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Chapter seven: Despair

I just had visited a client, and was now driving. I think my aim was getting home but it seems my car was following its own route. Leading me to the street were Jase lived, I found myself stopping in front of his apartment building. My car parked itself and I sat there.

Other cars passed me by, a punk kid drove his skateboard down the pavement. He looked 16 or something. I watched him. His hair was short and pointy, he was a good looking kid. I noticed he was listening to an mp3 player. He wore a black shirt with no sleeves with some white trashy letters on the front. I couldn't make out what is said though. He was wearing jeans. You could see his knee through one of the several holes in the fabric. His waste band hang very low, you could see his entire under ware shorts. What's up with that? Further he wore some white sneakers with a red stripe on the side.

I guess I must have stared a bit to obvious cause he looked back. He brought his fist to his mouth and made movements towards his mouth while pressing his tongue to the side of his cheek.

He passed by and I got out.

I looked up at the apartment building. I saw the clouds reflected in the glass windows.

Crossing the street I felt nervous. I don't even know his full name, Jase... is that even his real name? I looked at the name tags next to the doorbells. I didn't see any Jase. Damn what was I even doing here?

I stood there not really sure what to do. Above the door bells was a mirror. I looked at myself. "My God, Chad, what are you doing?" I said to myself. I noticed a single grey hair and pulled it out.

I pushed a doorbell guessing it might be the apartment of the genitor.


"I'm sorry to disturb you sir but do you know if someone named Jase is living here?'

"Don't know anyone by that name"

And the connection was lost.

I rang again.

"I'm so sorry I said but maybe I can describe this person to you?"

I tried to describe Jase but the voice on the other end couldn't help me further.

"I'm sorry to have bothered you, sir"

But the connection was already lost.

The sensible thing to do was to go home. But I guess my rationality had left me. I went back to my car and I waited.

The colour of the clouds reflecting in the windows of the apartment building changed. I never noticed that before. All these forms you could see on the glass continuous changing shape. Who said that a glass building was cold and uninteresting? This building appeared to be alive.

The sun was setting though and the glass got a darker and darker yellowish red glow. Jase didn't get home, or maybe he was in his apartment the whole time.

I sighted deeply. I turned my car keys and started my car. I drove off; maybe you just can't shape the world the way you want it to be...