True Tales of a Farmboy - 4

© Copyright 2006 Tristan Jaimes

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I awoke to a scratchy but somehow erotic sensation. Briefly opening one eye I discovered Andi cuddled up to me, face resting on my chest, his stubble rubbing across my pecs as he sucked and nibbled a nipple.

I stretched by body down the futon and arched my back to get his attention, and we shared a lingering passionate kiss.

"Morning sexy" he said.

"Talking to yourself again?" I asked.

He grinned at me and went back to nuzzling and stroking. After a few minutes of this I was getting well horned up, but I could feel the after-effects of the previous night and was hesitant to do anything else. My ass was throbbing, sending me the unmistakable message "Wow, that was good, but I need to rest!"

My hormones, however, were definitely up for another good pounding. I struggled with this internal conflict until my bladder knocked on the door and made clear if I didn't make a move soon, it would be using the emergency overflow.

Reluctantly I slipped out of Andi's clutch with a whispered "Potty-stop!" and headed for the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way.

Returning to the den I found Andi sat at the computer, checking email and already chatting on IRC. "Geek!" I said as I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled into his neck.

He turned and absent-mindedly kissed me on the cheek. "Mmmm, you smell good."

I squeezed him "I smelt better last night!" and then with a serious edge to my voice "Lets go get some breakfast; there's something we have to talk about."

Whilst I pottered around in the kitchen making a proper English fry-up Andi showered and shaved, and we met on the bench in the garden as I was pouring the orange juice.

The sun was already hot and we were in swim-shorts and sleeveless tee-shirts. After we'd eaten I took his hand and we lay down on the grass by the pond. Turning to face him, I told him what I remembered about my father accidentally discovering us cuddled up in bed earlier, and how I felt about facing him -- not sure how he would react but dreading it.

Andi squeezed my hand, "It'll be okay, I'll be here."

"I'm not worried about a fight, I can flatten him any day" I said, "but he's always been so uptight about anything sexual -- even people kissing on the TV make him embarrassed so he changes the channel and `tuts' at them."

Andi laughed, not quite believing me until he saw the earnest look in my eyes.

"Wow!" he said.

I nodded, "Yeah, I sometimes have fun with it when I've got the remote control!"

We giggled at the mischievous thoughts we were having. Andi moved closer and caressed the hairs on my legs. "How about we go up to the yard, he can't really have a fit at you in front of other people, can he?"

"That's a good idea, although to be honest, after last night at the movie, I don't care any more!"

"You mean you're coming out?" asked Andi, looking surprised.

"Hell, yeah!" I exclaimed, "You've shown me how good it is not to have to hide such an important part of me, and I love it... I'm gonna be a bigger queen than you!"

We laughed at the thought (if you knew Andi you'd know that was a tall challenge!).

We cleared the remains of breakfast and pulled out the two remote control cars that had been charging their batteries overnight.

Andi preferred the 6-wheeler that can do thirty-five MPH, although as with the rest of his life, he couldn't get the hang of driving `straight'! I had the tracked off-roader and, being used to it, won every mini-race we set for ourselves as we walked the half-mile up the drive to the farm yard.

During that walk I finally understood the joke I'd seen in the chat rooms about "walking like a cowboy" -- my ass was certainly making itself known, but it was a great feeling. Andi didn't fail to notice it and laugh at me though!

The yard was a hive of activity. Tractor-trailers were constantly coming and going from the fields bringing in 15 tonnes of potatoes at a time, and returning with loads of spoil to be dumped back on the fields.

The old corn store was being used as the potato grading store. It's a long shed with two large doorways -- one at the end, and another half-way along. The shed itself is about 150 meters long, 40 meters wide, and 15 meters tall, with a suspended walkway hanging from the roof along its entire length.

The potatoes were tipped into a hopper at one door, and then moved through a series of separators, cleaners, graders and conveyors until they went up a final elevator that poked out of the middle door and fell into a 30 tonne `bulker' truck-trailer. When the bulker was full a truck-tractor would take the load off to a factory to be turned into chips (fries).

Lined up along the machinery were about twenty people, mostly women and schoolboys (16-18 years), working the summer break. They were picking out stones, soil-clods, and damaged potatoes and throwing them into pallet-boxes which would be dumped back on the fields.

The `men' of the farm were supervising the operation, maintaining and adjusting machinery, and generally keeping the entire operation going from 7am through to 7pm.

A few `students' (agricultural apprentices) were employed to drive the tractor-trailers, and these would work in the hopper to ensure a smooth flow of potatoes from the trailer.

When we arrived in the yard (with the dog in tow) Andi was amazed at the scale of the operation. I think he had some quaint notion of traditional farming and hadn't quite understood when I'd told him it was just a factory operation these days.

I took him into the noise of the shed, and we stood just inside the entrance waiting for our eyes to adjust to the dim interior. People on the machinery noticed us from time to time, and I felt as if I had a great big arrow suspended above my head saying "Gay".

Pepe went off exploring and soon found my father. Whilst he was giving him some fuss I walked over with Andi.

"Morning" he said, with a smile, and then "Morning Andi, did you sleep well?"

I almost choked but Andi managed to sound normal when he said "Fine thanks. I never realised its so big - this place is amazing."

I almost burst out laughing at the double-entendre in Andi's reply but it went right over my father's head.

We left him to his work and I took Andi round the machines, explaining what they did and chatting to one or two of the women.

Andi's eyes were elsewhere, as he scoped out the captive `talent' (as he called it). I was sure if they weren't chained to the machines they'd run a mile, with him undressing them with his eyes like that, so I dragged him away.

"Let's go up on the catwalk where we can see everything" I said, leading the way up some rickety metal ladders to the catwalk. It turned out Andi didn't have a head for heights and ended up climbing with his eyes firmly shut.

Eventually I got him on the catwalk, and we stood leaning over the rail watching the activity below us.

Another trailer was being backed up to the hopper and I explained to Andi how difficult that was to do with only a few centimetres clearance either side. A red baseball cap appeared and I grabbed Andi's arm, "That's Mark -- the one I told you about."

"Mmmmmmmm tasty" he replied, staring hard at Mark.

Fortunately we hadn't been spotted, because Andi whipped out the camera and started taking photos of the guy. I was mortified but at the same time thrilled; it felt dangerous and there was a risk of being `caught' but right then the fantasies in my head were far worse!

After a while we climbed down and I made a point of taking Andi out past the hopper, where Mark was stood on the grader opposite my father.

On the pretext of chatting to father I climbed up and stood next to him, opposite Mark, and was surprised to see Andi almost running out of the shed in embarrassment! I had thought he wanted to get close to Mark but it seemed he was all mouth and no trousers.

I smiled at Mark and then focused on father, knowing all the time that Mark was checking me out from under his baseball cap. I was very aware of every aspect of my body and found myself positioning it to give Mark the best view -- a thrill went through me and I realised I was both horny and getting aroused.

I chatted to father for a few minutes and he seemed entirely oblivious to all this, and seemed as pleasant as ever -- I certainly couldn't detect any awkwardness about him finding me in bed with Andi.

I could see Andi stood in the yard looking impatient so I left them to it and headed outside into the sun. I felt the goose-pimples as my skin warmed up and led Andi over to a fence where we sat watching and talking.

He agreed with me that Mark was the sexiest hunk on the farm, and together we drooled. I warned him to stop because I was getting horny and he gave me with a mischievous wink.

I grinned back, and jumped down. Thinking fast, I weighed up the best place to get some privacy, then led Andi to the old stables and together we climbed the stairs into the hay loft.

The door was always open because the frame had moved and jammed it. There was a thrill in knowing anyone could walk in on us without warning, and we both felt it.

The loft was used to store all the odds and sods; sacks, belting, chains, binder twine, and so on. Whilst Andi explored I re-arranged a couple of pallets of sacks.

I was leaning over the sacks when I felt something poking my leg. I looked round and my jaw dropped at the sight of Andi stood there naked; his cock sticking up in front of him.

I quickly turned and dropped to my knees, then looked up at him for permission to play. He smiled, and I kept my eyes on his face as I took his cock into my moist, hot, mouth.

His eyes rolled and he let out a sigh, and an inward-looking smile appeared on his lips. He rested his hands on my shoulders as I worked him ever so slowly, concentrating on stirring up his emotions rather than getting him to orgasm.

After several minutes of this he pulled away, then pushed me back onto the sacks. Grabbing my shorts he pulled them off roughly, making my erection bounce about as it sprang out.

Andi dropped to his knees between my legs and licked my thighs, my balls, and then my shaft. I lay back and closed my eyes, immersing myself in a fantasy that involved Mark, Andi, and me.

Suddenly, Andi froze. "What was that?" he asked.

I listened. There were noises from the barn below; someone was moving about. Being familiar with everyone on the farm, I was trying to identify who it was.

I looked at Andi, "Get your shorts on, quick!" I said as I struggled to sit up and pull my own up from around my ankles, not bothering to wipe off the dust that had clung to my sweaty body.

Not waiting for Andi, I tip-toed to the door and peeped out. There was no sign of anyone, but they could appear round the corner at any moment.

Andi came up behind me, "Can you see anything?"

"No, but I think we should go, I don't want to have to explain us being here!"

We descended the stone steps slowly, hearts pounding. I stopped just before stepping out into the yard, "Ready?"

"No, but lets go" replied Andi.

We stepped out into the yard, probably winning the prize for the most nonchalant walk. We'd gone about 10 meters when I heard a door open behind us.

I turned to find Mark stood in the doorway looking at us, a bundle of potato sacks in his arms.

I smiled, "Heya. Found what you were looking for?" I asked.

Mark looked from me to Andi, and back again, "Yeah. Just wanted some sacks."

Mark turned to close the door and I dragged Andi away as fast as I could. Turning into the shelter of the calf-shed I fell against the wall and burst out laughing. Andi joined in, and before long we were both crying and our tummy muscles aching.

Eventually we recovered our composure. "That was a close shave, but I think he guessed" I said.

"You think?" asked Andi, "Can you imagine if he'd walked in on us?"

I burst out in uncontrolled laughter again. "Oh Gods, that would have been embarrassing!"

"You never know, he might have joined in" replied Andi.

"I doubt it, but then again he's always checking me out... maybe he just thinks I'm weird!"

"Well, he's not wrong there", Andi giggled. "Oh shit, have you seen yourself? You're covered in dust and your hair is all over. No wonder he looked at us like that; he must have known!"

I looked down. There were damp dusty streaks on my thighs, my shorts were scuffed with patches, and when I pulled my tee-shirt off the back of it was plastered.

"Oh shit!"

We laughed some more at the thought of Mark realising we'd been making out in the loft, and at the fact that it was making both of us horny again.

"We'd best head home before we scare him any more" I said.

Andi wiggled his eyebrows at me, but agreed. We walked through the yard calling for Pepe, who had been off exploring the sand heaps. By this time Mark had left the yard so our blushes were saved, for a while at least.

Walking back down the drive Andi slipped his free hand into mine and our fingers intertwined. The sun was beating down on us, there was barely a breeze, and it felt like the world was ours.

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