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Chapter two -- The shoot


Although I `ve seen my share of pornmovies before it was something different standing in the middle of it. A hot guy sitting on a stool was being sucked off by another guy. The camera filmed from the side. Then the cameraman moved behind the guy sitting on the stool and filmed over his shoulder.

"Ok now look up" said a man making hand gestures. Guess he was in charge of what was happening.

"That's my movie director, Gerard" Haines said.

The guy looked up, straight into the camera while sucking.

"Ok, ok nice work, look into the camera, Danny move your hand more to the right"

"My crew making magic" Haines said.

I nodded.

"Its ok to talk" Haines said "We edit the sound afterwards. Sometimes with other actor voices. We edit everything. When we make a close-up of a cock it also might be one from another actor, taken a few weeks later. Nothing is what it seems in showbiz."

Haines laughed and slapped my back again. "But hey I'm letting you in on some trade secrets".

"When we have a shoot taking place in the hall for instance and then the action moves to the bedroom and then back to the hall. We shoot everything taking place in the hall first and then maybe a week later the stuff in the bedroom."

The action was getting more intense and these guys didn't seem to care that people were watching them fully naked and well, exposing themselves.

The actor sitting on the stool moved his hand towards the head of his kneeling colleague and caressed his hair while throwing his head back.

The kneeling guy took the entire cock in his mouth. The sucking noises were arousing me and I felt a good pressure in my pants.

I stared and I couldn't swallow, my hart raged.

The camera moved again, now filming the ass of the kneeling actor who was now also caressing his crack.

Man this was a weird turn on.

"Cut" the director shouted and suddenly everything stopped. People started walking into the scene, the actors stood up and disappeared into the next room their cocks still hard.

"Ok, lets go to my office to talk business" Haines said.

I followed him to some stairs, we went up. On the landing we passed a plastic Michelangelo's David but with a large cock pointing upwards. Around his neck they had put a leather strap with a sign saying administration.

"He's standing here to give people directions" Haines chuckled.

We entered his office through a heavy wooden double door. The room was the opposite of everything else in the house. It was more like walking into the office of an old senator or something, heavy furniture, large leather seats, book cases with old books, wood work on the walls and so on.

"Take a seat, can I offer you a drink?" Haines said while he walked to a case with crystal decanters. "Whiskey ok?"

"Yes sure" I said.

"Take a seat, let me be direct with you" He said while pouring a glass.

"I want to try something new with our website. I want to focus on our actors giving them more of a celebrity status like Hollywood does".

"I want to give each of them their own page with pictures and frequently updated content, maybe a diary and stuff". "I want it to be interactive so viewers must be able to leave comments and questions, which the star then can answer. Giving viewers the idea that they are more close to the actor so that they can fantasize about his exciting life. Well we'll have to make up an exciting life of course." Haines chuckled.

"But when our viewers have the opportunity to add comments and write stories, they themselves create content. Let the customers work for you and not you working for the customer, I always say -- its like converting the Ikea model for the porn industry, haha".

"I want be able to send automatic emails to our viewers with teasers, making them curious and making sure they come back to us and spend their fucking money".

Haines slapped his fist on the table. "Hell I want to milk those horny suckers out".

He chucked his whiskey down and took up his phone.

I nipped my glass.

"Send up Jase" Haines said, some murmur from the other side of the line "I don't care, get his dick up here now" Haines answered.

"I want you to meet one of our first `stars' appearing on our new site content" Haines said.

I drank some more while we waited.

A knock on the door and a guy entered. I recognised him it was the cock sucking actor from before. He was still naked though his hard on was gone.

"Chad meet Jase" Haines said. "Jase, Chad our computer guy."

Jase came over and shook my hand. A bit weird since I was sitting and he stood with his cock dangling before me. I wanted to stand up to give him a proper hand but to do that I had to move my head past his groin, so I decided to stay and sit.

I wanted to compliment him on his work but that would have sounded kinda weird so I just said hello. (Yes and in case you are wondering I took a good look at this cock, you pervs).

He looked a lot younger, now I saw him from up close, maybe he was 22 or something, blond hair long but not touching his shoulders. You could see he worked out, a baby six-pack was showing. His arms were more muscled. Damn and his blue eyes were something you could drawn in. So innocent looking, like a kid discovering the world and thinking its all great. But then I got a mental picture before me of him sucking off another guy. How many guys has he sucked off I wondered.

My line of thought was disturbed by Haines saying: "We need to make a good photo shoot, showing off all this boys features."

"Turn around" Haines said to Jase.

Jase complied. Now I had a good view of his but. It seems he was shaven everywhere.

"I want you to think out a good lay-out and all the technical stuff so that's its user friendly". Haines continued.

Haines speaks about this boy like he was just an object I thought, and more surprising Jase didn't seem to mind.

"We need to give him a life story" Haines said. "Maybe he's a surfer or a gymnast." "Do some crunches".

Jase sat down on the floor and did crunches.

"Yeah that's it we can take pictures while he's in action." Haines continued brainstorming. "We could oil him up or give him sports clothes."

I saw Jase looking at me, he continued doing crunches. His muscles contracted and relaxed, a beautiful sight. How does he do it to get such a perfect body, I thought.

I gave him a smile.

He opened his eyes more or somehow they looked bigger, while he continued eye contact. He looked really like a puppy know. I know it was probably his trademark which he was showing of but it worked.

"So we better set up the details in writing and work out an addendum to the contract." Haines said while he stood up to poor himself a new glass.

"Jase you can go know".

The whole time Jase hadn't said a word. He stood up and left, though I had the idea that he made sure I could have another last look at his cock.

So the next hour we worked out the details of our new deal, but my mind wondered of from time to time to the picture of Jase. Maybe a negotiating technique of our shark Haines I thought: first make you horny, then discuss legal terms and contract details -- brutal.