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Chapter three Drive



Finally we had a good draft of our agreement and it was time to go. "I thank you for your visit" Haines said "I think this will be good for the both of us. Till next time, maybe you can see more of our shoots or maybe you want to be in it sometimes". He winked at me but I ignored his remark and shook his hand, wishing him all the best with his firm.

"Can you find your way back?" he said,

"Sure" I said and I left the room. Passing the "David" on the landing, I went down. As I passed the hallway I saw Jase. Fully clothed now, he was wearing a sporty outfit and had a backpack over his shoulder.

"So your gonna make me famous" he said.

"Well I'm making a website all about you, guess we have to find out how popular you will be" I said.

"Yeah well Haines knows his stuff, but for today I'm done here."

"Oh can I offer you a lift" I asked.

"Well I usually get a ride from the guys, but it seems they're still rapping up today's shoot. So yes if its not to much trouble or out of your way".

"Where do you live?"

"Whitley Avenue"

"Oh that neighbourhood is pretty hip and urban and the area has plenty of young people."

He shrugged his shoulders, "It's cool but paying the rent is not always easy."

I nodded when I showed him the way to my car.

We got in and I started driving. "It is a bit out of my way, is it ok if we stop at my house first? I have to fax some documents".

"No prob" Jase said. "Cool car"

"Thanks, yeah I love my beemer."

"So you've been working for Haines for a long time?" I asked.

"A year or so, I came here to be an actor, I'm still following acting classes. But things are expensive you know. I did several jobs, cleaning, working in bars, shoving boxes."

"But your ok with what your doing now?"

"Yeah well it gets me by, you know." "What about you?"

"Oh I suck at acting" I said "So I have my own internetcompany".

Jase smiled and looked out of the window at the passing cars.


"So here we are" I finally said "This is my place". I parked the car and we got out.

I let us in into the house, offered him something to drink while he waited and went into my office preparing my faxpapers.

"You have a really nice house" I heard him say, "Wow and a pooltable."

Guess he was wandering around checking everything out.

"Make yourself at home" I shouted back.

"Okay, no worries" he shouted and I heard a plunge.

Seems he had found the pool and decided he needed to cool off.

Damn I thought to myself, what a guy just living in the moment. I concentrated on my legal papers.


When I was done I went down to the pool.

"Really refreshing" Jase said come on in.

He did a few strokes swimming towards me. I noticed he was skinny dipping.

"Well ok let me get my swim shorts"

"Yeah right" Jase said "you had the opportunity to check me out all the way at Haines office" "I think you can now return the favour"

He smiled showing his white bleached teeth.

"Well yes that's only fair" I said "But I'm not like you, I'm a skinny nerdish guy, nothing much to see"

I guess I was in the defence, and a bit insecure about my own body, but who wouldn't be when compared to someone with a perfect body?

"Come on", he laughed and splashed some water. Again he looked as if he didn't have a care in the world.

So I gave in and stripped slowly. I was sure he was finding it amusing, he had twinklings in his eyes. I stripped down my underpants and quickly jumped into the water.

The water was warmed by the sun and it felt good. My dick feeling freed from my underware.