Trey Comes Calling

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 4 - The Texas Two Step

Jack flipped Jordan the keys, "You're the designated driver tonight. You had better not get a dent on my car or I'll sue you for every penny you're worth. Trey, you need to make sure that he isn't breaking speed limits. Mr. Parker and I have some issues that we need to talk about."

We walked to Jack's car, which just happened to be a Lincoln Towncar and looked like it was new. Jordan turned and said, "I'm not driving this beast."

Jack opened the back door of the car for me to get in, "Either you drive, or we'll sit here and starve. Now get with it. The restaurant isn't very good about holding reservations. I'll direct you there."

Jordan started to drive and it was a very smooth ride. Jack directed Jordan to pull into the valet parking zone at the restaurant. Jordan started to complain, "But Mr. Evans, these people are notorious for misusing the cars."

Jack looked at Jordan, "Jordy, you worry too much. We exited the car as the four doors were opened by four attendants.

Jack looked at who had opened the Jordan's door. "Maggie, make sure that the car doesn't get dinged."

"Yes sir, Mr. Evans."

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, the host greeted us, "Well, if ain't the notorious outlaw, Jackie Evans. The sheriff has reserved a special place for you so you can't get into too much trouble. Please follow me this way."

The two young guys were just as confused as I was. The host seated us in a private booth adjacent to the dance floor. A Country and Western Band was quietly playing some country songs. We had no more than sat down and the waiters appeared with four bowls of chili and a basket a bread. The head waiter asked, "What would you gentlemen like to drink?"

Jack spoke up, "Mr. Parker and I would like a double tequila cocktail on the rocks and the drivers will have a Texas chocolate malt with a cola chaser."

The waiter obviously knew who he was talking to, "Very well Outlaw Evans. The specials tonight are ..."

The poor waiter was cut off by Jack, "Larry, we can read. We'll have the 16oz. T-bone steaks cooked medium rare with the home made hash browns, the Texas beans and an order of the cold slaw."

Larry threw up his hands, "Whatever you say, boss."

Trey looked at Jack, "Mr. Evans, you've been playing a mind game with us all evening. Would you please come clean. I have been out to eat enough that I know that people don't get treated like royalty in restaurants such as this. It's as if these places try to see how many people they can get in and out in an evening. Do you suppose that maybe you could let us decide what we would like to eat next time? I personally, would rather have had the lamb chops."

I watched Jack as he took a deep breath. "Trey, I apologize. I just assumed what I thought people might like. The next time we go out, I will let everyone decide what they might like to eat. Guys, I own 51% of this restaurant and most of the staff knows me. Larry and Maggie have been with us ever since we opened five years ago. I've tried to get them to take different jobs, but they have resisted saying they can make more money in their roles as head waiter and head valet than they could at other jobs. They have become permanent fixtures here at The Ranch House Restaurant."

The discussion was interrupted by the arrival of our steaming hot food. Larry and the his assistant pretended as if they were slamming down the food in front of us. Larry snarled, "I suppose you want some steak sauce and catsup. You probably want some salt and pepper, too. That will cost extra. The refills of the drinks are on the way and the price just doubled."

As soon as the wait staff left the table, Trey looked at Jack, "Mr. Evans, Larry's playing a game isn't he? No one comes to be insulted"

Jack laughed, "Trey, that's very perceptive of you. Larry has worked hard to make sure that the wait staff learns to act like tough old time western cowhands. He and Maggie have three wonderful children. Their maternal grandmother lives with them and takes care of the children when the parents are working at night. Larry and Maggie only work from four until ten on a normal day except when they are training new staff."

The food on our plates disappeared and no one complained. We had just finished when Larry and his assistant came to clear the table. Jack motioned for us to follow him onto the dance floor and the band started to play the Texas two step and we were joined by a group of other diners. I watched and it seemed that several young women focused their attention on Jordan and Trey.

The band did several more line dances and I was feeling a little out of place but Jack wouldn't let me go sit down. The mood of the music changed and the band started to play a polka. I absolutely refused to dance the polka and went and sat at the table. I was pleased to see that the other three guys were making a spectacle of themselves with their partners. I have to admit the three of them were very good.

The band switched to a waltz and Jack came back and joined me. He put his hand on my thigh and started to move it up and down. "Ed, your boys are good dancers. Do you suppose this thing would permit me to sleep with it tonight?"

I put my hand on his thigh, "Only if you can control yourself and this jack hammer of yours."

We were interrupted by the guys returning. Jordon looked at Jack, "Mr. Evans, you just come here instead of going to the gym. We probably worked off all of the calories that we ate."

Jack looked up, "We ain't done yet cowboy."

Jack had no sooner said that than Larry plunked down a piece of warm pecan pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Jack and I each had a Crème de Kalua on the rocks. The two young guys had a cola drink.

As we finished eating the dessert, Jordan looked at us, "I need to go home. I have some work I need to do before classes tomorrow."

Trey echoed, "So do I."

Jack started to stand and we were immediately accosted by Larry. "Mr. Evans, I hope everything was satisfactory. You usually don't leave this early."

Jack put his arm around Larry, "Everything was great as usual. It seems that our young college student and high school student have work to do to get ready for tomorrow. I'll bring them on a weekend night and we can close the place. How are the children?"

Larry's eyes lit up, "They're growing like bad weeds. The twins love kindergarten and Peggy already has her backpack ready for next year when she starts to school."

Jack stuffed a bill in Larry's shirt pocket, "Buy them something nice from Uncle Jack. See you later."

When we exited the restaurant the Lincoln Towncar was waiting at the front door. Maggie was crawling out, "Mr. Evans, Larry just told me what you gave him so don't try to give me anything. Why don't you come to lunch on Sunday? The children would love to see their Uncle Jack."

Jack hugged Maggie, "Maggie, I'll call later in the week when I know what my schedule is. Tell the children I love them. The twin's birthday is coming up soon. Do you have any idea what I could get them?"

Maggie hugged Jack, "Uncle Jack, we'll talk about that when you see the boys."

Jack practically pushed me into the back seat and Jordan crawled behind the wheel with Trey in the front passenger seat. Jack started to give Jordan a hard time, "Driver, do you suppose that you could go a little faster? I need to go to the bathroom."

I never expected what was going to happen next. Jordan stopped the car, "Mr. Evans, there is a clump of trees right over there. You can go to the bathroom and no one will ever notice your tiny penis."

Trey was doubled over in his seat from laughing, but he added, "Mr. Evans, if you need help finding it in the dark, maybe you should take Mr. Parker with you so you don't stain your pants."

Jack responded immediately, "Ed, I can tell now that these two teenagers need to be taught a lesson. We'll confine them to house except when they have classes. If they bring home anything but A+'s, they will be restricted for the duration."

Everyone was into the mood now, and Jordan started again, "Mr. Evans, does duration mean during the time when Dad is holding your penis or what?"

I stopped the fun because I was just a little uncomfortable with what was being said, "Let's go home. This conversation is going where it should not go and I'm offended."

The silence in the car was almost deafening as we pulled into the driveway at the house. I opened the door and no one said a word as they entered the house.

Jack followed me into the living room and sat beside me on the sofa, "Ed, I think you were being a little rough on the two guys."

I shook my head, "Jack, I am offended that the two boys think there might be something going on between us and we just met yesterday. They had no right to talk to you like that. Jordan met you just this evening for the first time and had no right to suggest that you go to the bathroom in the park. I'm even more upset that Trey suggested that I should go hold your penis while you went to the bathroom."

"Ed, it's my fault. After you left the dance floor, I was giving the guys a difficult time about keeping their little tools under wraps when they were dancing with the young ladies. I reminded them that they should make sure they didn't go to the bathroom alone or they might be taken advantage of by some of the help. I guess I had better go."

Jack started to get up when Trey knocked at the entrance to the living room. "Mr. Parker and Mr. Evans, I apologize for stepping over the line tonight. I never meant to offend anyone. Mr. Parker, I'll leave if you would like. I guess I got carried away and was giving Mr. Evans a difficult time like he was doing to Jordan and me on the dance floor."

Before I could answer, Jordan came into the room. "Mr. Evans and Dad, I apologize if I said something that offended you. Dad, I know that is not how we would normally talk in a situation like that, but I thought Mr. Evans might get a charge out of it. Dad, I never meant to upset you. I think it would be great if you and Mr. Davis became more than just friends. Come on Trey, let's get ready for bed and get your things moved into my room so we can get the rooms cleaned for my brothers and their families this weekend."

The guys hugged me and left the room. I looked at Jack, "Jack, I guess I overreacted. I have never had anyone suggest that I hold another man's penis before."

Jack sat down again and put his arm around me, "Would it be so bad to do that? I never have done it, but I dreamed of it and I'm not sure what possessed me to do what I did at the office yesterday, but it felt right. There is something about you that makes my little penis start to get enlarged. Now can we go to bed and explore the prospective merchandise?"

Jack watched as I locked up and made sure everything was secure and he followed me to my bedroom.

I looked at him, "Why don't you take your shower first if you're going to take one. I'll put some clean linens on the bed while you're taking your shower. Everything you need is on the shelf in the shower and I'll get you a new tooth brush."

Jack methodically undressed, folded his clothes and put them on top of the chair in my room. I started to strip the sheets off of the bed and went to get clean sheets which were in the linen closet in the bathroom. While I was there I pulled out a new tooth brush and a new tube of tooth paste. As I was exiting the bathroom, I was confronted by this nude male body. I stopped to look since it had been a very long time since I had seen a totally nude man.

I hate to admit it, but the appendage between my legs started to react. I stood back and handed Jack a clean towel as he passed me.

As I was making the bed, I was thinking to myself, `What's wrong with me? I'm acting like an oversexed fourteen year old.'

I was just finishing making the bed when Jack came out and declared, "Next."

I looked at him and he was standing there in all of his glory. He looked so fresh and clean and his penis and testicles were totally relaxed and showed off their size. I started to walk into the bathroom fully dressed. I wasn't sure that I could get undressed in front of Jack. He stopped me, "Ed, chill out. I'm going to see you naked sometime if we are going to be spending any time together, which I hope we will. Let's get the surprises over now and then we can proceed from there."

What was I to do? I just stood there facing him and shed my clothes. I dropped them on the floor and kicked them toward the dirty clothes hamper. "There, now are you satisfied?"

Jack was playing Mr. Cool, "I'll tell you when we're snuggled in bed and I have my arms around you. Now get your shower. I'm getting very nervous. I hate to be kept waiting."

When I came out of the bathroom, I went to get a pair of boxer shorts like I usually wore to bed in case Jordan would come into the room. That was immediately vetoed by Jack, "Sorry, there are no clothes permitted in this bed this evening."

I started to argue, "Jack, what if Jordan or Trey should come into the room? What are they going to think if they see the two of us naked?"

Jack started to laugh, "Dude, we need to bring you into the twenty first century. The two guys have probably seen more male bodies than you and I ever did put together. Trey plays sports and I'm sure Jordan did too. The sooner they see us naked, the better it will be. That way we won't need to sneak around behind their backs. Now get your body in this bed so we can cuddle."

I started to crawl into bed and then I remembered I need to start the machine that supplied me with oxygen through the night because of my emphysema. I sat on the bed, "Jack, my oxygen machine will probably keep you awake all night. This might not be such a good idea."

Jack sat up, "Don't worry my friend, I'll just take out my hearing aids and I won't hear a thing. Maybe the oxygen machine will drown out my snoring. Now get your butt in bed and stop procrastinating."

"I need to sleep next to the machine and I sleep on my left side or back to keep from getting tangled in the tubing. I can also go to the bathroom unimpeded from there."

Jack laughed, "Whatever, now get you body in here and let me make you feel good. I'm taking my hearing aids out so I won't have to endure any more of your complaining."

I attached my tubing and reluctantly crawled into bed. I started out lying on my left side and Jack moved so that I could feel his penis against my buttocks. He wrapped his arms around me and his right hand found its way to my penis and testicles. I was getting a little uptight because I didn't know what to expect.

He pulled away and turned me over on my back. I could just see his outline in the small amount of light that was coming from the night light in the bathroom. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. But he didn't stop there, he pushed his tongue against my lips and was trying to pry his way into my mouth. He gained entry and I lost control. It felt so good to be having someone show that they liked me that I started to reciprocate. My next thought was, `Please don't let it go any further than this for now. My mind can't take too much more. After all I am 69.'

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Editor's Notes: Do you think for one moment that I could let that last sentence go by without making some comment about 69? I don't think so! It looks to me as if these two men are going to be much more than friends.

I don't think the boys will object. In fact, I think that both boys will be totally supportive of their relationship. I certainly support love between two people and I don't see anything wrong with it, so there.

I'm ready for the next chapter now.

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