Trey Comes Calling

By E Walk

Copyrighted by the Author

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 3 - Don't Mess With Us

Ward stood, "I need to leave before anymore fun begins. Trey, I want either you or Mr. Parker to call me if anything major happens. You were very smart to come to Mr. Parker for help. Maybe between the two of you can keep Jordan on a straight and narrow."

"Jordy, you be sure and call me if either your Dad or Trey get in trouble. Guys thanks for dinner. Ed, we will have to have lunch from time to time, and like I said, I never turn down a free meal."

Ward departed and I turned to the two guys, "What's on your agendas for tomorrow?"

Jordan answered first, "I have classes from 9:00 until 2:00. I should be home before three. What do you need me to do?"

Instead of answering Jordan's question, I turned to Trey, "How about you, Trey?"

Trey shrugged his shoulders, "I should be here about 5:00 like today."

I looked at the two guys, "We've been invited to dinner and I need to call Mr. Evans and let him know what time we can be available. Do either of you have plans for tomorrow night?"

Both guys shook their head no, and I went to the phone and dialed, "Good evening Jack. ... Yes, we had a nice visit with Ward. ... We should be available anytime after 5:30. ... Okay, I'll tell the guys, that they should wear jeans. ... No, I've never been there and I don't think Jordan has either. I don't know about Trey. ... Okay, we'll see you about six. Do you know how to get here? ... Oh, so you got the directions on Mapquest? Pretty sure of yourself aren't you Mr. Evans? ... Okay, looking forward to seeing you again."

I had just hung up when the doorbell rang. Jordan went to answer and there was another teenager standing there. Jordan didn't even get a chance to say anything and the teenager started spouting filth, "So, Trey and you are shacking up? I might have known. Where is the asshole anyway? I want to know why I'm going to a new school and have had my car taken away?"

Jordan was bristling and I could tell that he was about ready to lose it. "Chris, shut your filthy mouth or I'll shut it for you."

Jordan started to reach for Chris. I stepped between them "Jordan, back away from what's his face. Trey, get the phone and call the Walton residence for me."

Trey dialed and when a young female answered, I started, "Yes, this is Mr. Parker. I would like to speak to Mr. Walton and now."

A voice came on, "This is Howard Walton, what's so urgent. I have problems here that we need to take care of. This had better be important."

I had the phone on speaker so everyone could hear, "Mr. Walton, this is very important. This is Ed Parker. Your precious son, Chris, is here making all sorts of obscene comments. After what I witnessed today at Mr. Buffer's office, I guess the rotten apple doesn't fall too from a bad tree. I suggest you check with your wife and she will tell you that Mr. Buffer was here at the house for dinner. You had better come and get your wonderful son, Chris, before I call the police. If he as much as even looks at Trey or Jordan again, I'll have him arrested."

I slammed down the receiver. Chris had disappeared and Jordan came and put his arms around me, "Dad, calm down before you have a heart attack. Trey and I have some work to do for tomorrow, so why don't you go and have a soak in the Jacuzzi. We'll lock up."

I trudged up the stairs and was feeling very old after this latest encounter. I didn't even hear the guys go to bed. I was awakened the next morning at 6:30 when I heard voices and the sounds of people going down the stairs. I climbed out of bed and put on a warm up suit that I liked and my slippers and went downstairs. The coffee was perking, but there was no sign of the two guys.

I started to fix breakfast and the two guys came in the back door. Trey looked at me, "Mr. Parker, I hope we didn't wake you. We decided to go for a short run. Now why don't you sit down and relax and we'll finish fixing breakfast?"

We were eating breakfast when the phone rang. Jordan went to answer. "Hey Mark, what's up? ... Oh yeah, I almost forgot. ... Okay, I'll tell Dad that you all will be arriving on Friday. ... Do you want us to meet you at the airport? ... Oh, so you are all scheduled on the same flight from Denver and you're going to rent two cars so you can visit your friends while you're here. ...Okay, I'll tell Dad. ... See you Friday afternoon."

Jordan came back to the table, "The two brothers and their families are coming to spend the weekend. The four nieces are going to sleep in the family room. I guess Trey will either need to bunk with me or you, Dad. I wouldn't wish those oxygen machine noises on anyone, so I guess he will be bunking with me temporarily."

Trey stood, "I hate to eat and run but I have a calculus test first period this morning. I'll probably be kicked off the baseball team when I fail it. I guess the last couple of days have frazzled my mind."

Trey took his dishes and put them in the dishwasher and disappeared up the stairs and we heard the shower running. Jordan looked at me, "Dad, we need to help Trey. He is really hurting. It's going to take both of us to help him. He feels like he is evil. He really is a beautiful individual. It's too bad that his parents are so screwed up."

I got up and put my arms around Jordan, "Son, we'll just have to do the best we can do. Now, I suggest you go get ready for school. It's not like your school is two blocks away as is Trey's. I can certainly handle the dishes."

Trey resurfaced first and came and hugged me, "Mr. Parker, thanks for permitting me to stay with you and Jordan. I think you're both awesome."

I was finishing the cleanup when Jordy came and put his hands around me, "I love you Dad. I'll see you when you get home from the food pantry this afternoon. Don't get too tired."

I had forgotten that this was my day to work at the food pantry. I was getting ready to go get dressed when the phone rang and it was a cell phone number. "This is the Parker residence. How may I help you?"

The voice chuckled, "I was hoping that the sexually attractive mature older gentleman who lives at this number might be available to talk."

I realized who was on the phone, "Mr. Evans, I'll see if I can get the mature member of the household out of bed. Jack, what's up? Shouldn't you be at work?"

Jack started to laugh, "I'm on my way to work as we speak. I'm wearing my head phone speaker set. What are you going to be doing for lunch?"

This was getting weird, "I'm going to be working at the food pantry from 11:00 until 3:00."

Jack asked, "Where is this food pantry located and I'll bring sandwiches for us to eat for lunch. Do you work by yourself?"

I couldn't believe this conversation, "Jack, there will be at least one other person working with me and probably two. The pantry is located at 301 American Way. We sometimes don't even have time to stop for lunch. I'll take a granola bar and some iced tea to hold me until dinner."

Jack cut the conversation short, "I'm at the office now. I'll see you and your two guys at 6:00."

I was taking my time getting ready to go to the pantry. I checked my email and there was nothing interesting. I guess no one liked my latest stories. I grabbed a granola bar and a thermos of iced tea and left for the pantry. I opened the facility since there was no one else there. I started to look to see who had been referred for services. A young woman came in, "I have been referred for a pantry. My name is Samantha Edgewater."

She was on the list. I asked for her driver's license and entered her information in the book. I looked at her. "Ma'am, who is this pantry for?"

"It's for me and my four children. My husband left us and we have been struggling to survive. I was released from my job last week and we're out of food."

I was trying to stay calm, "Ma'am what are the ages of your children so I can tailor the food for your needs. Are there any dietary restrictions?"

Ginny and Donna arrived and I looked at them, "Ginny, please take care of the phone messages while Donna and I get food for this young lady and her four young children." Donna went to get the basic set of prepared goods and I went to get the things in the freezers. The freezers were almost empty of anything but bread and rolls. That really upset me. I went back to the service area and apologized, "Mrs. Edgewater, we're rather low on frozen things and laundry things right now. I hope this will be of some help to you."

Mrs. Edgewater had tears in her eyes, "Sir, we will appreciate anything you can give us."

"Ma'am, if you will pull around to the door on the north side, I'll load the things into your car."

I looked up and Jack was standing there. "Let me help you, Ed. I believe there are some other clients who need to be serviced."

I loaded the cart and took it to the back entrance and Jack was helping me load the things into the old beat up car. When I closed the garage like door, Jack asked, "Ed, are all of the clients like this?"

I shook my head no, "Jack, people like Mrs. Edgewater are the reason I continue to work here. I cannot understand why there isn't any food in the freezers. They were almost full when I worked two weeks ago." We walked back to the reception area and I explained the operation to Jack.

Jack talked to the two ladies and informed them that he had brought a sandwich for them and some juice. He pointedly suggested that they go to the lounge and eat while he and I took care of any clients and then he and I would do the same thing.

The two ladies left and two more couples came in. They both had referrals. The first young couple was in dire need since the young man had been injured on the job and was not receiving any assistance. I watched as Jack helped them and I filled out the paperwork.

The second couple was a different story. Jack was checking them in and they both smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. The gentleman was very demanding. We'd like some of those beans and some chicken noodle soup and any kind of meat you have.

I pulled out their file. "Mr. and Mrs. Crosby, I'm sorry, we won't be able to service you. You were in two weeks ago and got five bags of food. We have a policy that we don't provide assistance more than once every ninety days. I notice that the last time you were served you went through family services and this time the referral is from St. Pious Church."

The gentleman started to argue with me and I simply walked away. The couple realized that I was not going to service them and finally left even though they were not very happy. Jack started to challenge me, but I stopped him "Jack, those people go from pantry to pantry and sell the things they get so they can buy their booze and cigarettes. There are too many other people out there who are really hurting and are too proud to ask for assistance to be serving the likes of them. This couple has learned how to manipulate the system."

A young lady appeared in the doorway carrying a young child in a carrier. She was apologetic, "Excuse me sirs, Mrs. Russell said you might be able to help me. I need some formula and baby food for my little one and some diapers, size three, if you have them."

I was taking the information and Jack went to get the basic supplies. I showed him where the baby food and diapers were kept. We gave the young woman what we could and Jack was taking the things to her car since she had the young infant.

Ginny and Donna returned from the break room. Donna asked, "Who is that masked man anyway?"

Before I could answer, Jack returned, "I need one of you young ladies to go to the store with me and help me pick up some things to restock the freezers and shelves. Ed will stay here and guard the other one of you until we get back."

Donna decided to go with Jack and it was almost two o'clock when they returned. They pulled to the unloading area and Donna came and got me so I could help unload Jack's car. I couldn't believe what all he had. He had hotdogs, ground beef, pork roasts, pork chops, chicken thighs, and even beef roasts and some lunch meats as well as some laundry supplies. As soon as the car was unloaded, he handed the receipt to Donna. "Donna, please give Ed a receipt for these goods and I'll get it from him tonight. I need to get back to the office. Ed, eat your sandwich."

After Jack had departed, Donna looked at me, "Ed, how in the world did you meet Jack. He told me he worked for the Peter Hewitt Corporation. You must know him well if you if he brought lunch and you are seeing him tonight."

I started to laugh, "Ladies, you're not going to believe this, but I only met Mr. Evans yesterday. I had an appointment to meet with an acquaintance and it seems that Mr. Evans had an appointment just before me. We were introduced and we had lunch with our mutual acquaintance." Fortunately, we were interrupted by two more clients. Ginny was taking care of the paperwork and Donna and I were filling the orders.

By the time we finished with the clients, it was three o'clock. "Ladies, we don't have anymore referrals, so I suggest we bust out of this place. I guess I'll see you next month."

When I walked into the house, Jordan was sitting at the dining room table doing some school work. He looked up at me, "Dad, who is this Mr. Evans person we're having dinner with? There was a message on the machine that said we were to make sure that we wore jeans and a cowboy shirt if we had one. I don't remember you ever talking about a Jack Evans before."

I sat down and explained how I had met Jack and Jordan was laughing so hard I thought he might go to the bathroom in his pants. He finally stopped laughing and had a mischievous look in his eye, "Dad, are you telling me that you're turning gay on me?"

"Jordan, you're putting the cart before the horse here, aren't you? Would it be so bad if Mr. Evans and I were to become good friends?"

"Dad, I think it would cool if you were to find someone. You have done almost nothing fun since Mother's death except go to see Mark and Ken and their families. The rest of the time you have had to deal with me and my problems."

I stood, "I'm going to soak these weary bones. Make sure I surface before 5:30."

I heard Trey come in about five and I could hear him and Jordan talking so I decided to get dressed. I pulled out some western clothes that I had worn when my wife and I had square danced. Both guys were a little surprised when I appeared in full western attire including cowboy boots, a western belt and a western tie with a clip.

As I was descending the stairs, Jordan looked at me, "Dad, you didn't tell us this dinner was a formal affair. I think Trey and I might be a little underdressed."

I shrugged my shoulders, "I'm only doing what Mr. Evans suggested."

The doorbell rang and Trey went to answer. I heard Trey say, "Mr. Evans, what are you doing here. Is my father in trouble because of me?"

"Trey, I'm your chauffeur for the evening. Now let's go, I'm hungry, after I meet this Jordan person whom Mr. Parker keeps talking about."

Jordan went and stuck out his hand, "I'm Jordan."

Jack looked at him, "I hope you washed your hands. I sure wouldn't want to get any germs on me. How about I just give you a hug instead of shaking hands?"

Trey was standing there laughing and I thought to myself, `This is going to be an interesting evening if this is any indication.'

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Editor's Notes: I certainly am enjoying this story. It didn't take me long at all to start loving these people. E Walk has that wonderful talent that makes us fall head over heels for the people in his stories within the first paragraph or two. You instantly care what happens to them and they become part of the family.

I want to make one comment and please, folks, this is important. Don't get mad at an author for ending a story. I am not saying that you shouldn't let the author know you want the story to continue or maybe you want a sequel or spin off. Just don't get angry about it. Give him ideas of what you would like to know about, or who your favorite person is and why you like him. Be constructive. As someone once told me, "You catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar."

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