The following is a work of fiction which contains consensual sexual acts between adult males. If you are offended by this, or if it is illegal where you are please do not read any further. All copyrights are held by the author. Please to not duplicate, print, distribute or re-submit this story without permission from the author.  Parts of this story are based on actual people and events, the names have been changed to protect the guilty parties.

This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams

Chapter 1

"Welcome to the family," a single tear ran down Jennifer Schultz's cheek as she gave Damon Jung a brotherly hug.

As the embrace was released it occurred to Damon that he and Jennifer had just shared as much intimate contact as they ever did during the whole time they were dating. Sure they occasionally hugged and even less frequently he would give her a quick peck on the cheek. But that was the extent of their physical contact. And now, almost four months after what had been a very easy break up they found themselves once again involved in a relationship of sorts. Only this time instead of them being the couple, he was involved with her older sibling, her brother at that.

As much as Damon tried he just couldn't look her in the eye and instead quickly cast his gaze to the floor. "This is awkward," he exhaled heavily and turned way. He wanted to look to Jeff for comfort but somehow felt it wouldn't be appropriate at that particular time.

"Yeah kinda," Jen agreed, realizing that she may have possibly had feelings for Damon after all. Even though at the time he was a convenience boyfriend, she had to admit she did like him. She knew that she should be mad at him but for some reason she just couldn't. Perhaps it was over the confusion of the situation and the reality that her brother and her ex-boyfriend were now gay lovers just hadn't sunk in.

"Why is that?" Jeff was amused by the situation.

"I don't know what the proper protocol would be here; this isn't exactly an everyday situation you know." Damon said as he unconsciously wiped his palms on his jeans.

"It's not like we planned all this to happen," Jen sniffled as she spoke.

"You gonna to be okay with this Sis?" Jeff asked with concern as he reached over to wipe away a tear. It upset him knowing how his sister must feel and seeing her puffy cheeks didn't help. He momentarily wished he that had cut it all off with Damon back when their little bizarre love triangle was revealed in Spring Hill. The truth was Jeff really did love him despite knowing possible repercussions. He and Damon both knew this day would come and had been a topic of their discussions over the summer. They had come up with several ideas on how to bring Jen into the loop but they never expected the closet door to be ripped open, this soon anyway.

"Yeah, I think I'll be fine," another sniffle, her eyes were still red from crying but at least the tears had subsided. "Just give me some time to get used to it." She managed to break a smile. Jeff walked up next to Damon and placed his arms around his lover's shoulder; somehow he didn't share the others' embarrassment and felt completely comfortable with the situation. To him it was as if a weight had been lifted and it looked like the two people he cared most about were going to be fine with their newfound relation. Al beit much different than the previous relationship they were used to. He had always been close with his sister and only sibling and didn't like lying to her during these past few months. Somehow he felt he knew her well enough to know that his being gay would not be a problem for long.

"I hope so because Damon will probably be spending a lot of time here." As much as he wanted to he resisted the urge to place a kiss on Damon's cheek.

"Oh my God!" Jen suddenly shrieked, breaking the mood. The other two jumped, startled by her outburst. "Brian! He will be here any minute to pick me up for..." She stopped as she realized she just divulged more information than she was ready to.

"Don't worry Sis, we know you're dating him." Jeff figured he may as well open the bag and let all the cats jump out.

She didn't have time to be shocked or wonder how they knew. "He can't see me like this, and he can't know about you two. I don't know how he will feel and I don't want to chase him away."

"Yeah and I have to live with him." Damon realized the full implications of what might happen if his heterosexual roommate discovered his not so little secret. The group was then startled by a knock at the door.

"Stall him," Jen said as she made a mad dash towards the bathroom.

"But how, and what are you going to do?"

Jen stopped and turned, "It's one of the advantages of being a woman big brother, there's nothing a little makeup can't hide." She winked and disappeared through the bathroom door, closing it behind her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Brian was nervously standing on the landing outside the apartment. It had been Jen's idea for him to come upstairs to pick her up. He would have much rather preferred to wait in the car. He knew he was falling in love with this girl but still was concerned by what her brother's reaction would be. He had only met Jeff Schultz once and knew that size wise he was taller than Jeff by at least a couple inches and outweighed him by thirty pounds, and that wasn't fat. But he had also heard about how protective the ex-Marine was of his little sister and wasn't prepared to ascertain if it was factual about how many ways a Marine was trained to kill with their bare hands. He gulped slightly as Jeff opened the door wearing a robe.

"Yes?" Jeff had decided to play dumb and have some fun with Brian.

"I, I'm here to pick up Jennifer." Brian didn't mean to stutter, it just happened.

"And you are?"

"Brian, Brian Flynn, we met last night at the mixer." Brian extended his hand hoping things would go well."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. At 8:00 in the frikkin mornin?" Jeff pretended not to see the outreached hand and instead threw attitude.

"Well, I, um, well, I'm, uh, taking her out for breakfast." More stuttering as Brian's nerves were wearing thin.

"You are, are you?"

"Yeah," Brian was beginning to cower and considered just leaving and calling Jen later to apologize. And he really didn't understand why. He had never shied away from a fight in his life. Perhaps it was the situation and the desire to have Jeff's blessing to date his sister.

"For Christ sake Jeff, would you let him in already." Brian heard the familiar voice coming from inside the apartment and looked back up hoping Jeff didn't see the beads of sweat that he could feel forming on his forehead.

"At least you're picking her up in a gentlemanly fashion for breakfast and not taking her out after spending the night with her in some sleazy motel." Brian's eyes opened wide at the accusation and his pulse quickened as more sweat began oozing from his extremities. He had indeed spent the night at the local Ramada with Jennifer and the only reason they didn't go straight to breakfast is because she wanted to change clothes and freshen up. Surely Jeff knew that she had only come home a half hour earlier and wondered where she had been. Brian noticed that Jeff's expression had changed to a smirk as the door was opened wider welcoming him in. Brian walked in to see Damon sitting on the arm of the couch rolling in laughter.

"Dude you should see yourself, you're white as a sheet." Damon laughed as he pointed.

Jeff broke out into laughter watching Brian shift his gaze back and forth between himself and Damon. His sister's new boyfriend was just becoming aware that he was the butt of a joke.

"What's going on here?" Brian asked as even he was finally able to crack a half smile. His big question that went unasked was why was his roommate there? After Brian had dropped Jen off at her apartment to freshen up he himself had gone to the frat house to change and noticed that Damon's bed had not been slept in. He assumed his roommate must have been out with a girl; there's no shortage of eligible co-eds around campus who have been waiting for their chance with the elusive Damon Jung. But Brian had never imagined finding Damon here.

"Just messing with you big guy. I know about you and Jennifer." Jeff gave Brian a friendly slap on the arm. Brian swung his gaze to Damon; he'd never known his roommate to have loose lips and was slightly annoyed at his choice of times to start.

"Where is she? Is she ready?" A hint of nervousness returned to Brian's voice. Wondering just how much Jeff knew?

"She's getting ready, you know, girl stuff."

The three sat around chatting for another twenty minutes while Jennifer showered and made herself up. She was still digesting the events and revelations of the morning. Jeff gay? No Way ! And if that thought alone wasn't difficult to swallow, what about Damon? But the more she thought about it the more she knew she should have seen the writing on the wall while they were dating. She always thought he was more of a brother then a boyfriend, "how ironic," she thought, "now he is a brother of sorts." But then the sight of the two in the kitchen kept popping back into her mind, especially of Damon's slightly opened robe with his manhood hanging out. Had she known what was there last year she may have taken their relationship a little more seriously! But then she chuckled to herself, wondering if she had, how far would he have let it gone? As she showered and applied her makeup she let her thoughts wonder away from the situation to happier times. Like when they were growing up and Jeff would be her `protector.' She always loved her older brother and still did. But even though she had met several gay people since she'd been in college and had no problems with them, she wasn't sure she could deal with her own brother being gay. The swelling eventually went down and with just a little bit of makeup Brian would never know she had been crying.

"Gee what could possibly be taking so long?" Brian wondered aloud looking down the hallway at Jennifer's closed bedroom door.

"You know girls." Jeff smiled, "and my sister is all girl."

Brian cast a glance to Damon as if to say something but Damon raised his hands and stopped him, "Don't ask me, she's your girlfriend now!" Al l three broke out in laughter as Jennifer finally emerged from her private domain.

"And what is so funny?" She asked as she walked up to Brian and gave him a quick kiss.

"Oh nothing," he replied quickly and unconvincingly.

"Un huh right, you ready?"

"Been ready." He quickly stood and put his arms around Jennifer. "Well guys, been great but got plans." He and Jennifer made a hasty exit. The time with Jeff had made him more comfortable around his girlfriend's brother but he was more then ready to leave. He still couldn't help but to wonder why Damon was there with Jeff and what was going on with those two.

"What's he doing here?" Brian could barely be heard by the two still in the apartment as he and Jen descended the interior stairway to the front door.

"I thought I told you that he and Jeff had become friends." Brian did know that, but something just didn't fit. He decided to drop it for now and enjoy the day with his lovely girlfriend.

* * * * * * * * * *

"What's wrong?" Jeff noticed Damon's concerned look and that he was still staring at the recently closed door.

"Dunno, I think he may have figured us out."

"I think you're being paranoid," Jeff grabbed Damon in a hug and planted a kiss on his lips.

"That's easy for you to say; you don't have to live with him."

"Trying to make me jealous?"

"Fat chance." Damon returned the kiss. "Beside, you've got it easy now, your closet door has been opened and Jen seems to be handling it well. I don't think my fraternity brothers will take it so easily."

"So move out."

"Yeah right, where to?"

"Here!" Jeff said with excitement.

"You're kidding, right?" Damon broke the hug; one look in Jeff's eyes told him his lover was serious.

"Why not? What do you need the fraternity for anyway?"

"Whoa, slow down big guy! Isn't that moving a little fast?"

"I don't think so; we've known each other several months now."

"Most of which we've spent apart."

"We've still kept in touch. Oh damn I've missed you so much over the summer. The phone calls and email were great but it's just not the same as being able to hold you and hug you and kiss you whenever I want."

"I agree with you there, babe. But I'm not sure I should do that just now."

"Why not?" Jeff gave a pouty, childish look that made Damon beam and momentarily consider the offer a little more seriously.

"Well the fraternity for one thing."

"What's so special about that fraternity anyway?"

"It's important to my dad. He was a Sig Ep and thinks that it looks good on a resume. And that it develops character and camaraderie. A sense of worth and belonging."

"Does it?"

"I don't know, I guess. I mean I enjoyed it last year but since I've met you it doesn't seem important anymore."

"You can't live your life for your dad; I know that more than anybody. I joined the Marines because of mine."

"Yeah? My dad has my whole life planned out, I'll graduate next spring, then intern while I take summer classes I'll need before I can take the CPA. Once I pass that, then finally go to work full time where he intends to groom me to take over the firm so he can retire."

"So..." Jeff dragged the single syllable out, "if you've already got a guaranteed job, what's the fuss?"

"My... our life for one thing. I've surprisingly been able to keep my being gay from my family but that can only last for so long. Once I start working with Dad daily I'm sure the questions will start; why I don't have a girlfriend, when I'm going to settle down, I think you get the point."

"Yeah, I do. My mother asked me those questions all summer. "

"I'm not sure how the family will take it when they find out. I could end up orphaned and unemployed, not to mention creating a scandal."

"I see."

"So I want everything I can get on my resume in case I have to find a job on my own. Besides, even though I would be moving from the house to get away from possible bigotry, Brian will still be here and we did tell Jen we would keep it from him for now."

Jeff put his arms back around Damon, conceding defeat. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I was just hoping is all." He gave Damon a quick kiss, "because I really do like waking up with you next to me."

"I share that sentiment. Give it time Jeff," Damon ran the back of his hand down Jeff's smooth muscular chest through the narrow opening of the robe eventually stopping at the terry cloth rope holding the garment closed. "I want nothing more then to be with you myself. But the timing just isn't right now." He tugged at the rope loosening the light knot and letting the front of the robe open slightly allowing Jeff's flaccid penis to break free. "So now that we're alone again, what do you want to do?"

"Let's have breakfast," Jeff said without thinking, "I'm starved."

"I see what I want, is it on the menu?" The meaning of Damon's comment hit Jeff like a ton of bricks, making him momentarily feel stupid. Instead of letting on he just gave Damon a sly grin encouraging his lover to continue. Still in the middle of the living room Damon dropped to his knees to worship the magnificent specimen of manhood that stood before him. He knew Jeff was a little rough around the edges but he had completely fallen for this blond hunk. Any doubt that he had about their relationship had completely faded over the past twenty-four hours. He knew that Jeff Schultz was the man he wanted to spend his life with. He looked at the appendage before him and then lightly sniffed to take in the rich manly aroma that turned him on so much. He leaned in and rubbed his nose in circles at the tip then slowly moved up the shaft until the nest of pubic hair tickled at his nose. The magnificent phallus was slowly starting to come to life when they were suddenly and rudely interrupted.


Jeff was torn; he wanted Damon to continue but also knew he should answer the phone. Service had just been turned on two days prior so it could only be one person other than Jen. Reluctantly he grabbed for the handset.

"Hi Mom," He paused listening to his mother, he had guessed correctly. "Not really, we haven't given the number out to anyone unless Sis has." Another pause, "nah, she left a few minutes ago with a friend. Um," Jeff stopped and hesitated before continuing. "Yeah Mom, was just getting ready to take a shower. Yeah, I think she's going to meet me there. Un-huh, the one she took you by. OK Mom, love you too, bye." Jeff pressed the disconnect button and slowly sat the phone back on the end table.

"Everything alright?" Damon asked with concern.

Jeff was silent as he bit his lip and looked towards the floor shuffling his right foot. "Uh, yeah, fine." Another short pause, Damon held out his arms and gave him the `well what is it?' look. "So, do you wanna go to church with?"

"Church? O-K." It was a question not an agreement.

"Hey Damon, I'm serious here."

"I am too; I'm not exactly the church going type you know. I think the foundations would crumble as soon as I walked across the threshold."

"Ah come on, it can't be that bad. Besides," he paused as he looked down, "I can't lie to my mother, I just told her I was going."

"Yeah, but you also told her Jen left with a friend,"

"So I omitted the boy part, that's technically not lying."

"If you say so."

"You gonna come?"

"Jeff I don't know, I guess it's a family thing. We've never gone to church regularly like yours does. My idea of a good Sunday is lying in bed and having sex till Noon ." Damon grabbed Jeff around the waist causing the robe to open further before pulling him closer for a kiss

"Me too, but since she called I really need to go. I guess I was just raised different."

Damon tensed up and at first was a bit annoyed at that statement and almost said something. But stopped, took a deep breath and realized that Jeff didn't necessarily mean he was better. One part of Damon was interested in learning more about religion, something he was never really exposed to in his home life growing up. "I guess."

He meant it as a comment: Jeff took it as an affirmative. His blue eyes gleamed in the happiness that his new lover would be joining him. Church had been a big part of his life and something he would like to share with his new lover. "Then we'd better take a shower." Jeff gave Damon a quick peck on the cheek, then, led him to the bathroom. If not for the lovemaking in the shower they could have made it to mass on time. They pulled into the parking lot at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and found a spot near the back and walked into the sanctuary just as communion was starting. They quietly sat in the rear pew, their late arrival drawing looks of scorn from a couple of old ladies with rosaries in hand. Damon looked at Jeff and noticed the serious stance his lover had. They made a hasty exit as soon as the priest adjourned service and headed to Golden Corral for a breakfast buffet. Afterwards they enjoyed a leisurely day around town.

The couple ended up at Riverfront Park near downtown after stopping for milk shakes at a popular locally owned ice cream parlor. They walked along the levee overlooking the river talking about nothing in particular, eventually stopping at a park bench. They sat and watched a couple wave runners speeding across the waterway and a couple fishermen sitting in their boat near the shore. They sat in silence when Jeff suddenly laughed.

"What?" Damon asked with a silly grin, the kind one gets when they don't understand the joke.

"I was just remembering the last time we were sitting on a bench looking out over water."

"Yeah, I remember, and it was about this time of day too, another gorgeous sunset." Damon stared off into space, his memory flashing to that of the dock in front of the country club in Spring Hill.

"As I recall, you went to church that day too."

Damon smiled, "as I recall that day started with you hating me."

"Damon I really don't want to relive that day."

"Then we won't relive the whole day, let's start from this point." He put his hand on Jeff's; they looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

They stared back into the river for several more minutes watching a barge slowly hum its way downstream. Damon suddenly turned and looked over his shoulder.

"What?" Jeff jumped, startled, firming his grip on Damon's hand. He turned to see what Damon was looking at.

"It was about this point last time when we were interrupted."

As they turned back towards the river, two joggers made their way by and stared at the boy's public display of affection. After they were past the boys looked to each other and laughed.

"As much as I enjoy being with you my dear, I need to be getting back to the house. We have a meeting tonight."

"Do you have to?"

"Probably not but I'd better." They exchange a quick kiss before heading out. Back at the fraternity house Brian pulled up just as Damon was getting out of the Jeep.

* * * * * * * * * *

Al l eyes turned to the door as both Damon and Brian ran into the fraternity house at the last minute and took seats. The focus for the gathering was to choose a new charity to support. It was required of all fraternal organizations to allocate resources to community services. Every year they held various fundraisers during the course of the year to support their cause. Several ideas were mentioned, considered and immediately thrown out. It was when the Angel Network, which was raising money for children with AIDS in Africa was mentioned that Damon flew off the handle.

"What about all the people with AIDS here in the states or even right here in town?" He blurted without thinking and instantly had the attention of the whole group.

"Sounds like you've got the floor DJ, what've you got to say?" Dave Chapman was Damon's `big brother' as well as the local chapter president.

Damon's extremities began sweating, he couldn't believe that he let his emotions get the best of him and had made such an outburst. Usually he was much more reserved and thought things through before speaking. "There are people here in town," he continued, "whose families disowned them and friends shunned them when it was found out they carried HIV. They can't get or hold a job because no one wants to hire them so they don't have insurance to buy needed medicines or money to pay rent or even buy food. Many of them end up in understaffed and under-funded shelters or hospices, or worse, living in cardboard boxes under an overpass and eating out of dumpsters causing them to be malnourished or exposed to the elements." The room was silent as the entire fraternity digested Damon's words and considered the reality of his statement.

It was Rodney Taylor who broke the silence. "So you're saying you want us to support fags instead of sick babies?" Rodney was known for being a bit of a redneck and had a history of making anti-gay as well as racist comments.

"Not everyone with AIDS is gay," Brian glared at Rodney.

"Everyone knows that queers spread AIDS." Mark Jackson, another brother joined the conversation.

"Yeah, we don't wanna turn into a fag fraternity." Another added.

"I don't think that donating to the local hospice would brand us as being a gay organization." Damon hoped to retake control of the discussion but realized from all the chatter in the room that it was probably a lost cause at that point.

"Yeah, but I don't want to be known as gay friendly. I personally want to keep the butt pirates out and will kick the ass of any that try to check me out." Rodney growled.

"The bylaws of this fraternity specify that we cannot bar membership based on sexual orientation, not to mention the university also seriously prohibits discrimination." John Harris, their faculty advisor was present for the meeting and decided it was time to step in. He looked right at Rodney as he continued, "Let's not forget we do have a partnership with YouthAids and half of all we raise goes to them."

"But that's different. I don't have a problem helping sick children." Rodney retorted.

"Why is that so different?" Damon wanted to know.

"Because them kids can't help it. The fags can,"

"Why is it you have such a problem with gays?" Brad Merritt, who is usually a quiet one asked.

"The bible says..."

"And what do you know about the bible?" Glen Dougan interrupted Rodney, "I've never known you to go to church or even talk or act the slightest bit religious."

"He does say god dammit a lot!" someone yelled, bringing a round of laughter from the group of guys.

The next half hour turned into a heated discussion on the subject with the group being divided almost in half. Damon was impressed with Brian's passion on the subject and how he was able to throw out statistics and facts that even Damon didn't know. "That's enough gentlemen; this is not the forum to discuss homosexuality or the theological implications thereof." Professor Harris stood and looked around the group of young men. "Our purpose here this evening is to decide on a charity, I suggest we get on with it."

It was quickly decided to drop the idea of sending money overseas. Their bylaws did specify they were to find a local charity. While most present felt empathy for those of which Damon spoke, the majority agreed they weren't sure it would be in their best interests to support such a controversial organization. When the meeting adjourned they still had not made a clear decision on which group they would support but did schedule a car wash for a Saturday two weeks out. While frat boys clad only in shorts weren't the traffic stopper that scantily clad sorority girls were, they were still a traditional fundraiser. And they were definitely best held before the weather turned too cold.

Damon stayed after the meeting with a couple of the guys and grabbed some snacks before heading to his room. He hoped to make a quick call to Jeff before bed but before he had a chance to lift the receiver Brian returned from the shower clad only in a towel around his waist. Rather then make the call Damon plugged the phone line into his laptop, deciding to send a discreet email instead.

"You sure know your stats, thanks for defending me back there." Damon said to his roommate.

"No problem bro," Brian dropped the towel and stood facing Damon stark naked. It was all Damon could do to keep his gaze focused on Brian's eyes and not wander south. "So what did you do to keep yourself entertained all day?" Little did Damon know but Brian was paying attention to him, carefully watching his every move, paying close attention to Damon's eyes and what he was focused on. If his hunch was right, he knew where that would be.

"Just hung with Jeff," Damon shifted focus from Brian in order to power up his laptop then turned back to see Brian drying himself. Damon thought this a bit strange since Brian looked dry when he came into the room.

"Had lots to talk about, did you?" Brian said, with an emphasis on the word talk. There was no doubt in Damon's mind the reason for the sarcasm. He read Damon's blank stare to mean he didn't know what he was talking about. "Just had to blab to your buddy about me didn't you?"

"Look Bri, I'm sorry, it just sorta came up." Damon apologized realizing the reason for Brian's irritation.

"I bet," Brian threw the towel over his shoulder and sat at the edge of his bed making sure his legs were spread enough to flaunt his goods. His display was not bringing the results he had expected. "DJ, I trusted you."

Damon cringed, not only at the use of his old nickname, but also at realizing his fraternity brother was right. He should have never mentioned anything to Jeff.

"Brian, he more or less figured it out, all I did was confirm. And even then only after I was certain he had no problem with it."

"It still wasn't your place to say anything." Then as an afterthought, "we all have our secrets we'd rather not get out." He flashed Damon a look that could kill. Damon saw the glare and wondered just how much his roommate might know or suspect.

Damon decided to drop the subject as he signed into his internet service and checked email. Brian sat watching Damon for a bit waiting for further reaction. Satisfied that he may have jumped to conclusions and made the wrong assessment of his friend, he stood and put on some shorts. As he was leaving the room Brian held on to the door looking at Damon as if to say something but instead left, closing the door behind him. Damon shot off a quick email to Jeff about the exchange and asking him to lay off Brian until this situation cooled off. He responded to a couple other emails before powering down his laptop and getting ready for bed. He had just slid under the sheets when Brian returned. Only a quick `goodnight' was exchanged between them as Brian got into his own bed. The two were soon fast asleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Damon woke the next morning Brian had already left and his bed was neatly made. He quickly showered and grabbed a cup of coffee before running across campus just barely making his 8:00 class. Afterwards, his stomach growling, he decided to go to the Student Union for a late breakfast.

Entering the dining area he noticed and joined a table with a group of his friends and fraternity brothers. Damon joined the conversation and was trying to have a good time despite the looks he was getting from Brian. He was playing it cool and trying not to draw attention to the situation and hoping that Brian would keep their private matters as such.

After lunch Damon had one afternoon class on Mondays, then was free for the evening. He had already sent Jeff an email with instructions to meet at the fitness center for a work out. Damon wanted to evade Brian for the time being, which meant avoiding both the fraternity house and the apartment, not knowing where his roommate would be. Damon was already concerned about the situation he had gotten himself into.

The campus fitness center was available to all students and Damon had taken full advantage of it in years past. During the workout he told Jeff of the exchange between himself and Brian. Afterwards when they saw Brian's car in front of the apartment, Damon opted to say goodnight to Jeff outside and head back to the fraternity house figuring there would be less of a confrontation in front of the rest of the guys. It was after eleven and Damon was already in bed when Brian made it back.

"Damon, you awake?" Brian spoke softly as to not disturb his roommate in case he was asleep. Damon lay still, he was on his side facing the wall trying to decide if he wanted to continue pretending to sleep.

"Yeah, I'm awake," he finally said as he rolled over.

"Look, guy, I'm sorry. It's possible that I may have overreacted just a little bit." Damon lay in silence looking at his friend in the dim light of the room, not sure exactly what to say or how to proceed. Brian bailed him out by continuing. "Jen and I had a long talk about it tonight and she says she may have let it slip too. So if you, as you said, were only confirming what he already suspected, I can't blame you." He smiled at his roommate for the first time in two days. "Friends?"

"I never knew we weren't," Damon returned the smile. Brian held out his fist and they bumped knuckles.

Brian got up and left the room for a few minutes. When he returned he removed his clothes and got into his own bed. "By the way, Jeff said to tell you he'd join us for lunch tomorrow."

"OK, thanks."

"Damon," Brian broke several minutes of silence in the darkness, just as Damon was drifting off.


"Jeff is pretty cool once you get to know him. I think we're going to get along. I'm glad you and he are friends." Damon was lying, wondering what he meant by that comment and if he was going to say anything further. He finally heard, "Goodnight Damon."

"Goodnight Brian."

* * * * * * * * * *

The following week was busy as the group settled into a new school year. With Damon being a senior and Jeff a starting freshman they had no classes together. And to make matters worse their class schedules were completely different and most on opposite sides of campus. Damon was beginning to wonder if maybe Jeff was on to something when he had suggested he move in, but quickly dismissed it as a bad idea. Damon quickly got back into form and developed a schedule around his classes to allow time to work out, fraternity activities, study time and finally time for Jeff.

Jeff was having a more difficult time adapting to school life and developing study habits. But that had long been a problem of Jeff's who had been considered an underachiever by his high school teachers. They always said he could have been an "A" student if he had just applied himself. He was having a hard time concentrating, thinking about Damon and wondering when they could see each other. Twice he snapped at Jennifer when she came into the apartment while he was playing his Playstation and asked if he had his homework finished. This annoyed Jeff and he accused her of acting like their mother. Damon and Jeff still managed to meet up in the evenings for a bit and exchanged several emails a day.

On Wednesday, then again on Friday afternoon, they both had early classes and were able to meet up and spend more then a few minutes together. They both had day classes that let out at the same time, and were coincidentally in the same building. But the weekend would be theirs. Damon rode with Jeff back to the apartment arriving just as the mailman was dropping off a parcel. Jeff thanked him and had Damon carry his books while he took the box.

Inside the apartment they found Brian helping, well watching actually, as Jen was packing a suitcase. Jeff and Damon looked at each other. They couldn't help but to think maybe they had interrupted something. She was going to Indianapolis with a few of her sorority sisters for a state convention. Brian was invited to go along and was tempted since his parents lived in the Indy area. But he jokingly said that even though he likes girls, being in the middle of that much estrogen was not necessarily a good thing.

"Care package time" Jennifer lit up seeing the box her brother was toting.

"So that's what it is?" Damon had wondered when he saw the postman with the box but was polite in not asking.

"Who send care boxes these days?" Brian had a silly smirk.

"Our mother," Jeff and Jennifer replied in unison, then looked at each other and giggled. Over the last week of living together despite a few normal sibling arguments the two had begun re-bonding as brother and sister. They were almost to the point where they had been growing up. They had several long conversations in the evenings about nothing in general; amazingly there was one topic that was never brought up. One which neither felt ready or comfortable to discuss.

"She started when I was in the Marines," Jeff said.

"Then continued with me as well when I started college," Jennifer continued as Jeff grabbed a knife from a kitchen drawer and cut the packaging tape that sealed their parcel.

"She claimed she was using her milk money and that Dad didn't know anything about it."

"But I know for a fact he did. The first year Bubby was gone and I was still at home Daddy would bitch about the cost, but then smile as he walked away and even leave hints of things to send."

"What kind of stuff did she send?" Damon was curious and looking over the loose flaps into the well packed box.

"Mainly things like deodorant, soap & shaving cream." Jeff said as he pulled those very items from the box.

"And female things too," Jennifer was slightly embarrassed as Jeff handed her a box of tampons amongst giggles from all the guys present. Jeff also pulled out a couple washcloths, a roll of toilet paper and finally a Tupperware bowl.

"Here's what I was looking for!" Jeff grinned at his friends.

"What's that?" Brian asked. Damon smiled having a good idea as to what the piece of plastic kitchenware contained.

"Cookies!" they all said in unison as the container was opened. They all reached in and grabbed a handful. Jennifer quickly put the lid back on so the whole container wasn't devoured immediately. She also made a mental note to take some out and put them in a smaller container to take with her, knowing that with her brother, Damon and possibly Brian as well there wouldn't be any left when she returned Sunday afternoon.

"What's that?" Damon pointed to a manila envelope still in the bottom of the box, which Jeff grabbed and opened. It contained three smaller letter size envelopes and some newspaper clippings. Two of the envelopes had the same handwriting, one addressed to `Bubby' and the other to `Sissy.'

"Oh how cute!" Jeff was not amused by Brian's sarcasm and flashed him a glare. The other envelope was addressed only to Jeff in a different writing. "Who's the other one from?" Brian used a friendly tone hoping to get back on Jeff's good side.

"Ryan," the siblings said in unison.

"Your cousin?" Damon asked, remembering the younger version of Jeff he had met the previous spring in the trip to Jeff and Jen's hometown

"Yep," Jeff didn't open the letter from his cousin and instead folded it and placed it in his back pocket. He did though open the one from his mother and like his sister's his contained a brief letter and a $20 bill. "KEWL," Jeff said as he put the cash in his billfold.

"Aren't you gonna read the other one?" Brian asked.

"Nah, maybe later."

"Maybe it's important or something," Damon commented slightly apprehensive about Jeff's lack of concern.

"Nah, it'll keep."

They were interrupted by a knock at the door. Jen's sorority sisters had arrived to pick her up. She rushed to finish packing and kissed Brian as she ran out the door. Damon made an effort to be friendly to Brian, asking him to stay and hang out with him and Jeff. Brian declined saying he had plans back at the house. He really didn't and figured he would just hang out with his fraternity brothers. He was still on damage control after Damon's outburst at the meeting the week before. Guys were questioning why Damon was spending less and less time at the house and wondering where he could be. Brian knew where he was but didn't let on, that would be Damon's job.

Brian drove the two blocks back to campus and parked in the fraternity's lot but walked to the student union to grab a bite to eat rather then go directly in. He met up with some friends and joined them for video games before finally heading back to the house and an awaiting message that would change everything for the group.

* * * * * * * * * *

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