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I returned home a little after twelve. I lived beside the ocean and my office was smack bang in the middle of the city centre. Parking just outside my gate, I got out of car grabbed my briefcase and made my way inside. Sliding the glass pane doors I bee-lined towards the telephone, and hit speed dial three.

"Hello," came the grumbled reply.

"Peter it's me Jordan," I said pulling off my tie.

"Yah I know caller ID. Why weren't you at dinner?" he asked yawning loudly.

"Was held up at work, did Momma freak?"

"She assumed you were, she said that you're boss needed to see you. Albert freaked though."

I smiled he was the baby brother I've always wanted. He was eighteen, a star football player, gorgeous as hell with his dark skin and intense eyes, and for some reason he looked up to me, I never knew why and I still don't but he made my world that much brighter.

"Tell baby boy that I'm sorry and I'll see him tomorrow at his game."

"Shall do. So when you fitting the rest of us in," laughed Peter.

"You know Albert's my favourite you all just come with the package."

Peter laughed again, "I knew it."

"Can't get anything pass you now can I Mr. Hot shot," Peter recently graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a degree in Business and Economics. All the brothers graduated high school with scholarships, either academically or athletically. Chianna was proud of her sons, as was I. My university was paid for so I never had to work hard to achieve a scholarship.

"I'll come over tomorrow after the game and we can shoot some pool."

"You're on. See yah then."

I bid my goodbye to Peter and disconnected the call. I entered my bedroom, switching on the lamp shade. The room was painted in a cream/honey colour. To be honest my whole house was painted that colour. I read in a magazine that it illuminated the feeling of more space, so I had opted to just paint all one colour and not sit around figuring out what shade of blue I should use for the bedroom walls. I peeled my clothes of my body, and let them slip onto the floor.

I wasn't usually messy but tonight I was too tired. I entered my bathroom and headed towards the sink. The mirror hung wide and tall, and you could see my head up till my stomach. My chest was flabby and undefined, my stomach blotted out like I was six months pregnant.

I breathed in and tried to tuck in my stomach which didn't help, all it made me look like was a deranged idiot. The only thing I liked about my body was the fact I had no body hair, and only really where it mattered. Which was slightly weird because my hair was brown. I looked down at my cock, and saw it hang dejectedly other than my hand it wasn't going to get man handled anytime soon. I was cut, and my cock stood seven inches soft, not bad for a big boy I suppose.

After examining my body like I do every time I see a hot guy, which is all the time. I took of my glasses placed them on the mirror ledge, and started to brush my teeth.

My brother Chris had asked me why I didn't just wear contacts. I complained about how thick my glasses were. The truth was I felt safe behind my glasses, like Clark Kent.

Letting my insecurities drift away, I made my way over to the shower stall, and started to rinse away the previous day.


Well, I parked my car in the driveway
Somewhere around 1 am
Worn out from the road with a big heavy load
On my mind, what a week it had been
Then I stumbled into the kitchen
And I saw that little red light
Blinkin' at me from my message machine
Then I knew it would be alright
`Cause she said

The lyrics washed over me in sweet harmony, as I felt my self awaken to a new morning. This was my song.


"Baby, come over tonight
I'm a little bit lonely
Baby, come hold me tonight
I'm a little bit lonely"

His voice hummed, and lulled me into a place between being fallen back to sleep, but still awake enough to trace his voice in my mind.

Now it didn't take me a second `til I knew
The right thing to do
I picked up the phone and said "Baby I'm home
I'll be there in a minute or two."
I stole some of my neighbor's daisies
Grabbed an old bottle of wine
She don't call me much but I know when she does
That I'm in for one helluva time
When she says,

The man's desperation to be with this woman, even if it's just for one night. Is all he needs. She pleads to him to come to her, and I wonder if I'll ever find someone who'll call me and plead to me to come to just hold them, because they are alone...instead of me being alone.


"Baby, come over tonight
I'm a little bit lonely
Baby, come hold me tonight
I'm a little bit lonely"
Baby, baby, baby just for tonight
Be my one and only
Baby, come over tonight
I'm a little bit lonely

His voice hitches and breathes, and I feel like an outsider listening to his most intimate experience.

Yeah everybody needs a little love sometimes
Yeah, who am I to leave you hangin' high and dry
No baby, not tonight
Not tonight, now baby

I feel his voice plead to the listeners, that he knows how it is to be alone. He's not strong enough to be alone, and to be with this woman for one night then he would give it to her. Because no one deserves to me alone.

"Baby, come over tonight
I'm a little bit lonely
Baby, come hold me tonight
I'm a little bit lonely"
Baby, baby just come hold me tight
You don't have to call me
Baby, baby, baby come over tonight
I'm a little bit lonely
I'm lonely, lonely, lonely
So come on baby
Said, "I'll be there in a minute or two."
And I brought those daises and that red wine
We had one hell of a time
Yeah, yeah, yeah

He finishes with so much emotion, that I feel a my eyes water and I sigh deeply. I reach over and click my alarm clock close, before the chirpy presenters ruin the mood of my solitude and warmth. I lay in my bed longer than usual. This is what happens when I listen to this song. I never bought Billy Currington's album, because I knew I would have this song on repeat all day. So if I heard it somewhere else I would loose that little excitement, and the warmth.

After a few minutes I made my way out my bed, and did my morning routine of washing, shaving and dressing. After forty-five minutes I made my way over to the small kitchen. Quickly cooking a small breakfast filled with enough grease fat to start a fire in my apartment, I ate and left just in time to make it to the subway and into work.


I bid my hello's to the door man and made my way to my office. At the ping I existed the elevator just in time to bang into someone.


"Oh my God I am sorry," I quickly say trying to gather up the five folders I knocked out his hand. I look up and feel like dying, my boss is sprawled on the ground with a dazed look on his face. I quickly drop the folders and crawl over to him.

"Oh Sir I am so sorry," I say and I feel like an idiot calling him sir (he looks like he`s eighteen for God sakes), "Are you okay did I hurt you?"

"Just give me a minute. You just knocked of me," he said. I flinch slightly at the remark and I could tell that he was trying his best not to offend me. I get off the floor and hold out my hand, which he takes.

"I'm so sorry."

"Chill. Nor harm no foul," he replies smiling at me with such a cute loop side grin that I feel like stabbing myself in the foot because I could never have a man like him.

"You're in early," he comments picking up the folders and re-arranging them. The building doesn't open till 9:30am.

"Yeah I like coming in early," I reply. He looks at me strangely and I feel like the nerdy chemistry boy who comes to school and hour before it even opens and stand outside like the reject he is.

"Well, you don't actually get paid until 9:30am," he replies chuckling.

"Oh I know. I just...," I could feel my face flush.

"Hey man, it's good to know that you are committed. Not a lot of people are like that."

I give him a small smile, "Well I'll be going then."

He nods at me and walks away in the opposite direction. I enter my room and open the blinds. I look at the city below me and lean my forehead against the cool glass. He doesn't remember my name.