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Chapter one -- A new scene

Hi my name is Chad, I'm 34 years old, I live in Los Angeles the city of sun, fun and hard work. I'm what you call a computer guy. I set up my own business at the end of the nineties making websites for other companies, working out online stores etc. Back then it was all a lot of fun (for computer guys anyway). I made a lot of money and it was also the time of the dot-com bubble. So when we hit the millennium the bubble bursted and a lot of online companies went bust. So did mine well almost...

I had made some websites for the adult consumer industry well... to put it blunt I made porn sites.

Anyway with the burst of the bubble this was the only industry that didn't suffer, just the opposite they grew and I saw my costumers driving big bling bling cars. Bling being a popular word at that time used by rap artists and added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary in 2002. (Yes I know, the fact that I know these things make me nerdish).

So maybe I have to describe myself a bit further. I wear glasses (yes I see you sight when you read this), but in my defense I try to buy hip models and they make me look smart -- so my customers think that I know what I'm talking about. (and I do but it underlines it a bit more).

I'm 6 feet 2 (1.89m), weigh 161 pounds (73kg). I'm a jogger and from time to time I pull some weights but you know how it is having your own business means work work work.

My hair is blond although more on the darker side, I have blue eyes and the Californian sun gives me a good healthy color.

I have my own house, a pool, a room where you can play some snooker and I bought also a big home cinema system, I have a small bar so I can entertain my friends hanging out relaxing. (mtv cribs is one of my favorite programs).

I'm gay although I've had relations with girls and you can't see that I'm gay, well only when I'm not with a guy of course. At the moment I'm single and I like it that way, I can do what I want and decorate my house the way I want (yes I like decorating my house, I have some nice paintings and sculptures but I hate kitsch and I loath the color pink or girlisch decorations).

But I'm getting side tracked here, back to my story.

I had to get used to my new customers and their web content. Pictures of men and women with big words on the screen: JOIN NOW, FREE TOUR. You click on free tour and you get another join now. That's the easy part of the site, the secure payments mode is a different thing. Nowadays you have specialized companies but back then it all had to be worked out. (In computer terms you quickly speak in past terms). So I did what I was good at and got to work.

One day I had a new customer, a company called hgb inc. A boring company you think but the hgb stands for horny gay boys. Which says it all of course, I must say I find that these companies don't have a lot of imagination but maybe that's just what the customer wants: see a dick over and over again.

One time I got invited to see a shoot, I was curious so I said yes. I think the owner just wanted to impress me and maybe to renegotiate our contract. Let him try I thought. If he thinks I let walk over me he's in for a surprise. I am tough when it concerns my business.

So I got there drove down a large driveway to the big main house. I got out, the firm owner walked over, shook my hand and saw me look around. "Call me Haines" he smiled.

"Long driveway" I said.

"Yes we need privacy in our business, we have outside shootings too".

"Come in I give you a grand tour".

Haines was a bit of a strange guy not at all what you'd expect, or maybe on second thought he is, I don't know.. An almost bold guy around 50, wearing a colorful shirt half open, exposing his dark brown chest hair that looked to have a life of its own and growing towards the sun.

Further he wore short and slippers. Although I found this a bit comical his eyes were sharp, analyzing his every move. Better don't underestimate this guy I thought, appearance isn't everything.

We entered the hall, there were boxes en metal cases everywhere, clearly for technical equipment.

"I started this firm two decades ago" he said, mainly we did photo shoots for magazines and we made vhs movies.

He showed me the living room, there were cables lying on the floor. In one corner there was a pile of furniture probably props I thought. The room looked a bit cheap, unnatural.

He saw me looking and said "From time to time we repaint and we redecorate making sure the movie has the right look".

A guy carrying a light spot entered the room and disappeared into the next.

"We write all are stories ourselves" Haines said. "Storylines are very important to us, they give our movies more edge".

Another guy walked in totally naked and plunged himself into the sofa.

"One of our actors, in between scenes they have to sit and wait". "You do a lot of waiting don't you Dale?"

Dale grinned and grumbled something in agreement. Guess his communicative skills weren't that important in this business. But I must say he had a nice body and I couldn't help staring at him, it was like looking at a stud dreamcar and you knew you'd be in heaven when you could take it out for a spin.

Haines gave me a slap on the back and said "Come on lets continue our tour".

I couldn't help thinking it was like visiting the website: continue the free tour but we expect you to join at the end.

As I walked by Dale, I wanted to give him a nod, but he looked bored and seemed to have discovered a long hair on his otherwise hairless chest.

We crossed another room while Haines continued explaining. "At the moment were doing a story about a photo shoot. One guy poses and the other guy shoots pictures, then it gets a bit more intense when the model takes of more and more clothes, when he's finally naked they start sucking each other off and then they fuck for the next twenty minutes".

"Then what happens?" I ask.

"Well they cum and that's the end of the scene".

Ah, I thought, I see they probably have a lot of work with thinking out these storylines.

"So here we are on the scene". "We have to make sure the lights are ok, we have to check out different kinds of filters, there are also different kinds of shots we have for example Two-Shots: A comfortable shot of two people, framed similarly to a mid shot, but we do Cut-Ins too it shows some part of the subject in detail and so on. We have to think about these things all in advance so that the shootings goes perfect otherwise, at the end of the day we end up loosing money."

I nodded, I've always had an interest in all things technical but now my mind was distracted by this scene happening before my eyes.