Trey Comes Calling

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 5 - The Party

I woke up feeling like something was missing. There was no one beside me, so I went to the bathroom. Jack was standing there naked using my electric razor. I put my arms around him and started to move to toward his pubic area. He turned to me, "Watch it Mister, you're playing with fire."

I pulled away, "I think that it's an inactive volcano just blowing off steam."

Jack turned around, "I've never been so insulted in my life. I'm going home as soon as I have some coffee and breakfast. I need time to plan my revenge."

He left the bathroom and I went to take care of my morning routine. I guess I was slow because when I got downstairs, I saw Jack, Jordy and Trey having an animated discussion. The only thing I heard was Jack saying, "Never fear, guys, let small dicked Jack take care of the problem."

I interrupted, "What problem?"

Jordon answered, "We were trying to figure out a way to get you to dance the polka and other social dances. We don't want you to be a wallflower all your life."

I was getting a little miffed, "Look guys, I've been a wallflower all my life. Why should I change now?"

Jordon put his arm around me, "Dad, sit down and have a cup of coffee and your omelet and you'll feel much better. You'll have to do the dishes. Trey and I need to get going since you old men slept so late. We'll see you at dinner time."

Trey and Jordon left and Jack and I were eating. I looked at Jack, "Jack, what were you and the two guys discussing when I arrived."

"Jordon was concerned because he felt that the pantry director was taking advantage of you. He said that you got calls to do something at the pantry almost every day and that's not right. You are a volunteer and shouldn't be responsible to meet the incoming shipments. That's the director's responsibilities. I want you to promise me that you won't go to the pantry for the rest of the week. I looked at the schedule and noticed that you weren`t schedule to work until next Tuesday. If someone calls you, tell them you're busy. Tell them to call the Director."

As Jack was starting to leave, he pointed at me, "Meet me for lunch at the Grandmother's Restaurant on 82nd and L at 12:00. I need to go. I have a full morning scheduled and need to make sure that Mr. Richards earns his pay. Trey is really a neat young man. It's just too bad that something like this had to happen to him. I'm sure that he will pull through it though with your and Jordy's help."

As Jack was leaving, he winked, "Don't do anything that I would like to do."

I watched as he went to his car and pulled away; I thought, `What did he mean by that?'

I did the dishes and went to check the lawn to see if it needed to be mowed and decided to do it to keep my mind occupied. As I was mowing, I kept wondering, `Why were Jordon and Jack talking about the pantry. I know I have complained in the past to Jordon, but I didn't complain except how empty the freezers and refrigerators were.'

The next door neighbor was working outside and I went to visit with her. "Great 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. Your children went all out. The video that they had made was really special."

Bev laughed as she usually does, "Yeh, Jerry and I had no idea what to expect. We were so glad that you and Jordy were able to be there. It was a perfect day."

I looked at their driveway, "I guess Jerry is working as usual. Isn't he ever going to stop. Heck, a 78 year old man shouldn't be mowing the golf course in the wee hours of the morning."

Bev nodded, "He says that this is the last year. But I'll believe it when next spring arrives. Your house sure has been busy this week. There have been more people coming and going than you usually have in a month."

"Bev, you haven't seen anything yet. The other two sons and their families are coming in this weekend to visit. You're right. Our house has seen more people lately than Carter has liver pills." I didn't say anything more even though she was dying to know what was going on. Everyone in the neighborhood would know what I told her by noon.

I looked at my watch, "Bev, I need to go. I have an appointment. I'll have to finish the lawn after the appointment."

I took a quick shower and left for the Grandmother's Restaurant and Jack was waiting as I walked in, "Gee, old man, you're a whole minute early."

We walked to the hostess station and she escorted us to a booth that overlooked the city. I slid in first so I could see the city. Jack wasn't deterred. "Move over, Ed so I can enjoy the sights of our city too. If I sit on the other side, all I will be able to see is you."

The waitress was laughing, "Gentlemen, what would you like to drink while you make up your minds as to what you would like to eat?"

We both looked at the waitress and ordered iced tea. We were looking at the menu and Jack ordered first. "I'll have a bowl of your French onion soup and half a club sandwich."

The waitress took his menu and looked at me, "I'll have the same."

The waitress looked at her pad, "That will be two bowls of French onion soup and one club sandwich. You two can fight over who gets which half and you will save $5.00. I'll be right back with your soup."

As soon as she left, Jack started to run his hand up and down my left thigh. In fact he didn't stop at the thigh. I thought for a moment he was going to unzip my fly. I guess he thought better of that. Instead he leaned over, "I'm glad to see that there's still some fire in that old body of yours. I'll have to put out the fire after dinner tonight. What are you fixing and what time are we going to eat?"

I hit him on the arm, "I don't know what we'll be having at six o'clock. I have the fire extinguisher ready to cool off any fire that you are feeling. Now be a good boy and eat your lunch."

The rest of lunch was uneventful. We talked about the upcoming election and some of the problems that the area was experiencing. Jack was complaining about recruiting qualified help. His company had more business than they could handle and there just weren't enough skilled laborers available to do the jobs that needed to be done."

Suddenly he realized that he needed to go, he stood, "Thanks for lunch Ed, I'll see you and the boys about six o'clock."

I didn't mind paying the bill and the tip. As I was driving home my mind was in a whirl. `What's happening? This man is invading my life and turning it up side down.' I saw a Stoysich Meat Market and stopped and bought four chicken cordon bleus and four twice baked potatoes. I stopped at the local supermarket and bought a bundle of fresh asparagus and a packet of Hollandaise sauce. I looked at the fruit and bought a bowl of already cut fresh fruits that included strawberries because that was one of Jordon's favorites."

I put the things in the refrigerator and went to change clothes so I could finish the lawn. I was working in the lawn when Jordon arrived. "Dad, I'll finish the lawn and trimming as soon as I change clothes. You need to go rest or you'll get sick."

He took the pruning sheers from me and led me into the house. "Sit down and rest while I change clothes." As he was walking by the phone, he noticed that it was blinking to indicate that it had messages.

He played the messages, "Hey Ed, honey, it's Pat. There is a shipment arriving at the food pantry today, could you be there to put it away?"

The next call was from a Vera, "Ed, it's Vera. We'd like to drop off the food from the church this afternoon. Call me if you are going to be available."

The next message started, "Ed, this is Gail, could you sub for me at the pantry on Friday. I have something else that I want to do. Please call me."

The next call was for Jordon, "This is Dr. Goodman's office reminding Jordon that he has an appointment at three thirty tomorrow. Please call if you can't make it."

The last call was the one that upset both of us, "This call is for Trey. Trey this is your Dad. Get your ass home and now. The other three boys are threatening to leave. Chris has been terrorizing them and telling them all sorts of bad stories about you."

That was the last straw, "Jordon, please go finish the yard while I make some calls."

I called Trey's Mother's number and hoped that Kathie was home.

She answered, "This is Kathie Walton. How may I help you?"

"Kathie, this Ed Parker, there was a message on my answering machine from Trey's Father telling Trey that he needed to come home because Chris was terrorizing Trey's brothers telling them all sorts of bad stories about Trey. Something sounds very wrong with this. Is there anyway you could bring Trey's brothers to talk to him tonight. I don't think Trey should even consider going home."

Kathie was rattled, I could tell. "Ed, I'll see what I can do."

I called Jack's office, "This is Ed Parker, I would like to speak to Mr. Evans, please."

Jack picked up immediately, "What's up Ed?"

"Jack, there was the most disturbing phone call from Mr. Richards on the answering machine just now." I explained the call and the conversation with Kathie. "I am this close to calling Ward again and report what's been happening. I would like to see what Trey's brothers have to say first."

Jack was calm, "Ed, relax. Let me see what I can find out. I want you to save your energy for tonight. Why don't you start fixing dinner and let the world float by. Have a nice glass of champagne and let the bubbles float your cares away."

I decided to go take a shower and was getting dressed when I heard Jordan come up the steps, "Dad, are you okay?"

I opened my bedroom door. "Jordan, I'm fine. Come and talk to me while I finish dressing. Tell me about your day to get my mind off everything. Our lives may never be the same now that Trey has come into our lives."

Jordon got a very serious look on his face, "Dad, Trey is a beautiful person. I could very easily fall in love with him. I just wish he were several years older. He is still too young to know what he wants out of life. Dad, would it bother you if I were to be gay?"

I guess I must have frozen and then I started to shake, "Jordan, why do you think you might be gay?"

"Dad, this is hard to explain. Last night when Trey came into the bedroom naked after his shower I wanted to throw him on the bed and have my way with him. I have never had that feeling before. He is so perfect in every way. Dad, I promise you and myself that I will not initiate anything, but if Trey does, I will probably respond."

I was really rattled now. "Jordon, we'll discuss this more, later tonight. I need to think about this. In the meantime, I need to fix dinner. Get your shower and then you can come help me so everything is ready when Mr. Evans and Trey get here."

Jordan and I had everything ready when Trey arrived looking flushed. I'm sorry I'm so late, but the ballgame went into extra innings. The coach sent me in to pitch and I won the game because Tony, our first batter, he hit a homerun off the opposing relief pitcher."

We hadn't heard Jack walk in. "So what's you're record now Trey?"

Trey started to laugh, "Mr. Evans, I'm the starting shortstop. I don't even want to be a pitcher. Wait a minute, are you going to be eating all of your meals here. We'll have to get a bigger freezer so Mr. P. doesn't have to go to the store all the time. You know how it is when you get older, you don't like to drive anymore than you have to. Come on Jordan, let's feed these old men before they pass out from hunger."

Jack looked at me, "I think Trey's adrenalin is pumping on overdrive. Do you realize how many unrelated thoughts he jammed into one breath?"

I poured Jack a glass of wine. We were sitting talking when Trey came into the room. He seemed to be much calmer, "Gentleman, please join us in the dining room; dinner is ready to be served."

We had just finished eating when the doorbell rang. Jordan went to answer and returned with Kathie Walton and Trey's three brothers. Trey, please take the boys to the school playground while I talk to Mr. Parker and Mr. Evans."

I looked at Jordan, "Jordy, why don't you get a soccer ball from the garage and you and Trey can play with the guys."

Kathie started, "Ed and Mr. Evans, my ex-husband is beside himself. When I went to pick up the boys, he was well on his way to being inebriated. On the way here, the boys informed me that Chris was trying to get them to play with his genitals. I'm sick. I wish I could leave them here with Trey. I know that's not possible. I don't know what to do about Chris. My husband is still in a state of denial."

We were interrupted when Trey came running in, "Mom, the guys told us what Chris was trying to get them to do. Can't we have him arrested. Mr. Parker, can we keep them here so they would be safe from that person?"

Jack stood and put his arm around Trey, "Trey, we were discussing what we could do when you interrupted us. I suggest that you go and make your brothers feel secure. Perhaps you and Jordan can find some dessert for them to eat while your Mother and Mr. Parker and I finish our discussion."

As soon as Trey left, Jack started, "Kathie, I'm going to talk to your ex-husband and lay down the law that Chris is not to be allowed on the property again. I am aware that Mr. Richards is married to Chris' mother. If she wants to see her children, then she can go to them. I am also going to visit with Ward Buffer about your husband. I know that Ed has already talked to him and knowing Ward, he probably had a few choice words for your husband. I have no idea about what's going to happen, but be prepared for anything. Your two husbands may both be looking for jobs, because I have very strong feelings for Trey. I think he is a very remarkable young man and will go far in life."

I stood, "Let's go see what's happening in the kitchen. There's entirely too much laughing going on."

As we were walking into the kitchen, we heard Jordan say, "Guys, we'll ask your parents and see if you can come over on Saturday afternoon so you can entertain Mr. Parker's grandchildren. We'll tell your parents that we will take you home after we eat. How does that sound?"

Kathie laughed, "That sounds like fun to me."

Jack added, "Guys, I'll talk to your Dad tomorrow and make sure that it is okay. Jordan will pick you up at one o'clock on Saturday."

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Editor's Notes: Trey has certainly brought some interesting things into the lives of Mr. Parker and his son. Mr. Evans seems to be a very good person. I have a really good feeling about what is going to happen, and I think most everyone is going to be happy. I hope that everyone had lots of healthy things on Halloween. Yeah, like that is going to happen.

I want more chapters.

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