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Chapter five: Things to do.


The following days I did everything kind of in a haze. I don't know I was having troubles concentrating, I worked, did all the normal things.

At one point I noticed my fridge was empty so I ended up at the convenient store. Its strange, how to explain it. Its like being there and at the same time not at all. Like you are some sort of spirit watching other people. Entering the store through the fruit and vegetable corner I saw a women putting oranges in a bag, I saw a men weighing some vegetables on a scale, he turned around and looked at me as he put his bag in his trolley. A child crossed my path with some cereals in his hands, running to his mother saying "Can we have this one, mommy please..."

All these things so utterly normal yet I looked at it as it was unreal.

I guess I put some food items in my trolley probably the things I always get. On my way to the cash register I passed through the bedding and bath section. There were towels on sale. A whole wall with neatly folded bath towels from floor to ceiling in all colours of the rainbow. Really a beautiful sight, but people just passed it by, being busy with their daily chores.

I stopped my trolley and I looked at the textile wall. I saw a towel moving rhythmic between my legs, I felt a great sensation, a warm glow until finally I saw Jase's head appearing from under the towel, his hair wet. This picture popped in my head and Jase's look just staid with me.

Another trolley passing me by startled me. I took some towels and dumped them in with the rest of my articles. I wasn't really in need of towels but I took them anyway.


I didn't hear of Jase and a week had passed but you know people get in and out of your life on a daily basis. People you went to high school with and with whom you had such close relations were long forgotten. People you worked with and saw everyday but changed jobs were gone. Even close friends whom you had carried home when they were drunk, or maybe you were drunk too and you fell a sleep together, settled in another city. But sometimes you have to stop the flow of life and change its directions because you have to live your life at its fullness too. Some encounters just can't be coincidences.


I got a call of Haines saying that I would receive the result of the photo shoot that afternoon.

So I sat there, I had several thing to do but I just didn't. My mailbox blinked, an email. Click the following link(s) to retrieve your file(s). A large file was downloading. Finally I opened it and I saw pictures of Jase posing as a tough gymnast. The first picture was taken from the waist up. His arms crossed over his chest pushing up his singlet so the focus point was on his navel and the muscles surrounding it.

The second picture was taken from behind he had his arms above his had and his hands pulled at his singlet. Lifting it up just above his butt which was of course naked. There was a certain artistic quality to it, I guess they wanted to make it a bit more classy, although I guessed the end of the photo series probably would be a bit more hard core.

More pictures followed now with gymnast apparatus, rings, parallel bars and a pommel horse.

I liked the next picture, he stood there his arms stretched out sideways, holding rings, dangling from ropes. The singlet was gone. The back ground was completely white, but his body was covered in shadow. Only some details of his muscles were high lighted by some light coming from above, his head was turned downwards.

I opened another picture. He had chalked his hands and was now clapping his hands together so that the chalk formed a cloud in front of his now sweating body. The cloud had a fading effect but you saw his pubic hairs neatly trimmed and his dick hanging there. Rather large, I heard myself thinking.

I clicked to the next picture. Jase stood and had laid the upper part of his body on the pommel horse his arms stretched out in front of him. His feet still touched the ground, but they were placed apart so that the viewer had a good look of his butt. He had pushed his groin against the pommel horse so that he pushed his now hard dick downwards. Jase must have spanked his cheeks with his chalked hands because you could see a chalked handprint on his but. I looked closer this picture was clearly a turn on since he was presenting himself to you, inviting you to fuck him and with his hard dick showing telling you that he was waiting in full anticipation. I don't have to mention at this time my own dick was really growing. I was now almost with my nose against the screen making sure I saw everything. And yet there was one more detail I noticed, not that clearly if you looked to quickly but he had laid a towel over his head.

I sat back and was astonished, again I took a closer look. I mean Jase knew I would see these pictures, and hell he certainly knew what happened at my pool. Was he sending me a message? Or is it just my imagination going wild? Yeah maybe, I'm just seeing things. On the other hand the towel was only clear for the more observant viewer, if you were browsing the web and you saw this picture, I bet you'd just see his dick dangling, no?

Ah stop thinking, I just want to see things that aren't there.

Fuck is he playing mind games with me?