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This is a continuation of my story "Welcome to the Family" I would recommend you read it first to know the characters and their backgrounds.

Closets are for Clothes
by Jacob Adams  (

Chapter 10


"Where's Jeff?" Damon returned to the living room to find Josh on the couch watching porn; and his lover nowhere in sight.

"He left, said he was running to the liquor store for more beer." Josh kept his eye on the screen, and his hand on his crotch not wanting to look at his friend. He had succeeded in getting Jeff out of the house, and hopefully, out of the picture. His only regret was that he would not have a ringside seat for the fight that was certain to come next.

"That doesn't sound like him," Something was not right, and Damon could feel it. His suspicious mind couldn't help but to wonder what Josh was up to.

"Why don't you just sit down and enjoy the flick until he gets back." He patted the cushion wanting Damon to sit next to him. Damon, instead, sat in the chair that his friend had been sitting in. "You don't have to be afraid Damon, I don't bite."

"That's okay, I'm fine." They sat in silence while the movie played; although Damon noticed that Josh was fidgety and not sitting still. He wanted to look; but, had an idea of his friend's condition, and didn't want to encourage one of his crude remarks.

Against his better judgment, Damon relaxed; and began watching the flick with his friend figuring there was nothing he could do but wait for Jeff. As he watched the action on the screen though; he had to do his best to make himself 'comfortable' but not noticeable.

"Problems there dear?" Josh finally asked.

"No... I'm alright."

"Just right, I bet. Too bad Blondie hasn't made it back with the beer, betcha he got lost."

"I doubt it he's getting to know his way around." Damon turned to his friend for the first time to see Josh had pulled out his stiff rod and was slowly stroking.

Damon pretended not to see it and turned his attention back to the action on the television.

"Come on Damon, why don't we get warmed up for when he comes back. It's been a while."

"No Josh, it has never happened and never will."

"We've been in the same bed before, what's the difference?"

"Jeff is the difference. I'm with him now and have no desire to be with another guy. Besides, you're my friend. It just wouldn't feel right."

"Why not? What's a little sex between friends? Then when Jeffypoo gets back he can join in. Now I know, trust me, I know, that you do threesomes."

"Not in quite a while, and I would appreciate it if you don't let that out."

"I've told you before your past is going to catch up with you my friend. You may think you're safe here because your college life is separate as you call it. But the longer you are with him, and the more you take him on little trips home, the more likely it will be that something will slip. Then what's Mr. Muscles going to think of his pretty boy toy?"

Damon didn't respond, because he knew Josh was right, and that it almost happened a couple of weeks back when they were in Louisville. But Jeff was no trick, nor was he a quick fling. He had lovers in the past; none lasting more then a few months; but what he had with Jeff was different. Despite their different backgrounds, and all that they didn't have in common; he knew Jeff Schultz was the one. The man he had already fallen in love with and wanted to spend his life with.

"Here, take an edge off." At first Damon didn't think about it and took the shot. But as the Jaegermeister burned down his throat he realized Josh was holding two beers as well.

"I thought you said Jeff went for beer?"

"He did, he thought it was a good time since we were almost out."

"How much is almost?"

"Look for yourself. We've got the last two."

Damon stared at his friend and almost went to the fridge but decided not to question his friend's shaky integrity. "He's been gone a long time, I wonder where he is. Maybe I should call the apartment."

"No..." Damon could almost detect a hint of panic. "By now he's probably in bed anyway."

"What does that mean?"

"It is late, maybe he just went home instead of coming back."

"Josh, you're not making any sense."

"It's late, maybe he just got tired."

"He wouldn't have just left me here he would have taken me home."

"I'll take you," Josh volunteered.

"You're drunk, I can walk."

"It's raining and you live on the other side of campus, why don't you wait it out here?"

Damon accepted the logic and sat back down while Josh started another porn hoping it would have an effect on Damon. Damon watched a few minutes; but, lost interest, thinking about Jeff. Seeing the phone on the end table next to him, he grabbed it and dialed before Josh could object.

"That's strange," Damon commented pressing the disconnect key after twenty rings. "Nobody answered."

"Maybe he's asleep and doesn't want to answer."

"But Jen didn't answer either, and I bet Brian's there."

"Damon, it's after two in the morning. I know I never answer my phone then. Well unless I'm really horny and it could be a trick."

"Whatever, I'm going home." Damon sat a bit longer after the comment then walked to the door without further comment. Then stood in the doorway watching it rain.

"You can stay here Dame, the bed is more then big enough"

"I'll sleep on the couch."

"I'll be a good boy."

"Probably, but I think it would be best if I didn't."

"Suit yourself, I sleep naked anyway."

"Not like I've not seen it before ya know." Damon couldn't resist the snicker.

"Now that's the Damon Jung I remember." Josh smiled for the first time.

"I'm not the same person Josh. You need to realize I've moved on. I don't want that life anymore."

"But why Damon, you and I would be perfect together?" Josh felt himself stiffen watching Damon's smile form, and the small dimples on his cheeks that Josh found so attractive. It had been almost a day since Damon had shaved and his morning shadow was showing clearly turning Josh on even more.

"I'm sorry Josh; I know you're a good person as a good friend."

"But..." Josh rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"But, I don't feel the way about you that you do me. I mean..."

"I know what you mean." Josh turned and stormed down the hallway he slammed the bedroom door just barely missing Damon.

"Josh please, I'm sorry."

Josh opened the door and threw a pillow and blanket out, "Yeah, one sorry piece of shit. I hope you enjoy the couch. If not, there's the floor, or walk home in the rain." Once again the door was slammed.

While Josh slid under the sheets and cried, Damon lay on the uncomfortable couch thinking about the evening's events before drifting off to a restless sleep.

* * *

Jennifer was asleep on the institutional plastic chairs in the hospital waiting room; her head comfortably leaned against Brian's broad shoulder as she softly slept. He smiled and pulled her closer, his arm already around her as he listened to her soft cooing. He was glad she was finally able to get some sleep. They had been in the hospital for what seemed like hours filling out paperwork, speaking to policemen, but more importantly, waiting for news on her older brother. Their parents had been called first; since it was their phone number in his billfold as next of kin. Brian was thankful he was with her when the phone call came from her father, keeping her from going into hysterics. He was the one who spoke to Wayne Schulz to get the details on what hospital Jeff had been taken to and given his girlfriend's father directions how to get there when he and his wife got to town. Brian remained composed, even though he was worried about his friend, knowing Jennifer needed him to be strong. But even he was perturbed that no one at the hospital had given them any more information then they received when they first arrived. Jennifer finally gave in to the sleep her body needed, while Brian fought the fatigue, trying to remain conscious. He tried to keep his mind busy, to ward off sleep, constantly diverting his attention from Headline News that was playing on the overhead television sets to something totally inane; like counting the ceiling tiles, or reading the information sign near the attendant's desk. Yet, still had been drifting in and out of sleep for the past couple hours; and, was beginning to develop a headache from the buzzing emanating from the overhead fluorescent light fixture. However, through it all, there was one constant, the same thought Jennifer had; what happened? All they had been told by the police was that there had been an accident, another vehicle was involved, and that the Jeep was probably totaled. But the big question remained: where was Damon? Brian had called the fraternity house several times checking in despite being repeatedly told by his friends they would have Damon call as soon as he came in.

"Sissy!" the shrill voice of a panicked Linda Schultz resonated throughout the sterile room when she saw her daughter.

Brian was first to see the woman he had no doubt was his girlfriend's mother running in their direction, her face red and puffy from crying. A burly man in a flannel shirt that Brian assumed would be Mr. Schultz followed her closely. Jennifer awakened at the sound of her mother's voice and jumped from her seat, the two women meeting in a hug.

"How is he?" Mrs. Schultz asked, looking at Brian, whom she had not yet met but knew had to be her daughter's boyfriend. She also presumed; he would be more knowledgeable of her only son's condition.

"They've not said." Brian responded, looking first at Mrs. Schultz then to Mr. Schultz. "Last we heard he was still unconscious, and lost a lot of blood, but that's it." He then made a gesture and extended his hand, "Hi, I'm Brian Flynn."

"Thanks for being so kind to our daughter. " Wayne Schultz said, after introducing himself and his wife. "I'm sorry we didn't get here sooner, damned rain."

"Daddy they won't tell us anything." With the tear ducts reopened Jennifer clutched onto her father. "We just know he was in an accident."

"That's okay sweetie," Mrs. Schultz stroked her daughter's hair, "I'm sure everything will be fine. Maybe no news is good news." What she said and what she was thinking was two different things.

"I think it's time we got some information around here." Wayne went to the desk and after identifying himself, tried to get more information. His temper; made worse from the lack of sleep, and four hour anxious drive in rain, was unduly directed at the attendant. The nurse assured him all was being done that could be for his son; and, promised to have the doctor on duty give them a full update. Her years of working ER had made her impervious to anxious relatives. While she could appreciate with their situation; she also knew there was nothing further she could personally do, and gave up long ago trying to talk to them. She exited through the door behind the desk to check the young man's condition... after she took a smoke break.

"Are you Mr. and Mrs. Schultz?" Brian and Jennifer recognized the two policemen that entered the waiting room as being the ones whom they had spoken to earlier regarding the accident, and given a statement.

"I'm Wayne Schultz, and this is my wife Linda. What's wrong officers?" The tone of his voice could be taken as defensive.

"No reason to be alarmed, we just stopped to see if there was an update on your son's condition?"

"No... no there isn't," Wayne signed and relaxed. "What can you tell me about what happened?"

"There was an altercation with another vehicle; apparently your son's Jeep was hit when he failed to stop for an automatic signal. He lost control and left the road, he was thrown from the vehicle when it flipped."

"Oh no!" Mrs. Schultz cried, "what about the other car?"

"A couple teenagers," Brian answered, "They were here earlier; but were treated, and released to their parents. They looked shaken up; but, not hurt."

"That's good," Mr. Shultz was already thinking about what trouble his son might have gotten himself into.

"The boys were more shaken up then anything." The officer continued. "But you can thank them. One knew CPR basic first aid; and, was able to help stop some of the bleeding before the paramedics arrived." Mrs. Schultz gasped. "It was the other one who used his cell phone to call 911 and check on the residents of the house."

"House?" Wayne asked.

"Your son's vehicle came to a stop against a house. Luckily there was no damage there considering how bad the yard and landscaping was torn up. An elderly couple lives there and slept through it."

"We're still looking for the other person you mentioned," the other officer opened up his book and turned his attention back to Brian, "A Damon Jung that you had mentioned may have been with the victim."

Both Wayne and Linda looked at each other and gave a questioning look to Jennifer. That was a name they had not heard in quite a while; and, still wasn't sure of the circumstances to why he and their daughter broke up. Wayne spoke for both he and his wife. "What does he have to do with this?"

"Just questioning sir, reports put him with your son earlier in the evening." He then looked to Brian, "Have you had any luck finding him?"

"No... no I haven't," Brian stuttered showing concern for his friend and roommate. "The last time I checked, he hadn't been back to the frat house and no one has heard from him."

"And the friend you mentioned, Josh I think was the name?" The officer asked.

"I just know he and Damon are friends and that he lives somewhere off campus." Brian answered, wishing he could remember something that would help. He had seen Damon and Josh together on occasion for a couple years, but it was only within the last few weeks he knew the connection.

"But you don't know where, or what his last name is?"

"No sir,"

"What about at your apartment? Could he possibly be there?" The officer asked the question Jennifer had been dreading; and, could see the mounting questions she knew she was about to get from her parents.

"No one is there, so he would be outside." Jennifer responded to the policeman knowing that Damon, like Brian did not have his own key. She then turned to her parents, "He and Bubby are friends and hang out. Damon was over this afternoon for a while and they left together."

"Oh," Both Wayne and Linda at first thought it unusual for their son to be friends with her ex-boyfriend. But Linda quickly remembered how well they had gotten along in the spring when Jennifer had brought him home. Wayne just grunted and put the information in the back of his mind for later referral. Both he and his wife knew this was not the time to pry into their children's affairs.

"Here's my card sir, our shift is about up, so we need to get back and file our reports. Let me know when you find out something."

"Sure thing," Jeff's father gave the card a quick glance, before handing it to his wife, who promptly filed it in her purse. "Officer Feldman."

"You too," Feldman looked at Brian, "Give us a call if you hear anything from your friend. I just want to make sure he's safe, more then anything."

After the officers left; Brian offered to go for coffee, hoping to try and calm his worried girlfriend and her family. He had navigated the corridors of the old hospital twice already during the night to the vending machines. Balancing the four paper cups of hot liquid, he returned to the ER waiting area just as the family gathered around the doctor, who was arriving with news.

"I'm really sorry to keep you folks waiting. We've been in surgery and I wanted to make sure we had something to tell you. First off, you can relax he's fine; and should be back to normal after recovery."

All four exhaled at once, Jennifer grabbed her father, who was closest, into a hug.

"That's not to say all is well," the doctor said, as he held up his palms. "He was pretty banged up when we got him. He lost a lot of blood though cuts and abrasions with a serious laceration near his left shoulder. He's a lucky young man, it could have been much worse."

"But you say he's going to be okay?" Jennifer pleaded.

"He does have several injuries, but should come out of it fine."

"What kind of injuries doctor?" Wayne squinted his right eye; he wanted the doctor to cut to the chase.

"In addition to the cuts he has a concussion, a ruptured spleen and a broken tibia."

"Tibia?" Jennifer asked.

"Leg bone," Brian answered for the doctor.

"The spleen had to be removed, that's the surgery I just came from. The fracture wasn't serious, it has been set and should heal."

"Oh, my!" Linda Schultz had to sit to overcome sudden dizziness.

"Can we see him doctor?" Wayne asked.

"At the moment I'm afraid not, he's still unconscious, in ICU."

"But when?" Linda asked with tear stained eyes.

"For now I want to keep him under observation, as soon as he stabilizes, I can start letting you in a couple at a time."

"But when will that be?" Jennifer wanted to see her brother for herself. In all the time he was in the Marines, she was so worried he would have to go overseas and be hurt; and she couldn't see him. To be in the same building and be told that, was frustrating, not only to her, but to the whole group.

The doctor looked at his watch, "Why don't you all go home, you look like you could use some rest, as does your son. Come back in a few hours, perhaps by then we will know more and can let you see your brother."

"But home is three hours away." Linda Schultz commented.

"We'll just go over to the kids' apartment hon, you can lay down and take a nap then be refreshed. You wouldn't want Jeff to see you tired and worried would you?"

"No, I guess not."

"It's settled then, I take it you have a car here? I'll just follow you." When Wayne put his arm around his wife's shoulder and began leading her to the door Jennifer and Brian gave each other a desperate look. Both were wondering the same thing, was there anything in the apartment that would indicate that Brian and Damon spent as much time there as they did in their fraternity house. Jennifer knew her parents would not approve of her sleeping with her boyfriend, and definitely hoped there was nothing that may out her brother.

The sun was just peeking over the horizon when the two cars left the hospital. Brian looked to the sky and thought of the rains from the day before; and how beautiful this day was turning out to be. Wayne followed Brian back to the apartment. The elder Schultz had only been to town on occasion during the three previous years his daughter had attended college there and was not familiar with his way around. He had just helped both of his children move into their apartment only a month prior and not planned on such a quick return. His plans were to pay the rent and utilities direct from his home; and not have to make the trek again until the end of the school year. Jeff would be able to use his Jeep to take them back and forth between school and home during the year for holidays and such. But it looks like that plan is out now. He hoped that Jeff had good insurance for all the damage he had done, not to mention, replacing the Jeep. Wayne also thought that perhaps he could finally break down and buy himself a new truck and give the old Dodge to Jeff. But, when the nearly twenty year old Ford he was driving, at that moment misfired and lunged forward when taking off from a stoplight, he also realized his wife could use a new vehicle as well. Under his breath, he both cursed his late father for the way he had set up his will, and secretly thanked Jeff for joining the Marines and signing over power of attorney while he was gone. Perhaps the time was almost right, 'almost' he thought.

During the drive over, Brian and Jennifer came up with a strategy over what was to be done. As soon as they stopped, the plans were put in motion. Jennifer ran upstairs to make a quick run through, looking for anything of Damon's in Jeff's room; and just as importantly anything of Brian's in hers. She knew her mother's attitude on unmarried couples and as long as she relied on her parents for support she was not about to let the cat out of the bag. Brian's job was to delay the parents from going upstairs; and did his best to talk to Wayne and Linda. First about their old car "They just don't make em like this," he commented while Wayne grunted and looked at Brian's compact late model sports car. Linda began to grow impatient listening to her die-hard union-man of a husband speak of the evils of purchasing any foreign, much less Japanese vehicle. It made no difference to him when Brian informed him that his car was not only built in America, but in Illinois. Finally, when Brian knew he could no longer stall without being obvious he offered to help with what luggage the Schultz's had brought; then made sure he was in front. Even though the suitcase was no big deal, he still took one step at a time, adding almost an extra minute to the time it should have taken to ascend the stairs.

Jennifer was thankful for the extra time. While she knew the apartment would not be clean enough for her neat freak mother's inspection; she believed all traces of non-residents were gone, or well hidden. She gathered up some of Brian's clothes and put them into a box, and slid it under her bed, knowing her mother would respect both her and Jeff's privacy. Luckily her brother, while far from being the neat freak their mother was, preferred to keep things orderly. The only thing she figured needed to be done would be to hide the boxer shorts; and hang a couple polo shirts she knew to be more Damon's style, then something her brother would wear, in the back of the closet.

"Nice," was all Linda said as she looked around the apartment, immediately recognizing the furnishings and other items that she had donated. She beamed when she saw the tin she had just included in the weekly care package she had mailed only the week before. She wondered if the young adults that made up her children and group of friends had devoured the fudge; but was too proud to ask. But maybe once they went to bed she would sneak a peek. And definitely if she was to be there a couple days; she would have Wayne run her to the store for supplies to make more; as well as other goodies that could be stored away. She remained silent during the grand tour of the abode and while it was not up to her standards; as far as cleanliness, was impressed with what she did see and proud that she had taught her children well.

She wasn't about to snoop, but her watchful eye couldn't help but notice a few things that made her wonder. Such as why would there be three toothbrushes in the bathroom; as well as two brands of men's deodorant on the vanity? She recognized one as being a brand that Jeff had used for years, but whose is the other? There were also more towels in the bathroom then she thought necessary, four? Do her children use two each? Jennifer's room seemed pleasant and clean and organized, almost too clean, as was Jeff's.

Brian started a pot of coffee with the last drop hitting the carafe as the tour ended. The family sat around the kitchen table silently, stomachs turned in knots wondering about Jeff. Conversation though was turned to Brian who received the inquisition regarding his major, his hometown, and where he went to church. Jennifer smiled knowing he answered all the questions correctly and passed the test.

"You two drove all night," Jennifer observed, "Why don't we change the sheets on Jeff's bed and you can get some rest there."

"It's Sunday morning," Linda verified looking at her watch. "I need to go to church."

"Honey, God knows you are a good Christian woman. Sissy's right, you need some rest."

"I need to pray for Bubby though. If I don't go to church and something were to happen to him I would never be able to live with myself."

"What time is the mass here?" Wayne sighed, as he knew argument was pointless. His wife would make it to church one way or another. He gave in to the inevitable; and asked his daughter the mass schedule. Jennifer, who though seldom attended church the last couple years, was luckily still familiar with the times. Linda wasted no time freshening up, when Wayne told her to get ready. Much to Linda's disappointment; Brian opted not to join the Schultz family members in attending mass, and instead returned to the fraternity house. They made plans to meet up later in the day to return to the hospital.

* * *

Damon tossed and turned on the uncomfortable sofa drifting in and out of sleep. The odd shape of the art deco replica made it hard to find a relaxing position giving him a backache, as well as a crick in the neck. The fact that Josh provided him a too small blanket meant he ended up with either cold feet or shoulders. Several times he considered just leaving; but the continued rain and roaring headache told him to stay put. A quick trip to raid Josh's medicine cabinet for aspirin helped the headache part; with a peek in the hall closet he found another larger blanker blanket. He was finally able to get comfortable and fall asleep when there was a knock at the door. Whoever the visitor was; knocked lightly, almost as if intending not to disturb, but it was enough to bring Damon to full consciousness. He lay in his finally achieved comfortable position, and put his hand on his forehead, trying to decide whether to ignore it and go back to sleep or get up and answer. When a second and louder knock came less then a minute later, he took it they were not going to give up and forced himself off the sofa to the door. The police officer standing on the ledge was enough to snap him to full consciousness, and even almost drool.

"Hi... um... where's Paul?" The policeman stuttered when someone other then the one he was expecting opened the door. He had been to the apartment a few times before for the same purpose; but was still nervous about why he was here. Before he had met Paul, and sold him his grandmother's old couch, he never would have considered having sex with another man. And now it's all he can think about.

"Who?" Damon asked making sure he heard correctly. He was still in awe, and checking out the man on the balcony. Damon guessed the policeman stood about two inches taller then himself. He had wavy black hair, with not one out of place. The uniform, while not being tight, seemed to show off every bulge and curve on the man's body, accenting his noticeable package very well.

"Paul, the guy who lives here."

Joshua Paul Fletcher. His friend's full name suddenly flashed into Damon's memory. From there he surmised that Josh must have given 'Paul' to the policeman instead of his real name. With that knowledge, it wasn't difficult to figure out why the officer was there. "He's... well... He's in the bedroom."

"Oh," The officer looked at Damon and seemed disappointed. "You and he?"

"NO!" Damon caught on; "we're just friends, I..."

"Friends and only friends," Josh had also been awakened by the knocking, and was standing naked behind Damon. He knew that anyone knocking that time of morning would be there for one reason and one reason only. Still fuming from their earlier spat he pushed Damon aside to greet his guest. "Come on in officer, I've been a really bad boy and need to be punished."

The officer apprehensively cast a confused gaze on Damon wondering who he was, and concerned that another person knew he was visiting the apartment of a gay man in the wee hours of the morning.

"Jim, David, David, Jim." Damon noticed the slip of the tongue when his friend introduced him. "There, you've been introduced now are you going to fuck me or what?"

"What about him?"

"Never mind the bitch, you can arrest her for DUI when we're done or let her sleep it off on the couch." Josh made a grab for the policeman's crotch bringing the reason he was visiting to life. Jim soon lost all concern about 'David' and followed Josh to the bedroom. Damon returned to the couch and pulled the blanket over his head hoping to drown out the moans that followed.

The moans and groans began almost as soon as the bedroom door was closed. Damon knew that his friend was being overly dramatic for his benefit. He tried putting the blanket, then the pillow, and then both over his head to block the sounds to no avail. When he finally deciding he couldn't take any more he went to the bathroom and switched on the noisy fan. With the new white noise drowning out his friend, Damon was easily able to fall asleep.

* * *

"Sleeping beauty awakens," Through squinted eyes Damon looked around, momentarily disoriented. He then placed, sat and held his head in his palms, with his elbows resting on his thighs. He wasn't sure what was worse, the aches from the uncomfortable sleep, or the headache from too much alcohol. "Here dear, I have a feeling you need this."

"Thanks," Damon gratefully took the cup, first inhaling the strong aroma of the fresh brew, before taking the first sip. "Where's your friend?" He asked once he began to feel human.

"Who Jim? He never stays, just stops by for a quickie and once it's over hurries up and leaves."

"Cuts down on having to make conversation," Damon's smile and attempt at a joke let Josh believe his own drunken ravings from the previous evening had been forgiven. Damon finally noticed Josh was wearing nothing but an untied robe that was strategically opened to insure Damon had a clear view of his assets.

"Trust me; conversation is not why he was here."

Damon smiled, but didn't respond. He decided that anything he said would come out wrong and make a bad situation worse. His mind began to wander, thinking about his and Josh's past, how they had met and was instant friends. But that was nearly four years prior, and the magic that made then friends in the beginning was just no longer there. Damon had grown and no longer enjoyed the fast life and one night stands that Josh still treasured.

What ever Josh had been saying was not heard while Damon was lost in thought. He heard the voice; but paid no attention to the words, as he instinctively took his empty cup to the sink, rinsed it and sat it in the porcelain basin. With Josh still rambling he walked to the door, with his head down, he never even looked his friend in the eye, as he interrupted the unheard banter; "I'm going home."

"I'll drive you." Josh was surprised by his friend's lack of attention, very unlike Damon. At once he became concerned.

With one hand on the doorknob, Damon stopped, but never turned around. "Don't bother, it's not far. I can walk there faster then you can get dressed."

"Are you sure? It no problem Dame."

"I'll be fine."

"Call me," it was almost a plea.

"Yeah, whatever." Damon pulled the door closed.

Damon was in a daze; unsure of where he should go, and what happened. Why did Jeff leave like he did? His mind raced through the replays of the past weeks looking for any clues, or even hints of clues. They had been having the best of times since school had started and in Damon's opinion become soul mates. But it all didn't add up, the one factor... Josh.

His mindless walk took him right to Jeff's apartment. He thought it strange that neither the Jeep, nor Brian's car was there. He knocked, hoping Jennifer would be home and could answer some questions. He was surprised at close he now was to his ex-girlfriend now that he was dating her brother. But when no one answered he decided to just go home and wait, via the Student Union for a Danish and coffee.

"Dude, where have you been?" Damon recognized the voice and turned to see Alex Bowen with a serious look. "Everyone's been looking for you."

"Who's everyone?" When his fraternity brother's expression didn't change Damon's voice became more concerned. "What's wrong Alex?"

"You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?"

"Even the police were searching for you man, Brian's going crazy."

"Come on Alex, what's up?"

"Your friend, Jennifer's brother."


"Yeah, that's him. He was in an accident last night."

"WHAT? Where?"

"I don't know too many details; just that he ran off the road and flipped. Brian's over at the house trying to track you down."

"Here." Damon handed his recent purchase to his friend and took off running, hitting another student spilling their tray. He made a feeble attempt at an apology, but quickly resumed his running not stopping until he was back at the fraternity house.

* * * * * * * *

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