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Chapter six: Spices

Urgh all this insinuating sex stuff is moulding through my head. You know, if you canít let things go it just keeps turning around in your mind and you get flashes, well in this case flashes of Jaseís naked butt.

I decided to fight my brain and I started working on an invoice program for a gardening company.

Define the following text fields: Product Ordered, Product2 Ordered, Product3 Ordered, and Product4 Ordered. Also, define the following number fields: Quantity, Quantity2, Quantity3, Quantity4, Price, Price2, Price3, and Price4. These fields will accommodate the information that's entered regarding the supplies being ordered.

Yeah that should do it, no one is getting in my head that easily.

So I managed to work until about nine pm. I noticed my stomach was protesting.

Although I live alone I find it important to cook for myself that way Iím sure its healthy in contrary to processed food, you just donít know whatís in it and its so fattening.

I cook using a wok its great because you can use fresh vegetables or you can buy a bag of deepfreeze mixed vegetables.

Whatís important is that you donít use any oil or butter, you can simply use light bouillon blocks (only 5 calories). Squash one or two in a cup of hot water and add it to the wok. Then first put in the onions let them release their great taste. Then I usually chop a fresh red paprika and the rest of my vegetables. This way you can cook and keep the calories extremely low.

At the end put some spices in, to give it more flavour. You can experiment with this and end up with another flavour every time so that it doesnít get boring. I decided to make some white fish to go along with it, also low fat. Just put some fish in the microwave along with some tomatoes, add some herbs. The fish will warm up in its own juices and in the juice of the tomatoes. Finally you can boil some rice or pasta with a tomato or paprica sauce- remember donít use any oil of butter.

Youíll be amazed.

Spices play an important role in this, I have a whole cupboard filled with different kind of spices. And no, I do not order them alphabetically what kind of a nerd do you think I am? I just order them by taste and color. Damn now I think about it isnít that also a nerdish thing to do?

Anyway you must think this is turning into a cooking book but I am thinking about an online healthy living cooking site for gays -- low in calories -- keep your figure the way you want it. Well thatís the marketing angle of it, it needs more pondering.

The following days passed uneventful. I worked, went out with some friends but I really wasnít in the mood for it.

Finally I also concluded my work for Haines, I send him the results. I pressed send and thought: Thatís it end of contract.

I went for a long walk afterwards.