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Chapter III


I sulked. I admit I sulked for the rest of the day. I was so torn up about the fact that Joshua didn't even remember my name. I hardly did any work, and on top of that Chianna didn't even come to give me my damn chicken sandwich. Was I so stupid to think the man would actually notice my work if not me as a person? It shouldn't hurt so much. I've been rejected all my life but yet his aloofness cut so much deeper than my own mother's taunts and laughs.

My attempt to brood for the rest of the day was shot dead, when Helen my annoying assistant flung my door open. For a moment I had the sickening image of a truck squashing the blonde bimbo and I actually liked it. Shaking my head and sighing loudly like a petulant child I said, "Yes Helen what can I do for you?" I said stressing on the `you' and making it sound sarcastic all at the same time.

Helen rolled her pretty eyes at me before clucking her tongue as if I was some five year old child, "Junior Johnson said that he wants you to start on the new project and put all other work aside for right now. He sent you a memo and details via email. So you better check it now," and just as she entered my room she left but not before slamming the door behind her.

I all of a sudden had the urge to smack my head against the table some multiple times, and for some reason I went through with it. I banged my head at least three times before I thought I was going to pass out.

"Bad day eh?" said a familiar voice and I all but screamed like the fucking girl that I am. I never knew I had it in me, but I lunged out of my chair and stood beside it, holding my chest like I was going to have a heart attack.

"Geez calm down."

"Jesus Allie, at least give some sort of warning before you wander in."

"Well you were busy reacquainting your head, with your desk so I thought it would be rude if I interrupted before you had said hello three times."

"Oh you are so funny."

"That I am," he replies with a smirk.

"What are you doing here, and why aren't you at school," I say to him sternly.

"It's lunch."

"Um...I'm sure you're not allowed to leave the school grounds," I say.

"Yeah...well I'm special," he says winking at me. He closes the door behind him, and wanders over to my leather couch, laying down on it.

"You damn jocks," I say bitterly - mostly because it always annoyed me that "they" got special treatment, cause they could run with a ball, "What's up anyway?" I say to him forgetting my own memories for a moment.

"I kind of came for some advice actually," he says sitting up, and looking nervous all of a sudden.

"Did something happen?" I ask him worriedly. I sit down next to him.

"'s sort of humiliating."

I gave a small chuckle before patting him on the knee, "It's okay. I'll only laugh internally if that helps."

"So funny Jordan."

"Come on get on with it already. This is the first time someone asked me for advice."

"Well there's this new girl at school. Hot as hell, long black hair, mocha skin, dark eyes, a body to die for. The works."

"So what's the problem?" I ask smirking.

"Her name is Anya. She's a year younger than me. Well we've been flirting and shit like that. Took her out a couple of times - and she's great. I mean she's a little forward at times, but man does she have a body on her."

"Please spare me the details on that part," I say groaning, "And what do you mean she's forward."

"Look man, I may act it sometimes. But our momma taught us how to respect a woman. I ain't going to start screwing someone, to get my rocks off you know."

I nod at him smiling.

"I mean I know she wants me to have sex with her. That ain't happening, no matter how much I want too. I mean I don't want to be dating someone who is known to go around the block...yah know."

"Okay I get that. But what's the problem?"

"Well I went over to her house. Met her parents and all that. They're pretty cool, her mom's black and her dad's white, I think she said he's Swedish or something."

"Again what's the big problem," I ask annoyingly.

"Her brother is the fucking problem," yells Allie. I flinch at that. Before I could say anything my slut of a secretary bursts into my room.

"Is everything okay," she says her eyes looking directly at Allie.

"Get lost Helen."

"But..."she tried.


"Fine!," she huffs and slams the door on her way out. I really should fire her, and hire myself someone who can actually use a computer. I'll think about that later. I look towards Allie who had now migrated towards the large pane windows. His shoulders were hunched in a protective manner, and I could see his stern look through the glass reflection.

"Why is her brother a problem. Doesn't he like you dating his sister or something?" I ask lightly. No need to agitate him further.

"I don't know why? But he's getting it tough at school. I noticed him, because man is he something to look at. Bright blonde hair, big blue eyes, you know the real Swedish stereotype," he says laughing lightly. "I never knew they were related."

"Why is getting it rough at school. I mean he only started?"

"He doesn't speak English all that well. Anya said they were both born in Sweden, but her mother had a great fashion job lined in New York, but his dad had his computer company in Sweden. So her mom took Anya to NY when she was three, and Alessandro, her brother well he stayed with his dad. I guess he didn't learn English. I saw him the first day he came, some kids were ragging on him, but honestly I don't think he even understood what they were doing or saying."

"Shit. Why didn't you do anything."

"I dunno. It's fucking high school, no one does anything for anyway there."

"You're a good person Allie. You always help people out."

"I'm not a saint Jordan..."

"And I'm not saying you are. But unlike some people at that school, you're actually popular and people will listen to you."

"Not about backing off Alessandro."


"Not only does the kid having it tough at school, but his mom and sister don't really give two shits about him either. Anya said it to me herself. She said that he's a weirdo, and the only reason he stays in that house because of their dad."

"What's that suppose to me?" I ask the bitter memories of my own mother resurfacing.

"Well apparently Anya has said to some kids at school not to talk to him, because he's a "fag". I asked her about it - and she said that he told his dad that he's gay. His dad didn't care, but apparently their mom hates him now because of it."

"Shit," I say quietly. It's hard enough being gay. Having your whole family hate you because it - makes it so much harder.

"How can you like someone like that Allie?" I say to him, not helping myself.

"Man she's cool around me. When she sees him she's something different yah know."

"I don't know Allie. Maybe you should try being friends with him?"

"Man I can't do that. Look you know I ain't got a problem with gay people. You're like a brother to me. I just can't man. This is fucking school. They'd kill me for this."

"Allie there are bigger things in life, than what people think of you."

"Not in school man. It's the fucking law there."

The loud ring of my telephone stopped our conversation short. I quickly picked it up after it's third ring.


"Took you long enough. Busy working I hope." The low chuckle on the other end made my knees almost weak. His voice sounded so smooth and silky.

"I sorry," I said stuttering over my words. Could I be anymore of an idiot.

"Well I was wondering if you could bring samples of the code to the board meeting in a few hours. I'll be sending you a memo via email with all the details."

"The c...code?" I stutter. I hadn't done anything today. What was I going to bring?

"Yes. You know the code I asked you to work on. It's lunch time now, and I hoped you would have some samples done?" he says in a questioning tone. I don't know what to say. I can't say I've done it - it takes a few hours to even get a sample done.

"Mr. Johnson...I'm...I'm sorry...I don't have uh, I don't have a sample to show you."

"I see."

Allie is looking at me with a worried expression. I knew why. I felt sick, so fucking sick. How could I do this. I mean this is what I do, this is what I love to do. And here I am, making my boss second guess me - because I just had to develop a crush on him.

"Can you tell what you have been doing then?" I grimace at his tone. Business like, and hard. At least the few times he had spoken to me, he spoke to me as a person. Someone he could talk to intellectually with. Now he was speaking to me, as if I had killed his dog, and then blamed him for the murder. It felt like shit.

"I well. I was trying to work on the code, and I just couldn't get a good sample done."


This was pissing me off. Okay so I didn't do anything today. Big whoop! I'd worked for this damn company for a few years. I always did my best, and just because I slacked off for a bit today - it was like national news.

"Look Mr. Johnson it's a difficult code to work on," I say clearing my throat.

"The project is big and not something I have done before. I'm sorry I don't have anything to show you, but please give me at least a few days, to get myself sorted." I may be quiet but that didn't mean I would take unnecessarily shit from people. Or maybe I just felt the need to stand up for myself in his presence?

He was quiet on the other end, and I thought maybe I should have just shut my mouth.

"I understand that the code is a big project. But we work on deadlines and performance at this company. I value the work you have done under my uncle, but you work for me now."

"I understand that Sir."

"I don't think you do. If you did then you would have had at least one sample done. You're off the project. Continue with your other work," and with that he slammed the phone down on me. My hands were shaking and I felt like I was about to throw up.

"You okay man?" asks Allie.

I shake my head and put the my phone down, everything I've done for this place. For his uncle he couldn't at least give me another hour or so to do something.

"My new boss just fired me off a big project."

"Oh shit."

"Fuck. What I'm I going to do, he's already fired a bunch of people and now I've done this."

"Look Jordan, you're an amazing worker, everyone knows it. I hope shit gets sorted for you, but if he does cut yah - you'll get a new job no problem."

"Yeah," I say wearily and sit down on my chair, "I should get some work done kiddo."

"Aight. Well don't stress man."

I nodded my head and forced a smile, "Oh and Allie, try and do something for the new kid. Believe me he doesn't need to be scarred early in life." Allie nods at me before leaving my room. I take a deep breath and sit straight up in my chair. Junior Johnson was going to regret firing me off the project.