True Tales of a Farmboy - 1

© Copyright 2006 Tristan Jaimes

Growing up on a farm, you learn to make your own entertainment and value your friends when they visit because it's a `big thing' for them to make the effort to come. It has its benefits though, as I've found over the past few years.

Spending most of my time outdoors in the fresh air does something for my body: I'm naturally fit, enjoy the feel of the wind caressing my body, and when the mood takes me love getting naked and just messing about in the river.

I'd never thought to share my enjoyment until Andi visited me at the end of a long, hot, August. We had just started harvest and there were several farm-lads employed as tractor drivers, one of which made me drool simply by the way he walked, but anyway...

Andi was staying for five days so we had time to relax and do the simple stuff like treks with the dogs. He's slightly taller than me, but about the same build (slim, 140-150lb) with obvious Italian ancestry (dark looks, tanned skin) and a wicked streak in him that always made me laugh.

He arrived late one evening so the only thing we really did was have a few drinks in the den, horse about, watch a DVD and stuff. I'd set up the futon-bed in there for him to sleep on and somehow we got into a wrestling match.

Before long I was hot and sweaty, so I stripped off my shirt and kicked away my shoes and socks. Andi gave me a look, but quickly followed suit. We resumed wrestling with me giving ground so I could `lose' and be able to rest whilst he sat on my chest.

The heat from Andi's body was doing strange things to me. I realized I was beginning to get aroused by the hot sweaty feel of our bodies rubbing together, and my heart started beating so hard I was sure he'd feel it.

I managed to distract myself by thinking hard about how to rewire the car stereo (I know, I'm a geek!) and soon enough it passed, so I surged up and went on the offensive again.

The struggle was becoming more intense and maintaining a grip was more difficult -- all that sweat was like baby-oil. We were also getting into some contorted positions.

I had him pinned face-down with my feet pushing his legs apart so he couldn't get up when there was this loud ripping sound and Andi let out a yell! I looked down at his ass and saw a stripe of white along his crack where the seam of his Jeans had split.

I couldn't do anything but roll about laughing whilst he got up and tried to crane his head round to inspect the damage. He didn't know whether to laugh or be angry, but he kept on saying "They're my favourite pair!" and looked so forlorn I told him he could have a pair of mine to replace them. He grinned, and ran from the den and into my bedroom.

I followed and found him rooting through the trouser-hangers in my closet. I've got about 30 pairs in there and he was having great fun pulling them out one after another and measuring them up against him. Finding a pair he liked the cut of, he threw them onto the bed, unbuttoned his newly air-conditioned jeans and sort-of wiggled them to the floor before hopping out of them.

I was stood just inside the door watching him, and that little wiggle sent a thrill through me and made my cock twitch. Thankfully Andi was too engrossed in his hunt to notice, a good job really because the sight of him stood there in a pair of snug white boxer-trunks that showed off the curves of his ass and hips had made me flush once again.

"Well?" I heard him say.

"Well, what?" I asked, realizing I'd just missed what he'd asked while I was staring at him stood there almost naked, and trying on my pants.

"What do you think?" he said.

"Um, yeah, they fit nicely but you don't want to be wrestling in them!" I joked.

He posed from side to side in the mirror, looking himself up and down and trying to see his ass. He caught sight of me staring at his ass and laughed, "Stop staring at my ass!"

I grinned like a fool, "Oh don't flatter yourself! I just hadn't realised how good they look and I hardly ever wear them" -- hoping I'd diverted the conversation (by this time I knew I had to calm down or my stiffie would be obvious).

He grinned and went back to the closet looking for something better, but seemed hooked on the ones he'd already found. "These'll do" he said and fairly skipped back to the Den, leaving my bedroom littered with discarded pants.

Sighing I picked them up, folded, and returned them to the closet. I like things to be neat and tidy and he'd annoyed me being so messy with my things.

I returned to the den to find Andi laid on the floor on his tummy watching the TV -- in just his boxer-trunks!

He turned and looked up at me "Oh, so you're ready for round two now are you?" he asked. "I won't wear pants in case I split another pair."

I know I visibly gulped at this. I was caught in a dilemma. Did I continue wrestling in my jeans and look like a killjoy, or take mine off too and risk getting aroused and it showing?

"Well, come on, else you'll lose by default", he said, kneeling facing me with a keen look on his face.

"Um, had I better take my jeans off too?" I asked.

"Whatever" said Andi.

So somewhat hesitantly I undid the buttons of my jeans, all-too-aware that he was watching every move I made. It was making me tingle just having him watch me so blatantly but I could hardly hide or back out now. I pushed my jeans down to my knees and tried to stand on one leg so I could pull my other foot out, but as always happens when you're trying to be cool, I got caught up, overbalanced, and fell over on the futon.

Andi was laughing at me whilst I struggled to get myself sorted out and he ended up grabbing both jeans-legs and giving them a sharp yank to pull them off.

"Thanks, but I could have managed", I said, feeling like a total dork, sat there in a pair of loose-fitting light-blue cotton/silk boxers.

"OK... seconds out, round two", he replied, and immediately dived on top of me before I was ready.

I wasn't having any of that and invested all my strength in rolling him off, over, and finally managing to get my body atop his. I had one leg bent out to press one of his legs to the floor and my thigh was pressed firmly into his groin.

I had his arms pinned with my hands on his biceps and my crotch was pressing down on his abs so he had no room for manoeuvre, no matter how much he squirmed. I could feel him alternately relaxing and then trying to do a `snatch' with all his strength to dislodge me, but each time I felt him tense I redoubled my pinning so all he managed to do was lift his shoulders a few inches.

He relaxed back onto the floor, panting, and staring at me as if trying to read my mind to discover my weakness. I was just about to ask him if he surrendered when I felt a definite twitch against my thigh from within his undies.

Desperately trying to hide the fact I had noticed, and fearing if I moved my leg he'd know I had, I tried adjusting my grip on his biceps to further down his arms. This wasn't the best move because it meant my groin rubbed against his abs. I had that sudden awareness you get when your body comes over all `hot and bothered' and knew with dismay my cock was starting to swell and he was bound to feel it.

The only course of action was to do something to distract us, but I daren't get up because my arousal would be obvious. Just as I was thinking I'd make a dash for the bathroom, he started struggling again and managed to get his knees up.

Before I could regain the initiative he had arched his back and was repeatedly bouncing me up and down, me riding his hips like a rodeo cowboy.

This forced me to sit up and the semi in my boxers was flopping around as he kept on bouncing me. Every time it hit his tummy it was like receiving a pleasurable electric shock and there was nothing I could do to stop myself getting more aroused.

He had managed to free his arms by this point and we were grasping each other's hands, palms together, fingers intertwined, just like real wrestlers do. I pushed against him and managed to slide backwards so I was sat on his thighs where the ride wasn't quite so violent.

As my ass pushed over his package I realized he was aroused too -- there was no way he would feel that firm if he was soft. Somehow, this kind of made things worse for me... I mean, its OK if your body suddenly does something you can't control occasionally, but when two of you have the same reaction it's loaded with hidden meaning.

I was getting ready to bail when he stopped bouncing me and relaxed onto the futon. The room was quiet except for the heartbeat in my ears. I could see Andi's heart beating as the light reflected off the sweat glistening on his chest.

He was staring at me with a mischievous grin on his face, and when he caught my eye he pointedly looked down. My eyes followed his focus and I saw I had tented out in my boxers. The worst part was I hadn't felt it happen. I gulped, and looked up, my ears burning with embarrassment.

"Um, I think you're horny", he said, giggling a bit.

"Sorry!" I blurted, getting ready to grab my jeans and run off.

"Can you make it twitch?" he asked.

Talk about being wrong-footed. Here I was cringing with embarrassment and he's talking about it like it's no big deal! I gave a goofy grin and said "Sometimes".

Almost immediately I felt a twitch -- but it wasn't mine, it was his! I must have looked shocked because he started laughing.

"Oh boy, if you could see your face now", he said. He jiggled his hips and twitched again. "Can you tell what it is yet, Bruce?" he said with a giggle.

At that I burst out laughing and all the tension I was feeling dissolved, "You horny bastard", I said, and without warning squirmed on his hips.


"There, that wiped the grin off your face", I said, laughing at the way he suddenly looked so serious as I ground my ass on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm", he replied, and winked at me.

"You perve", I retorted, and we both laughed, but quickly went into that quiet contemplative staring where you're trying to tell what's going on behind the other person's eyes.

The moment passed as quickly as it came, and I felt my stiffie subsiding. We stayed unmoving for a few minutes more as our breathing returned to normal and our cocks subsided to semi's.

"Well, you won that one", Andi said, "but I'll get you next time".

"What makes you think there'll be a next time?" I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, mark my words, there will be -- when you're least expecting it" he replied.

"I can't wait", I said, and gave him a final bounce before rolling off and grabbing my pants in my hand, "Right, I'm off to bed now, I'll see you in the morning. I warn you now I get up early, do you want me to bring you a cup of tea when I make mine?" I asked.

"Geeze, don't you dare wake me up too early or else I'll be a pain in the ass all day, but yeah, I like the sound of breakfast in bed", he said, grinning at the thought of having me as his house boy.

"Well don't get used to it -- you can get mine on Sunday", I said, as I got to my feet, "night, night; see you in the morning".

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© Copyright 2006 Tristan Jaimes