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Chapter Four: "Dive in"


I was treading water, keeping myself afloat. I spread my arms and made the water ripple with my hands. Our eyes locked for a moment, my heart made a jump. At the same time Jase dove down. His legs kicked the water and I felt drops hit my face.

I saw him reappear at the other end of the pool. Why did this guy make me feel like I'm 16 again, feeling butterflies? I decided I had to act my age, I don't know what would you have done? I'm thinking put yourself above him even if it's just an act. I started swimming maybe I could do a few laps, working my muscles, getting my head together. He watched me from the side, he had his arms spread out along the side of the pool, the water level just brushed his nipples.

I did a few laps, my muscles were tensed. Joining Jase at the side he said "Man its great you have a pool of your own, swimming beats the gym." He smiled," swimmers have great bodies too. "

"Well, it seems you don't need a pool for that" I smiled back.

He gave me a boyish look and lifted himself out of the pool.

Dripping water on my tiles, he stroke his hair stepped to the end of the pool and dove in. Like a spear he cleaved the water and in full speed he began making laps. Yes I felt my swimming before had the elegance of a man dropped in the lake with a weight bound to his feet. But hey who cares. I lifted myself out of the water, took a towel and put it around my waste. I arranged some drinks and then sat back on the side of the pool, my legs dangling in the water.

Jase was still doing his work out, he seemed enjoying himself, it was like he was comfortable, safe, just swimming.

I watched him, I felt like everything was like it should be. I noticed the sun warming my body and I lay back, closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt water dripping all over my body. Jase had finished his work out and had now lifted him half way out of the pool , between my legs leaning over me. His face was right above mine more drops form his wet hair fell on my face.

"Thanks for that" I said.

He said nothing he just hang over me. Silence.

It was an electric moment, probably one of those moments you remember for ever.

Slowly he let himself slide back into the pool.

My mind was working overtime, what had happened, my mind was void.

I felt his wet head at the inside of my legs. His head disappeared under the towel I was wearing. An utterly warm glow took hold of my body, it spread from my tows to my ears. I don't remember breathing, thinking or anything. It was like I came to a halt and at the same time went into light speed.

The movements at my groin went faster, the knot of my towel came lose and both ends fell beside me. Exposing my hips to the sun. This wet blond head appeared in front of me. I couldn't resist and I ran my hand through it. The head responded, Jase turned his head so he could look at me. My hand touched his cheek. He continued, man some things you just can't explain, this hotty new everything there was to know and brought it into practice. I mean I just couldn't have done it myself like that and damn please don't stop.

I felt an unstoppable build up in my body, an over empowering force like you yourself could`ve made the walls of Troye crumble and seize the city. And there I was looking at my blond Achilles making it happen.

Instead of crumbling walls I shot straight into his mouth while he continued sucking me empty.

All my muscles relaxed, I just laid there, finding back my breath.

Jase jumped out of the pool and said "I should go".

"Yeah sure, of course" And I jumped up too.

During the drive to his apartment nothing was said, I mean, it just seemed so silly to make small talk now. When we got there he got out and said "Thanks" and he was gone.