I have. I have no idea why I took a liking to you. I have never had a gay experience in my life. It was like when I shook your hand in Ward's office, I received a message that said, 'See what you've been missing by leading a solitary life,' Ed, I'm sorry if I offended you. I just got carried away with the feelings of the moment."

Jack pulled away, "Ed, why did you want to visit with Ted Richards?"

I explained to Jack what happened last night and today so far and he started to laugh, "Oh my stars, I pity Mr. Walton. Ward is such an advocate for children's rights that Mr. Walton will be in chains or pounding the street looking for a new job. In fact maybe Mr. Richards will be too, after I get done with him since he works directly for me."

I shuddered, "Jack, I'm not trying to get Mr. Richards fired, but I think he needs some help getting his thinking straight. Trey is a beautiful young man. We all made mistakes when we were young, but our parents didn't throw us out. My Dad caught me in bed naked with another guy one time and all he said to me was so that's what you learned in your fraternity."

Jack held up his hand, "Ed, I would like to meet to your son and Trey. Why don't I take you to dinner tonight?"

I shook my head no, "Jack, that's out of the question, since I asked Ward to dinner tonight at our house. I'd like to have you come too, but I think that might create some problems later on for both of us with Ward. I'm not ready to let anyone know what you and I think we are feeling until we're sure."

Jack wasn't going to be put off, "Okay, I'll take the three of you to dinner tomorrow night. Call me as soon as you are free and can find out what the boys' schedules are for tomorrow and we'll make arrangements."

As I stood to leave, he put his arms around me and gave me a kiss and it wasn't a gentle kiss. His tongue was in my mouth and my slacks were pointing forward. I pulled away, "Jack, this can't be happening. I can't walk by your receptionist looking like this."

He put my hand on his penis and it was definitely standing at attention. "You think you have problems: I'll probably spend the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom jacking off thinking about you. I swear you have cast a spell on me. Now get out of here before I do something really bad. Make sure you call me."

My head was reeling when I left the Hewitt offices. I stopped at the meat market and looked at my options. I saw these baby back spareribs that had been precooked and only need to be heated for a short time. I stopped at the local super market and bought some twice baked potatoes that only needed to be reheated and I figured I had everything else I needed at the house.

When I got home, the phone was blinking like crazy, the first message was from Trey's mother, Kathy. "Ed, I don't know what you did. My husband and ex-husband are frantic. I'll plan to go to the grocery store tonight and bring Trey some clothes and some of his things. I don't want him near either of the two husbands."

The second call was from Jack, "Tell the guys they only have to wear jeans. I want you to go buy some jeans that show your sausage at its best. Waiting to hear about what time I should come to pick you up at 726 Piccadilly Lane."

The rest of the calls were garbage and I deleted them.

I had started to fix dinner when Trey arrived, "Hi Mr. Parker, are you sure it's okay if I stay here again tonight. Chris was bad mouthing me at school today and I told some of my friends what happened and they totally supported me. It seems that he had done the same thing to some of them. I have no idea what happened to him because he wasn't at baseball practice this afternoon."

I looked at Trey, "We're having company for dinner tonight. Would you please set the dining room table for four?"

Trey put his backpack on the hall table and washed his hands then did as I had asked. He had just completed the task when Jordon came bursting in, "Hey Dad, turn on the news; the building where my class was scheduled was on fire and we were sent home."

We turned on the television. "The University has had a fire in one of the classroom buildings. The campus has been evacuated so that the fire fighters can contain the fire without any interference. The firemen have apparently contained the fire in the Butler building but the total amount of damage will not be discerned until the charred remains of the area are examined. It is believed that their were no reported fatalities or injuries."

The doorbell rang and Jordon went to answer it and came in with Ward.

I looked at Ward, "This is my son, Jordon and that is our visitor Trey Richards. Guys, this is."

Jordon interrupted me, "Mr. Buffer, it is so good to see you again. I guess we are eating formal tonight in your honor, because we almost never eat in the bathroom."

Ward hugged Jordon, "Jordon, you have turned into a beautiful young man."

Jordon pouted, "Mr. Buffer, could you please rephrase that last sentence? I would much rather you had said, 'Jordon, you have turned into a fine looking stud.'"

Ward laughed and turned to Trey, "So what do you do for a living, Kid?"

I watched as Trey took a deep breath, "Mr. Buffer, I'm a junior in high school and I play all kinds of sports. I just got kicked out of my home last night and Mr. Parker and Jordon made me feel at home here. Quite frankly, Sir, I may need to find a job when they kick me out."

Ward looked perplexed as we all did, "Trey, why would they kick you out?"

Trey looked at us, but was spared having to complete his answer because the doorbell rang. I went to answer and Kathy Richards Walton was standing there. "Ed, what have you done? Both my husband and ex-husband are walking around as if they are walking on eggs. May I please come in and talk to Trey?"

I led Kathy to the living room and Ward looked up, "Hi Kathy, how are you? I haven't seen you since the Christmas party."

Kathy was a little surprised to see Ward sitting with her son and the rest of us. She maintained her composure, "Trey, I got as many of your things as I could today. I really think that you shouldn't go home right now. Your father and my husband are both emotional wrecks. I don't know what they would do if they saw you."

Kathy continued, "Trey, did you know that Chris was beaten at school today? It seemed like he was trying to force his attention on some freshmen and they took exception to his actions. He has a broken nose. He will be going to the other high school starting tomorrow."

Trey looked at his Mother, "Mom, what's going to happening to my three brothers? Please don't let Dad take what happened to me out on them."

Kathy shook her head no, "Trey, I have already threatened your father and his new wife that if I get any indications that anything is wrong, I will report them to the authorities. The same goes for your stepfather. I will bring the boys by, so you can visit with them as soon as the situation has cooled down. I'll call you to check and see if there is anything you need. Oh, here is some cash to cover any expenses."

Kathy looked at us, "Sorry to crash your party. Mr. Buffer, I'm surprised to see you here."

Ward looked at me, "I've known Ed for more than 40 years. He was one of my first investors."

Kathy turned to Jordon, "Jordon, you certainly have turned into handsome young man. You must have a difficult time keeping the woman away from you."

Jordon was blushing, "Thank you ma'am. I get my share of looks."

Ward started to laugh, "I would guess that you are probably ogled by members of both sexes with the way your jeans hug your body."

Jordon turned beat red as we all laughed.

Kathy looked at the boys, "Guys, why don't you get Trey's things out of the car while I talk to Mr. Buffer and Mr. Parker."

The guys went to do as they were requested. I could hear them on the steps. They made two trips, and Trey came and announced, "Mission accomplished, Mom."

Kathy stood and hugged Ward and me and Trey walked her to do the door. When he returned Trey had tears in his eyes. I announced, "Time for the fun to begin."

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